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Chapter 1 :

The Dursleys were moving, shifting, to another country. It wasn't like they wanted to take their nephew with them but the neighbors will question if their nephew, Harry, was left behind .

So that's how, Harry Potter found himself sitting on a plane for America. They were going to a strange little town named after a utensil - Forks.

Harry was undeniably confused , he couldn't decide whether to be happy or sad at these sudden change of events. On one side , he would be alone and free from all those so called 'friends' of his. He had found out about their betrayal and let's just say, when Harry's patience with them will be tested , things won't be pretty.

Harry remembered the shock that he felt when his aunt told him to pack. He thought they were throwing him out, leaving him stranded for what had happened last summer with the dementors and the conversations that followed it.


It was 8.30 in the morning, Harry had just yesterday come back from Hogwarts. He was in his room, unpacking his trunk. He was extremely grateful that Dursleys had let him keep the trunk this year.

This was when Petunia Dursley rapped on the door and without waiting entered the room.

" Potter, don't unpack your things. Pack all your belongings, I don't want any of your freakish things to be left in this house. " She said all this with her usual disdain in her voice , relating to anything magical or rather him.

" Aunt Petunia , a-are you thro-throwing me out ? If it's about those dementors from last year they weren't really my fault. What about the blood protection ? and ...

Before Harry could have continued , his aunt slapped him across the face.

" As much as we would like to throw you out , we are not . Don't you dare argue with me boy, do as your told . "

It seemed like she was leaving , when she whirled around and said ,

"Be quick on your packing , you need to pack for Dudley too. We leave in two hours. Vernon has been transferred so we're moving to Forks, Washington."

After saying all this she left. Harry was immensely relieved that he was not being thrown out. As much as he hated the Dursleys, they were a much better option than Weasleys or Grimmauld place. He knew that it will take time for him to be over with Sirius's death and the Weasleys , after everything were not really an option and Dumbledore really wouldn't allow him to live alone, on his own. He didn't want to fight with the old man, between Dumbledore and Voldemort, he will chose lesser of the two evils.


Some hours later. ….

He was glad that they finally reached the Seattle airport. From there , they were going in a taxi.

It was nearly night when they reached Forks. As they entered Forks , all Harry could think was that it was beautiful. It was exactly the kind of place he would have preferred to live.

They arrived at their house. It was nothing big and extravagant but was definitely not small. It was situated a bit away from the main town. It was kind of in the middle of the forest and town. On the front side was the road going to main town , and the backside was the forest. It was a beautiful, serene place with all the peace and quiet.

Harry as ordered by his aunt got straight on to the unpacking. First, he quickly went and kept all his things safely in the attic, which was apparently his room.

As he went to the attic, his first thought was that it wasn't as small as he believed it to be. It was like a medium sized room. It had a window giving clear view of the woods behind the house.

He was already tired from the journey. So quickly putting everything where it belonged, he was finally almost done. He decided to do the rest tomorrow and sleep for now.

He carried an old mattress and sheets to his attic, that he found in one of the cupboards. He had noticed that there wasn't any furniture in the attic. He needed to something about it but that was for a later time.


Harry woke up quite early in the morning and decided to arrange all his belongings and secure them.

Many would think that he only had a few meager belonging but the truth was quite the opposite. In the fifteen years of his life, he had a lots of things. Nobody knew it but Harry loves to read. He was an avid reader. He had a huge collection of books , both magical and non magical. When he was about five , he started reading Dudley's books. Each and every book that Dudley got, which is not much , but still , whatever it was , he had read it. As time passed and he grew older , he used the public and school library.

This was his refuge from Dudley and his gang.

Apart from books, he had new clothes , the clothes that actually fit him and Harry will probably the first to tell you that it was way more than he needed and many other things that he collected and purchased over the years.

As he set all his belongings in his trunk, which was not exactly like Mad-Eye's trunk but was of a similar type. Instead of seven compartments, his had five. First for his personal things like clothes, toiletries and all , second was a library . It contained all his books , third for potions and it's ingredients. Fourth was actually small kitchen with an eating area and last was for his correspondence with Gringotts.

Now his things were arranged, he went to unpack the rest of Dursley's things.

Just when he was about to rest , Harry Potter's aunt dropped a bombshell on him. She had enrolled him for muggle school- Forks High , starting today and he was to get ready and go.


He got ready and went towards school. Really, he was quite lucky he had kept up with his muggle education otherwise he would have been in a fix.

He reached the school and went towards the office. He was a bit early but still there were a few students loitering around. He felt uncomfortable with all the stares thrown at him and said in a polite voice to the receptionist.

" Hello my name is Hadrian Evans . "

" Oh yes ! The new student , here , this is your schedule and map of school. Take this and don't forget to get them signed and bring it back . "

Harry nodded his head to show that he understood and said thank you and looked at his schedule.

When he went outside the office he saw that many more people had gathered during his time in the office.

It was like a switch was put on as soon as he stepped out, the way everyone talked like he was that racing broom that every quiditch fanatic just had to get.

Even though he felt uncomfortable under all the stares, he never let it get to him. He ignored it with quite ease , just what he had been doing all the time he stepped in Wizarding world.

He saw his first class was English. He went towards it. After living in Hogwarts, finding the way around here was easy.

Only after spending a few minutes he knew this class was easy. He listened partially to what was going on. He had other things on his mind. He knew he had left without informing anyone. When the word got out of his disappearance, his friends, his real friends were going to be worried. He needed to write them a letter fast.

The bell rang and Harry got up to go to his next class. Just as he was go another student came to him.

"Hi ! You are Hadrian correct? The new student ? I am Mike , Mike Newton. "

Harry wanted to laugh but years of practice at dursleys kept his emotions in check, but the boy seriously reminded him of his first encounter with Draco Malfoy.

"Yes that's me. Can I help you ? "

" No I just wanted to introduce myself. So , what's your next class ? "

" Oh I have government in building no. 3 ? "

He said which nonetheless came out as a question.

" Oh cool ! I am heading there I can show you if you want ? "

Seriously! This was so similar to what Malfoy said back in first year. Nevertheless he nodded and they both went towards it.

" See you ! I am headed towards the back seats "

Harry took his seat and waited for the class to get over . Where English was a piece of cake , government was uhh .. It was beyond frustrating to get to understand It . Unfortunately , the teacher noticed and decided he needed some tutoring. She called Harry and Jasper Hale to stay behind.

Harry turned to look at the other student and found that the other boy was looking pained and for some reason it seemed as if he was bracing himself for something which quickly turned to confusion as he came and stood by his side. Jasper looked questioningly at Harry as if he was the one who did something. They both turned to the teacher.

"Jasper, Mr. Evans needs tutoring in my subject and seeing as you are the top of the class, would you agree to help him? "

After some thinking, Jasper nodded.

"Excellent! You both discuss the details. Alright ? You can leave. "

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