A/N: I've been fairly busy in real life, hense the long wait. This really just a bridge to the next set of events, but is still fairly important for character development and world-building reasons, so I hope you like it anyways. Here is Chapter 8: Rest and Recovery

"Ungh...I feel like I'm a shishkabob. I?" I said slowly as I opened my eyes, only to immediately shield them from the light. I quickly took stock of myself.

I was laying in a soft bed, and nearly my entire upper body was wrapped in bandages. There was no sign of my shirt, and around me I noticed bloodstained scraps of leather that were obviously the remnants of my jacket. My body felt stiff and achy, and I felt that if I let myself, I would fall back asleep. I pushed away that urge and mentally called up my STAT page.


LV 3

HP 7/7(inj*)

AT 12(0) EXP: 36

DF 9(0) NEXT: 34

Weapon: None

Armour: Leather Jacket(destroyed)

Gold: 309 Kills: 0

*Physically injured. Maximum HP reduced by 38 points.

Lovely. Fragile, unarmed, and effectively unarmored, and I have no idea where I am.

"You're finally awake." A familiar voice said. I groaned, the voice having given me a very good idea of where I was.

"...Undyne. Shouldn't you have stolen my SOUL by now?" I said. I heard Undyne chuckle quietly.

"Considering you saved my life and nearly sacrificed your own doing so, I could hardly just stand there and watch you die, even if you are human." Undyne answered.

"...Thank you for saving my life in return then."

"It wasn't me who actually saved you, I just brought you here and kept you alive long enough for the one who actually saved you to arrive."

"Then who did? And where is here?"

"We're in Undyne's house right now. And I guess it was me who saved you, though not all by myself..." A second voice entered the conversation...a voice I recognized.

" that you Frisk?" I struggled to push myself up, only to freeze as my entire upper body erupted in pain.


Alexus LV 3 6/7 HP(inj)

"Agh...ow ow ow!" I shouted, stiffening as wounds I'd failed to account for ignited in pain, and I realized that I'd actually managed to inflict damage on myself just trying to move.

Just how badly am I injured?

I felt small and definitely human hands grab onto my shoulders, gently pressing me back onto the bed.

"Easy Lex, you're still not fully healed yet." Frisk said. I again opened my eyes, this time withstanding the light. Frisk sat next to the bed I was laying on, leaning over me. I reached up and pulled her down on to me into a hug, though she put her hands down to prevent her whole body weight from pressing on to me.

"You...idiot. I was so worried about you." I said tearfully into her hair, holding her tight.

"I'm the idiot? You're the idiot here, and you're one to talk about worrying when you almost DIED on me." Frisk said, sounding equally emotional.

"But Frisk, I promised, didn't I? I won't die." I said. Frisk, surprisingly, pulled back and glared at me as I said that. I quirked an eyebrow, but decided placating her was the important thing.

"I didn't mean to upset you. I won't..."

"Be more careful from now on! What if something horrible happened and I couldn't save you!?" Frisk shouted at me, cutting me off.

"'s ok. I'm fine."

"It's not ok! You were SO CLOSE to dying...not just once either. Undyne could have killed you so many times over during your battle. I don't want to lose you!" Frisk shouted at me, tears falling from her face.

"...and you won't. I'll take better care of myself...and you too. I promise." I said. As soon as I said that, my SOUL suddenly appeared in front of myself, and released several silver strands that looped around and flowed back into my SOUL.


"...what was that?" I said in false calm, trying not to freak out.

"That was...magic. How do YOU have magic? What did you do!?" Undyne said, a spear already formed in her hand. I only now turned to face her, and instantly knew that neither Frisk nor I would stand a chance right now if she chose to attack. I also realized she was actually much slimmer that I had thought, now that her armor was removed.

Strange, the thoughts that go through your mind when you're about to die.

"I don't know! What did that do!?"

"'s Oath Magic, and he did nothing. Your barrage of magical attacks likely woke up something he's always had the capacity of. Also, dispel your weapon...or else." Frisk said, growling the last part, her hand gripping her own weapon. Undyne slowly lowered the conjured weapon, but did not dispel it. Frisk also remained in a ready stance, but didn't draw their weapon. I could almost see the sparks fly between the two.

" do you know that?" Undyne said.

"I can't say. But...without a doubt, that magic is Alexus's, and it's called Oath Magic."

"You're hiding something." Undyne said, her gaze piercing into Frisk.

