Addendum v3

Here is a new update. Volume 1 was given a facelift and did a rewrite and re-edit on the entire work from Chap1 all the way to end which was complete around 12/10/2016. There were quite a lot of issues and inconsistencies in the first third of the chapters and those needed quite a bit of work. The later chapters did have a few errors here and there and some things were changed to make some things clearer based on feedback I had received from readers over the past.

Anyway, if you enjoyed it you might want to take a new look at the re-edit. See if you can spot the differences.

This is just a note as I saw many people signing up to follow The Zootopian Chronicles I but not Vol II. Because Vol I is complete while greatly appreciated following Vol I won't accomplish much but Vol II is ongoing so you need to follow Vol II for more continuing action.

And the furless world hasn't even come into play yet. Lord help us when that happens. Also a legendary bunny (NOT Judy… think pre pre Judy) will be making an appearance and play a key role on both worlds in the days to come.

Vol II has been a slight departure from Vol I in that it has become a bit of madness with characters taking over and running the show. Over two thirds of the chapters were never planned and were driven by the characters themselves but they have led to some of the best work and absolute madness yet. They seem to know what they are doing as they have been quite entertaining but I am trying to get them back on track and on the straight and narrow.

Let's see what has occurred in Vol II so far…

* A grand conspiracy to subjugate the good citizens to a laundry list of oppression

* A true evil mastermind has risen

* A love triangle which went out control on its own lead to several crazy chapters

* Judy having to explain her new relationship to her parents

* Mysterious lights in the sky leading to a special mission by Nick and Finnick together again getting into all sorts of trouble

* Judy attending a costume party at a sex club where we meet one crazy uninhibited friend of hers

* Discovery of some special rabbit orientation training young rabbits receive that has greatly traumatized our poor bunny cop to this day

* Very uncomfortable questions and requests from a certain precocious younger twin sister

* A new theory on the true origins of the Zootopians

* The rise of a group bringing their own thoughts and beliefs on how their fellow mammals should behave

* Meeting and getting to know a truly mysterious Legendary new character who probably deserves to have his own movie at least and a few books but he has one of the most fascinating stories ever on his own. We are just getting to know him but based on what we have seen so far it should be one humdinger.

* We meet a whole new special group that make Yax's Naturalists look like rank amateurs

* Meeting and having a date night with Clawhauser and his boyfriend

* Discovering a mysterious item in woods leading to questions about the future of Zootopia

* Honey having new amazing theories and conspiracies that could actually be correct

* The start of an arduous search for the truth behind Nick's true family and what really happened to them

* A meeting and desperate searching to try and recover critical lost memories for one of Nick's family could be the key to saving the fox's sanity as well as future happiness

* A momentous meeting and VIP experience of a lifetime involving a certain singer, an angel with horns, the greatest singer of our lifetime according to some occurred

* An election happened that could change the future of Zootopia forever.

* The previously untold awkward sexy origin story of what happened right after the end of Vol 1 is finally revealed to a certain cheetah's delight

So far every chapter could be a whole story on it's own.

If I can ever get them on the right path what is yet to come beyond this will truly be an epic adventure.

Anyway please come join the fun… I will guarantee you it will be nothing like anything else out there… that has always been the central theme of my work.

Also look for a new story/side-project I will be publishing soon that again is quite a bit different than anything else out there and will be quite unique with every new chapter. This is now planned for publishing hopefully the weekend of 1/14-1/15

Also always feel free to leave reviews/comments and I will try and answer any and all questions.

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