Secret Agent Man

By. Fanficer21

Chapter 18


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The room was silent save the beeping of the heart monitor, oxygen tanks, and steady breathing. Grandine, Wendy, and Lucy entered silently, holding their breath at what they would see on the other side of the curtain. Making their way further in, Grandine's hand went to her mouth, covering a gasp. Igneel lay on the bed, the blanket covering his waist and legs, leaving his bare chest exposed. A large bandage was wrapped around his torso, which was freshly changed five minutes ago. Bruises littered his body, including a large one on his face where he was struck by his captor. His mouth was covered by an oxygen mask, fogging each time he took a breath.

Moving her glossy eyes to her son, she noticed Natsu was in much the same condition, except the bandage was hidden beneath the sheet. Another bandage was on his cheek, hiding the cut from the pistol. The woman looked down when felt her daughter trembling into her side. Wrapping an arm around Wendy's shoulders, she moved to her husband's bed, watching Lucy move to Natsu's from the corner of her eye.

Sitting on the side of the pinkette's bed, Lucy studied him with teary eyes. Sliding her hands forward along the sheet, she found his hand, intertwining their fingers, being careful not to disturb the IV. She sat like that for a while, before her eyes shifted to the other bed. Grandine was in a chair, hugging Wendy tightly and whispering soft words into her ear while running her fingers through the blue hair.

Looking back to her pinkette, Lucy cupped Natsu's face in her hands, caressing his cheek bones with her thumbs which lightly brushed against the face mask. Lowering her head, she gently pressed her lips to his heated forehead. She placed another kiss to his bruised temple, the shape of the barrel easily seen.

They stayed in the room for hours, watching over their boys and praying that they would wake up soon. Once visiting hours were over, Lucy felt a hand softly shaking her awake. Rubbing her eyes, and wiping the drool from her mouth, she looked up at Grandine smiling above her. She didn't realize she had fallen asleep. Tightening her hold on Natsu's hand, she started to get up when she heard people whispering in the hall. Looking around, she noticed that Grandine was no longer in the room.

Briefly glancing at Wendy curled up by her father's side and sound asleep, the blonde stood up and quietly walked towards the door. Her curiosity was getting the best of her. Leaning her back to the wall, she listened to the hushed voices, eye widening when she heard something involving a...Fairy Tail Agency? That was where Salamander worked.

Remembering his promise to keep Natsu safe, Lucy narrowed her eyes, walking back to the pinkette's bed. Looking over him again, she felt her anger rising. Did Salamander even keep watch over him? Natsu wouldn't have been hurt if he was around to protect him. Narrowing her eyes further, Lucy kissed Natsu's cheek before storming out the door. Her eyes widened briefly at the sight of Erza and Gray talking with Grandine. But before anyone could say a word, the blonde continued walking. She had two people she needed to 'talk' to now. And since she was in a foul mood, her father was the first choice.

Too bad he happened to leave on a 'convenient' business trip the day the assassination attempt took place. Once she made it to the doors, she was relieved the crowd of media had greatly decreased. Only a few stubborn ones remained. Walking through the doors, she blatantly ignored their questions, making her way to her car. Once inside, she took out her phone and dialed her father's number, hoping he would pick it up. To her dismay however, she reached his answering machine. So like him, not picking up the phone when she really needed with him. More like argue and get her point across to the man who cared little about what she had to say.

Shutting the phone off with a heavy sigh, she slammed her hands onto the steering wheel with a scream. About to start the car, she was startled by camera flashes and the few remaining reporters practically pressing their faces against her windows. Lifting her hand, she quickly lifted her middle finger at them before driving away. She was not in the mood to deal with the paparazzi.

She kept driving until she reached the building overlooking the river. Climbing the fire escape, she made her way to the top, sitting on the edge of the building and waited. And waited. And waited. And waited...with no sign of Salamander whatsoever. Releasing a heavy sigh and raspberry, Lucy fell to her back, looking up at the dark sky, the stars beginning to shine. After another hour of waiting, she decided to head home, making a mental note to keep coming back until she saw him again.


"Well if it isn't my future daughter-in-law. Tell me, why hasn't my son proposed yet?" Igneel asked Lucy when she entered the room. It had been a little over a week, since the assassination attempt, and Lucy had visited nearly every day. At first, Igneel was against the idea of Natsu and Lucy together, but after some 'discussion' with Grandine, he came around, and soon began to like the blonde. Lucy had told them of her father's assassination plan, to which they weren't too keen about. But after explaining herself and her decision to keep Natsu safe, Igneel accepted her as part of the family. Though he didn't want anything to do with Jude, refusing to even be in the same building with the man. After what he'd done to him and his son, Jude would not be forgiven so easily.

Nodding to man while trying to hide her blush, Lucy walked to Natsu's bed, where the pinkette slept soundly. Grandine and Wendy were not present yet, due to work and school, but they would stop by afterwards. "He's been asleep for a while now. He kept me up all night talking about you. If you couldn't already tell, he's madly in love with you." Igneel said, grinning, causing Lucy to blush more.

