Today I am happy, I will play Town of Salem.

What? I am again survivor, ahem.

Great, we lynched an arsonist.

Fast, I have to get my will finished.

Oh, someone else was killed, a mafia member!

Who seems suspicious to me, I can't remember.

Oh no! The meanie exe aims the vet.

The townies vote guilty, what did I expect?

Thankfully, I have voted inno, it's a good alibi.

But the evil is after me, liars and killers and WW, oh my!

Tonight I will put a bulletproof vest.

No one attacks me, what a waste!

Wtf?! The mayor knows I am innocent but vote for me.

He says he hates his role and helps the enemy.

Poor town you lose, f*#k town you give me a splat.

Ding dong, the wicked mayor is dead at the next part.

Told everyone to report him, they call me crybaby.

And at the end, the annoying exe is in the final three.

Hope he doesn't win, guess what happen?

Told everyone to report them, they say it's fun.

They want to report me, what did I do?

I don't want to play anymore, boo.

Too outraged salty.

It was my worst party.

Of Town of Salem. Toss, toss.

That's why the initials are TOS.