Just a side not before I start this, I'm writing this out in play format as it works best for this type of thing. I really would appreciate feedback as I would love to create further chapters. Thanks!

Resetti: Welcome one and all to the first edition of…The Resetti Show!

Crowd: *cheer*

Resetti: Tonight we'll be interviewing one of the more interesting characters from the fighting game series Super Smash Bros. But first, we must address a controversy that has been around for quite some time now, even stranger is that said controversy is a game. And that game is…Paper Mario Color Splash.

Crowd: *audible boos*

Resetti: Yes I can hear the boos in the audience, strange how the actual Boos in the audience seem to be quiet. Anyway, hear to talk with us is somehow who is a Paper Mario expert and a fellow "game-saver." Please give a round of applause for Goombario!

Crowd: *cheers as Goombario walks up onto the stage into his seat*

Resetti: Now…Goombario, you know the Paper Mario series quite well, you did make an appearance in the first game after all.

Goombario: Yep! I know the ins and outs of everything Paper Mario!

Resetti: Well then perhaps you know just went wrong with this series.

Goombario: Of course! Although I'm quite sure most have already figured it out themselves.

Resetti: "It" being?

Goombario: The story and gameplay!

Resetti: Huh? So the story and gameplay went and got screwed up?

Goombario: Definitely.

Resetti: I can see what you're saying! Paper Mario, an RPG series, has recently been classified as, get this, an action adventure series!

Crowd: *more audible boos*

Resetti: I know I know it's terrible it truly is. Now, Goombario, I gotta ask, where did they go wrong? When did Paper Mario get so…mediocre?

Goombario: I'm going to go ahead and say Sticker Star. That game lacked in story and gameplay depth. I mean, who makes an RPG game where the battles don't give you experience.

Resetti: I'll tell ya who! A couple of no good resetters!

Crowd: *cheers*

Resetti: But to be fair, using Stickers wasn't so bad. It might even have been good if there was an incentive to battling.

Goombario: The story was lacking as well, but apparently the creators of Color Splash are claiming that Color Splash's story is going to make you cry.

Resetti: Oh, it'll make me cry alright. Cry from how painfully bad it is!

Crowd: *small amount of laughter*

Goombario: Look, what they need to do is drop the cards, drop the weak story, and build a game that really would appeal to the fans.

Resetti: That does sound smart, but seeing as it's being released in October, we can only pray that they already realized that.

Goombario: Indeed.

Resetti: Well thanks for coming on the show, it was a pleasure to have you on.

Goombario: It was a pleasure to be here.

Crowd: *cheers as Goombario walks offstage*

Resetti: Now then, our next guest is a newcomer in the new Smash Bros tournament; please give a round of applause for Little Mac!

Crowd: *cheers as Little Mac walks onstage*

Resetti: Hello Little Mac, glad to have you on.

Little Mac: Yeah, glad I was even able to get onstage.

Crowd: *laughter*

Resetti: Now Mac, I gotta ask, who do you think is the biggest threat this in this cast of characters?

Little Mac: I have to put my money on Sheik, he is a huge threat!

Resetti: He? Mac, are you aware of Sheik's true identity?

Little Mac: Nope! He's a total mystery man to me.

Resetti: Ah…well…I wouldn't want to ruin the mystery. But anyway, let me say that I believe the biggest threat right now is Mario.

Little Mac: Mario, huh? Why do you say that?

Resetti: Well he did win Evo 2016, one of the biggest tournaments around! He was just barely able to edge out Megaman in the finals.

Little Mac: True, true. I'm curious about who is gonna be the big winner overall this time around.

Resetti: Well from the looks of it, Cloud is in the lead at this time.

Little Mac: Ugh, don't mention it.

Resetti: What's the matter, do you dislike Cloud?

Little Mac: As a person? No. But as a fighter? Yes.

Resetti: Interesting…well I know who I'm rooting for.

Little Mac: Who is that?

Resetti: Villager, of course!

Crowd: *cheers*

Little Mac: Makes sense, he represents your series.

Resetti: Well he is our mayor and he also helped to get the surveillance center back up.

Little Mac: Makes sense.

Resetti: Well then, I think that's all the time we have. It looks like we'll be ending in right here.

Little Mac: Wait I thought we were going to talk about my new-

Resetti: No time, Mac! Now then, thank you all for watching the first episode of…The Resetti Show!