Percy's POV

I rolled quickly out of the way on the wet grass. My eyes felt boiled after this demonic shape shifter of myself slammed his fist into my temple. Getting smacked around was not one of my normal Thursday activities, but neither was it a normal day. See, for whatever reason, Artemis decided to swing by with Eros, while fighting a version of me. Anyway, I was having a nice afternoon with Annabeth ever since we graduated college and came back to be full-time counselors.

Artemis pulled back her string on her bow and shot an arrow made of moonlight into my evil version of me. I slice downwards with Riptide and missed myself. My evil version had the same skill as me and he seemed to be the younger version of me. More energetic, but less skilled. That was pretty fair.

Annabeth charged with her dagger drawn and pointed downwards. She buried it into my evil self's shoulder. Myu evil self roared and threw Annabeth at Artemis's chariot. Eros had already had a arrow nocked, but with the sudden disruption of Annabeth's body, Eros ended up shooting Artemis in the stomach. Artemis fell from the chariot in the trees.

My evil self ignored Artemis's arrow and kept pressing me. I blocked his strike and hit him in the head with the flat of my blade. The energy of my evil self was making me sweat and it was very possible that I could lose my ground and my life. After seeing Annabeth hit, I pressed with the most energy I ever felt into a stab downwards. My evil self backed up and I rolled with my momentum and slashed upwards with an incredible arc. I hit my evil self in the chin and disintegrated him. Eros must have been aiming at my evil self because his arrow pierced my chest and dissolved.

I felt emotions rush through my brain. I thought every molecule in my head was going to explode, but the pain passed and I was left with a light head. I felt like a cloud as I collapsed onto the ground. I tried to crawl and got a few feet away before I saw Annabeth's limp body. I croaked her name before passing out.

Thirty minutes later…

I awoke in the Big House. I looked around and saw Argus in the corner. I sat up slowly and saw a bottle of nectar on the bedstand. I drained the sweet drink and stood up. This wasn't my first rodeo and I knew the medical drill. I stepped out the room as soon as I showed Argus that I could move my toes and fingers. His eyes were tinged red and I felt like he was feeling sorry for me. I shrugged off the feeling and walked through the house into the living room. I saw Chiron in his wheelchair form, all of the counselors, Athena, Artemis, Eros, Thalia, Grover, my mother, Mr. D, and Rachel. They all looked down hearted.

I scrunched up my eyebrows. Where was Annabeth? Why was Malcolm here instead of her? She was probably healing just like me. But then why was my own mother and Athena in the same room? Why was my mother crying and Athena looked on the verge?

"Uh, Mom," I said. "Why are you here?"

"Oh, Percy," My Mom burst into sobs and Thalia had to comfort her. What? The only reason would be-no. No, no, no, no! I turned around and rushed out of the house as Chiron tried to reach out for me. I looked at the forest and saw the destruction from the fight. Emotions rushed through my head faster than Luke's scorpion venom ran through my veins. In the end of a long heartbeat, I felt uncontrollable list for Artemis.

The day Annabeth died, that morning, she taught me about enchanted arrows shot by Eros. If two people were shot by them, they would fall in love. It would result in an endless quest through the Underworld for a cure, but it was too much at the moment. I dug my ballpoint pen out of my pocket and uncapped it. Riptide grew in my hand. I should have time to mourn Annabeth, but in less than twenty minutes, because of the curse, I would forget all affection for her and only love Artemis.

I ran back into the Big House and into the living room. Everyone looked startled, but I didn't let that alarm me. I swung wildly upwards and sliced Eros in the chest. His golden inchor drip on the floor. He summoned his bow from thin air and cut the wood in half. He stumbled back as I kicked him through a window. Eros fell from the window onto the porch.

I jumped through the window and tried to slice downwards. Eros rolled out of the way. I spun in the air and nicked his ribs. Eros kick flipped gracefully before being punched in the face. "Percy," he raised his hands defensively. "You don't understand. I understand grief and love, I can help you."

"Why the fuck would you have twin arrows in the same pouch?" I yelled. I stabbed at him and he suck in his gut and backed beyond my reach.

"It was an accident. Look, we can fix this."

"No you can't! Your arrow will rip my every memory of her. Even if you gave me back every memory, I won't love her." Eros looked around for an escape route. I sliced his stomach and gave him an uppercut on his chin. "You might as well just have damned my happiness in Elysium. Because of you, if she is waiting and I die, she'd be heartbroken in the moment she learned my heart is forevermore for Artemis."

Eros looked fearful. I tried to stab again, but my hand suddenly burned. I fell to my knees and it felt like my whole body was on fire. I fell to the ground and writhed in agony. I saw Annabeth's face swim before me and I felt the urge to touch her spirit, but then I felt sudden loneliness. She was just another face as my emotional connection shattered with her. She was… a really good friend who died. I was no longer in love with her.

I felt like I should reconnect with an old time crush I had in Chiron's class when he posed as Mr. Brunner. Artemis, the most beautiful goddess of the moon. I stood up ragged and a little happy with knowledge of knowing she was nearby. I could actually smell the fragrance of fresh pine amplified by levels unimaginable. I could literally locate her anywhere. It was impossible for me not to know where she was. I could feel her particular Olympian aura. I could smell Athena's too. She smelled like my old friend Annabeth only stronger with a extra hint of olives.

