The whole group stopped mid-step and aboutfaced. Behind them stood another elf woman, this one donning a suit that did not appear at all to be from Navia. The way the dark-chrome thing glowed screamed 'cyberpunk'. Her hands in her battlesuit's pockets, she strode forward with a sadistic grin.
Rahal sent the girl her own. 'Well well well! Well well well well well! If it isn't Balsa Reika.'
'You've got some nerve stinking up Morgunstjarna will your murderous arse.'
Reika lacked Rahal's babyface and gothy black hair, instead having a short, sharp, hot pink pixie cut with a flair half covering her right eye.
'What's her problem?'
'Just follow me, don't worry about it. Leave these two alone.'
'Eni!' Luna shouted. 'Be safe!'
Rahal cocked her head over her shoulder and blew the girl a kiss. 'Don't cry for me, Moonshine.'

After they exited the alley and found themselves in a flower-filled plaza, Hermione asked again, 'Seriously, what was her problem? Who was that?'
Solomon looked back. 'That was Basla Reika, another noble high-elf. Those two have a history with each other, and I won't bore you with the details. I'll assume Adeus Rahal tipped her off that Eni's back in town.'
Before them stood Ron, chomping on a sweet. He walked out with a dwarf, the one known as Poxhart.
'We saw the whole thing,' he said. 'Why is everyone here such prats?'
Luna answered, 'Eni told me it's because of a dark lord who destroyed the world.'
Poxhart spoke up, his voice simultaneously gruff and nasally, saying, 'Aye, you're referring to Kyaman Bol'Yaga. Christ, it's been a long time since I heard anyone with the balls to say that name around these parts.'
Solomon said, 'You should know by now that they're unused to this world. Of course, we should give them our thanks for making sure their own world doesn't descend to such incredible lun... Hrmm, insanity.'
Poxhart dragged a sack across the stone plaza and pulled out one of its contents. 'Now then... Ronald 'n I 'ave been getting down to some basic triestic druidry. I presume you have a Black Saturday?'
'Rahal has it.'
'Napalm wine, then?' This time, Solomon pulled the flask from his pocket and handed it to Poxhart. The dwarf pulled the cork from the top and took a whiff. 'Whoof! Putrid. One of the best concoctions I've seen yet.'
'We spent hours getting it right,' Harry said. 'Hermione did most of the work, I mean.'
'As usual.'
'Right, then! What else... Ah, yes— the blood of the fairest maiden!' Poxhart approached Luna, grabbed her hand, and pinched her finger. The girl flinched, and Poxhart let a single drop of blood fall into the flask. 'Now all we hafta do is wait for Rahal to return.'
Luna sucked her finger, and Solomon leaned upon a well's wooden frame.
'Harry,' he began. Harry looked up. 'You're proficient at using the Patronus charm, correct?'
'You've already asked this.'
'Well now it's important.'
Harry paused. 'I can make one. Why do you ask?'
'This is what Rahal planned. This is all her doing. We have the napalm wine, and she's got the Black Saturday.'
'But that's a forbidden potion!' Hermione said. 'If you cross the two, you'll have the power to raise the dead.'
Solomon sucked on a freshly lit cigarette fag. 'Take it up with Eni.'
And right as he said that, Rahal dropped to the ground from a nearby rooftop. She pressed the whole group to a wall just under an awning, and as soon as footsteps upon the rooftop came and went, she stepped back out into the moonlight.
'Brilliant evening! Absolutely brilliant!'
Hermione grabbed Rahal. 'We're not helping you do anything arcane.'
'Anything arca— what are you on about?'
Solomon facepalmed. 'The Black Saturday, Eni. Don't play dumb.'
'Oh, right. Yes, yes, that's not my intention.' She yoinks the vial from Poxhart before the dwarf realized what had happened, pulled the black rose from behind her ear, crushed its petals, and sprinkled it into the napalm wine. The moment the petals hit the potion, they disintegrated into violet flames. 'This does have Luna's blood, yes?' Luna, still tending to her minor wound, nods. 'Alright then. I summon... Harry Potter!'
This sent shockwaves throughout the group, and Harry screamed, 'What?'
'Um, Harry? I sorta need you. Like, right here. Get your wand out.' The silenced filled with awkwardness. He walked forward and fumbled with his wand. 'Now, dip it into this bottle.' He obeyed, and allowed the thick and gooey black wine coat the tip of his wand. 'And finally, aim it towards the sky and summon a Patronus.'
Ron whispered to Hermione, 'Poxhart explained to me what's going on. All that's going to happen is—'
'Expecto Patronum!'

