At the Discount Zoo as the children watched the bears interact with each other. Normally these bears would be inside trying to tolerate living together but as they found out they need to entertain the masses that come to their exhibit or else they won't get food. Well that's only half true, edible food is the right descriptor.

A purple bear accompanied by a yellow bear were trying to draw the attention of the group of mostly children above them leaning on the railings to watch them more closely. They both were doing what would draw the most attention to themselves as possible: Fighting. Now that there was another baby animal in the elephant exhibit they had work twice as hard to attract attention to their exhibit and what better way to do that then to watch two animals fight each other? The little humans seemed to like it despite the adults dislike for it.

The yellow bear had the purple one in a headlock while two other bears where watching as well. A blue one and a gray one both we're watching from their cave entrance. They were not amused at this display. The blue one spoke.

"Evil. This is boring." He yawned. They had been practicing this performance inside for a while and despite the prep time those two had the performance seem a bit stilted for his liking. The Grey responded.

"Lech, Don't complain. The small ones are loving it and I need steak." He licked his lips thinking about their reward for entertaining the gawking humans.

Lech rolled his eyes he knew that this was for everyone but they could at least try to make it more realistic. Despite the added growls and use of sticks and rocks to attack each other it wasn't exciting to him. He wanted a challenge.

Above them the sounds of the crowd of children began to cease. Huh. Lech thought. "Great, they got bored." He scoffed. "Fickle humans."

However, that was the complete opposite. The zoo keepers had arrived among the crowds of people and were holding a crate with them. Unbeknownst to the bears down in the exhibit. They both wore green uniforms the only thing different about the two was that the one holding the crate was wearing a hat while the other one wasn't.

"Alright time to introduce the new arrival."

"Hope they can adjust to another addition." They walked through the sea of children and went over the rafters of the zoo crate in hand. "Shouldn't we have the bear walk in?" The man without a hat said.

"No? that would that take to much time. Plus he's asleep, this one could sleep through a damn tornado." He shook the box for emphasis. "See?" The other keeper shrugged.

He told the crowd of children circling them with curiosity to back up for a moment as they did their job. Poorly, but it's a discount zoo what do you expect? The man holding the crate opened the box and dumped the poor occupant into the exhibit like a sack of rice. He landed fat on his back unmoving. Which caught the attention of the fighting bears and the onlookers. They moved closer to the unconscious bear. The only bear that didn't move to inspect this new arrival it was a black coloured bear. Interesting. He decided to observe from a far.

The four hovered over the new bear wondering if the fall actually killed it. The purple one spoke first."Another one? I thought this zoo had enough to afford only one new arrival?" He placed his hand under his chin and pondered.

"Great another mouth to feed." Evil responded displeased. He looked around to find a stick.

The yellow one looked at his appearance. The bear was average size compared to them. His fur shared the same colour as their other inhabitant, Death. He just barely saw that he had a piece of his ear missing. His mouth had a distinct brown tinge to it. And his belly had red boxing gloves on it.

Evil found a stick close by and immediately started to poke at the bear.

"Dude, really? Stop poking him." Nerd berated him. Evil ignored him and continued.

Lech was still bored despite the new arrival. He still felt unchallenged he was the "alpha" bear after all.

Gay noticed a distinct sweet smell coming from bear on the ground. He then noticed a dry red tinge feet he had it bandaged up. Wait is that-

Thawp Thud

Evil laughed hysterically as he saw Nerd falling on his back unconscious. He was the unlucky one to be close to the now awake bear. And this was his first response to being prodded awake. "At least he's awake now." Evil said between his snickering at Nerd being the unfortunate victim.

Fighter scratched his head as he looked at his Nerd unconscious. "Oops." he said. He looked around at the others watching him. He responded as he looked at the different coloured bears around him.

"A- am I in hell?" he said

"Close, but not too far off." Evil responded. This was going to take some getting used too.

Inside the cave he was introduced to the bear family, each of them he found out had a delightful quirk to them: Gimp, he was told wore a leather mask and was their medic. He didn't talk much. Fighter had questions about his attire, especially the paddle, but no one dared answered.

Tanked, was tanked literally every moment of the day, they told him he always had a beer in his hand. He was jolly drunk.

Crack… He still wanted an explanation about his behavior, but the others had no idea for his sporadic and often questionable thought processes. I mean when the first thing you hear from him is: 'They done it! They've cloned death everyone RUN!' You tend to wonder what goes on in that animal's brain.

Oh yeah Death. He saw him briefly outside, they told him he often hangs out by himself and rarely talks to them. But he does have wise things to say. Also they warned him not to touch him? He tried to pry further but Evil made a remark about finding out yourself, while cackling. Why does that bear same familiar?

