This isn't long because I felt I hadn't sealed the deal. So here is a short epilogue to really end this saga.

Percy POV

Smiled as she walked down the aisle. Dressed in a pure white dress made of celestial bronze fabric and the end of the dress was silver that glowed with literal stars sparkling from it. The headdress was made of deerskin and the veil was a imperial gold fabric made from the finest Cyclops and perfected by the Nymphs of Olympus. Athena made the design and it was extra enchanted by Aphrodite.

Artemis, his wife was walking down the aisle in arm with Zeus. He had his usual stormy cloud beard white today to reflect his joy. Grover was my best man. Thalia was the maid of honor and she was in a silver gown that revealed her ankles and slippers. Nico was flower boy for some apparent reason. Finally, Zeus delivered my bride and gave me a solid wink of approval.

I took my Artemis's hands and began to speak my vows. "Shining as bright light for my blindness in the dark without you, you are my light. And as long as you continue to be my light, I will always love you with my heart, my flesh, and my blood. I swear on the River Styx."

Through the veil of gold, I could see a bright blush of love. She looked at me and stared like a marble statue. She started her vows.

"The sea flows around you and my moonlight would not affect you if I did not pull your waves making you, a star god, more noticeable when they look to the sky. I will love and guide you as long as you hold my hand to let me know you'll always be by my side."

I smiled as I lifted the veil. I could see the beautiful face of my lover with her eyes made of silver flames that warmed my heart. I pressed a kiss and she responded as everyone cheered. Together, we stayed behind as the rest ran to the celebration. I smiled at the sunset and looked at Artemis. She smiled back and pointed to the sky again. I saw the stars shine and they danced around the stars in multitudes. Like a crowd smiling at the most beautiful thing in the world. Even Zöe's constellation was different in it's movement as it appeared to have been bowing with grace towards the moon.

I looked at the most beautiful face in the world and kissed her again. Love to ensue for all the ages until the end of the regein of these gods.