Heroics have many forms, the ability to be in one spot or anywhere in the world and save the day from a unique position. But what if a heroic deed was seen a bit differently? SOmeone like me for instance. A common thief looking for treasure, or someone who's interested in defending his family?

That's probably the story of my life, I guess.

Oh, I should probably start at the beginning. The Name's Sly. Sly Cooper, and I'm a thief. Actually, the thieving part is in the family blood. And I gotta tell ya, business is good. Though after three capers, I consider myself on permanent retirement. Having hung up my mask and cane, I was enjoying life on the other side of the law. With my former rival, the beautiful Carmelita Fox. At the start, our relationship was...unique...mostly with her trying to lock me up. These days, it was nicer to know i'd be in her company without her trusty Shock Pistol around. This is because she thought i had suffered from amnesia. I didn't. But after awhile, the old itch started to come back. I decided there, I needed to pull a heist. And yet, it seemed hard at first. I heard the stories that this tournament, Furious Universe, is coming here to my paris. But, I didn't really care about any of that. Right now, I needed to steal something before this other team did.

They call themselves Team AWD. All of them are real nutcases. Their leader is Weavile and she's got a theft streak almost as impressive as my own. Right now, they're competing with this other master thief, Toxic. But enough about them, let's get to my story. Being a master thief, I only steal from other thieves. I guess that's what makes me heroic in a sense. I found out fro sources that an art collector was dealing in black market goods costing a fortune. Most of them being artifacts from different eras in history. And I thought he should...share some of the wealth. I decided to start with two feudal artifacts, a samurai dagger as well as an old samurai sword that belonged to some warrior from the sengoku period. But right before i could do anything, as if on cue.. Bentley showed up. Bentley was the brains of our team. Yup, thats right. We grew up in the same orphanage together, bonding over stealing cookies. Our first heist together. I hadn't seen him in a while so for him to show up now, it looked pretty important. And it was.

Even though Bentley was enjoying his time with Penelope, his tech-wiz girlfriend from our previous caper, and the two of them had really hit it off. Apparently, they had just finished work on a top secret project when Penelope had simply...vanished. Bentley was worried sick, but what brought him here was the fact that the Thievius Raccoonus, the guide book in my family's hands, was being sucked dry of all the history. Bentley wasted no time in grabbing his gear and getting to me, but first he had to get one more from our trio.

Murray, or "The Murray" as he called himself, was the third in our trio. He was the enforcer, the muscle. Murray had been living his dream on the pro driving circuit where his van had become famous, or rather infamous for all the crashes he caused. Unable to find a sponsor due to his high insurance premiums, he switched to being undefeated in the demolition derby. But as soon as Bentley appeared in front of him, he dropped everything. We met back up in our old hideout, and Bentley launched into one of his famous elaborate plans. Right then and there, he showed us Cooper History was vanishing. But he'd already discovered the solution: time travel. I mean, some teams have done it before, but never have we done it. We were going to travel back in time, stop the people responsible, and put things back in order. As it turns out, our first stop was Feudal Japan, and the item we needed to get there was the same dagger i was after. So here we were. As for the sword, who knows? Maybe it'll be something extra for the road. Besides, it's just a slightly rusted blade. Nothing worth stealing...for now anyway.