The Solaris Irregulars
Part 1: The gathering storm

DropShip Wataru
Zenith recharge station, Solaris VII
Lyran Alliance

Lt. Steven Clark of Los Alamos Defence Force, champion of the Solaris VII open-league, stood with the rest of the DropShip's crew, watching the news footage of the destruction of the Wolf Dragoon's on the mess-halls view screen. The image changed to show the headquarters of Mercenary Review and Bonding Commission explode as a Navel PPC blasted it from Orbit. The reporter's voiceover continued "There are reports that several Wolf Dragoon's unit's made it off-planet during the attack, but Commander Jaime Wolf and General Maeve Wolf are reported missing, presumed dead. Word of Blake is still to release a statement as to why they attacked Outreach with such force, and reports continue to come in from the Chaos March, telling of Word of Blake attacks on ComStar HPG stations."

Sinead was still crying, and Clark put his arm around his wife to comfort her. The crew looked on as the monitor showed a vicious space battle between the Wolf Dragoon's Cyclop-1 space station and several Word of Blake Impavaido class destroyers. The station exploded, and the WoB Warship's moved off to attack fleeing Dragoon JumpShips.

The com-system by the hatch chimed, and Clark went to answer it. The huge face of Xander, one of Rix's Elementals filled the screen "Precentor Clearwater is here to see you sir."

Clark nodded "Tell him I'll be right down." Xander acknowledge and killed the link. Clark tuned to Sinead "You better come too." His wife stood up and wiped the tears from her eyes, then followed him from the room.

Clearwater stood in the airlock that attached the Wataru to the massive recharge station. The ComStar man nodded grimly to Clark and Sinead "I need to talk to you concerning these recent events."

Clark raised his eyebrow, and then shrugged "You better follow me then. We can talk in our cabin." He led the way to the captain's cabin.

Sinead sat on the end of the bed, while Clearwater took the only chair. Clark stood by the closed hatched "So what dose all this have to do with us?"

Clearwater rubbed his forehead "ComStar recently received a communication from one of our agents within Word of Blake: the message told us that the attack on Outreach, and the following attacks on the HPG station in the Chaos March, are the first stages of a Jihad, a 'holy war', against the entire Inner Sphere. They seek to destroy society, and then rebuild it in their image. I am afraid to say that ComStar its self held such beliefs at one time. I was there when Word of Blake split from ComStar, and I lost a good friend during the fall of Terra."

Clark looked the Precentor straight in the eye "What has this got to do with us?"

Clearwater looked at Clark, then to Sinead, and then back to Clark "We need your help."

To Be Continued...