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That was all that he could do. Run. For what felt like forever he had been running, but in reality it had only been two months. Most would laugh, two months was indeed a long time, but up to the years that Luke Skywalker had been running from the Empire this short time was nothing, yet it passed as slowly as the years that he had spent with the rebellion.

Now however he was alone, he had no rebellion to go back to, not since they had turned their backs on him after he had revealed his parentage; they had thought him a spy, sent in by Vader himself, he could not blame them- he was after all the heir to the Empire. They had given him a choice, leave the rebellion or be treated as an Imperial spy. He had tried to argue, to plead his innocence, that he was not sent there by Vader, but no amount of reasoning would make them see sense.

In the end he was left no choice and regretfully left the rebellion. He had visited Master Yoda for the last time, but the Jedi had been unable to teach him much more and had sadly died, "You must confront Vader." Yoda's words echoed through his mind, he was not ready to face his father, not yet, but on the other hand he could not keep running forever. "There is... another... Sky... Sky...walker." The Jedi's parting words tugged at his emotions, he was going to tell her, but he had told the rebellion the truth first not wanting to drag her into his world of secrets, but with their reaction he could not tell her, he would not submit her to the life that he was now living. She could do more good in the rebellion than he ever could.

Rain battered down on the pavement he raced upon, somehow he had found himself on Corellia, tracing the ally ways of Coronet City. At the beginning of this galactic hunt he had hopped from plant to planet on the outer rim, but no planet had been safe for more than a few days till the Empire had torn down innocent villages in hunt for him, till they either captured him or learned that he had somehow managed to get off planet.

The bounty on him being brought in alive to the Sith lord had increased dramatically once they had found out that he had been outcast by the rebellion and was now going it alone. This had just made Luke's life twice as difficult, he could not trust a single smuggler to get him off plant in fear that they would had him over and reap the reward, he was always watching his back as bounty hunters always seemed to be lurking in the darkest of shadows, you could call it paranoia, but it was almost always true.

There always seemed to be someone watching him, he was certain of it. there had to be a reason that the Imperial fleet always found him. It turned out that his misfortune was down to the most famous bounty hunter, Boba Fett. He had had numerous close calls but thankful had gotten away with the minimum of a few scratches and bruises.

Heart racing, as the force screamed with danger. His senses flared, his eyes darting round his surroundings, taking in every little detail stopping dead at the smallest glance of white or a flicker of movement in the shadows. Reaching out with the force he tried to locate the source, but it was too wild to control, and he was too panicked. However, he could not just stand here, so he disappeared.

Using the very shadows that haunted him he retreated into the quietist parts of the city. He struck gold when he stumbled across an abandoned warehouse, paint pealed off the moulded walls, windows smashed, littering the ground with a thousand shards of glass. Parts of the walls were beginning to crumble away, small waterfalls dripped into the building by the large holes in the steel roof caused by rust. It would give him some shelter, but only for a short amount of time, he could not stay there forever. So not leaving the relative safety of the shadows he snuck silently into the run down building. Inside was worse than the outside, large stacks of wooden planks were scattered over the rotting floorboards, light flooded in through a hole in the upstairs floor, the fragments of wood were spread cross the floor, sharp shards of glass shimmered in the light as water dripped down through the open gap.

Luke found a spot where he was sheltered from the elements, he shivered as he slid down the wall, he wrapped his arms around himself, placing his hands under his armpits in a vain attempt to create some warmth. It was no use, his black shit and pants were drenched through with the rain water which he had gathered whilst racing through the streets, the water had began to seep through into his knee high boots, his socks had become damp, his feet cold and numb. Water dripped from his hair like small perfect diamonds. The ground around him soon became a ice cold puddle. Bringing his knees up he kept his arms where they were and rested his head in-between his knees.

His eyes were heavy, he hadn't slept in days, his stomach growled, gritting his teeth he buried the hunger. As much as he wanted to sleep he knew that he couldn't, the force still screamed at him, Danger, Danger!, it warned. His eyes got heavier and heavier till the effort to keep them open was simply too much, they flickered closed. Slowly he was dragged into the soft embrace of sleep.

A noise startled him out of the sweet slumber. Groggily he raised his head, eyes fluttering pen and close as he focused his eyes, a warm orange glow spilled in through the ceiling, it was dawn. His ear twitched, his sight suddenly drawn to his right, towards where the shadows lurked. The force was wild. The noise grew louder and louder, footsteps, they were clearly footsteps, and they were getting closer. His heart raced faster and faster, pumping adrenalin around his body. Something moved in the shadows.

He reached for his lightsaber, his panic grew, where was it?