"A great many things actually. And Alexus is the only one I will EVER tell...when the time is right. But that isn't important right now." Frisk responded without flinching, meeting Undynes stare with a steely glare of her own. After a moment, they both broke the impromptu staring contest, silently agreeing on a draw.

"I...I'm going to head back to the lab and get a piece of equipment. Please wait for me to return Alexus." A new voice spoke, one I hadn't heard before.

"Who is that?"

"Oh...m-my n-name is A-alphys." Alphys said nervously. She seemed frightened by the ongoing hostility between Undyne and my sister.

"What equipment?" Frisk said, her voice having a slight edge, and her body slightly tensing. I pushed myself up again, ignoring the pain, concerned with Frisk's tone speaking with the two monsters, it being at odds with what I was used to.

"N-nothing to b-be afraid of. I'm g-getting a SOUL analyzer. It'll detect a-and d-display the 7 p-primary attributes of human SOULs, as well as M-magic and D-determination levels.

"Wait...Determination isn't one of the seven traits? I thought Red SOULs had Determination as their primary trait." Frisk said.

"No...The 7 t-traits are Patience, Bravery, Integrity, Kindness, Justice, Perseverance, and Empathy. Determination by the intensity of the color...the more vibrant the color of the SOUL, the more Determination. T-that applies to monster SOULs too, the mind. I'mgoingtogonowbye!" Alphys seemed to panic slightly as she ran off.

"What was that about?" I asked.

"'s not important. What is important is what you can do with that magic of yours. You don't want to be ignorant of its capabilities, the potential for chaos is enormous."

"How do you know what it can do?"

"...someday, I'll tell you that Alexus. I do have a great deal of secrets...things that you aren't ready to learn...but I promise you I will tell you, when the time is right." Frisk said. Without any input from me, another silver thread wove its way into Frisk's SOUL, which appeared momentarily for it to do so.

"Again...seriously Frisk, what is this?" I asked.

"Oath Magic is exactly what it sounds like. Your magic can force others to uphold promises they make to you. Right now, it seems to be on a hair trigger, you should probably focus on controlling that, as well as finding out if you can release these promises once they've been made. You can also use this power to form a contract, with both yourself and another person having conditions to uphold. From what I saw, you can also use this power to make yourself stronger in order to keep a promise."

"...what did you see that makes you think that?"

"You nearly died when fighting Undyne. In fact, you would have, if not for your magic. Not only did your magic give you the Determination to withstand Undyne's also gave you the needed AT to pierce Undyne's defenses. I'm not sure if that was because of the Determination itself, or if your magic gave you a power boost independent of that. Regardless, your magic is why you survived...since you promised me you wouldn't die."

"His attacks seemed to...tear away at me, when they hit...but I didn't feel any malice behind them. Almost like he was holding back..." Undyne said in an effort to understand.

"I guess I was a little bit. I wanted to win, but I didn't want you dead." I said.

"...So it was Determination, since too much of it destabilizes the bodies of Monsters, since they're mostly formed of pure magic and their very SOULs. He was so supercharged with Determination that it affected his weapon as well, causing his attacks to hit a lot harder than normal. The only other thing that could have done that is LV."

"And his LV decreased to 3 after saving my life, so it was unlikely that he was relying on it in any way." Undyne said.

"You can do that?" Frisk said, surprised.

"Yeah. When I first fell, I was at 5 LV, but I decreased to 4 after refusing to strike down Toriel, since she wouldn't let me pass as she considered me a danger. She reconsidered after seeing me truly give up on chasing after you, since I wouldn't kill her and she wouldn't allow me to pass unless I did...and let me tell you, that was not easy."

"I see. So...what do you think you can do with your magic."

"Honestly, not too much. Sure, I can make a contract or make someone keep their promises, but they need to willingly make the promise first. So it's useful...but not too useful."

"Don't be so sure. Even magic that appears straightforward and useless can be amazing if honed. Look at Papyrus. Blue magic, on the surface, doesn't seem like it would be that useful...but blend it with his other abilities, and suddenly it's a formidable tool in his arsenal. Besides...what you can do sounds terrifying." Undyne said.

"How so?" I asked.

"Alexus...if you learned to control your magic, you might be able to force a promise on someone without their consent. Basically, you could impose anything on to someone else...any promise, any contract, even demands if you worded them right...not to mention the fact that they would be unable to break the hold unless they could overpower your SOUL, something which no monster could hope to do on their own." Undyne said.

"Is it really that strong?"

