Soriel Week Day 7-FREE DAY

Sans was nervous. He couldn't sit still at all, and he wasn't used to wearing so fancy either. But it was a very special occasion, and he couldn't wear his usual casual outfit at all. He was too nervous to make even one pun! But…this was something he brought upon himself. And…they've been going out for a few years now, and it was about time. But still…even after the countless rehearsals and planning, he still couldn't get the butterflies out of his non-existent stomach. The doors open, and everyone turned to see the bride.

Toriel paced back and forth behind the doors. She felt the butterflies in her stomach. Of course, this was not her first wedding, but she still couldn't rid herself of her nerves. The doors open, and she goes through. Her white gown billowed and dragged behind her, her veil comfortably resting over her face. She reached the front where Sans and Gerson was waiting.

Monster weddings were not the same as human weddings. They do have ceremonies, but there are no books to read from and no kissing. Gerson cleared his throat.

"Fellow monsters! We are gathered here today, to celebrate the newly wedded Sans and Toriel. Bear your Souls to each other as you profess your vows."

Sans and Toriel both summoned their Souls out in the open, and began the process of Soul Mixing, a process in which intermingles one monster's soul with another monster's soul by mutual consent. Once the process was done, the crowd erupted in cheers and Toriel threw her bouquet of flowers into the crowd. Gerson walked to Sans giving him a pat on the back. Asgore also walked up to both Toriel and Sans, with his new partner, who he just started dating a couple weeks before the wedding. He approached the happy couple with a smile and genuine wish for their happiness together.

Overall, the celebration was a success, and both Sans and Toriel lived happily ever after with Frisk.