"Looking for this?" Asked a voice, snapping Luke's head up.

"Fett." He stated flatly as he looked upon the bounty hunter, he noticed his blaster in the mans left hand, but the most prominent was the gun aimed at him in the left.

"You are a hard man to capture, Skywalker. I must congratulate you on that, it takes skill to evade capture with a bounty as big as yours."

"Thanks...?" Luke replied.

Boba Fett clipped the lightsaber to his belt before pulling out a pain of binders, a question came across Luke. "Why am I not already in cuffs?"

"You looked tired." Fett stated.

"Since when did you have a heart?" Luke chuckled.

"I just didn't fancy carrying you round the city. In addition the Executor isn't due to arrive in orbit for another half an hour. And since it is Vader who I'll be handing you over to, I figured that you might need all the sleep you can get," He reasoned, "think of it as a favour." He knelt down in front of Luke, he lowered the gun as he realised that even with the sleep Luke didn't have enough energy to fight, but yet he still had his hands wrapt away. He pride them out and snapped on one cuff. "Get up." He ordered.

Skywalker slowly gathered his feet beneath him, using the wall as support when he felt that they were going to buckle beneath him, once confident that they could do that he took a shaky step away from the wall. Fett pulled his arms behind him and fastened the second cuff in place.

Luke followed the bounty hunter through the city till he reached the Slave 1, Luke hesitated before going in, but a shove from behind made him comply. Once inside he was directed to the cargo hold, Fett indicated to a black octagon on the floor by the wall, "Sit." Luke sat down, his knees brought up. His hands were unbound before being brought above his head, he then felt them locking in place.

Boba Fett stepped back out of the black octagon before pushing a button, suddenly a force field shot up around Luke, "A force cage, just in case you get any ideas." Fett added as he made his way to the cockpit, leaving Luke with only the growling of his stomach and the humming of the force field for company. As he felt the ship take off he felt his tiredness return to him and he let his head fall against his chest.

Lord Vader made his way to hanger bay 3, when he had gotten a report from Boba Fett that he had located Luke Skywalker on Corellia he had entered hyperspace immediately. It had been several months since he had faced Luke on Bespin, since he had told him the truth, that he was his father. His son had chosen death over his destiny then, that was not an option now. Everything was in place, even if young Skywalker escaped he would have no where to return to, not after the Alliance had cast him out when he had told them the truth, he had to thank the rebellion really, for they had just handed him their most valuable weapon a silver platter.

As he entered the hanger bay, the Slave 1 was just setting down onto the polished floor, a few moments later the ramp lowed and the notorious bounty hunter was the first dow the ramp, the tired and worn figure of Luke Skywalker trailing behind. Vader met them at the bottom. He studied his son, he had been on the run for two months, and that time had not been kind on the boy. His hands were bond behind his back, his figure was slightly hunched, his gaze fixed to the floor to his left, he was tired, but his eyes still housed a small fire of defiance.

He turned to Fett, "You shall be rewarded."

"Thank you, my lord." Fett replied.

Vader returned his attention to his son, "Come." He ordered as he turned towards the exit, through the force he felt Luke hesitate before slowly trailing behind him.

They journeyed deeper and deeper into the belly of the Super- Star- Destroyer, with each turn and through each door, Luke could feel his freedom slowly slipping away, not that it mattered, the freedom that he wanted had already been torn from him months ago. Even if he was too escape the Sith now he would never be free, the chains of paranoia would always bind him with every step he took.

They enter what must of been the detention centre, Vader had a quick exchange with the guard at the main desk before proceeding on their way. They came to the door at the end of the corridor of cells, Vader entered a code and they passed. Beyond there was a another small corridor with a door opposed to the one that they had just entered by. Vader typed in the code for that door as well, and to glided open without even a whisper. He followed the Sith inside , inside the room was a dull grey, Luke raised his head and studied the room. It was bare and featureless, all surfaces were grey and flat, a familiar black octagon was present on the floor, he did not resist when his father unbound his hands and ordered him to sit. Still, he did not resist when his hands were brought above his head and re-bound.

Luke's head began to droop, even with the sleep that he had managed to gather in the warehouse and board the Slave 1 were not enough to compensate for the long stretched days that had sapped his energy. "You must rest..." Were the words that he heard as he once again drifted into sleep.

Vader watched his son sleep, he pushed the youth into a deeper sleep with the force. He would need it, he may be in relative safety with him now, but once they reached the Emperor, Vader would no longer be in control of what happens to his son. His only hope was that Luke would see sense before confrontation with Palpatine. He activated the force field before exiting the cell.

