The day had arrived. Josh was really excited. In another room, Chris was visiting Sam.

"I've already told him that you would come today. He seemed really happy."

Chris didn't intend to tell Sam that Josh was in love with her, she would have to find that out herself.

"He did? Are you sure?" Sam said. She was nervous.

"Yes! Now go!"

Sam nodded and opened her door. She walked down the hall to the heavy door. A nurse stood beside it. It was Lacey.

"Ah, Samantha! He is expecting you."

Sam was a little confused when the nurse opened the door. But she stayed outside after closing it. Sam walked in and looked around. There were two chairs pushed to the wall on the right, and Josh in a bed on the left. Beside him was a table with a bouquet of roses and a box of chocolates. At the end of the room was a big window, with drawn curtains. Before Sam started talking to Josh, she pulled the curtains aside to let some light in. Josh opened his eyes.

"Sam!" he almost shouted and sat up in his bed.

"Josh! Josh, hi." she responded and sat next to him on his bed. He opened his palms and Sam took his hands.

"I never wanted to hurt you Sam. I am so sorry. I hope you don't hate me."

"Hate you? Of course not. Actually..."

Before she could finish the sentence, Josh spoke up.

"I love you. I always have, Sam. That's why I got you these chocolates and the roses because I love you. And I should have told you earlier."

Sam was shocked.

"You love me?"


"But Josh. I love you."

Josh leaned closer to Sam. Their noses almost touched. She raised her hand and touched his scar.

"You know something I thought about?" Josh said.


"The song. 'And now that I'm without your kisses, I'll be needing stitches.' You get it? Stitches." he said and pointed to his cheek, still looking into Sam's eyes.

"But we have never kissed, so you couldn't have been without them."

"Maybe we should." Josh said and grabbed Sam's face, kissing her passionately. Again and again. They were hungry for each other. When they had kissed for a while they separated to take a breath.

"I never want to be without them. Ever."

"You won't." Sam said and kissed him again.

When the kissing ended Josh grabbed Sam's hand and handed her the box of chocolates. She took one. It was a dark chocolate praline filled with strawberry cream. Delicious.

The nurse outside opened the door.

"Josh, it's time for your lunch. Should I bring in your lunch too, Samantha?"

"Yeah sure. I'll eat here."

"I'm Lacey, by the way."

Lacey left and came back with two plates of food and two glasses of water.

"Here you go. I'll be outside."

She placed them on the table and left, standing outside of the door.

"She was nice." Sam said, taking her gaze from the door, to Josh.

"Yeah. She was the one who gave me the roses and the chocolates."

Sam giggled and grabbed the plates. On them there was two portions of chicken parmesan, one of Josh's favourites. Lacey must have known.

"Does Mr. Washington want a bite of his meal?" she said jokingly and took some of the chicken on Josh's fork.

"He sure does."

Sam placed the fork in Josh's mouth. He took the bite in his mouth and chewed and swallowed it quickly. Sam was staring into his eyes. Josh's gaze wandered from her face, to her collarbones. Down to her stomach and her hips. And then her butt. She was almost sitting on top of his legs now. Josh grabbed her hips and pushed her closer. Sam's head bowed down and kissed his lips.

"Did you enjoy your meal?"

"I'm still hungry."

Josh kissed her back roughly. He bit her lower lip, and she almost shouted.

"Ow! Josh!"

"Wha..what's wrong?"

"You bit me! Ow."

Her lip started bleeding.

"So..sorry. My teeth...they're still sharp...they just stitched together my cheek."

"No, it's fine." she said and jumped of the bed. She quickly went trough the door.

"Can I get some paper? My..lip started bleeding."


Lacey quickly ran off to get some paper. She came back with a full roll.

"Just in case."

"Thank you." Sam said and went back.

"I got my paper!" she said and wiped her mouth. She sat down on the bed beside Josh and grabbed his hand. She could see that he was sad.

"You still look beautiful. You're still you." Josh said. He looked down on his legs. They were still tied to his bed.

"They tied me down...because I'm a monster. But you. You are still you. I didn't hurt you. If I did, I would never forgive myself."

"What are you saying Josh?"

"In the mines, when you came for me, you looked so beautiful. Even with scratches on your face. Because you were still you. But me. I was lost in my mind. I wasn't thinking! You shouldn't be with me Sam."

"Stop. I can't take you talking like this. You. Are. You. And you're Josh. And I love Josh."

They sat in silence and ate their meal. They finished it of with some chocolates before Sam had to leave. Outside of the door she stopped to catch her breath. That really happened.

Inside, Josh did the same. That. Really. Happened.