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Here the Chapter Starts

The country, like so many others, was a large island filled with music, colors, and its own brand of beauty. The air was filled with chatter, some people dancing along with musicians playing on the streets. Some women wearing dazzling dresses twirled with the tempo while holding their ruffled skirts up to one side, their feet smoothly matching the beat as they danced. A celebration of sorts. And in the distance was Doflamingo's destination, the home of King Riku Dold III, the current king of Dressrosa.

"Monet has been here for a while," the blonde informed. "I will be going on shore alone to make my demands to Dold."

"You don't need any help?" Evelyn asked, looking over to him.

He grinned, as he usually did, but she could see the gears in his mind turning. "No, I can handle this myself," he reassured. "Go ahead and take the children out for a trip into town. If we need anything, go ahead and buy it. If you see anything you like, then get it. You deserve some spoiling."

"Like you don't do it enough, asshole?" she playfully asked with a smirk.

His arm shot out, wrapping around her waist before her feet left the ground so that he could hold her to his chest. Just for the sake of having a sense of stability, she placed her feet on the railing as he nuzzled into her neck. "I try to, my rose," he chuckled. "You don't let me."

"It's not that I don't let you, it's that I have no desire for such trinkets," she pointed out, tilting her head as he started kissing up her neck. "We have all that treasure and money, yet I don't want for anything but what I already have." His teeth nipped at her earlobe, tugging hard enough to earn a slight moan from the woman. "I know you have a schedule to keep. The sooner you go, the sooner you get back."

He hummed into her skin before reluctantly pulling away and setting her back on the deck. "True enough, my rose," he agreed as he let her go and started to leave.

"Doffy, the children here in Dressrosa," she started.

"Are yours to handle," he answered over his shoulder. "We have to make it believable, after all."

"I don't like this. They'll be traumatized by the experience, especially if they see their parents cut down."

"They'll survive," Doflamingo pointed out, offering her a slight smile. "We did."

"Not everyone is like us," she informed as he continued on his way off the ship. Releasing a small sigh, her eyes slowly slid close. The beauty of the country will not last much longer today, but she knows it will rise again, more beautiful than ever.

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Flames surged across the ground, soldiers on horseback cutting down civilians, the ground growing redder and redder as blood was spilled. People screamed and cried, some knelt and begged for mercy before being killed by swift blades. Leading the charge was none other than their King. If anyone could see past their tears and fear, they would see the water flowing from his own eyes.

As it was, fear and terror infected the air, choking anyone who dared to breathe. Horses stampeded through the streets and swords whistled through the air. The fires rose, engulfing buildings in a blazing inferno. Off in the distance, Doflamingo waited with his three executives around him and his wife sitting on his lap. The others were elsewhere, waiting for their signal.

"Controlling so many and from so far away," Evelyn noted, placing tracking charms on everyone as well as charms to keep them safe from inhaled smoke or other such things. Doflamingo won't allow his puppets to harm his Family, but the environment could be just as harmful. "You have truly mastered your powers through the years."

"Did you think otherwise?" the blonde asked.

"Not at all," she giggled, jumping down from his lap. "I'm going to get Aster and the boys," she informed. "These people won't last much longer before their views are completely shattered."

Doflamingo nodded his acceptance before watching his wife run off, disappearing quickly into the roaring flames and clouding smoke. Her feet swiftly carried her to the location where Aster was supposed to wait, her eyes catching sight of his large form quickly. His eyes were closed, of course, due to Dellinger's presence. A harsh scare that took a few years off her life revealed that Atticus was immune to the death stare as well.

Upon her approach, Aster's head rose and turned to her, his eyes squinting open. "Almost time?" he asked.

"We're moving in," she answered, covering the basilisk with a protective barrier as well. Buildings are crumbling as the fires licking at anything they could reach. She threw another protective barrier over the boys, though knew they would be safe so long as they stay with Aster. "Atticus, Dellinger, stay close to Aster in case I need to go somewhere else."

"Okay!" the two boys replied, climbing onto the large scaled body. Estrella flew up only to land on the large basilisk's head, her wings barely reaching his eyes while outstretched.

