Summary: Post AoU. Seven years after Voldemort's death, Healer Helene Potter was just minding her own business working at St. Mungo's and trying to avoid the nickname of the 'Girl who Lived'. When Nick Fury arrives and offers her a job working for him, she immediately accepts in order to escape her own nightmares. She never expected to find herself in an even more tangled of a mess and falling in love with a billionaire. Fem! Harry/Tony Stark.

Chapter One: The Girl Who Lived

Twenty-four-year-old Helene Potter hated the stench on blood on her hands. She forced herself to blink once and then twice until she felt that the smell wasn't making her sick anymore. It was ironic, she guessed, a healer at one of the biggest hospitals for witches and wizards and she still got a little stomach sick when she smelled the blood.

She guessed it was because of all of the things that she had been through during her years at Hogwarts. Although she had fond memories of the school not everything was pearly and pink. She particularly remembered that in the final year, there had been a lot of deaths and a lot of blood.

For a second her mind flashed to the image of Tonks and Lupin's dead bodies that seemed to be engraved in her head. She shook her head and forced herself not to think about that anymore, although in reality Helene would probably end up thinking about it all through her shift. She tended to think more on her negative thoughts that in the positive. Come to think of it maybe it was just her conscience telling her that she hadn't visited Teddy Lupin in a while. After all she was his godmother.

"Drink this sir," Helene said somewhat distracted as she handed a purple looking potion towards the elderly man who looked absolutely miserable. Well, Helene though, he is suffering from dragon pox. For the past seven years ever since she had graduated from Hogwarts for the most part Helene had been stuck on the second Floor-Magical Bugs and Diseases.

It was Helene's favorite floor for there was enough work to keep her distracted through the day and she needed the distractions, there had been an outbreak of dragon pox near a small village so Helene had been unusually busy and her back and legs ached from the usual back and forth.

Helene couldn't believe how different her life had been ever since she had left Hogwarts, it was almost normal in a weird way. No one was after her, no one was planning her demise. Everything was well, then why was she feeling so damn shaky? Was she allergic to peace or something?

She bit her lower lip, it was weird. It was like she was waiting for something terrible to happen. It was like she was the only one not content with peace. Her thoughts drifted towards her friends Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger now known as Hermione Granger-Weasley and she couldn't believe how different their lives had turned out.

Ron was happily working as an Auror and he constantly told Helene about his adventures and cool things he saw on the job and Hermione was still working on S.P.E.W and quickly working up the corporate ladder, Helene wouldn't be surprise if Hermione ended up being minister of magic someday.

It seemed everyone had their life figured out except Helene. Ron and Hermione had gotten married as soon as they had graduated from Hogwarts. They already had a daughter Rose and a little boy named Hugo. They of course invited her to dinner and to birthday parties and Helene enjoyed them, but she still couldn't help but feel that something was missing.

Maybe she was having a midlife crisis and wanted a little adventure.

"Healer Potter," Madam Foster's sharp voice was heard through the whole floor. Madam Foster was the head healer and supervisor where Helene worked. Ever since the first day that Helene had started to work there Madam Foster had warned her that there would be no special treatment and Helene had a feeling that she had never really like her at all ever since Helene had started working there. "Healer Potter, where are you?"

"I'm here Madam Foster," Helene answered as she went towards where Madam Foster was calling.

Madam Foster glared at her. "Didn't you hear me calling?" Before Helene could respond Madam Foster interrupted her. "You have a visitor waiting in the tea room. Find out what they want and then come back to work immediately."

Helene looked at her confused besides Ron and Hermione she didn't get many visitors, besides they were at work right and Helene usually visited Hagrid on school holidays or they send letters. "Did they say, who- "

"No, they did not say," Madam Foster said impatiently. "Just go Healer Potter and make it quick."

Not wanting to annoy the healer anymore for fear that she would punish her with a dreaded task, Helene thanked her and hurried up to the fifth floor where the gift shop and tea shop were located.

Like always it was crowded with witches and wizards visiting loved ones. Cynthia, a plump, looking witch that baked the best cakes and muffins that Helene had ever tasted waved her over. "Helene, dear your guests are waiting in my sitting room. I thought it would be more private I'll bring tea soon."

Ok, so it was definitely not Ron, Hermione, or Hagrid. It must be someone important someone from the ministry maybe, but Hermione would have mentioned something and Helene hadn't killed anyone lately or done anything illegal.

She stepped inside after thanking Cynthia and knocked on the door. Helene jumped back slightly when she saw a dark skinned man in a trench coat and wearing an eyepatch staring back at her. "Sorry," she said. "You scared me."

The man almost smiled. "My apologies, Miss Potter or would you prefer Healer Potter?"

"Helene is fine," Helene said dryly. "I've never been one for formalities. How can I help you, um- "?

"Nick. Nick Fury, but you can call me Director Fury." Fury said with a smile. "I am here to talk to you about joining SHIELD."

"Fifty bucks says that Fury is losing it," Tony quipped as he overlook the rest of his fellow Avengers. They were currently lounging in one of the rooms in the tower. Lazily sipping their beers and eating the occasional hot wing. "Does he seriously want to re-raise a decade long organization in a matter of days. HYDRA butchered SHIELD in the easiest way possible and he wants to raise it again so it gets infected again? The man does not learn."

"We should support him," Steve Rogers scolded him. "Do you honestly prefer the government to be calling all of the shots? Don't get me wrong I love the American government- "

Tony scrunched up his nose. "Yeah, yeah Rogers no one is accusing you of being un American. I guess you're right I rather have Fury in charge. I'll donate a hearty check to his cause, did he dare mention where he was going in such a hurry?"

Natasha took a sip of her beer. "He didn't say, but he did send some letters and this morning he got on a plane to god knows where."

-End of Chapter One-

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