Story: Crazy For You

Genre: Romance/Angst/Drama/Hurt&Comfort/Humor

Relationship (s): Harley Quinn/Deadshot, (Past) Harley Quinn/Joker

Summary: One trip wouldn't kill him. Or her. He hoped. - Harley and Deadshot go on a road trip to Gotham. Muilti-chaptered. Quinnshot.

It occurs to her in the middle of the night, a fleeting feeling in her soul. She could waste her time crying or go out and make a difference. That wasn't crazy, right? She was worried. Worried and concerned. More worried and concerned than she'd ever been in her whole life.

She lolled her head to the side and found herself face to face with her reflection in a mirror. The mirror was a bit cracked and chipped. Her image was distorted, but in the best way possible. Makeup patched her skin; she was very red in her cheeks; empty in the eyes; hair patted down in some places and sticking up in others. She frowned. She must've fallen asleep. It wouldn't be the first time.

The first time she'd fallen asleep had been an accident. She just wanted to eavesdrop for the hell of it. The Joker kept his business private and hated disclosing personal information to her. But she held a glass cup to one end of their living room door and heard many things. But then she got bored and everything went blank for longer than she expected.

She awoke to him scowling at her for her bad behavior. He forced her to watch his favorite movie. It might not have been so bad if the movie didn't give her the creeps. You see, on the screen, a guy wanted to torture his victims by way of burning them. The victims had to be burned to a crisp. And she watched them, oh she watched them, until her eyes stayed shut and he mumbled threats into her ear while stroking her cheek. She was crying and had to cut it out. He despised her the most when she cried.

The memory made her heart break. Maybe Floyd was right. Maybe Puddin' wasn't as crazy about her as she was about him. But she knew it in the pit of her stomach that he was out there, somewhere, waiting. He never had the patience to wait on her.

Paranoid. Floyd thought her paranoid. She wasn't. Looney she could take credit for, but paranoid? Ha ha. That's a good one.

Lifting her head off the vanity, Harley took note of her surroundings. Apparently, Ivy came by to check on her multiple times. Items were switched around and the guest bed was neater and the door was closed. Yawning, she got up and walked barefoot across the wooden floors to exit the room.

The hallways were so bright she almost fell over. With one eye opened and the other squinted, Harley marched down the hall, a very good example of a prom night gone horribly wrong.

Why would he really abandon me, she thought to herself, if he loved me?

The kitchen was occupied with a certain redhead. This time, she wore floral green pajamas instead of a lousy ass dress.

Ivy watched Harley the way a predator watched its prey. Of course, Harley ignored the terrible feeling that came in situations like this. It was nothing. Had to be nothing. After all, she was insane.

"I imagined you slept well," Ivy said. She handed Harley a glass. Harley inspected it, seeing an orangey liquid floating inside. It smelled...funny.

"I slept good, yeah. How 'bout you?" Harley threw the drink elsewhere. She remained impassive to Ivy's noticeable cringe. "Or did you do something when I was sleeping?"

"Oh, I did something alright. You won't like it, though."

Harley scratched her head. "What's that suppose ta mean? What did you do?"

Ivy rolled her eyes. "Oh please. As if you care what I do."


"Fine," she said, standing in front of Harley. She managed to say, "I had a little run-in with your friend earlier. Well, not exactly earlier. More like before he left-"

Harley grabbed a hold of Ivy's shoulders. She sounded mad screaming, "What did you say?! What happened?!"

Ivy shook Harley off of her. Fixing her clothes, she answered, "We thought it best you stay with me. Cancel whatever plans you two had. I mean, another week won't kill you, will it?"

Harley was at a loss for words. All those days on the road and them falling in love and her wanting him and him wanting her...Was it all a lie? Was he just using her? And why now? What changed? Was it her? Did she ruin what they had? Did they even have anything?

Harley didn't notice she collapsed until she felt limp arms wrap themselves around her small frame. Ivy soothed her, or at the very least tried to.

"It's okay, child. You have me now. Forgot him…"

But that's the thing about Floyd.

He's someone she can't forget.

A/N - Honestly, I had a difficult time writing this chapter as you can tell by the late update lol. What do you guys think? Do you like the direction the story is going in? I'm gonna be busier due to school so I don't know when the next update will be but I'll make sure it's the best ever!