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Chapter 5: Between a Rock and a Hard Place

On the twelfth day, Light was able to sleep at night. He didn't have any nightmares. Even though he was still nervous about the results of the experiment, at least he managed to write down Darren Gamble's name. He had a goal and he achieved it. Light felt confident that he had made the right move. He would win. He should win…

Ironically enough, writing down Gamble's name was a gamble in itself. Because it was possible that Darren Gamble was a fake name. Although Light believed the name was real. During the Thirteen Day Rule experiment, L readily gave Light access to all of Gamble's information. L wanted Light to know all about test subject. He was practically rubbing it in Light's face.

Light knew why. L may suspect that I have a hidden piece of death note paper. The detective wanted to see if Light had the means to kill Gamble. And L would only know that if the inmate's name was correct. By killing Gamble, Light was still giving L information. L would know that Light still had the ability to kill. But at least Light could protect the fake death note rule.

Light made the right decision. He was sure of it.


It was Day 13. In the workroom, Light sat in the chair next to L while the rest of the Kira Investigation team crowded around behind them. On the large screen, the test subject, Darren Gamble was sitting in a white, sterile room.

Gamble was still very much alive…for now. His hands were shackled together and he was wearing the same orange jumpsuit. The inmate glanced around the room with a confused look on his face. Obviously, he had no idea that he was about to die. Technically, he was scheduled to be executed today anyway, but he had made a deal with L. The fool agreed to write on the death note paper in exchange for L canceling his lethal injection.

Thirteen days ago, Gamble wrote the name of another death row inmate at 6:00AM. Since Gamble is in the United States, there's a significant time zone difference. When it's 6:00AM in America, it's 8:00PM in Japan.

Currently, it was 7:58PM. There were only a couple more minutes until 6:00AM in America. Only a couple more minutes until Gamble's death.

Light crossed his arms while watching the screen. His wrist was in a cast now, and it was still painful. But at moment, Light barely even noticed it. All of his attention was on the screen. He dug his nails into arm as he watched anxiously. He was counting down the seconds in his head.

This has to work. Darren Gamble must die.

If L can successfully disprove the Thirteen Day rule, it will give the detective a huge advantage. It would incriminate Light and justify L's suspicions. Because the only one who would benefit from the fake rule is Light. Well, and Misa. But she's just a pawn, so who cares?

Light glanced down at his wristwatch on his right hand. One more minute to go. He gazed up at the screen again. Light could feel his heart pounding against his ribcage. Last minute doubts raced through his mind, tormenting him. What if I was wrong? What if the name is fake? What if Gamble doesn't die? What if-

On the large screen, Darren Gamble suddenly gripped his chest with a pained expression on his face. Now it was 6:00AM in the United States. Gamble was dying right on schedule. Light felt like he could finally breathe again. He was so relieved to see the American inmate collapse onto the floor. On the screen, a prison guard rushed to Gamble's side and checked his pulse.

"He's dead," the guard announced in English.

In the workroom, Matsuda gasped while Mr. Yagami and Mogi both looked disturbed. Meanwhile L watched the screen as impassive as ever. Light suppressed a smirk as he glanced at the detective smugly. Now what are you going to do, L? According to the experiment, the Thirteen Day rule was real. The detective would be forced to remove the chain. This was a huge win for Kira.

For someone who lost, L didn't look very concerned.

After the large screen shut off, Light stood and gestured at the chain. "Ryuzaki, the experiment is over. We know the Thirteen Day Rule isn't fake. Can you unlock me from the chain now?"

"No, Light-kun, I cannot," L said strangely.

Light blinked in confusion. "What?"

L also stood and turned to face the teen. "The experiment is over, Light-kun, but the Thirteen Day Rule is definitely fake."

His eyes widened as he stared at L in shock.

Light's father seemed confused as well. "What are you talking about, L? Darren Gamble is dead."

"Yes, but he died fourteen days after writing on the death note paper, not thirteen," L revealed.

"What?" Light felt his heart drop to his stomach. He gaped at L, completely horrified.

L stepped toward him, his black eyes boring into Light. "When you watched Gamble write on the death note paper, that was a recording. He had actually used the death note 24 hours earlier." L smirked. "You killed him on the wrong day, Kira."

"I'm not Kira," Light growled.

"Excluding myself and Watari, only members of the Kira Investigation Team were led to believe that Gamble wrote on the death note paper thirteen days ago. Everyone else involved knew that today was really the fourteenth day of the experiment. Light-kun, are you saying that it is a coincidence that Gamble died on the fourteenth day instead of the thirteenth?" L asked mockingly.

Light kept his mouth shut. There was nothing he could say to that.

Mr. Yagami looked pale with worry. "This…This doesn't prove that my son is Kira. It's circumstantial evidence at best."

"I agree." L stated, "The real evidence is the paper Light-kun used to kill Gamble."

Light swallowed nervously. What the fuck was he supposed to do? The detective had him backed into a corner.

L stepped even closer to him, invading the teen's space. "Where is it, Light-kun?"

"Where's what?" Light asked stubbornly.

