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"My parents were not exactly young when they had my sister and me, it was considered a miracle that they had managed to and we were for want of a better word, very spoilt. Marguerite and I did not get along very well, we fought like cats and dogs and frustrated them to no end, then my mother called us to her when I was 18 and just joining the army to announce that she was pregnant.

The doctor had warned that it was a high risk pregnancy, given my mother's advanced age and history of health problems. If we were a miracle I don't even know what to call Rosie, but I suppose that was what led us to the situation we're in now.

It was a very traumatic birth and we feared for both their lives at one point, luckily they both were fine in the end. Although Rosie couldn't exactly be said to be fine. She just didn't grow right."

A fond smile spread across his face as he thought fondly over memories.

"She was such an exuberant little child, tottering around the place and getting into all sorts of mischief, I went home every weekend just to see her. She was always so pleased to see me, and we played together, I taught her how to read.

Sorry I'm getting a little off topic. It was when she was about three that we realised all was not right, I think we'd always known but didn't want to acknowledge it. She was always tripping over but we realised that she never walked properly. We took her to every doctor we could think of but they didn't have an answer for us. "

He shook his head sadly and carried on.

"As time passed it seemed to get worse, her legs never strengthened and it became more and more difficult for her to get around. We never treated her any differently but she got a lot of flak from the others in our town so mother suggested I take her with me. That's how she ended up in Paris. Her legs may not work well but that doesn't stop her hands, she works as a seamstress making dresses. "

The two other men had sat in expectant silence, just listening with rapt attention to this personal story of their Captain's life, more than they had ever heard about him before. Now they felt they were entitled to ask questions.

"Is there absolutely nothing that can be done?" Aramis asked in sympathy, "poor child, she has no life the way she is, the world is cruel to people"

"People like her" Treville demanded "she is worth just as much as anyone in this world and she has been living with this all her life and yet she is better than most men!"

"I think perhaps Aramis merely expressed himself badly Sir, I am sure he meant nothing by it." Athos intervened smoothly, attempting to defuse the situation. "Also perhaps one of us should fetch Porthos, before he begins to tear apart some poor unsuspecting noblemen"

"I shall go" Aramis blurted rapidly, shooting up from his chair and out the door as fast as he could.

"Was it something I said?" Treville joked weakly, dragging a hand down his face.

"Unlikely sir, I would imagine it was something he said" a raised eyebrow punctuated his words. "He most likely wished to leave before he could put his foot in his mouth again"

"I agree"

"Sir, may I ask why you have never told us about her before?" he asked tentatively

"It never came up I suppose, I went to visit her every week and I told her stories about you lot but she doesn't leave the house that much. Prefers to sit in her house and pore over the most recent Shakespeare, not be gawked at by passers by who think she ought to have been put down at birth."

The bitterness in Treville's tone was tangible, and his strained face made Athos feel just a little guilty for all the trouble they caused for him, only a little though because without that trouble, many missions would have been failures.

At that moment Aramis reappeared at the door looking a little sheepish and scuffing one boot against the floor, Porthos appearing beside him and resting a hand on his shoulder.

"This one was a little jumpy and told me to follow him, not sure what this is all about but this is a damn nice room"

The other men couldn't help but to grin at the big, jovial man standing in the doorway. Regardless of the situation, Porthos could be relied upon to make anyone feel better.

"So, it takes me years to meet even one and now I meet all of you lot in ten minutes. I should have collapsed at a party ages ago" a raspy voice interrupted from the bed.

"Rosie, you should be resting" Treville scolded.

Porthos roared with laughter from the doorway and made his way across the room in a few long strides, "I don't know who you are but I like you!"

"Why thankyou, I do try" she grinned, pushing against the mattress and hauling herself into a sitting position with barely a wince. "Why are you all acting as if I were dying or at least seriously ill?"

"Well it was all rather dramatic and serious you have to admit" Athos remarked.

"Well I suppose so but that's what happens when Lou demands his own way and the prissy noblemen that he invites take it upon themselves to stick their foot out in my way!"

"Yes, that would make any event dramatic"

"Now, tell me about your adventures! If I know my brother, and I know him well, I won't be leaving this bed for a good few hours more even though this is nothing out of the ordinary. So I demand entertainment!" she scooched back further and packed pillows around her body, "come make yourselves comfortable."

Treville sighed and rolled his eyes exasperatedly before moving to sit on the bed beside her and pulling her to rest against his side, head on his shoulder.

"She is as stubborn as I am men, so you may as well comply"

He gestured to them and they awkwardly came closer and sat at various angles on the bed, before Athos began in his smooth cultured tones to relay their latest mission.

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