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The Walk Home Part Two

"Davis, stop! That tickles!" Kari squealed. The pair were sitting on a bench in the park they had always used back in their Digidestined days, waiting for the others, and Davis had gotten a little bored, so he decided to tease his girlfriend.

Davis grinned wickedly at her "What's the magic word, Kari?"

Kari gasped for air "Please!"

Davis finally relented, pulling her in for a kiss. Kari grinned at his boldness, returning the kiss eagerly, breaking it only to remind him "You...know...we...have to...stop before...the others get here..."

Davis pouted "I hate all this sneaking around, Kari. It's been two months already."

Kari sighed, interlacing her fingers with his, running her free hand through his hair, which he had neglected to cut in the last two months. "I know babe, I know. We'll tell them soon, I just wanted everyone to know at the same time."

Davis nodded "Today is the day, that's what you said yesterday. I mean, if you still wanna wait little longer then I'm all for it, whatever you feel comfortable with."

Kari couldn't help but smile, wondering when he got so thoughtful and considerate, and how she got so lucky with him. She kissed his cheek, and said "You're right Davis, today is the day. I mean, that's why we called it right?"

Davis nodded "Well there's no better time, honestly. Mimi, Izzy and Willis are visiting from America and TK managed to drag Matt back from Kyoto too, so it's kind of ideal. Again, if you don't want to, then...!"

Kari cut him off with another kiss, breaking it and saying "Y'know, you talk way too much."

"Oh god, please spare me" said Yolei as she and Ken walked up to them, making Kari and Davis jump in shock. "Don't do that! You nearly gave me a heart attack!" yelled Kari.

Ken smiled at the pair "You're the ones who've been keeping this whole thing a secret, Kari. Don't blame us if you're paranoid."

Davis scowled at Ken "Y'know, for a best friend you're pretty cruel, Ken."

Ken laughed "Don't be such a baby, Davis. You're too hard headed for that."

Yolei giggled "He better be, he's got a big game to win in a few days, he's gonna need that hard head if he wants to be of any use to his team."

Kari, Yolei and Ken laughed, and Davis failed at a scowl, merely settling with "Hmph, my head's not that thick." Kari smiled sympathetically, but refrained from comforting him when Tai's voice called out from behind them "Yo!"

Davis grinned and waved at Tai, fist bumping his idol when he got closer. Tai widened his grin at Davis "Good to see ya pal, I've missed my favorite scrimmage partner!"

"Tai you've only been back at school for like a month. If I didn't know any better, I'd think he had a thing for Davis" Yolei teased, making both boys scowl at her. Ken just smirked, trying hard not laugh himself while Kari shook her head.

"Tai, I swear if you've been lying to me about being a straight arrow your status as best friend is revoked" Matt said as he, Sora and TK walked over to them. Matt didn't miss the fact that Kari, who would normally all but tackle TK upon seeing him, merely waved at the younger blonde, choosing instead to stay put next to Davis. TK didn't seem to mind, and walked over to the pair, high fiving Davis before plopping down next to him. Matt smiled as he watched the two interact, it was a stark contrast to their friendship a few years ago, and it reminded him a lot of his own friendship with Tai. Said boy scoffed at Matt "Oh please Matt, you're more likely the one in the closet, have you seen your hair recently?"

Sora burst out laughing at that "Oh trust me, we've tried to get him to cut it, but he absolutely refuses. Claims it makes him look 'edgier' or something." Matt sighed, and Tai slapped him on the back "Cheer up, buttercup."

Mimi, Izzy and Willis approached them, and Willis called out "Yo! Davis!"

Davis looked up and grinned widely at him "Sup blondie!"

Mimi shook her head "Where those two get their energy I'll never know."

Izzy smiled at her "That's alright, let's just be glad we're gonna have some Willis-free time to ourselves. For a change."

Mimi beamed at him, kissing his cheek "Good point."

Joe rolled his eyes as he and Cody walked into the park "Oh god, it's attack of the couples. Now all we need is Davis and Kari to finally get together and we'll be all good." Tai laughed at Joe's joke, sparing a glance at his sister and his protégé, and said just loud enough for Matt and Sora to hear "I don't think we'll have to wait much longer somehow." Matt just grinned at that, nodding in agreement with his best friend.

Sora studied Davis and Kari carefully, noting just how comfortable the two seemed around one another. She'd of course heard from Tai how Davis had been helping Kari deal with her nightmares, but she hadn't expected them to grow as close as they clearly had. There was something off about them though, the way they kept smiling at each other, and the way they were secretly holding hands on and off..."Oh! Damn Sora, you're slowing down girl!" Sora thought to herself, a big smile plastering itself on her face.