"I know you killed Darren Gamble. I know you wrote down his name while we were inside the hospital. You have a piece of death note paper hidden on you somewhere, Light-kun. Now, where is it?" L demanded.

Light let out a frustrated sigh and crossed his arms. "I'm not hiding anything, L. I didn't kill Gamble."

L scowled at him. "If Light-kun has nothing to hide, then he will consent to a search."

"Fine, search me!" He relented angrily. "You won't find anything."

L started walking away. "Come, Light-kun. We will conduct the search in private."

"Why? Just do it here." Light refused to move even when L yanked on the chain.

"You will need to strip, Light-kun," L explained. "I intend to search everywhere. It will be very intrusive, but if you don't mind the lack of privacy-"

"Fine. Let's get it over with." Light immediately changed his mind and followed L towards the door.

His father looked concerned. "Light, are you sure-?"

"It's fine, Dad. Let's go, Ryuzaki."

Light followed L into the elevator while everyone else watched silently.


L led Light into an interrogation room and shut the door. The room was mostly empty and only contained a table and two chairs. Light sat down on one of the chairs while L turned on a video camera that was hanging off the wall. Everything that happened in here would be recorded.

Unexpectedly, L took a key from his pocket, then he unlocked himself and Light from the chain. He set the chain on the table while Light rubbed his newly freed right wrist. He always felt more comfortable with the chain off. Although he wished the circumstances were different. Light was in really deep shit now. He couldn't let L find the paper in his watch.

L crouched on the chair on the opposite side of the table. "Light-kun, do you consent to being searched?"

Light glanced at the camera on the wall. L obviously wanted to videotape his consent, before going any further.

"Yes," he answered reluctantly.

L nodded with approval. "Excellent. Now strip."

Light froze for a second, alarmed by the direct order. L could have asked a little more nicely. With a sigh, Light stood and removed his shirt first. He'd been wearing a short-sleeved shirt because of the cast on his left wrist. After he flung his shirt on the table, L picked up the clothing and inspected it closely.

"Take off everything, Light-kun," L ordered.

"Fine." Light grit his teeth as he angrily took off his belt. Next, he pulled off his shoes and socks, followed by his wristwatch. He placed all of his belongings on the table, purposely draping a sock over his watch.

Now Light was only wearing his pants. At the table, L picked up one of Light's shoes and glanced inside it. Then the detective gazed over at Light again.

"Everything, Light-kun." L reminded him.

Light hated this. Why the hell did I agree to this? Light unzipped his pants and pulled them off. He set the pair of pants on the table, then crossed his arms. He was almost naked. Light felt extremely uncomfortable with only his boxers on. In front of him, L grabbed the pair of pants and searched through all the pockets. Then he looked at the teen again.

"Your underwear too."

Light gulped, feeling anxious. "Why?"

"Because I have to search everywhere, Light-kun. Now remove the boxers. I see you naked all the time anyway," L said dismissively.

All the time? Light felt a blush rising to his face. He desperately tried to will the embarrassment away. He shouldn't care. It doesn't matter if L sees him naked. They're both guys anyway. It doesn't matter. It doesn't matter. Light reassured himself as he pulled down the boxers, revealing his genitals. When Light glanced up, he could see L staring directly at him. L's gaze shamelessly roamed all of Light's body from head to toe.

Light quickly threw his underwear on the table, then covered himself with his hands. He could feel his face getting even hotter. His face was probably bright red by now. This whole situation was mortifying. He wanted to put his clothes back on, but he had to wait for L to finish this damn search.

For a moment, L inspected Light's boxers, then he picked up Light's wristwatch between his thumb and index finger. Light felt his heartrate skyrocket. If L discovered the secret about his watch, it was all over. The paper was still inside. That piece of death note paper was all the proof that L needed. Light would be finished.

He watched anxiously while L fiddled with the wristwatch. Light felt sick to his stomach. This was life and death. He could lose everything at this very moment.

When L stood and set the watch back down, Light felt a rush of relief. At least L wasn't looking at the watch anymore. Maybe Light was in the clear. Maybe he could get through this search without being caught.

L moved past the table and walked around Light, circling the teen.

Light tensed nervously. "L, what are you doing?" He glanced over his shoulder at L who was standing behind him.

"Bend over, Light-kun."

"What?!" Light quickly turned around, panicking, "What do you mean 'bend over'?! What are you searching next? My ass?"

L nodded. "Precisely, Light-kun."

"Fuck you! No!" Light shouted while backing away from him. "Stay the hell away from me!"

L gave him an annoyed look. "I warned you that the search would be intrusive. A cavity search is necessary, Light-kun."

"Are you completely insane?! You think there's a death note in my ass?!"

L shrugged. "A piece of paper could easily fit in there."

"That's disgusting!"

"Light-kun, I need to search everywhere," L insisted. "It is not uncommon for criminals to hide objects in their rectums. I worked on one case when a terrorist hid a bomb in his rectum before boarding a plane. And a piece of death note paper is far more deadly than any bomb."

Light scoffed. "Kira has too much pride. You really think he'd debase himself by hiding anything down there? He would never do that."

L tilted his head to the side. "Light-kun knows what Kira would and would not do?"