When Harry volunteered for this task, he couldn't have imagined just how unbelievably boring it would prove to be. All day, he's been using basic magic spells to clean trash from the park. Just last night was Walpurgisnacht, and the Wizarding World went a little overboard, as it was apt to do. Ever since Voldemort's defeat, there had been a lot to celebrate.

And to be truthful, he was more willing to complete this mundane task considering he had a bit of help, a charming young witch named Enekai Rahal. Enekai hailed from the Midlands and carried herself with a type of grace you'd expect from nobility— walking as if it were a dance, body moving in circular motions...
Some part of it repulsed him. He remembered a lady who moved quite like that, and she was quite the, ahem, 'witch with a different letter.'
Yet Enekai didn't seem like her. In fact, she didn't seem to be anything as she hadn't spoken a word since they met.

As Harry waved his wand and zapped trash into a bag, he kept his eye on the girl. Her hair was a raven-black color with a hint of violet, whereas her eyes were the reverse— big and purple with black centers. She also had a very soft and round face, with puffy and unrefined cheeks like that of a little girl. She wore pure denim— jean pants and a jean jacket— as well as a cross necklace. Interestingly, she always wore fingerless gloves, and he could never figure out why.

Come to think about it, she seemed to have elven ears. Yet all the elves Harry's ever known never looked as tall and healthy as Enekai. No, he's only known house elves that were the furthest thing from Tolkien's lot. Up until now, he had known elves to be meek and servile dwarf-like slaves, and yet Rahal was nearly indistinguishable from a human. Her wand also never got much use; she seemed to be annoyed by it more than anything. That would make sense, seeing that she's a magical creature.

When they were alone, he mustered up the courage to shout a 'Hey' towards her.

'So... I mean, how are you?' he asked awkwardly.
She quickly responded, 'Oh, you talk? I was hoping I could get a few words outta you.' She also grinned. That was the first time he saw her display any emotion beyond her usual smug sneer. The first thing he could tell was that she was definitely not a Midlander— that accent was purely Queen's English.
He swallowed and said, 'I didn't want to be rude or anything.' This was a lie, as he wanted to get over the task at hand as quickly as possible. Otherwise, he would have chatted before now.
'Quite the gentleman, then. Might I ask you something, Mr. Potter?'
He nodded after she paused. 'Go on.'
'You're a Hogwarts graduate, yes? Are you familiar with the elves of Yorkfordshire?'
'No,' he said meekly. He had never even heard of the place, and felt it made him look stupid.
'Good, don't look into them. They're a nasty lot, right droogs. I've dealt with them.'
'I noticed you're an elf as well.'
Enekai fumbled with her ears. 'That's right. You ever read Tolkien?' Harry nodded. 'I'm a hybrid elf. 75% high elf, 25% wood elf.'
'Who are your parents? I might've heard of them,' he lied.
'The Rahals? I doubt you've heard of them, unless you've been doing a lot of traveling. Maybe I'll tell you someday.'
Harry chased after a scrunched up note after the wind took it into a field. He caught a glimpse of the nasty words on it and quickly tossed it in.
'You don't have to do anymore of this if you don't want to. I can take care of the entire woodlands by the evening.'
This put a bit of red in Harry's eyes. If she could clear the forest by herself, why did the Ministry need him to help clean up? 'Thank you.'
'I just don't like using magicka so often. I've been trying to get my hands hard lately. Hard enough to take parkour.'
'You're a freerunner?'
'Traceur is the correct term, and yes. I've been practicing parkour in the city, and it's been right murder on the tips and palm. When you cross it with psychokinesis and magic, it gets a bit too easy.'
'You don't get punished for using magic out in the open?'
Rahal cocked her head. 'Minimage has no jurisdiction over me.'
Harry asked, 'What's Minimage?'
'Ever read Orwell?' Again, Harry nodded. 'Minipax, Miniluv, that lot? Ministry of Magic is Minimage. I'm not all that kind towards the fascists there. No disrespect, I mean.'
Harry didn't say anything, instead feeling tinges of trepidation.
'I'm a tad sorry that I never got to go through Hogwarts myself, especially while you were still a student. Things might've actually been fun.'
These words turned Harry's cheeks red, and he gave a dismissive gesture.
'I'll just leave you to all the rubbish. There *is* a lot of it, moreso than usual.'
'That's only because Walpurgisnacht was a few nights back. I've been to the celebrations a few times.'
'Is it any fun?'
'About fifty grams worth.'
'Let's go with "kind of." It can get amusing at times, but I've never had to write any letters extolling the joys of experiencing it. Anywho, I won't keep you any longer. It's been nice talking to you, Harry Potter. I'm glad we've met.' They shook hands. 'Glad to meet you as well.' As he walked away, he felt a bit bad for thinking she was dotty.