"Is that so?" She muttered the only words she could form through her embarrassment, glancing at the man. Igneel just grinned more, flashing his teeth. Smiling, Lucy turned her attention back to Natsu, brushing her fingers through his hair. Her other hand, cupped his cheek, brushing her thumb over the skin. The mask was removed, giving her hands free reign over his face.

Leaning down she could feel Igneel staring at her, making her feel a little uncomfortable. Pressing her lips to the pinkette's forehead gently, she stood up afterwards and headed for the door. She couldn't take his father looking at her like that and talking about proposals. It was just too embarrassing, and surely she and Natsu weren't ready for that step yet. Saying goodbye to the man, she left the room, breathing in relief to be out of the awkwardness. She bid Erza goodbye, who stood watch outside the door, before walking down the hallway towards the Elevators.


Nearly two weeks had passed since Natsu was shot, and Lucy continued to visit him every day. And each night, she would wait for Salamander to show up, but he never did. By this point, Lucy was beyond frustrated. She was livid. Was he too scared to face her after failing at his promise to protect Natsu?

Lucy sat on the roof of the building, the sunshine bathing her skin in its rays. She came up here, to think because her father had come back from his business trip this morning and didn't want anything to do with him. He seemed very displeased to know that Natsu was still breathing, and shocked that Igneel had also been targeted. Apparently he didn't want the CEO involved in his plot, fearing it would make it easier to come back to him as the perpetrator, which many people had already begun to suspect. Yet, he was even more angry that Lucy had defied him and announced her relationship with Natsu to the whole city, and perhaps even further abroad.

Kicking her legs to burn off her pent up energy and anger, she screamed towards the sky as she fell on her back. When she finished, she covered her eyes with her arms, trying to think of better things to calm her down. A smile made its way to her lips as she remembered the time she spent with Natsu at the museum. The way he kissed her, giving her that look that Salaman...

Lucy's eyes widened at the image in her mind. It was the same look Salamander gave her. Remembering Natsu's sharp canines when he smiled, looked very similar to the ebony's. And the way he teased her was also similar to Salamander.

Sitting up, she looked out over the river, remembering the train incident where they first met. She blushed at the feel of his hard muscles and incredible body heat. The only person who could rival it was...Natsu.

It couldn't be

The night Salamander lost his contacts, she remembered catching a brief glimpse of black eyes. Black eyes similar to...Natsu's?

There's no way

The day Natsu showed her his Salamander impersonation, the bottle of perfume that she thought was unnecessary. The photo of him with his contacts the wrong way. The little mistakes he made when saying something that sounded like the ebony. The laughter she always thought sounded familiar but couldn't remember why...until now.

It was!

Why didn't she see it before. She felt so stupid. All these little clues that were right in front of her. Man, she was denser than she thought. Jumping to her feet, she felt a growing anger rising in her chest. Gritting her teeth as a frustrated blush formed on her face, she screamed at the sky once again, while clenching her hands into fists.

"That little-*frustrated garble*!"

Storming down the fire escape and to her car, Lucy drove to the hospital. Natsu had some explaining to do. Gripping the steering wheel tightly, her knuckles turned white. Fifteen minutes later, Lucy stormed towards the new hospital room the pinkette was moved to at his request to escape his father's constant nagging about proposing to Lucy. The blonde wore a scowl on her face, her heels clicking on the linoleum floor. Nearing the correct door, she noticed the ebony from the museum sitting in a chair by the open door. His name was Gajeel, right?

Seeing Lucy, Gajeel stood up stretching. "Finally I get a break! Thanks a lot bunny girl!" He said as he walked past her, he had a hot date with his girlfriend, Levy, tonight. The next guard would come by in ten minutes. And since Lucy was here, he decided to take his break early. She was a feisty girl and could handle things by herself.

Entering the room, Lucy saw saw Natsu laying on the bed, watching TV with a bored expression. Striding up to him, she screeched, causing the pinkette to jump and look at her with wide eyes. "You are such an idiot, Natsu Dragneel!" She growled when she reached his bed, before lowering her voice. "Or should I say, Salamander?" She watched as Natsu's eyes grew to the size of dinner plates, lowering himself to hide in the sheets. "Don't you hide from me, you jerk!" Lucy grabbed his shoulders, pressing his back into the mattress. "Why didn't you tell me! I wouldn't have told anyone! And now I feel stupid for thinking I was falling in love with two people!" She shouted in a whisper. The last thing she wanted to do was have the whole hospital knowing the Salamander was right here. Who knows who might be listening.