A day later- Rebel base- Dantooine

The mess hall was quite, they had just been engaged in a bloody battle with the Empire in deep space. Many had been lost, many more wounded. Han and Leia were sat alone on a table in the corner.

"We can not go on like this." Leia sighed, putting down her fork beside the full plate.

"What do you mean?" Han inquired, picking up his glass and taking a sip.

"We lost a record amount of troops today, a long with a party of much needed supplies. I fear that it may be due to Luke's absence."

Han glanced around the room, the morbid atmosphere hung thick in the room and was almost sickly.

"I think your right." He admitted, "but what are we to do, nobody knows Luke's location, even if we were to find him I doubt that the board would allow him back. Not after- well.. you know.."

"It is not Luke's fault that Darth Vader is his father," The room seemed to fall into even deeper silence, if that was at all possible, as all ears were turned to a string of word, Luke-Vader-Father. Those three words were the most debated topic in the resistance, was Darth Vader really Luke's father? Was Luke Skywalker an Imperial Spy? Was Luke a Sith, not a Jedi? Old questions not asked came to the surface, where had Luke gone after the battle on Hoth? That was the biggest one, he had told them that he had been training but most had not believed him, rumors spread like wild fire, till Luke cringed at the comments heard as he walked down a corridor.

That was at the end pushed him away, at a time when he had needed the support of his friends he was denied it. Luke had visited Yoda, after he had rescued Han from Jabba, he told them that much, but he was growing further and further away from them. In his absence the leaders had decided upon what action should be taken, Luke hadn't even been there to stick up for himself. Han and Leia had tried their best, but had been given the same excuses. 'Where is your proof?' 'Where is he now?' 'We can not trust him!' 'He is the son of a Sith!'

All masks to hide their fear, fear that he was indeed more powerful than them, fear that left them blind to the fact that he was their only hope.

Luke had been given the choice, leave or face the charges of treason.

Of course they had offered to go with him-

"Luke...Kid." Han had shouted down the corridor bringing the young Jedi to a halt. "We'll come with you." He had offered, Leia had come running up behind them.

"No, you need to stay here. The rebellion needs you." He had stated.

"Luke.." She almost whispered.

"No, this is a path that you can not follow-"

"But Luke-" Han tried.

"No!" Luke snapped, " This path you can not follow, I must take it alone..."

With that he had spun on his heals before quickly walking away, that had been the last that they had seen or heard of Luke Skywalker.

Suddenly Leia shivered, "What the matter?" Han asked worriedly.

"I feel... cold." She answered, small shivers trembling through her body.

"Cold? I know that the Rebellion can't afford state of the art heating, but it's not that bad." Han joked, Leia didn't look amused.

"Not just that; I feel darkness, pain... hurt... betrayal." Her head shot up and the small tremors across her body stopped. "Luke..." She whispered.

Luke had groggily awoken, his eyes were blurred but he knew exactly who occupied the room with him. The iconic respirator gave him away. He heard the force field deactivate, then his binders unlocked, allowing his arms to fall by his side, all feeling in them lost.

Energy poured into him seconds later as his sense began to return replacing the numbness, he looked up to the towering Dark Lord that loomed above him. Vader place a plate and glass at his feat. "Eat." He commanded. Luke crossed his legs and picked up the plate, eyeing the bread that sat upon it.

He looked back to his father, "What no butter... jam?" He smiled.

"It is all that I am permitted to give you." The Sith replied, Luke returned to the plate. He was not going to turn down the food, he hadn't eaten for days, he also didn't know when he would next be offered the same, especially with no strings attached.

Once not a crumb remained he took a large sip of the water before returning his gaze to his father, "What are you doing this for?" He questioned.

"The Emperor wants you ali-" Vader began.

"No, not the food. What are you doing this all for?" He gestured at the cell.

"The Emperor has ordered that you be-"

"The Emperor," Luke laughed, "Do you do everything he tells you to?"

"I must do as he says, he is my master."

"And I am your son!" Luke parried. Vader flinched for the first time in two decades, Luke continued, "Do you orders of that old man outweigh the wishes of your son?"

"He is the Emperor, I must do as he commands," Luke was about to interrupt before Vader raised his hand to stop him, "- but that does not mean that I care for you any less."

"If you truly cared about me then I would not be locked in this cell!" Luke spat.

"Luke, you are my son, I care for you very much, the only thing that could challenge my love for you is my love for your mother." Vader admitted, brining old memories that he wished to forget to his mind Anakin, you're breaking my heart...

Luke snorted bringing Vader out of his thoughts.

"Yeah and look what happened to her." He laughed crossing his arm and leaning back against the wall. Vader was left speechless.

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