Meanwhile, as TK and Willis were busy catching up with Ken, Yolei and Cody, Kari nudged Davis in the ribs, gaining his attention. He raised a brow at her, but she just smiled at him, whispering in his ear "It's time."

Davis grinned widely at her, the spark of excitement in his eyes making Kari's own heart leap for joy. They stood up together, and Davis said to everyone "Uh, Kari and I have something to say to you guys."

Everyone directed their attention towards the pair, and Kari, with a light blush on her face, piped up "As many of you already know, recently I've been having trouble with memories of the Dark Ocean." They all cringed at that, and Kari took a deep breath before saying "At first it was really bad, with everyone moving away and life taking up all of our free time, I felt trapped. That is..." she trailed off, grasping Davis' hand "Until Davis really started to help me out."

Mimi went wide eyed at the implication of their joined hands, and whipped her head around to Sora, who merely nodded in confirmation. Mimi's face lit up, a massive grin on her face as Davis cleared his throat. "Kari and I have become best friends in the past couple of years, and about two months ago..."

"We got together" Kari finished for him, beaming at the rest of the group. "FINALLY!" Tai, Matt, TK, Willis and Cody roared, throwing their hands in the air. Davis and Kari blushed as Matt doubled over with laughter at the reaction. Sora and Mimi rushed at Kari excitedly, pressing her for details. Ken patted Davis on the shoulder, and said "About damn time you two admitted it!"

Tai raised a brow "Wait, you knew Ken?" Yolei rolled her eyes "Oh please Tai, he and I both knew. That's kinda what best friends do, stay in the know."

Matt snickered "Once a dense goggle head always a dense goggle head. Unless your Miracle Crest changes that like Davis."

Izzy laughed at that, patting Tai on the back "Aw, don't worry about it."

"So Davis, how'd you two finally get together?" Cody asked.

Davis blushed and Kari giggled "Rum Raisin. All I'm saying."

"Dammit, these dudes are good, guys" Davis said to his teammates as they huddled up. The game was tied 3-3, and everyone was exhausted. He took a deep breath and looked over at the ref, who was signaling that the timeout was over "But that doesn't mean anything, guys! We're team Odaiba! Let's make this happen!" The team cheered, and raced back to their positions on the field.

Kari and the gang sat in the bleachers, cheering on Davis and the team. Kari bit her lip, and Sora poked her in the stomach as the team retook the field. Kari turned to her and Sora smiled at her "Come on now, relax a little bit. You're gonna end up biting your lip right off." Tai nodded behind his sister "Yeah, seriously Kari, Davis has got this. You'll see!"

Meanwhile, on the field, Davis himself wasn't so sure about his chances as he raced down the field. "Only five minutes to go, I need to hurry!" He spotted Kenta tearing down the field towards him with the ball, and yelled for him to pass. Kenta, seeing Davis, slammed his foot into the ball, passing quickly to Davis. Davis took off with the ball, blocking out all distractions as he raced towards the goal. He failed, however, as the next thing he knew he felt a foot connect with his ankle as he was rearing back to take the shot, and before he could even feel the pain shoot through his leg, Davis could taste the grass and mud in his mouth, face sliding along the ground. The stands erupted into outrage, and everyone in support of Odaiba roared their disapproval as they got on their feet. Tai and Kari raced down from the stands as Davis' teammates helped him over to the sidelines to get his leg checked out.

"Motomiya, how ya feeling?" his coach asked, applying light pressure to Davis' ankle. Davis hissed, and grit his teeth "I gotta take the penalty shot coach, just wrap it for me okay?" His coach frowned, but silently went to work wrapping his ankle tightly so as to prevent as much movement as possible. Kari managed to squeeze through the surrounding team huddle, and looked over Davis, concern etched on her face "Are you okay?"

Davis grinned at her "I'll be fine, Kari." His eyes, however, betrayed the nervous wreck underneath. His coach glanced between the two, and stood up abruptly, saying "I'm gonna go see if I can buy you a little time, Motomiya. Rehydrate and take some deep breaths." Davis nodded, but his face fell as he glanced at the scoreboard, then at the crowd, waiting for him to take the shot that would decide the final game of the season. Kari noticed this, and quickly took his hand in hers, saying "Talk to me Davis, what's wrong?"

