Chapter 17

Percy flinched as the storm crackled above. Triton's final words stung, but he forced himself to ignore them. Annabeth still stood in front of him, trembling from the intensity of the storm. A bright light began to emanate from where Triton stood, signaling the beginning of the god's first attack.

"Annabeth!" he roared. He could barely hear himself over the roar of the storm, so he had no idea if the girl even heard him. "Please! You need to go now!"

He cursed when she didn't respond, instead only slipping on her cap and disappearing. There was no way to tell where she was, and so he just hoped that she stood out of his way.

The light grew more intense, and Triton was upon him within seconds. The sea god drove his trident down, looking to impale Percy. He dove to the side, barely dodging the attack. Before he could regain his footing, he was blown away when a bolt of lightning slammed into the ground between them. The water reached out for him, seeking to pull him into the darkness of the ocean. It was taking all his willpower not to be swept away.

Triton let out a roar, swinging the trident around his head before bringing it down for another strike. Percy met the attack this time, blocking the weapon with Anaklusmos. The impact from Triton's strike almost sent him crashing to the ground, but he was just able to keep himself standing, despite the shaking in his knees.

"Triton, please! Calm yourself!"

If Triton had even heard his pleading, then he chose to ignore it as he quickly pulled his trident back and slammed the end of it into Percy's stomach. This time, he was sent flying back, crashing through the wooden side of one of the cabins that lined the beach. The impact shattered the entire cabin upon impact. Percy coughed weakly as he shifted through the rubble, moaning as he rolled over onto his hands and knees.

He grasped Anaklusmos tighter, before pushing himself up. He could just barely make out the figure of Triton through the density of the storm, although it seemed as if something else had caught the god's attention. Percy took a few shaky steps forward, freezing when he finally noticed why the god had hesitated.

Triton held Annabeth by the throat, holding the girl up so that her feet were just above the water. She was desperately clawing at his hand, but it was to no avail. Her eyes met Percy's, and she opened her mouth to speak a few words, but nothing came out. He took another step forward, but Triton switched his gaze back to him, a taunting smile dancing across his lips.

"The demigod really thought that she could sneak up on me." Triton tightened his grip, making Annabeth let out a few choking sounds. Her face was just beginning to turn blue. "As if I—"

Percy roared as he charged towards Triton. Using what little control he had over the raging ocean, he spread apart the water on the beach and used the earth to launch himself forward. Using one hand to grab onto the wrist that held Annabeth, he swung Anaklusmos down towards the god's neck. His strike was easily blocked by Triton, but it allowed for Percy to quickly wrap his own arm around the god's and pull up. The crack that followed was loud, and Triton roared in pain as he dropped Annabeth.

Triton took a few steps back, cradling his now broken arm. With his attention elsewhere, Percy took this time to pull Annabeth out of the water, who was doing all she could to take a breath of air. Her skin was purple where Triton had held her, but he could see the color returning to her cheeks. Her dagger was still clutched lightly within her hand, and he delicately took it away from her.

"Annabeth, please let me handle this." She gave him a wary glance, although when she tried to speak her words were nothing more than a few indecipherable squeaks. "Please get back to camp. You are needed for the prophecy. I'll deal with Triton."

Annabeth's eyes narrowed as they flashed with an emotion that Percy couldn't recognize. It seemed as if she was going to deny him yet again when she leaned in close, placing her lips next to his ear.

"Don't die here," she croaked. Her voice wavered momentarily before she continued. "Piper would never forgive me if something happened to you."

Percy smiled lightly, handing the girl her dagger. "I won't."

She offered him one last glance before placing her cap back on her head and taking off. The last he saw of her were her footsteps in the waves. Turning back to Triton, he watched the god twirl his—now healed—arm before looking back at Percy with renewed hate in his eyes.

"The benefits of fighting along the beach, I suppose. You can't do anything to stop me."

Triton charged again, and Percy stepped forward and swung Anaklusmos. Their weapons met in a mesh of sparks and water. Lightning crackled overhead as the ground trembled beneath them. Percy was doing what he could to minimize the shaking of the earth, but he couldn't do much without tiring himself out quickly.

Percy swung his blade; every swing blocked by Triton. No matter what he did, Triton was too strong as they stood now and far more experienced in combat than he. He needed to get this fight away from the ocean and onto more even grounds. But from the looks of it, it would be nearly impossible to get the god anywhere else. It didn't seem like he had many possibilities.

Triton suddenly surged forward, summoning the ocean up behind him. He crashed into Percy with a roar, followed by a wave of water slamming down upon them. He was caught within the rush of the water. He was immediately blinded, bubbles of darkness encroaching on him and for the first time, he was unable to breath. Pumping his arms and legs, he pushed himself in the direction he thought was the surface.

When he broke through, he gasped for air. A flash of light alerted him to Triton's presence, and he was quick to bring up his defense once again. He blocked strike after strike from the god, but he could feel himself tiring. Triton had taken away all his control over the ocean, and he felt nothing when in contact with the water.

Triton took a step back, and Percy used this chance to strike back. He swung his sword but was halted when Triton caught the blade in between two of his trident's prongs. With a quick twist of the weapon, Anaklusmos was ripped from his hand and sent flying into the ocean. Percy desperately attempted to call it back to him, but it was of no use. Triton still had control over the ocean, and he was preventing it from returning.

"Give it up. There's nothing you can do to stop this."