" the wrong hands, your power is, as I just said...terrifying."

"Why are you telling me that?"

"..." Undyne looked distraught for just a moment, as if she had forgotten we were technically enemies, and didn't say anything. I closed my eyes and let out a sigh.

...alright. I guess...I should do this. It's the right thing to do.

"You're a good person Undyne, if a little aggressive. So...I freely make this promise to you. No matter how everything goes down...somehow, I'll make sure the Barrier is destroyed, or give everything I've got trying. Monsterkind will be free. They deserve at least that much. And by free, I mean truly free, I won't be pulling any trickery with my magic to make them subservient to me. Using my power like you described would basically be magical slavery, and even at my worst, I would never stoop so low."

"Wha...why are you making that promise? Why would you..."

"I thought I already told you! I refuse to be held accountable for what humanity did during the Human-Monster War, since obviously I wasn't there...but refusing to undo those wrongs would be wrong, and completely my own fault. And Frisk here managed to pound it into my thick head why I shouldn't do wrong things...even for good reasons."

"He really was pretty thick for a while." Frisk said, smiling. I shot a mock-glare at her.

"Oi, no comments from the peanut gallery." I said. Frisk held her hands to her mouth, giggling.

"What are you gonna do about it thick-head!" Frisk said, laughing.

"...just you wait until I can move, you're in for it." I growled out.

"Ooh, I'm SO scared." Frisk said.

"You should be you little pipsqueak! Get over here so I can give you the noogie you deserve!"

"Never!" Frisk shouted, laughing even louder than before.

"'re the same." Undyne said quietly, a look of realization on her face.

"Pardon?" I asked. Frisk gave Undyne a quizzical look.

"...I visited a school not long ago. I was hoping to inspire some of the kids to join the guard when they grew up a little more. And you remind me so much of them it isn't even funny."

"Well...we are both still kids. I don't quite know how it works for monsters, but humans are considered adults when they turn 18. Frisk is 12, and I'm 14. Although for us, 16 is the more important milestone, since that's when we get kicked out of the orphanage."

"You're 14? You act older than that, from what I know about humans. Not to mention, aren't you a little tall?" Undyne said.

"...I may 'live' in an orphanage, but I grew up on the streets. I grew up fast. I had to...or both Frisk and I would have ended up dead in the gutter. I can only really let my guard down with Frisk. Honestly, I think my LV decreasing is because I'm slowly deprogramming myself of what I learned growing up, fighting for survival in a harsh world. As for me being tall, I just hit a growth spurt not long ago, but I'm definitely not fully grown yet."

"So what did you learn on the streets?"

"I think a talking flower put it best. My old way of life...everything I learned on the streets...ultimately it boiled down to 'Kill or be killed', though I never did actually kill anyone. On the surface...everyone seems to be out for themselves, so if you want to get had to do whatever it took. I came very close to the point of no return. Luckily...Frisk managed to dissuade me from following that path." I said. Surprisingly, Frisk averted her eyes from me as I explained this to Undyne. I tried to take a closer look to try and figure out what was wrong.



LV 1

HP 20/20

AT: 30(30) EXP: 0

DF 3(3) NEXT: 10

Weapon: Bloodstained Knife

Armor: Faded Ribbon

Kills: 0

Your sister. A pacifist who won't hurt anyone if she can help it.

Her knife is coated in your own blood, from her efforts to save your life.

...why is she avoiding your eyes?

Whoops. Guess I figured out how to 'CHECK' others outside of battle.

"Frisk? Why...are you so on edge? You've been snappish towards Undyne and Alphys, and you've been tense this whole time, even when goofing around with me...and why won't you look me in the eye? None of this is like you. What's wrong?" I said quietly. Frisk turned back towards me.

"I...sorry. I'm just...a little worked up. I were so badly hurt...I had to give you blood just to give you a chance...and..."

"And?" I prompted.

" aren't going to believe this, but although I helped, I wasn't the one who made sure you lived."

"Oh, is that it? I don't really care if it was Alphys or Undyne, all that matters..."

"It was Flowey." Frisk interrupted me.

"...Flowey? Why would he...there's something you aren't telling me, isn't there." I said, figuring out rather quickly why she was being evasive. Frisk avoided my eyes again.

What isn't she telling me. Why would someone who is clearly our enemy help us. Unless...

"...what did you give him, in exchange for his help?" I asked slowly. Frisk chuckled.

"You always were good at sniffing out a least, when I'm trying to keep one. But I can't tell least, not yet." Frisk said.