Davis sighed "If we win this, we'll break the previous regional record for most wins in a season. The whole school's counting on us and now it's down to some stupid penalty kick. I don't think I can do it, Kari. But I can't let everyone down, I just...!" Kari cut him of with a hug, and said in his ear "You big idiot. Stop worrying about everyone else for once, and just focus on you. You helped me through my crap, Motomiya, so don't you dare give up now. I love you too much to let you go down without a fight." Davis looked back at her with light hock on his face "Did you just say...?" But before he could ask, Tai grabbed him, dragging him to his feet, and giving him a firm hug, before saying "I'm proud of you Davis, no matter how this turns out. You've always been llike a little brother to me, so just go out there and remember rule number one: have fun. Now go get 'em!" Davis nodded, fully encouraged by the words of his mentor and his girlfriend, taking a deep breath before stepping out on the field. As he walked slowly towards his assigned spot, he could hear his friends calling out to him.

"Go get 'em little bro!" Jun.

"You got this Davis!" Ken.

"Don't you dare lose now!" Yolei.

"Never surrender!" Willis.

"You the man Davis!" TK.

"Knock 'em dead!" Matt.

"We believe in you!" Sora.

"Show them how it's done!" Izzy.

"No one can stop you now!" Mimi.

"You're the best, Davis! Nothing can stop you!" Tai.

"You can do it Davis! I love you!" Kari. That made Davis smile to himself, and Kari just ignored the stares from their friends. Sora grinned at the younger girl, thinking to herself "Looks like Davis' loud-mouthed impulsiveness has rubbed off on her after all..."

As Davis looked around at the crowd that had gathered for the historic game, he smiled to himself, before throwing his fist in the air, causing the stands to erupt into cheers. He focused on the goal in front of him, standing back a few feet from the ball as he took in a deep breath, wiping a hand over his forehead, smudging some dirt on his cheek. He exhaled, and charged at the ball, striking it with all his might. Everyone held their breath as the ball flew through the air, zipping right past the goalie's hands and sunk into the back of the net. After a very brief moment of silence the noise level at the field spiked to unbelievable levels, and before he knew it Davis was being lifted into the air by his teammates. He thrust his arm in the air as they carried him over to the stands. The other Digidestined raced down to join in the celebration as well, as Davis was let down, Kenta helping him support his injured ankle.

"Way to go Davis! We knew you could do it!" TK cheered, clapping him on the back.

"Hell yeah we did!" Matt cheered, bouncing up and down next to Tai, who yelled "Go Team Odaiba!"

Davis, however, wasn't paying attention. Instead, he hobbled over to Kari, snaking an arm around her waist and pulling her in for a kiss. When they finally broke for air (with most of the crowd, except for the girls who admired Davis, cheering and cat calling), Davis whispered in her ear "I love you too."

"KANPAI!" roared the group of Digidestined as they celebrated Davis' victory. They were all gathered at the Kamiya's, tightly fitting into the living room. Davis was seated on the sofa, keeping his injured ankle elevated. Kari was laying beside him, their fingers intertwined.

"That was amazing Davis!" TK said excitedly "I've never seen a more perfect shot in my life"

Tai nodded "Holy crap I'll say! Did you see the look on that goalie's face?!"

Matt laughed "He looked like he pissed himself that ball flew by him so fast!"

Sora giggled "For real, talk about making miracles happen!"

Cody chuckled "We told you that you could do it, Davis. Congratulations."

Yolei sighed at Cody "I swear kid, you seriously need to lighten up."

Ken just smirked "Oh please, that would be like Davis suddenly turning into a respectable, productive member of society."

Kari scrunched up her nose, curling into her boyfriend's side "Ew, that's gross. I like him just the way he is, thank you very much" she finished, kissing him on the cheek.

Davis grinned at her "Took the words right out of my mouth." Kari beamed at him.

Tai groaned "Oh god, not another PDA-obsessed couple. I don't think I can take it anymore!"

Kari stuck her tongue out at him "You were the one who practically threw me at him."

Matt threw back his head as he laughed at Tai's expression "Oh man, now that is priceless!"

TK shook his head "Man oh man, you got pinned good there Tai."

Mimi giggled "So..." Kari raised a brow at her, and Mimi exchanged a mischievous look with Sora "How did you guys really get together?"

Davis blushed, and Kari just glared at the two girls "None of your business."

Davis nodded furiously, saying "Just know that a lot of things can happen on a walk home, and let's leave it at that." Kari grinned, leaning up and kissing him.

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