"Let's go," she ordered, running ahead as her serpent followed after. The boys cheered as they rode on the quickly moving basilisk, holding onto him as tightly as they could. Men on horses wielding swords ran by them, a few swipes their direction mainly for show by Doflamingo. Still, she leapt into the air and kicked each of the men in the head, knocking them off their mounts only for them to hit the ground unconscious.

Screaming cries reached her ears, a mother begging for her child's life instead of taking the child and running. It could be considered useless to run since the soldiers were on horseback, but it would have been a better chance than staying and pleading. Nodding to Aster, she deviated from her basilisk's side to intercept a, no doubt, painful encounter.

She spotted them, a woman pressed against the wall, her child hiding behind her legs and holding onto her long skirt tightly. Evelyn cursed, she was too far right now. Not fast enough.

Inhaling deeply, she shifted. Her bones changed, her skin growing fine hair and scales, hands and feet molding into something else.

The sword swung down, aiming for the crying and pleading mother. Evelyn charged, ramming into the soldier hard enough to throw him into a wall. Snorting harshly, she tossed her black antelope head while pawing the ground with her eagle-like front feet. Turning to the crying woman and child, she lowed gently, bowing her head, before kicking off with her oxen back legs to follow back after Aster.

At the basilisk's side again, the two boys looked at her curiously. "Mama?" Atticus called.

Evelyn nodded to her child then sped up her run, ramming into various horses and soldiers. People had lost faith in their king quickly, which was exactly what Doflamingo was waiting for. As Evelyn clawed at another soldier, tearing him down from his stallion in a bloody heap, the people started to cheer.

"Daddy's on the screen!" Atticus pointed out.

Dellinger laughed happily. "Young Master took down the mean king!" he added, throwing his hands into the air.

Evelyn shifted back to her human form, shaking slightly from the transformation to and from her calygreyhound body. A smile graced her lips. Now the puppets will stop attacking. The soldiers may suffer punishments despite their actions being Doflamingo's control, but it was over now. Because there on the large screen was Doflamingo standing tall and proud while holding up the disgraced king in victory.

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"Look at all this space!" Atticus yelled, spinning around in a circle in the middle of the foyer.

"Look out there!" Dellinger shouted to him as the rest of the family calmly flowed in and looked around their new home. "There's a pool outside!"

"Really? Cool! Let's go explore out there! I bet there's a lot more than a pool."

"Wait for me, little master!" Estrella called, flying after her hyper master.

"Hey, wait up!" Sugar exclaimed, chasing after the two boys with her sister behind her, soon followed by Baby 5 and Buffalo.

"Well, then, your majesty," Evelyn teased, shoving her chuckling husband slightly. "What do you plan on doing to celebrate your victory?"

"Fufufu, first of all," he chuckled, grabbing her wrist and gently pulling her to him, her chest pressing against his exposed abdomen. "I plan on ravishing my queen very thoroughly in order to properly break in our new bed once it is properly cleaned. But I would much rather prefer it if she were to call me by her usual term for me."

"I think she can manage that," she giggled, her hands trailing up his chest as he leaned down and picked her up so that she could wrap her legs around his torso. "Asshole." Laughing gently, she connected their lips for a brief moment.

"If you two are going to be doing anything that can scar the rest of us, please go break in that new bed of yours," Diamante spoke up, causing the two to separate. "Regardless of fresh linens or not."

"I think we'll do just that," Evelyn accepted with a nod, coaxing her husband to place her back on the floor. "Lao G, can you keep an eye on the kids? There's a pool out back and who knows what else."

"I will do so," Lao G replied with a nod, but froze momentarily. "There was no 'G'!"

"You know what, I think I'll go join the kids," Aster sighed as he climbed down from his mistress. "I've gone this long without the visual scarring, I don't plan on breaking that stride."

"Whatever pleases you," Evelyn chuckled. "Come on. I want to know how much I can sink into that bed."

Doflamingo groaned wantonly as she walked away, her hips swaying invitingly. "You are asking for a lot of trouble," he warned before picking her back up into his arms, one under her back and the other under her legs. "And I am all too happy to obliged."