I staggered back and heaved a mighty breath. I stumbled back into the window frame and looked at Eros. He was sweaty and I remember attacking him, but I didn't know why. I felt my knees buckle and I fell back through the window only to be caught by Artemis in her sixteen-year-old form catch me. I saw her auburn hair trickle down and nearly touch my chin. Most of it was pulled in a bun. Her grip on my shoulder was gentle, but firm as her full moon colored eyes gazed into my soul. Loving, beautiful, she was meant for me as she leaned close to my face and nearly touched my lips with hers.

Thalia tried to break us apart and stop it from happening. Eros was having a full on gift fight with her. Chiron grew into his full form and tried to stop it with Athena and Dionysius. Grover was at Mr. D's aid while my mother was screaming and escorted out by Rachel. Most of the counselors were confused to support Percy or prevent it. Clarrise was decimating both of the Stroll twins. Katie was beating at Malcolm while Jason and Piper were in their own fight and sparring over love and heritage.

Suddenly, a crack of lightning appeared outside. The fighting stopped as storm clouds blew straight through the valley. The glass shattered and rained all over the floor. Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades entered with the other gods. Zeus looked around and said, "Chiron, Eros, Percy, Rachel Dare, and Thalia, Olympus! Now!"

Zeus snapped his fingers and suddenly Percy was on the floor in front of Zeus. Artemis was next to him. Thalia was at the foot of Artemis's throne and she rushed forward to her leaders side. Eros was on the floor while Chiron and Rachel were standing next to each other. Zeus sat in his throne as all the other gods sat in their full forms.

"Eros," he said with the voice of thunder. "You've infected a great hero and my daughter. You will await judgment in the Underworld until further questioning." Hades snapped his fingers and Eros disappeared. "Thalia," Zeus turned to his daughter. "As an ambassador of the Hunt, what was the way of Artemis?"

"To reject love for men."

"Is it true she is a maiden goddess as she vowed?"

"Um, father, she vowed her disbandment for men. It is not uncommon for huntresses to engage in homosexual activities at some points. Though she did not vow any love for men, she has refrained from sexual activities with anyone."

"Very well. I will hold you for your words you've spoken. Now, as we have seen, my daughter is infected. She has affection for this boy. I would like to know of what lead up to her infection for this deadly attraction."

Chiron stepped forward. He explained how this came to be about. When finished, Zeus's beard turned from storm grey to midnight black. "If truly shot with twins arrows, then I must ask, what shall we do? Shall we kill the boy?"

"How much of the world do you wish gone," Poseidon asked leaning on his trident. Zeus stroked his beard.

"Rachel Dare," he called. "I understand you have studied the laws of vows as you undertook your oath under the spirit of Delphi. Tell me, is there any other way to deal with this?"

Rachel stepped forward. I really liked the paintings she smeared in decoration shaped like a tiger. She wore flip flops and cut jeans. She swallowed hard. "I believe there are three solutions. One is, uh, of course the obvious. Kill Percy. Um, the second is to put them both in eternal sleep. And the last option is a quest to lift the oath of the River Styx."

"Morpheus can't perform magic forever and the mortals will die without a moon. Killing Percy will over flood the Underworld. The quest is the only viable option. Tell us the quest."

I saw little snake like green misty tendrils pour from her mouth and envelope her. She began to spout her prophecy.

The two lovers saw enter hell

Walk among the dead

To the Titanness cell.

A favor will be called,

One that will hurt the man

But in the end, lift what's vowed and walled.

The mist cut off and Rachel collapsed and caught by Chiron. Zeus looked at Hades and said, "Is this how we'll introduce them?"

"I can't interfere. I can steer them to the cell, but that's it. The rest is on them." Zeus balled up his fist and placed it in his mouth. He took a deep sigh and looked at Thalia. "I'm sorry," he said. "You are now the leader of the Hunt. You will remain your immortality, but you will still be under the oaths you've made. Unfortunately, Artemis, you are revoked the right to lead the Hunt. You are my daughter and goddess of the moon, but this is the only way."

I looked at Artemis and she had tears in her eyes. I wanted to smack Zeus. How dare he make my beloved cry? This was someone I loved. Then I heard Hades's voice boom gravely. "Percy Jackson!" I looked at him bravely. Hades's black eyes glinted like a happy madman. Almost like a serial killers you'd see in the movies.

He snapped his fingers and I felt my head spin of maybe it was the world around me as I felt the shadow travel's coldness brush my skin. When my head stopped spinning I saw I was in the Underworld with Artemis. We were in front of a small cell door made of celestial bronze and imperial gold. I glanced inside and saw a woman crouched down in a corner. I looked back at Hades and he shrugged.

"Listen," he said. "You guys are now in my domain. The same domain as the River Styx. So, your vows are no longer valid, but beware, what you make here, stays here." Hades looked a little sad as if he was kid who wanted to be in a sweepstakes, but wasn't eligible to do so.

I nodded kind of scared of how sincere he was. He disappeared. I looked around and approached the cell, but Artemis grabbed me by the arm. I looked back at her and saw the same emotion in her eyes as I had for her. I looked down at her body as it started to mature into my age girls standards instead of looking like a twelve-year-old's. She pinned me to the ground and kissed me. I felt so overwhelmed by the sensation of being wanted by my crush that I forgot about the mission at hand. In no time, we were pulling off each other's clothes.

Artemis and I rolled the smooth ground and smiled before kissing and preforming for each other.

To Be Continued…