"M'sorry..." Natsu squeaked, afraid of the blonde's wrath, until her last words finally processed in his brain. "...Wait, you mean, you love me, too?" He asked, a big grin forming on his face, causing Lucy to blush. "Y-You already know that. And don't change the subject!" She barked, trying to hide her blush with her hair. "Yeah, but you never said it." The pinkette countered, wiggling his eyebrows at her, dispelling the blonde's anger.

"Aren't my actions enough?" Lucy asked, getting on the bed and straddling his hips, trying not to disturb the healing bullet wound. Leaning down, she moved her hands from his shoulders to his face, caressing his cheeks. Natsu's hands moved to her hips. With a deep blush, she stopped when their lips were inches apart, their breath tickling each other. "Natsu, I lo-"

"I guess what they're saying is true." A nurse said, stepping into the room to do her rounds. She laughed when Natsu and Lucy swung their scarlet faces in her direction, their eyes open to max capacity. Scrambling to get off of Natsu, Lucy squeaked when strong arms wrapped around her waist, pulling her to lay on top of him. Natsu ignored the pain as he looked at the blonde hair, while Lucy buried her face into his shoulder, her hands gripping the hospital shirt, careful to stay clear of his bandage.

"What rumors?" Natsu asked, looking at the nurse with fake curiosity (having heard it from other nurses, and from the halls), feeling Lucy shaking in his hold. "You mean you haven't heard? The whole city knows that you two are together. Some are even calling you star crossed lovers." The nurse cooed as she squealed at the cuteness. Looking down at the back of Lucy's head, Natsu lowered his voice for only her to hear. "I don't think we're doomed to fail in our relationship. We'll work something out." He smirked when his blonde nodded, her face still buried in his shoulder.

Clearing her throat, the nurse drew their attention again. "Should I give you two some time?" Natsu just shook his head. "No. You can do your check up thing." He said, lifting Lucy off of him, to which she moved to a chair beside the bed. She watched as the nurse took the pinkette's vitals and switched the IV bags that were running low. Next, the woman moved to Natsu's waist, lifting the shirt gown to reveal the bandaged wound. Carefully removing said bandage, Lucy looked at the forming scar tissue, while the nurse gently rubbed a cream onto the skin. Natsu giggled at the ticklish sensation around the bullet hole, before flinching when the fingers touched the scar tissue. When she was done, the nurse put a new clean bandage on.

"Alright, Mr. Dragneel. The doctor thinks you should be able to get out of here by tomorrow." The nurse said, before looking at Lucy. "Be gentle with him for a while." She winked, causing the blonde's face to explode in a blush, while Natsu laughed at her embarrassment.


Three Days Later:

Igneel was kept at the hospital for another day to make sure everything was absolutely alright with him, while Natsu had already been sent home two days previous. In the meantime, Igneel and Grandine allowed Lucy to stay at their house to watch over Natsu, and give her space from her father. She truly grateful for their kindness and understanding.

Natsu currently laid on his bed, while Lucy removed the bandage, after unbuttoning his shirt and letting the fabric fall to the mattress. Staring at the ceiling with his arms resting on his forehead, he jumped slightly when he felt something tickling his waist. Looking towards the blonde, he noticed her leaning down, her hair touching his skin. Lucy continued to lean down until she gently pressed her lips against the bullet wound, causing a shiver to run up Natsu's body.

"There. Now it won't leave as much of a scar." The blonde said with a smile, causing Natsu to blush. She was just like his mom, always kissing his wounds better. "Does it hurt anywhere else?" Lucy asked, watching her boyfriend for any reaction. Nodding, Natsu pointed to his chest, right above his heart. Moving along the bed, Lucy kissed the spot better, followed by his neck, and then the tip of his nose.

"Now you're just messing with me." Lucy said, rolling her eyes at him, watching him pout. "Ok, fine! One more time." She huffed with a chuckle. "Sweet! Right here." Natsu cheered, before pointing to his lips. Smiling sweetly, Lucy leaned down once again, closing her eyes as she kissed her pinkette passionately, but holding back somewhat so Natsu didn't cause himself pain from moving around too much. She felt his hands rest at her hips, pulling her closer to him, while her hands slid down his neck and chest.

When they broke the kiss, they rested their forehead together, breathing heavily. "Lushy...I know a way to... stop your dad...from trying know...and maybe...we could...merge our...companies..." Natsu breathed out with a growing smile on his face. Being restricted to the bed for a while gave him a lot of time to think.

"What?" Lucy asked, her heart pounding more in her chest, watching as Natsu sat up with a grunt, one arm behind him holding him up as he weaved his fingers into her golden hair with his other hand. He kissed her forehead. "Lucy Heartfilia." He kissed the tip of her nose. "Will you." He kissed her lips. "Marry me?"

Tears running down her face at this point, Lucy leaned forward pressing her lips against his as she softly pushed him onto his back once again. Her hands gripped both sides of his face, while keeping their lips locked. Breaking the kiss when she needed air, Lucy whispered softly, a genuine smile on her tear stained face. "Yes. My Secret Agent Man."