"After you've seen the Barrier. Once you've done that...the time should be right then. Until then...please, just don't ask. All I will say is what I gave up was not even close to being worth your life." Frisk said. It was only now that I realized Undyne had left the room to give us a small amount of privacy. I couldn't have said when she had actually left.

"...I'll hold you to that." I said. Frisk smiled.

"I'd be disappointed if you didn't. You really hate when people don't keep their word...something I've always liked about you." Frisk said.

"Hey, I'm b-back. I b-brought the a-analyzer." Alphys said as she reentered the room, Undyne right behind her.

That explains where Undyne went...she went to answer the door.

"...I'm sorry if I scared you before Alphys. I might be upset over the things that happened earlier, but that's no reason to be rude or threatening." Frisk said, contrite. Alphys was surprised for a moment, but quickly adopted a smile.

"T-that's no problem. You did just go through something traumatic...and I wasn't very sensitive either. I'm sorry as well." Alphys said. Frisk smiled back, and quickly helped Alphys bring over the SOUL analyzer.

"Alright...everything is hooked up...and we're ready to go. Alexus, if you would?" Alphys said. I slowly got up out of the bed, taking care not to aggravate my wounds, and stood where Alphys indicated. With the press of a button, lights filled the air as the analyzer went to work.

"...and we're done. Alexus, you can sit down if you like." Alphys said, and I did so.

"...alright. I can confirm you've got Magic as a part of your SOUL, though currently it is at a weaker level than any monster. That proves you didn't do something like steal a Monster SOUL to gain access to magic. I doubt your magic has fully stabilized, as you seem to have awoken it rather more than a few days ago at the earliest."

"I thought that stealing Monster SOUL's was impossible. Monster SOULs don't stick around after least, according to the glyphs."

"You could have taken a Boss Monster's SOUL...but that's ruled out. Do you want to see the results of the analysis?"

"Sure, why not?" I said. Alphys hit a button and removed a sheet of paper, handing it to me. I scanned the document.

SOUL Analysis for subject: Alexus

SOUL Type: Human; Bravery

Determination: 94(*)

Empathy: 75

Bravery: 95

Justice: 83

Kindness: 49

Integrity: 90

Patience: 44

Perseverance: 37

Magical Output: 28(*)

*Values are fluctuating relative to one another, suggests a link between the two traits. Values given are averages.

"That's a very strong score for Determination, no Human SOUL has ever read below 85, and the highest I've ever seen is 96. The fluctuations appear to be relatively minor, no more than a couple points off at the greatest amplitude."

"...for the sake of reference, could you also scan Frisk, so I have something to compare it to?"

"I don't see why not? Frisk?" Alphys turned to Frisk, who looked distinctly uncomfortable. However, she began moving towards the Analyzer.

"Alright." Frisk said. She stood where I had previously, and after another light show, we each held a printout, comparing the two.

SOUL Analysis for subject: Frisk

SOUL Type: Human; Empathy

Determination N/A(*)

Empathy: 90

Bravery: 83

Justice: 41

Kindness: 73

Integrity: 36

Patience: 70

Perseverance: 75

Magical Output: 00

*Unable to obtain an accurate read, as trait exceeds upper bound of scale.

"Wow...your Determination is so strong it broke the scale." I noted. Alphys looked shocked and quickly read the output on her screen, before beginning to type furiously.

"What's wrong Alphys?"

"...A score that exceeds the upper bounds of the scale has NEVER been recorded...but even more than that, it shouldn't be POSSIBLE!""

"Why not, isn't this a scale between 1-100? Couldn't Frisk just have like, 105 units of Determination."

"But it's a logarithmic scale, like decibels! Going from say, 30 to 31 is a small jump, let's just say 50 units, whatever those units may be, but 90-91 is a huge jump, akin to something like 5 million units. Theoretically, a score of 100 should be impossible, as no SOUL...not even a human SOUL...should be able to contain it. I'm the inventor of this scale, and I set 100 as the theoretical equivalent of a monotrait SOUL, which would be impossible because there would be no personality or emotion...just a need for purpose and a single minded desire to accomplish it. In fact, it wouldn't even be a real SOUL...determination isn't actually a trait, it's more like...fuel for SOULs, for lack of a better word. Weird things happen when something has a lot of Determination and no SOUL."

"Weird how?" I asked.

"...have you ever met a talking flower?"

"Yes. He attacked me when I fell." I answered.