"Well, I… Of course, I don't know for sure. I'm not Kira."

"Then consent to the cavity search."

Light exploded with anger, yelling, "You're only doing this to humiliate me and piss me off!"

"Consent to the search, Light-kun."


L sighed and walked back towards the table. He rummaged through Light's belongings and grabbed the wristwatch again. He tinkered with the watch while Light tensed fearfully. He needed to distract L from the watch.

"F-Fine," Light muttered.

L dropped the watch and glanced at him. "Are you consenting to the cavity search, Light-kun?"

If he's looking at my ass, then he's not looking at the watch. That's all that matters. Winning… "Y-Yeah," Light forced out a reply. "Let's just get it over with."

L nodded. "Very well. Place your hands on the table and bend over."

Light felt like his brain short-circuited for a moment. He remained completely still until he finally forced himself to obey the order. Light leaned over, placing his hands on the table. His heart was pounding as he heard L's footsteps behind him. He almost jumped when he felt L's hand on his back, guiding him further down.

"Bend over more, Light-kun, and spread your legs."

Light wanted to scream. Maybe I already lost to L. Maybe I'm actually dead and already in hell. Light dismissed the melodramatic thought. He wasn't going to hell when he died. Ryuk had warned him about the void. Although, right now, the void didn't sound too bad. It was definitely preferable to this.

Light stared at the wristwatch on the table. I'm allowing this for a reason. I have to win. I have to beat L no matter what… He complied with L's demands and leaned further down while spreading his legs.

"Very good, Light-kun. I will begin the cavity search now," L announced.

Light anxiously glanced over his shoulder. "Shouldn't you wear gloves?"

"My hands are clean, Light-kun." L tilted his head to the side like he was considering something. "Although some form of lubrication may ease your discomfort."

L unexpectedly sucked on his index finger, then popped it out of his mouth. Light watched in shock. Seriously? L was going to use his saliva as lubricant. That didn't seem very professional.

When L approached him with the moist finger, Light immediately turned his head and looked away. He winced as he felt L insert a finger. The detective was inside him now. It felt uncomfortable and strange, but it wasn't painful. Light tightly gripped the table in front of him, trying to ignore the sensation. Then he felt L moving his finger while inside him.

Light bit his bottom lip as he shuddered. He couldn't ignore it. L was inside him. L was fucking inside him! His breath caught in his throat while his heart thumped wildly in his chest. He was becoming light-headed as he panicked. I never should've agreed to this! What the fuck was I thinking?!

Suddenly, L inserted another finger.

Light gasped in surprise. "L, w-what?"

"Relax. I'm searching, Light-kun." L was so close that Light could feel his breath on his back.

A shiver ran up his spine. Light trembled as L fingered his hole. The detective spread his fingers apart in a scissoring motion, stretching the ring of muscle, opening Light further. While L stretched him wider, Light could feel a dull burn. It was a little painful, but tolerable.

Then L reached deeper inside, hooking his fingers. A jolt of pleasure shot through Light as he suppressed a moan. When L hit that spot again, Light almost gasped. He bit down on his bottom lip, forcing himself to stay quiet. What the fuck is happening? Am I enjoying this?

L's fingers rubbed against that same area once again and Light shuddered in ecstasy. Oh, God. That was so good. Light wanted to feel that again and again. He felt another wave of pleasure as L fingered him. To his horror, Light could feel himself becoming hard. L was giving him an erection.

Light panicked, scared out of his mind. "Stop! L, stop it! Get out!"

L immediately removed his fingers and stepped back. Meanwhile Light covered himself with both hands, trying to hide his erection. His whole body was trembling. He couldn't think at all, his mind clouded with confusion and fear.

"Light-kun, what's wrong?" L walked around the teen, then he lowered his gaze, noticing Light's predicament.

L stared at him with wide black eyes. "Light-kun…is aroused?"

"Get the fuck away from me!" Light snatched his boxers off the table and quickly pulled them on. Then he grabbed his pants.

"Light-kun, don't be alarmed," L tried to calm him down. "You're a young, healthy male. It's completely natural-"

"There's nothing natural about it! You fucking pervert!" Light shouted as he yanked on his pants.

He quickly shoved his wristwatch in his pocket and flung on his shirt before fleeing the room. Light left his socks and shoes behind. He needed to get away from L as fast as possible. He stormed down the hall, still panicking. What the fuck just happened?! What the fuck?! Light was in a state of shock. He couldn't stop trembling and it felt like his heart was going to beat out of his chest.

When he heard the chain rattle, Light turned around to glare at L. The detective had followed him down the hall while carrying the chain.

"Back off, L!" Light yelled angrily. "Stay away from me!"

L sighed. "Light-kun, I'm sorry that you're…upset. But you know that I have to monitor you. The chain is necessary-"

"Fuck the chain! And fuck you!"

L gazed down at the teen's groin and smirked. "Light-kun would like that, wouldn't he?"

Light screamed as he punched L in the face. Then L responded by kicking Light in the stomach. The two geniuses tumbled onto the floor, punching and kicking each other wildly.

In a couple of minutes, Mr. Yagami, Matsuda and Watari rushed into the hallway and broke up the fight.

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