The higher you rise, the harder you fall. After his plans go awry, Light learns this painful lesson. Even Gods can fall. Canon Divergence. Rated M for dark, disturbing scenes. Eventual L x Light.

A/N: Hey, guys! People have been asking if I was going to start a new story. Well, here's your answer! LOL! L x Light forever~!

On a more serious note, this story is a lot darker than my other ones. It's Canon Divergence, so Light is Kira, Death Notes exist, Rem is supposed to kill L. You get the picture. It takes awhile for L and Light's relationship to develop. You know, since Light's being a dick and wants to kill L. So rude.

But really, I'm warning you guys, it gets dark. Light goes through hell in this one. But since he's Kira, he kinda brings it on himself...

Chapter 1: Best-Laid Plans


Soon this would all be over. It was only a matter of time.

When L unlocked the chain from Light's wrist, the teen struggled to keep his face expressionless. On the inside, he was smirking. His time as L's captive has finally come to an end, and soon the detective would die. Once L was out of the picture, there would be no more threats to Kira's justice. Light would win. His vision of a perfect world would come to fruition. He would be God.

The chain rattled as L placed it aside. The detective had a bitter look on his face. "Light-kun is free to come and go as he pleases, but I still require his assistance with the investigation."

"Of course, I'll still help." Light smiled, feeling smug. He knew L had been reluctant to take off the chain.

Meanwhile the other members of the investigation team all seemed happy about the chain's removal. Matsuda was grinning like an idiot and Light's father looked especially relieved. As always, L was the only one who still held any suspicions against the teen. Even though Light had helped the detective take down the Yotsuba's Kira, L was still keeping a close eye on him. Actually L seemed even more paranoid than before. He looked nervous like somehow he knew Higuchi had only been a pawn in Light's larger scheme. Oh, you have no idea how right you are, L.

Floating in the corner of the workroom, Rem was watching the investigation team with bright red eyes. The shinigami knew that L was the biggest threat to Misa's safety. In order to protect Misa, Rem would have no choice but to kill L. When no one else was looking, Light smirked at the shinigami across the room. Rem glared back at him, obviously aware of the teen's plan. In a way, Rem was trapped just as much as L was. They were both destined to die.


Late at night, L was perched on a chair in the workroom. He was holding up a death note between his thumb and index finger, examining it. The corner of a page had been ripped out. Could Kira kill with scraps of paper ripped from the notebook? L had asked Rem earlier, but the shinigami didn't give a yes or no answer. Over the past few days, L had asked Rem many questions, but the shinigami revealed very little. Rem didn't want to cooperate with L. That much was obvious. Does that mean Rem sided with Kira? Can a shinigami even take sides?

L glanced over at Rem who was hovering only a few feet away from him. Right now, he was alone with the supernatural being. The rest of the investigation team had gone home. Even Light. The teen's father had insisted on Light going home for the night. Most days, Light stayed at the headquarters 24/7 even though he wasn't chained to L anymore. He was free to go, but usually he chose to stay and watch the detective. It filled L with dread… The way Light would stare at him. It seemed like the teen was waiting for something to happen. Ever since Higuchi's demise, there has been a noticeable change in Light's demeanor. The innocent gleam in his eyes was gone. He was acting more like his old self, back before he spent months in a cell. His cold, calculating true self…

He was back to being Kira.

L instinctively knew that. No one else noticed the change in Light, but he did. For him, it was painfully obvious. Light's façade of innocence during the Yotsuba investigation was gone. Kira was finally showing his true colors again, but L had no way to prove it.

Once again, his gaze lingered on the ripped corner of death note paper.

"Do you know when I will die?" L asked abruptly.

Rem watched him with red eyes. "Yes. I can see your lifespan."

"And how long is my lifespan?"

The shinigami was silent for a moment. "It is subject to change."

L felt a pang of anxiety, but remained still in his seat. His lifespan was liable to change because Light was planning to kill him soon. Rem had only confirmed his suspicions. L didn't want to die but until he figured out Light's plan, how could he possibly save himself? His situation seemed hopeless.

Struck by strange idea, L asked Rem another question.

"Can a shinigami die?"

Normally Rem always looked stoic, but that question must have caught the shinigami by surprise.