"That flower has no SOUL...yet it has strong Determination. And you see how that's turned's psychotic. Someone with only Determination, and completely without the other traits, but especially Kindness, Patience, and Empathy, would have that same lack of morality and compassion. But obviously, Frisk isn't like that, she's been working tirelessly to aid you. Nothing makes any sense about this...and it is, in black and white." For some reason, Frisk was looking pale, though she seemed to recover quickly.

There is definitely something up with her. I...want to get to the barrier as fast as possible so she'll actually talk to me. But why is she being so secretive.

"Wait...if this scale is logarithmic...then what about all the unaccounted parts of our SOULs...since even adding up all my traits won't be equal to a single 100, if you converted everything down to a basic unit and added it all up."

"This only measures the 'primary' traits, that form the foundation of who you are, it wouldn't include your emotions or your ambitions, not to mention the countless secondary traits that no doubt exist...none of that will show up on this, and yet are crucial components of your SOUL."

"So what does this mean for Frisk?"

"Honestly? I have no idea. For a moment, I'll set aside the sheer impossibility and try to figure this out. For a monster, they would find themselves effectively immortal, except..." Alphys trailed off.


"...Monster bodies aren't built to handle Determination. Our bodies are formed of our magic, essentially as an extension of our SOUL. Determination destabilizes magic, thus, in this hypothetical scenario, the monster would find their body would destabilize...essencially melting, until an equilibrium is reached. With nigh-infinite Determination, no equilibrium is possible, and the monster would like lose all physical form. What would happen to the SOUL at that point is anyone's guess."

"But human's don't have that problem. Our bodies are physical, with our SOULs residing inside."

"That is true...perhaps some kind of storage for it inside your body?, there would be too many problems with stability...what about..."

"What if the Determination isn't all within my SOUL? What if it were attached in some way, but not actually part of it?" Frisk asked.

"That...might explain the readings and brings this scenario to highly implausible instead of impossible, but then the question becomes what is attached to you?"

"...Don't worry about it Alphys. I know, and that's good enough." Frisk said, her expression hardening once again.

"Another one of those things you don't want to talk about?" I asked. Frisk nodded.

"Then I won't ask, and I ask you to drop it as well Alphys. You won't get anywhere anyways."

But...even though I say that...I'm worried. Frisk was never like this before she came to the underground. What happened to her?

The next few days were spent simply healing, and watching Frisk interact with the two monster women. Frisk had to intervene several times to prevent Undyne from burning her own house down with overenthusiastic cooking. Eventually, I was forced to show Undyne how to really cook, patiently explaining why simply raising the heat higher and higher would never work...several times. This seemed to help Undyne see me more as a person, instead of just a SOUL she wanted to take from me.

Alphys ended up being a huge fan of anime, something which I also enjoyed, so I ended up watching several different anime's with her, some of which I had seen, some which I intended to see at some point, and some I'd never heard of. Her nervousness seemed to disappear when discussing anime, and I found myself enjoying the time I spent with her. Frisk also seemed happier when we were talking about nothing of consequence.

I also watched Frisk carefully at other times, and what I observed worried me. The Frisk I knew was still there...but there were times where she said or did something that made no sense to me. It was like she had grown years in the few days she'd been gone...and that also led to a schism between us that had never been there before. Of course, she refused to speak of this to me, mentioning 'the right time' whenever I asked.

After a week of rest, I finally felt well enough to travel. Alphys mentioned that a creation of hers, a robot named Mettaton, had decided to set up various traps in Hotland, and was waiting for us there in order to stop us from reaching New Home, and thus, Asgore. When I asked how he'd come to know about us, Alphys told us that Mettaton had access to her computer network, as it ran most of Hotland. I accepted her explanation, while also doubting that he could have done so without her noticing far earlier. When I brought it up to Frisk, she said simply that she trusted Alphys, and that whatever happened, they'd be ok.

Undyne also gave me a new jacket to replace the one I'd lost, though I felt less comfortable with it. Regardless...

"Thank you for the jacket. But...why are you giving me this?"

"Alexus...if you had asked me even one week ago if I thought I'd ever befriend a human, I'd have called you crazy.'ve grown on me...same with Frisk. I can hardly override my King's orders...but I'm not going to fight you myself, especially since I still owe you for saving me when you could have simply let me die. So that means you'll likely end up fighting the rest of the guard, since I can't order them to let you pass."

"I won't hurt them." I said. Undyne smiled.

