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Chapter Eleven

What happened? Ash asked, looking around. They were back in the hotel room.

I don't know, Brock said. Last thing I remember was a bright light.

Yeah, me too, Misty agreed.

What happened to Mewtwo and Ai? Brock and Misty exchanged glances.

I guess we'll never know, Brock said.


It's better like this, I guess, James said, as the three lifted off in the Meowth head balloon. We didn't try to steal Pikachu for once and we turned against our boss, openly.

Well, look on the bright side, James, Jessie said. Mewtwo made the boss forget everything and there's always tomorrow to steal Pikachu.

That's right! Meowth said. We'll be able to steal him, tomorrow, when they least expect it! The three laugh evilly.

Team Rocket's going off again!


Ai, Mewtwo said, as they were flying.

Ai asked, looking over at him.

Something has been puzzling me. How did you survive the cloning? I only survived because I was stronger. Ai looked ahead.

I really don't remember, Mewtwo, she said. After you faded away, everything is dark. Daddy must have found a way to keep me bearly alive.


Mewtwo, you stayed alive, no matter what. I'm proud of you. Mewtwo smiled and took her hand. Oh, I brought Kadabra with me. We can play together and everything, just like we used to.

That sounds fun. Ai, you don't know the countless days I've spent just thinking about you. I couldn't let your memory go. Now that you're back with me, things will be just like they were before, only better. You can still tell me stories and we can play tag, just like before. Yet, this time, we're in the real world. No one knows where we're going, neither do we. Just being with you makes me feel complete.

They turned into the setting sun, and disappeared from sight.


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