Her hand brushed along his jawline as her lips pulled into a sly smirk. "I can tell," she whispered coyly as her hand grasped his shirt's collar.

"Nyeh, nyeh, Doffy," Trebol called. "What are we to do with Dold now?"

"Nothing, just keep him where he is until I think of something," the blonde advised.

"You promised he would be spared." Their new member, the second daughter of the former king, her name Viola, now known as 'Violet'. A young olive-skinned woman, only nineteen years old, with wavy black hair that didn't even reach her shoulders due to the fact that it was cut into a bob, and chocolate brown eyes.

"I won't kill him," Doflamingo pointed out. "So long as you're a good girl, your father will live. As long as he finds it in himself to do so."

Evelyn stared coldly at the girl while wrapping her arms around her husband's neck. Lowly into his ear, she informed him with a familiar phrase, "I don't trust her as far as I can throw her."

The comment earned a laugh from the man. As a businessman, Doflamingo has to trust the girl to keep her end of their bargain. And he will do his part if only to keep a hold of her Giro-Giro powers. For now, though, he can't trust much else about the girl.

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Humming gently to herself, she looked over the vast garden around the palace, taking in the well-managed bushes sprouting beautiful blooms that gave off such sweet scents. Behind her, Atticus and Dellinger followed, shoving each other back and forth onto the ground and sometimes into the bushes themselves.

"Alright, you two, settle down before you stress the plants," Evelyn said, turning to her boys. "If you keep damaging them, you'll stress them out then the garden will start to die and we won't have such a pretty view." She needs to find a safe place to grow her herbs. The seeds she received from the goblins years ago were small plants in various pots around her lab, but they need more space to grow more.

"Can we go swim, Mama Rose?" Dellinger pleaded, looking up at her with his clasped hands against his chin and his sparkling eyes wide.

"Say it right," she told him firmly.

"May we please go swim, Mama Rose?" he corrected himself.

"Be careful and make sure someone is there to watch you," she replied with a nod. The two boys cheered happily, almost tripping over each other to race to the pool. Their takeover was only two months ago and the boys' still acted like the pool was the best thing in the world. She was somewhat inclined to agree with them, though still managed to take Aster and swim out into the sea itself. It just felt much better being surrounded by salt water and smelling that freedom.

A moment of nausea washed over her, lasting only a few seconds. Her form staggered slightly before the feeling passed. Her hand slowly rose to her head, feeling for a temperature. Nothing out of the ordinary on either cheek or her forehead. Perhaps it was the weather, a bit warmer than she was more accustomed to. Or it could be a bad allergy reaction due to the pollen from the flowers.

She briefly entertained the thought of being pregnant again then dismissed it. As much as she would love to have another baby, she was on medicine to prevent another pregnancy and she kept herself on a tight schedule. It could be that her body adjusted to the dosage and is needing a stronger dose, but she supposed only time would really tell. For now, even if it were only a thought, she believed it unwise to tell Doflamingo until she was sure. No need to cause him worry or stress if it wasn't even needed.

"You truly care for him," someone commented, causing Evelyn to slowly turn to the newcomer. Violet was watching her closely before her eyes went to the ground.

"Yes," Evelyn replied honestly. "He means a lot to me."

"Even knowing how he is?" Violet asked harshly.

"Especially knowing the way he is," the older woman answered, her emerald orbs locking onto the opposing chocolate gaze. "You, even if you complain, lived a pampered life, plenty to eat and the best doctors in the world when you're sick. Neither of us had that luxury. He did, for a time, before he was thrown into a world of hatred. I grew up in that world. We are who we are because we are strong enough to survive it and conquer it.

"I know to most people, Doffy seems mentally unstable or just insane. To our family, that is simply him. He's a mastermind, for one thing, that loves to exaggerate his words or his movements. He's protective of all of us, willing to take blows meant to kill us or fight our battles when it seems too strong for us to handle, physically or mentally. More importantly, he's a loving husband and father that spoils both myself and our child simply because he can while listening when we need him to. By being there when we need him.

"Even with your powers, you will never know him like we do. Because you are only loyal as long as your father is still alive. I'm sure that when he does die, you will find some way to get revenge against my husband, whether he had a hand in it or not."