Percy took a few wary steps back as Triton spoke his words. There was still no response from Anaklusmos, and Triton had begun his advance once again. Triton flicked his trident, sending another wave of water crashing in Percy's direction. He attempted to dive to the side to avoid it, but it was futile, and he was quickly swept up into the waves once again.

Letting out a ragged cough, Percy stumbled to stay standing on his trembling legs. Triton was still advancing and would be upon him within moments. He stuck his hand back in his pocket, a sense of dread washing over him when he found that Anaklusmos had yet to return. The only thing left within his pocket was the piece of paper that Sally had given him.

Seeing as how he had no choice; Percy began to build up his power within himself. He could already feel himself tiring from the exertion it caused, but he pushed past it. Bracing himself, he quickly flicked his hand and two pillars erupted from the earth and advanced on Triton. The god didn't have any time to react and was squashed between the two pieces of earth.

He disappeared for a moment, only to return when the pillars erupted in an explosion of sand and rocks. Triton had one hand against his forehead, where a tiny stream of ichor was trickling down his face. When he faced Percy once more, anger had overtaken his features. He quickly switched his grip on his trident before taking a step forward and launching it at Percy with renewed vigor.

Triton's trident slammed into Percy, as it sent him skidding back against the beach. He collapsed to a knee, grasping the trident in both hands through a teary gaze. One prong had embedded itself in his shoulder, with the other just under his collarbone. Luckily, the throw hadn't been perfect, as the third hadn't managed to hit him.

Ichor poured down his chest, staining the sand and water beneath him in a pool of gold. Nothing more than a stifled scream came from his lips as Triton took hold of the end of the trident and lifted him up to his feet. With another roar of anger, Triton slammed him back onto the ground, pinning his back against the ground.

Percy held onto the weapon as best as possible, trying to fight back against the god's strength. It was near-impossible however, as Triton slowly began to force the trident deeper and deeper into his body. The pain was excruciating; easily worse than anything Percy had ever felt before. He could no longer feel his arms, and his entire thoughts was just focused on trying to stop Triton from continuing.

Just when he thought he could hold on no longer, Triton faltered. The sea god let go of the trident, stepping away from Percy's crumpled form. Percy took a few labored breaths, immensely grateful for the pause, and turned his head slowly towards his opponent. Triton was staring out over the waves, allowing for Percy to see nothing other than the back of head.

Percy struggled with the trident still lodged within him, but with Triton distracted, he grasped the end once more, slowly dislodging it from his body. Feeling it tear up his insides on its way out was almost as bad as taking the hit in the first place. Still, he gritted his teeth and slowly forced the weapon out of him.

When he let the now golden-decorated weapon fall to the ground, he stared blankly at the sight of himself. His entire chest was covered in his own ichor. He had never been injured to this extent before, and it only served to remind him of just how much of a power difference there was between himself and the rest of the gods. Laying here, he finally began to understand why he had been kicked off Olympus.

Triton picked up the trident, although his gaze was still focused on the ocean. He watched the waves for a few more moments before turning back around with a grunt. He placed his foot on Percy's chest and began pushing down. Percy could do nothing more than just scramble and desperately try to shove his limb away.

"It's over, you bastard." Triton raised the trident, and Percy blinked warily as he saw the trident hovering over his eyes. He held it there tauntingly, letting it dangle above him.

Percy let his arms fall against the beach. There was nothing more he could do. He was injured, trapped beneath Triton's boot. There was no weapon he could use, Anaklusmos had yet to returned to his—then he sensed it: the slight weight in his pocket. Filled with newfound hope, Percy used the rest of his remaining energy and quickly uncapped the sword before bringing it down on Triton's ankle. The blade pierced clean through, sending ichor flying into Percy's face.

Triton cried out in pain, making the ocean rise and crash violently around them. The sea god collapsed to one knee, looking down at his pierced ankle momentarily before switching his gaze back to Percy. There was nothing but pure, unbridled rage left in his green eyes. Triton placed one hand on his shoulder and raised his trident once again, but Percy rolled off to the side, taking Anaklusmos with him and making Triton collapse to the ground.

His vision grew blurrier now as ichor continued to pour out of his wounds. His adrenaline was running out, and soon, he would collapse from his injuries. Triton was still kneeling on the beach a few meters away, but once again he was distracted by something else. The sea god looked over the ocean as he used his trident to keep himself standing. The rain had increased in intensity by now, and Percy was barely able to see past the opposing god. Lightning continued to crackle down around them, and the sea seemed to rock and roar with more might.

Triton began to turn back to him once again, but this time Percy noticed something begin to rise behind the sea god. His vision was failing—the rain becoming a curtain between them. He could only make out an outline, but it soon grew much higher than either of them stood. The blurry mass was double—almost triple their height.

Percy braced himself for the impact of Triton's attack by crossing is arms in front of himself. If he was to die here, at least he would do so fighting. At least he had refused to give in.

But death never came. Triton seemed to notice the shadow from the reflection of Percy's eyes. But before Triton could turn around, he was speared through the chest and head by a trident that double his own in size. Triton's roar of pain shook the entire beach, creating a shock-wave that sent Percy tumbling back through the sand. By the time he looked back over, Triton was already dissolving into dust and disappearing into the ocean. The god's trident followed suit, quickly dissolving into sea water.

The blurry mass lowered its trident, and as it took a step closer, Percy was able to see it with more clarity. A head and beard full of seaweed stared down at him, and Percy felt his heart stop as the giant came to a stop beside his broken form. As the giant began to slowly reach down to him, Percy's vision finally gave way, as his mind faded into darkness.

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