Regardless the rest were self explanatory except for one: A small panda he saw eating what looked to be soup, he saw something floating in it that looked like a fish head. The panda held it's nose as if it smelled something rotten. Than looked to the new bear in question.

"Ugh, you smell like garbage." He said carelessly.

Well aren't you special little snowflake. Fighter thought

"Vanity, be nice. He probably wasn't fortunate enough to have a bath where ever he was before." Prozac berated. That reminded him. Where did Mike go? His heart sank for a moment… Till vanity opened his mouth.

"Not my fault the bum doesn't know what a bath is?" Fighter responded.

"First off my name is Fighter, Second I'm surprised you don't live in the trash considering how much of it you spit." He folded his arms and narrowed his brow. Little shit. Vanity narrowed his brow as looked at the bear in contempt.

Lech whistled in response "Pheow. Five minutes here and he's already found out who the turd is."

Gay replied, "Be that as it may, He is right, he needs a shower if he's living here and not the woods. Ugh" he held his nose.

"Oh right!' Prozac exclaimed,' Who wants to share their room with Fighter? We don't have a lot of room for him right now." The room went quiet, no one seemed to want to take up the offer. Fighter commented.

"Greeat, I guess I'll sleep in the broom closet. I'll make friends with the dust-bunnies and plan an uprising over the humans." He scoffed.

Crack rose an eyebrow inquisitively. Fighter narrowed his brow in response, "Please tell me he knows what sarcasm is or I'm gonna be sad."

Prozac ignored the comment, "Come on guys! Let's try to be hospitable to the newest arrival."

Lech responded haphazardly "My room a bit of mess,"

"When has it ever not been?" Gay retorted earning a glare from Lech.

"Considering your named Fighter, I doubt anyone here would want to share a room with a mook like you." Evil added

"That coming from a guy named Evil? I'm surprised you having stabbed me with a pitch fork yet." Fighter retorted.

"Be careful what you wish for." He said under his breath. They both stare at each other.

"Well then that does it. You two are sharing rooms.

"WHAT?!" both of them exclaimed. They both looked at each judgmentally, neither of them knew what the other was thinking but it was clear, things were going to be difficult sharing a room with each other. Considering Evil barely did that all to begin with. But Prozac smiled all the while bringing them both in with a loving hug.

"I'm sure you two will figure it out. Nothing could go wrong."

"Famous last words, Prozac." Fighter frowned.

"I'm inclined to agree." Evil rose an eyebrow dubiously.

Prozac sniffed the air and again noticed the smell of their new friend.

"Let me show you the shower first." He pulled aside to show him the inner cave.

Prozac guided him to the bathroom, he let him do the rest as he left the room.

Fighter sighed as he held his left arm. He was glad he put it back in but it still was sore. He remembered something else, he couldn't bathe with clothe on his arm and wrists. He carefully took them off his foot, than his arm. He paused as he saw some writing on it:

Fighter, I know we've been through a lot together, but don't worry I'm not too far. I haven't left you. I knew living with a bunch of bears wouldn't be the best for me. So visit me in the woods… I love you you goof ball….

Fighter smiled warmly as he read the words on his cloth. At least he wasn't alone. He started up the bath.

Evil's Lair

Fighter walked up to the door with a pentagram on it...No words needed to be said. He opened the door to see Evil lounging on his bed, he looked at the bear as he walked into the room.

Evil sighed as he looked at the bear walking in the room. "Of course Prozac had to stick me with you. How dull."

Fighter narrowed his brow, "Well. You aren't full of sun shine and rainbows yourself."

Evil cupped his chin and looked at the bear inquisitively. He rolled out his bed and walked to the middle of the room.

"Let's get to the point, mook. You look, useful and this is probably the only way I'll get you to do anything."

He got into a fighting stance his paws were open, he looked at fighter with a sly smile.

"If I win you have to help me with what I want for next couple of days, deal?"

And what if I win?"

We'll discuss that later." he rolled his eyes.

Fighter gave a Cheshire cat like grin. "Ok, then."

Evil lunged forward aiming an elbow to his face, he slipped under it. He than followed up with sweep with his leg, Fighter hopped over it and landed. Then immediately regretting it due to his foot throbbing.

Ok, bad idea fighting with injuries, he's probably using that to his advantage. He thought he had to end it quickly, he lunged forward to hit him with a straight punch. Evil slipped the blow, At this point he knew he messed up. Evil grabbed his leading arm, while tripping his foot leaving him to crash into the wall with a thud. He fell flat on his back after the impact. Evil smiled.

"Are you done now?"

Fighter sighed knowing that he shouldn't have started fighting with his wounded appendages. He conceded for now.

"Yea, he said holding his nose. 'Just let me sleep here and see what happens later."

"Good choice, welcome to hell, Fighter."

I knew I wasn't wrong.