"He had my older sister killed," Violet pointed out, her face scrunching up to show her anger. "You were there when he gave the order to get rid of anyone affiliated with my father!"

"Your niece is still alive, correct?" Evelyn chuckled, earning a gasp from the younger. "Oh yes, I know all about your sister 'faking her death' and marrying someone else. About your dear little niece. Rebecca, was it? Cute little girl."

"Don't you dare touch her," the younger practically snarled.

"The girl has that toy soldier looking after her now. You should thank me," the raven sighed with a shrug of her shoulders, turning back to the blooming bushes by her. "Doffy knows I hate children being harmed. Now who do you think manages to keep my asshole of a husband from going after the girl that does have a claim to his throne should he ever be defeated? When she is older, however, and if she makes a nuisance of herself… that will be another story."

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"Nyeh, I am curious about something," Trebol stated, leaning over Evelyn's shoulder.

"And what would that be, oh close one?" she asked teasingly, using her hand to try and push the larger man away.

"I saw a glimpse of a strange animal with your serpent when we took over Dressrosa," he explained, not budging from his spot. "It was an unusual creature."

"That was me in my Animagus form," Evelyn explained with a roll of her eyes, taking a few steps away from the mucus man to browse over the next bookshelf. The library was huge and she wanted to know what was in it. "It is called a calygreyhound. The head and body of an antelope, the claws of an eagle, and the back legs of an ox. They are creatures that support bearings of titled individuals, a heraldic supporter due to representing swift motion. There isn't a lot on them, but that was what I managed to find."

"That sounds like it would fit," Trebol remarked. "In a way."

"Surprisingly, I am inclined to agree with you," she stated with a nod. "Doffy will have my support during a lot of his plans. But don't think that means I will follow blindly."

"Behehehe, I don't think he would mind at all," the man informed. "He takes us seriously when it comes to our opinions and ideas. You, however, are the one he would not want to push too far."

"If he does, it's generally behind my back and he grins that stupid grin of his while I scream at him about it. But there is nothing I can do because it is already done when I hear about it. Such as him stealing from World Nobles and blackmailing the Government. Actually, I fully support that. I would have loved to see their faces, if it were at all possible."

Trebol nodded in agreement then noticed the slight swaying of the young woman. "Nyeh, nyeh, are you feeling well?" he asked in concern.

"Just a little light-headed," she brushed off. "It'll pass. I think being raised in a colder area and then North Blue, followed by the crazy Grand Line weather, and now finally settling down in one place that is warm and the air filled with pollen…my body is a wreck right now." The only strange part that she did not mention was that it had been progressing since they took over Dressrosa, when she used more magic than what she was used to. She thought about blaming the usage of her magic being the cause, then thought against it.

Humming lowly, the man nodded. "If you say so. You should tell Doffy you're not feeling well, though. He may not like it being kept from him."

"He'll worry like he always does," she scoffed with a fond roll of her eyes, walking away from the other. "It'll settle down soon enough. Things always get worse before they get better, after all."

Trebol shook his head in dismissal. "You know your body better than the rest of us, even Doffy," he stated lowly. "I hope that you do know to take proper care of yourself, however, no matter how minor the sickness. This Family would not be the same without our Rose." Not to mention, Doffy would more than likely lose himself.

"I know," Evelyn sighed lightly, staring out the window to watch the children run around outside, laughing joyously as they raced.

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It was a usual meeting, discussing the trade of firearms to a certain country prepping itself for civil war for one reason or another. Doflamingo could care less for the reasoning, he was just interested in the business. The other man seemed confident in his negotiation, but he seemed to lack the insight that he was being played so that things fell more into the blonde's favor.

Their business was not yet concluded, though reaching that point, when the door opened and a solemn Pica stepped through the door. Just seeing the look on the larger man's face was enough for Doflamingo's grin to drop.

Pica looked at him before saying with a voice almost too quiet to hear, "The Rose."

In an instant, the Donquixote was on his feet, leaving a worried Trebol and Diamante to finish up the meeting, while Pica led the way to his rose. "What happened?" he demanded.