"Yes… We can die." The shinigami answered reluctantly and did not explain any further.

L stared at Rem with interest. "Will you tell me how?"


L set down the death note and swung his chair back towards his computer.


It was a Saturday. Since there were no new developments in the Kira case, most of the investigation team decided to take the day off. Mr. Yagami, Matsuda, Mogi, and Ide were all at home. Only L and Light were in the workroom today, along with the shinigami. While L worked on his computer, he could feel Rem and Light both staring at him. They have been watching him for hours. It was unnerving to say the least. L's hand shook slightly as he continued typing on his computer. L felt like a condemned man waiting for the axe to fall. How much time did he have left? What was Light waiting for? What was Kira's plan to kill him?

Thankfully, Light's creepy staring was interrupted when Misa arrived. L could see her image on the large computer screen above his work station. A security camera was filming her as she stood outside the tall building. Misa only came here when she wanted to see Light.

L gave Light a blank look.

"I'll go talk to her real quick." Light sighed before walking away.

The teen entered the elevator and left. Soon he appeared on the large screen next to Misa. They stood close to each other and spoke quietly. How obvious. Kira must be giving her orders. From the security camera's angle, L couldn't see Light's face. But he could see Misa nodding and agreeing to whatever Kira was whispering in her ear. L turned up the volume as much as he could, but, unfortunately, he still couldn't hear what Light was saying.

When L glanced to the side, he noticed that the shinigami was watching the screen too. Rem's gaze were focused on Misa in particular.

"Rem, do you know Amane Misa?"

The shinigami immediately looked away from the screen. "No, I don't."

L's eyes widened in shock. He could tell that Rem was lying. It was the first outright lie L had ever heard from the shinigami. And it was for Misa's sake…

"Are you protecting her?" L asked.

Rem remained silent. But the shinigami's refusal to answer was an answer in itself.

"So you are," L deduced. "Is that why you give me vague answers whenever I ask about the death note? You are on Light-kun's side."

Rem glared at the detective with glowing red eyes.

"No, not Light-kun's side." L tilted his head to the side as he stared at the shinigami with interest. "You are on Misa's side. You only care for her."

When Light returned to the workroom, L continued typing on his computer. He said nothing to Light or Rem. He could already feel the teen and the shinigami watching him again. But this time, it didn't disturb him. Light may have a plan to kill him, but L was formulating a plan as well. His mouth curled into a smirk. He would start by testing the shinigami's loyalty.


It was 7:00pm on a Monday night. After a long day of work, the majority of the Kira investigation team was preparing to head home. Light was talking to his father while putting on his jacket. It was cold outside tonight, and his father was pressuring Light to go home early. His father even mentioned the need for family time. As if Light gave a shit about family time. The only thing that mattered was his success as Kira. Light glanced over his shoulder at L who was still perched in front of his computer. Light was running out of patience. He wanted Rem to kill L already.

"I'll see you tomorrow, L," Light said cheerfully with a fake smile.

"Yes, Light-kun." L nodded without bothering to turn around.

Just as Light began walking away with his father and the other detectives, an alarm sounded from L's computer. Light and his father immediately whipped around, facing L.

"What's wrong?" Mr. Yagami asked.

L quickly typed on his computer. "Watari has been monitoring the surveillance cameras around Misa's apartment. He has noticed suspicious activity. He believes Misa is in danger."

"What?!" Light marched up to L. "What did he see on the surveillance cameras?"

"See for yourself." L hit a key on his console, then an image of Misa appeared on the large screen above the row of computers.

Misa was walking down a dark street, and there was a man following her. The man was wearing a hoodie, but L zoomed in with the camera, so they could all see his face. Light didn't recognize the man, but he looked deranged. Why was he following Misa? Was she really in danger?

Now everyone was huddled around L's workstation, watching the large screen. Light glanced to the side and noticed Rem looming over them. The shinigami was also watching with bright red eyes. If that man attacks Misa, Light already knew what would happen.

"We have to get her out of there!" Light yelled.

"Local law enforcement is already on the way," L stated calmly.

"Try calling her, Light," His father suggested.

Light yanked his phone out of his pocket and speed-dialed Misa's number.