"I knew you wouldn't, even without you saying that. But I want you to be safe too."

"How does it fit? And how do you feel?" Frisk asked me.

"Let me see..."



LV 3

HP 30/30(inj*)

AT 27(15) EXP: 36

DF 14(5) NEXT: 34

Weapon: Metal Bat

Armour: Jean Jacket

Gold: 309 Kills: 0

*Physically injured. Maximum HP reduced by 15 points.

"Still a little under the weather, but I'm good enough to travel now. The jacket fits just fine...but I'm going to miss my old one. But that's not important right now. Frisk, are you ready to go?"


"Alright. Now, Alphys said that Mettaton will be blocking the way...but with the two of us together, we should be able to get past. Right Frisk?"

"Sure. Alphys also upgraded my phone with a bunch of stuff that should help us. It's even got a jetpack!" Frisk said, grinning. I smiled warmly, watching her childish excitement.

But why does it Like she's just putting on a show? I can't reach the Barrier too soon...

"Well that's good. So...onwards?"

"Onwards!" Frisk said, smiling. I shook my head to clear away the troubled thoughts and took her hand.

*Frisk joined the party.

Together, we set off, leaving Undyne's house and Waterfall itself, continuing this strange journey of ours. And for the first time since I'd jumped down, I was able to simply walk along and enjoy the scenery. It felt nice, and I wished the feeling could last forever.

A/N: Now before everyone here get's all in a tizzy over the Red Trait, let me explain my reasoning. I dislike the assumption that Determination is automatically the Red Trait, though I do concede that it is heavily implied. The reason for that is that Perseverance is a trait as well, and is FAR too close to Determination for my liking(I view perseverance as the will to continue even if you think it isn't working, ie:banging your head against a wall, believing it will succeed eventually, vs Determination which is the will to move forward despite all opposition, no matter how badly things are going...or, to put it another way, that they are basically the same trait, with only how optimistic you are on your odds of success differentiating them)...thus I decided to look at the pacifist route as a whole and decide what trait I could find that defines it most to replace Determination, and settled on Empathy. Frisk, while in FIGHTs, is able to identify how her opponents feel and ACT in a manner that alters their perception of her from enemy to friend most of the time. Even in genocide, the option to ACT is always there, even if it is ignored. Additionally, even in situations where violence would be considered acceptable or even reasonable, Frisk steadfastly refuses, instead convincing her opponents to stop fighting or removing herself from the situation when they are too emotional to do so(except for Asgore, who removes your ability to fight back or run)

Thus, I decided that the Red trait is Empathy, with very strong Kindness, Patience, and Bravery being important as well. Determination is something that is still present, but not considered a primary trait, instead acting, like Alphys said, almost like a kind of fuel for the SOUL, magnifying the effects of the other traits/magic, animating Flowey, preserving life when present in great quantities, and of course, granting Frisk her signature ability. Hopefully, you still enjoy the story regardless.

The SOUL Analysis is something I came up with on the fly, and decided I liked it so much I wanted to include it, even if it isn't very important. I tried to make the values represent the characters as I see them at this point in time. Should things change and their character further develops, then these values would change accordingly. Don't read into it too much, it's really just for fun. But, if you're the kind of person who likes to overanalyze things(like me), then here ya go:

Frisk has high Empathy, Bravery, and Perseverance, which I feel represents her character well, both as depicted in the pacifist route as well as how I've shown her. Her Patience and Kindness are moderate instead of high due to her reactions to Undyne, since she harmed her brother, leading to some understandable hostility. The reason her Integrity and Justice are low is because the Genocide route she's completed has a very real effect on her even without Chara's influence. Determination is unreadable(Read: Through the roof!) because come on now you know this one.

Alexus has high Bravery, Justice, and Integrity, and in fact, if he were slightly less brave his SOUL would have been a Blue SOUL of Integrity. His low Kindness and patience are due to his tendency to resort to violence immediately, and his low Perseverance is because he doesn't get locked on to one strategy, changing his actions as the situation demands, instead of stubbornly sticking to his guns, and not indicative of someone who gives up(that would be low Determination). This is clear in his battle against Papyrus, as he tries multiple strategies to get past him. His Determination is high even without his Oath Magic, and with it it grows even stronger. Finally, his Empathy is moderate, as he can put himself in someone elses shoes if prompted, but is not his default reaction.

Whew...did not mean for this A/N to go on this long(a full page, geez)...later guys, and let me know what you think.