And then he did something he still doesn't understand.
He turned back and asked her a question. 'I'm sorry, have we ever met?'
Rahal stared into space. 'Well... Yes, we 'ave.'
This caught Harry by surprise. His memory wasn't the greatest, but he was sure he would've remembered a character such as her. 'My head's a little foggy right now; when was it?'
'Oh.' Harry felt stupid. Or maybe that was his sudden annoyance with Rahal. 'I meant, like, before that?'
Rahal shook her head. 'No, we've only met yesterday. Though I wouldn't be surprised if there were some part of you that would feel as if we met before.'
'What do you mean?'
Rahal stepped towards him. 'I've been watching you. All this time, while you went on your grand little adventures, I was there— in the background. Nothing stalkerly. Just a bitta Big Sisterly love.'
The more she spoke, the less comfortable Harry became. He had met stalker types before, and had always made sure to keep his wand close to his hand in case any attempted to make dangerous moves. The littered field fast left his mind.
'I know it sounds mental, everything I'm saying. If it'll calm your nerves, I'll tell you that Dumbledore put me up to it.'
Harry's mouth fell. 'Dumbledore? What do you know about Dumbledore?'
'That he was a yiffy nitchey with the largest knob this side of Danbury. Fine little Kenobi, I'll admit. You see, he was the one who helped find my world in the first place, and he certainly had a way with you lot.'

Ever since then, Harry's gone out of his way to avoid the girl. There was something off about her that he could never quite explain. And now, he realized he was realized to keep her suspect.
Rahal scoffed, and then gasped when her friend tugged at her.
'Why would you do that to him?!' Luna wailed. 'He was your boyfriend!'
'Luna, get away from her!' Hermione cried.
There lay Solomon, sprawled on the ground. Dead from a killing spell to the head. A sickening amount of blood gushed from the wound, and his eyes had glazed over as his life faded from him completely.
'You two said you loved each other!' Rahal couldn't react, even though she had to see Luna's weepy face.
She pet her friend's head and brought her closer. 'We do. And I'm pretty sure we always will. It's not like he's dead or anything.'
'What kinda sick joke is that supposed to be?' Ron shouted.
'It's not a joke.'
All eyes except Rahal's turned to Solomon. None of them could say a word. Ron dropped his wand in awe.
Solomon stood before them. His wound still bled, but he did not react. What made it all so strange was the halo of light enveloping his head. That heavenly light filled the whole plaza, and gave them all a strange and healing warmth.
'It's about time I tell you just who this grazhny bratchny really is.' Rahal shoved Luna away, letting her wand clatter upon the ground. 'Though I'm rather disappointed that your fine eyes couldn't see the truth before now. Surely all the hints were there, and you still missed them.'
Solomon set another cigarette alight. 'Don't freak.'
Rahal folded her arms and spent a few seconds to chuckle. Finally, she said, 'He is Jesus Christ.' She grabbed his cheeks and gave the divine one a French kiss. 'And I just gave you, Harry Potter, the ability to summon his divine etheric spirit at will. Congratulations! Your Patronus is now none other than the Son of God. Make good use of it.'
Solomon's halo faded, and He blew smoke into the air. 'I didn't want anyone to know about this. So at the very least, promise me that this secret stays between us.'
Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Luna all said, 'Yes!'
Poxhart laughed and scraggled Solomon's hair. 'Oi! It's always a fun time to see Earthers discover your identity, Yoshua.'
'Almost as much as it's fun to watch them break down when they realize he's got an elf maiden for a girlfriend.' Rahal turned to Luna and said, 'I'll see you at Hogwarts when school's back in. Until then, shine on like the moon.'