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Mokuba laid on the floor as the dark figured entered the house. Mokuba tried to get up to stop the figure but was to weak from the lost of blood. Mokuba fainted as the dark figure looked around the house looking for Jou. Upstairs unaware of the things going on down stairs Seto was finishing up on Jou's wounds. "Are you happy I'm here Seto?" Jou asked looking down at the bandages. Seto lightly touched his chin and raised his head. "Of course I am.." With that he placed a small kiss on the blonde's lips. "I have to go put this away I'll be right back" Seto picked up the first aid kit and walked out of the room. Jou's blue eyes filled with tears. "Finally some one does truly love me.." He wiped his tears. He didn't want Seto to see them and get worried. He laid back down on the bed. ' This is nice ' he thought as cuddled with the soft sheets.
Down the stairs Seto walked he smiled happy that someone he cared for...truly cared for was living with him. He had no been this happy since him and Mokuba left the orphanage together. He smiled as he walked down the stair, but his smile was soon gone. There he saw Mokuba laying in his own blood. "MOKUBA!!!!" He ran down to his brother who was out cold. He glared seeing he was attacked. Seto picked up Mokuba and walked to a phone he called 911. He explained the best he could and than he saw bloody foot prints going up the stair. One thought ran through his mind. ' Jou..he is in danger too.' Seto had to think for a moment. His little brother or his lover...he was confused, but finally he chose to stay with his brother until someone came to help him. One of the servant came stumbling in. He to had been stabbed. "Master Seto..He.he went up stairs..I'll see to Master Mokuba." He took Mokuba from Seto and Seto dashed up stairs. He followed the bloody foot prints. They lead right in to Jou's room. Seto thought for a second. " The gun..." He dashed in to his room pulling open a drawl and looked at the silver gun. With out thinking twice he grabbed and headed to Jou's room. He slowly turned the knob.

~~~*** this was going on while Seto was with Mokuba ***~~~

Jou laid half asleep. When he heard the door open. Thinking it was Seto he smiled and turned over on his side, "Seto.I really could use a teddy bear right now." He smiled with his eyes closed. "Seto now here at the moment and will not be joining us.you see he's worried for his little brother at the moment." The voice said. Jou stay up his eyes wide with fear. He knew who it was. "Yugi.why are you here." Yugi looked at him with a crazed look in his eye. "To kill you of course and to get my Seto back." Yugi slowly walked towards the bed. Jou looked around the small boys neck to see only a chain a one piece of the millennium puzzle on it. "Yugi.what happen to our puzzle?" He asked trying to change the subject. "Yami..disagreed with me on how I should deal with you and Seto...so I distoryed him as well. " Yugi raised the bloody knife getting ready to stab Jou. Than stopped and smiled evilly. "Seto has not had you yet.and what would he want with a used and abused lover.." Yugi dropped the knife from his hand and took out some string. He knew that Jou was weak from the fight with his father. He had been watching Seto's house like a hawk. Yugi jumped on top of Jou and tied up his left arm than his right to the head board. Jou tried to kick the small boy off of him, but Yugi stay on his knees so he could not move. He was still smiling as he tied up his feet to the end of the bed. Yugi than ripped the covers off of Jou. He looked over the semi- built boy. He dropped the sheet and picked up the knife again. He slowly climbed back up in to the bed. He straddled him. He ran the knife the length of his shirt. He grabbed the shirt and ripped it right down the middle. Yugi smiled a again. "You look like so much like Seto." With that he started kissing down his best friends chest. "Yugi.stop this.come on.this is not you.." Jou said trying to reason with him. Yugi of course kept going. Jou could feel Yugi hot breath and wet kisses going down his chest. He swirmming wondering were Seto was.there were tons of servants who could help Mokuba and he would come up here before anything would happen. Yugi pressed his body against Jou's . Jou felt something he didn't want to feel from his best friend.Yugi was erected. He was actually going to get pleasure from this. Before he knew it Yugi was at his pants undoing them. Jou pleaded with his friend. "Yugi.think this trough.this is not the way or answer to your