On the large screen, they could all hear Misa's ringtone chiming. While walking, Misa happily answered her phone, "Hi, Light! Misa is so happy you-!"

"Misa, run!" Light ordered. "Someone's following you."

"What? Like a stalker?" Misa looked confused.

Suddenly the man lunged at her from behind, ripping the phone out of her grasp. Misa's scream echoed throughout the workroom as Light watched the screen in shock. The man pulled out a knife and aimed the blade at Misa, about to stab her.

Then he dropped the knife and froze. Misa screamed again as she pushed the man away and ran. The man fell to the ground, clutching his chest. He was dying of a heart attack.

"Look! The shinigami!" Matsuda cried out.

Light turned around to see Rem dissolving into a pile of ash. The death note fell from Rem's grasp, landing on the floor. Within seconds, the shinigami was gone. There was nothing left but a pile of ash. Light stared at the shinigami's remains in horror.

His plan was ruined. Rem had died to protect Misa, but L was still here. L! Clenching his fists, Light glared hatefully at his worst enemy. L must have planned this! He had sent that man to attack Misa while ensuring that Rem and the investigation team were watching. L had even zoomed in the camera so they could all see the attacker's face.

On the large screen, the man who attacked Misa was lying dead in the street. L shut off the screen, then he stood and walked towards the pile of Rem's remains. The workroom was completely silent while L studied the ashes.

"So, that is how a shinigami dies…" L turned to stare at Light with piercing black eyes. "I wanted to test Rem's loyalty to Misa, but I did not expect this. Was this your plan to kill me, Light-kun? You knew the shinigami was willing to kill in order to protect Misa."

Light froze as his eyes widened with fear. Fuck. L had it figured out.

"L, what are you talking about?!" Light's father shouted. "Didn't we prove that Light isn't Kira?!"

"Then explain why the shinigami died to protect Misa," L snapped.

"I…I don't know," Mr. Yagami admitted with a confused expression on his face.

L stormed towards Light. "Light-kun, would you care to explain?"

Light backed away, his heart racing. "I-I can't. I don't understand it either."

"You understand perfectly." L snatched the collar of Light's shirt, pulling the teen towards him. L's black eyes bore into him. "You were going to use Rem to kill me, but now the shinigami is dead. What is your plan now, Light-kun?"

Light shoved L away, panicking. "I'm not Kira! There is no plan!"

L scowled at him. The pale detective looked like he was ready to kick Light in the face. He could see through all of the teen's lies. He knew Light had been close to killing him, and he was furious.

"From now on, Light-kun is my main suspect," L announced. "If I die in the coming weeks, it means Light-kun has successfully implemented a new plan to kill me."

"I'm not Kira!" Light shouted, clenching his fists.

L leaned close to his face and taunted him, "You have failed, Light-kun. I won't give you another chance to kill me."

Light tightened his fist, digging his nails into the palm of his hand. He was about to punch L in the face when his father pulled him back.

"L, this is a misunderstanding." Mr. Yagami pleaded, "None of us understand the shinigami's actions. You can't blame Light for it! Please! He's already proven his innocence!"

L's furious gaze was still focused on the teen. "As my main suspect, Light-kun is not allowed to leave my sight."

"But, L-!" Mr. Yagami protested.

"It's fine, Dad. I'll stay." Light met L's hateful gaze, refusing to be intimidated.

The workroom was heavy with tension. Matsuda and the other members of the investigation team were all watching in shock, while Mr. Yagami looked outraged by the turn of events. L finally broke eye contact with Light and walked back to his desk. After L opened a drawer, Light heard a familiar rattling sound. His blood boiled with rage when L pulled out the chain.

Light wanted to yell and scream. He had worked so fucking hard! He had hid the death notes, lost his memory, endured imprisonment and L's tortuous methods, caught Higuchi, regained his memories, and set Rem up to kill L. It took months to reach this point! Now he was back to square one?! How the fuck was he going to kill L now?!

L slowly approached him and held up a handcuff connected to the chain. Light stared at the offensive handcuff. He felt sick to his stomach as he raised his hand.

L locked the handcuff around Light's wrist, then handcuffed himself, chaining them together once again. Light lowered his hand while the chain rattled on the floor.

This was definitely a setback, but Light was determined.

No matter what. He would kill L.