"She mentioned an ache in her chest," Pica explained, guiding his leader to the woman. "She said it didn't hurt that much, but then she just fell and started to seize. We moved her to your room once she stopped."

Nodding, Doflamingo left his family member's side, rushing to his bedroom. The walk seemed to take too long, though it only took him barely a minute to reach his door. He almost threw the door off the hinges as he briskly entered the room.

Jora was seated on the bed, holding a damp cloth to Evelyn's forehead while Atticus laid next to his mother, the two serpents draped over his body. "Young Master," Jora greeted. "She has a small fever, but it shouldn't cause this to happen."

"Dad?" Atticus called, his voice cracking. Seeing the lines on his son's face, he could only assume his child had just stopped crying. "Is Mama going to be okay?"

"She'll be fine," he promised, running his hand through his son's hair gently before looking down at his wife. She was laying there with her face scrunched up in pain and sweat clinging to her paling skin. Her breathing wasn't soft and even as it usually was when she slept, but heavy and almost erratic. "What is wrong with her?" he asked Jora.

Sighing dejectedly, Jora replied, "I don't know. I already sent for a doctor. They'll be here soon, I hope."

Doflamingo inhaled deeply, nodding to the artistic woman before she moved aside to give him enough room to sit by his wife. He accepted the space, his legs crossing on the edge of the bed. He hated that he could do nothing more than sit and watch over her while she is in the shape she is. He doesn't even know what is wrong!

What is causing this?!

Here is a line!

The doctor checked over her and received as much of her medical history that they could offer. Her heart was heard and her head examined, her temperature taken and eyes checked. Despite the doctor not having much to do a deeper examination to find out the cause, when Doflamingo was told about what was found, it was nothing to ease him.

And there was nothing he could do. The doctor refused to try and treat her. Said it was too high risk, that there was too much of a possibility of something going wrong and his rose dying. It was territory no doctor would be comfortable handling, and no one wanted to risk his wrath if they lose her.

Evelyn did wake up briefly, offering him a small smile and saying she was just a little sick. He corrected her, telling her what the doctor had informed him about. And that he wasn't ready to lose her. Not now. Not ever! If it was within his power, he will do whatever is necessary to make sure she lasts until someone can and will treat her. No matter how long it takes.

She only shook her head at him slowly. "Everyone has a time, asshole," she pointed out with a small smile. "If it is mine, then it's mine."

"No!" he denied. "We can't lose you…I can't…I love you, my rose…And I can't lose you…" He sighed heavily, grasping her hand between his larger pair. "I know there is someone out there that can help you. And they will be found and brought here. You will get better."

"Things like this can't be healed," she stated, laying her free hand on his arm. "It'll be okay."

He shook is head, placing his forehead against their joined hands. "No, you will get better. There is someone who can treat this. We just need to find them and bring them here, and we need to keep you alive long enough to do it."

The woman chuckled lightly, her free hand running over his hair. "You've always been such a selfish bastard," she said lightly.

Here is a line!

"Atticus, come here," Doflamingo called to his son, who came running up to him as quickly as his little legs could carry him.

The child almost tripped over his feet trying to stop before he could crash into his father's long legs. "Yes, Dad?" he said, looking up even as his father crouched in front of him. "Is Mama going to get better now?"

The tall blonde lowered his head, rubbing the back of his neck nervously. "Son, your mother is very, very sick," he explained as easily as he could to his seven-year-old child. "And the doctor thinks that doing any surgery to make her better is too risky."

"What do you mean?" Atticus asked, his head tilting before he was scooped up into his father's arms.

"It means that if things don't go right, she could die," Doflamingo continued. "Even if the surgery does go well, there would still be a chance of her dying."

"So Mama's going to die?" the child whimpered, tears pooling in his eyes. His shoulders shook as he drew back a sob.

Doflamingo sighed heavily as he straightened back to his full height, turning back to return to the room. "Not for a while," he replied. "Before I take you to see her, I want you to know. Things may seem to be bad, but this is the only way to help her last long enough until we can treat her.

"We talked about it and we agreed. This is the only way."

The door was soon in front of them and his father gently grasped the handle, slowly turning it.

Here the Story Ends

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