problems." Yugi glared at him. "Your ruining everything so shut up!!!" He ran to the shadows of the room and come back with a piece of duct tape. He placed it on Jou's mouth. "To shut you up and to keep the screams from reaching other ears." He went back to taking off his pants. He got them to around Jou's knees and than took the knife to cut them off of him, and he did the same with is underwear. There now laid a naked Jou. Yugi looked over his body once more and than he started to undress himself. "You don't know how long I've waited for this Seto.to make love to you. I have only dreamed of it." Yugi said in his soft caring voice, but his eyes where wide showing only insanity. Jou knew he had to do something before anything happened, but what could he do. He was tied up and a piece of tape was covering his mouth not to mention he was only in his birthday suit. Yugi kissed the tape wear His lips would be, and started to kiss to neck and work his way down. He took one hand and started to play with Jou's member. It got hard fast. "So your like this to, Seto" Jou just looked at him weird. ' Your playing with it of course it's going to do that' he thought wanting Seto to come in and stop this. But he knew better than that he was with Mokuba. Tears started to run down his cheeks as Yugi reached the area he was looking for. Suddenly he felt a hot wet mouth on his member and he tried to move again to get Yugi to stop. He felt that he was reaching his point of coming, and than it happen. Yugi swallowed happily, and sat up wiping his mouth and than he moved up and untied one of Jou's arms and flipped him over. While Jou hadn't noticed that Yugi had also untied one leg. After her flipped him he tied him back up. "Now the fun will began" he said coldly. He rubbed Jou's back some. His eyes went wide when Yugi entered him. He felt weak, and wanted this to be over with. 'Seto.please.hurry..' he thought as he continued to cry.

Seto opened the door and entered the room seeing what was going on. He held the gun behind his back as we walked over to the two. "Yugi what are you doing.."Seto asked the crazed boy. "I'm ruining him so you will be with me.." He said with and evil giggle. Yugi climbed off of Jou knife in hand. "I am going to kill him for betraying me and you.you for not loving me..but first I 'm going to kill him ..just to piss you off..." He turned and stabbed Jou right in the back the knife stuck in his back. Yugi grabbed it to yank it out and stabbing him once again., and than..a gunshot.


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A gunshot when off and Yugi's eyes lost there crazy look to them. He seemed back to normal as he fell to the ground. He smiled. "I just wanted you Seto.I loved you.." He laid in his owned blood trying figure out what went wrong. "You were mine.mine..." He whispered as he was breathing his last breathes. Seto walked over the dying boy to Jou. He untied him and threw the sheet to him. "You killed him." Jou said quietly as he didn't move cause of the knife. "He was hurting you.I .I had to stop him." Seto said looking at the smoking gun. Cops and paramedics ran in to the room the handcuffed Seto and said he was under arrest for murder and the paramedics took Jou to the hospital along with Mokuba. They were in the hospital for a few weeks and when they got out Seto was there waiting for them. He told the cops the story and they believed he shot in self defense for Jou. Yugi was insane at the moment so Seto was in the right. Seto hugged his little brother tightly happy he was alive, and than he stood and gave Jou the longest kiss of his life. "I'm very happy you are alive as well." Jou just smiled.

A few days pasted and they were invited to Yugi's funeral. Everyone was there. The priest said some good words and than his friends spoke also, than it was Jou's turn to speak about how Yugi was. He stood at the front of the casket and cleared his throat. "Yugi was my best friend...until the end I remember the first day I met him.I thought he was such a wimp." He told everyone all the good things Yugi had done for him. In the end Jou didn't hold anything against Yugi. He loved him.for he was his first real friend who showed him great kindness. It started to rain as he ended his speech. Seto came and put an arm around him "That was a good speech..I'm sure he would have enjoyed it.." Jou looked up as the rain fell. " Something tells me he did.." He lowered his head and walked with Seto and Mokuba back to the limousine he got use to riding in.


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