Disclaimer: I don't own Pokémon. My idea came from the Japanese version of the history of Mewtwo. Enjoy ^^

Chapter One

Ever since that day, you left, I've felt this void inside of me. Longing, wanting something to fill that void, I tried a number of things. Giovanni used me, I felt humans betrayed me. After creating clones, it seemed to have filled that void, only a little. My hatred of the one that I was cloned from, Mew, led me to do awful, threatening things to the human specie. A boy showed me that there was still good in humans, so I erased everyone's memory of the storm, that I caused, and escaped with the clones to Purity Cannon.

A few years later, that same human helped me escape from my enemy and helped save me. I erased the memories of those wanting to harm me and the cannon. After that, the clones were scattered throughout the world and I was left alone, once again.

Still, I want to see you, even though you're gone. You were an experiment, like me, innocent, yet destroyed. You were my best friend, Ai. Why did you have to leave me a cold, heartless creature? Just to see you again... To talk with you again... To become friends again... That's all I desire...

RS: Short, but this is the beginning of my story. If you haven't guessed, it's Mewtwo talking in chapter one. The next chapters, however, are going to be from a third person view. Hope you enjoyed it and review!