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Devoted To Destruction



We touch I feel a rush; we clutch it isn't much
But it's enough to make me wonder what's in store for us
It's lust; it's torturous

You must be a sorceress 'cause you just did the impossible
Gained my trust don't play games it'll be dangerous if you fuck me over

'Cause if I get burnt I'ma show you what it's like to hurt
'Cause I've been treated like dirt before you
And love is "evol", spell it backwards I'll show you



"We lose a national hero but you sit there looking like the cat ate the canary."

"I've eaten a lot of canaries."Amanda retorted, staring at the man across from her."It's taken some work, but I finally have them, the worst of the worst."

She reached down into her bag and pulled out a thick hardback, but he just glanced at it and returned to cutting up his food.

"There's rumors, Amanda, that some of them have abilities."

She nodded, almost smug."The rumors are right. You know what the problem with a meta-human is? The human part."Amanda grabbed her fork and knife and began cutting up her food as she spoke."We got lucky with Superman; he shared our values. The next Superman might not."

"You're playing with fire."

Amanda didn't hide her laugher as she retorted."I'm fighting fire with fire."

He sighed, chewing his food before he said."You're not going to pitch us that Task Force X project of yours again, are you?"

"Yes."She said, placing down her drink."But, this time, you're gonna listen."

And she opened the hardback and began to explain each person inside of it, gaining his attention. She told him about everyone in the book until, finally, she landed on a page that showed a picture of a young, attractive woman.

Name: Katherine Frost

Aliases: Kitty Kat





Strengths: Frost has mastered the art of combat, she is very able at holding her own in a fight. Frost is very well known to use guns, but her hands are her most dangerous weapon. She is very well connected with the underworld via her father, Jonny Frost.

Weaknesses: Her unborn child but that does not slow her down in her attempts to escape. Her father, The Joker and Harley Quinn.

Other Info: Frost is attached to The Joker and Harley Quinn. She became his most high ranking myrmidon, along with her father, Jonny Frost. Frost's devoted and loyal father, The Joker's right-hand man, is one of the most notorious mobsters ever to cross Gotham.

Status: Contained; Belle Reve Penitentiary


"She's pretty."He mused, eyes trailing over the young woman."Big, doe eyes, long brunette hair but has the hint of the devil in her eyes."

He looked up, meeting Amanda's eyes."Who is she?"

"Katherine Frost. Daddy's girl and mob daughter turned bad."Amanda responded as she took a sip of her drink."She grew up surrounded with power, money and The Joker, who she lovingly calls 'Uncle J'. Hell, the two got matching tattoos on her birthday, the mouth on the side of her hand."

"She a weakness of his, too?"He asked, and Amanda nodded before he spoke again."What about the pregnancy?"

"She found out that she was carrying just before she got captured by Batman. The father was a low-key henchman of The Joker's and, having some beef with his boss, he turned her in. He soon died when 'Uncle J' and Frost found out. She's almost six months gone now, and she'd do anything for the brat."

"Which is why if we're going to go ahead with this, we need to act now. We can use the spawn against her."

He raised his eyebrows, rubbing his chin as he eyed Katherine's record.

He was doubtful.

"Why would she agree?"He shook his head, glancing at her record."She is quoted to say that she'd rather die now with her child still with her than be separated."

"I have my ways."

Amanda had heard how well Katherine had taken to the pregnancy.

She had even picked out names.

Despite her flaws, family meant something to Katherine and Amanda could use that.



Six-year-old Katherine sobbed as she slowly walked into the bank, clutching her teddy to her chest, big brown eyes watery. The bank had people scattered around it to either hand in money or to take money out.

As she walked into the centre of the bank, eyes glancing around at the people, she let out a loud wail.


Several guards that were standing around, looked at the little girl standing in the centre of the bank and quickly rushed over to her. Nobody in their right mind would leave a little girl standing alone. Katherine sobbed louder as the guards came over to her, kneeling down in front of here.

"What's wrong, honey?"

The second guard spoke at the same time."Are you lost?"

The third guard put a hand on her shoulder while the other four asked her more questions that she was too upset to answer. She inhaled and exhaled sharply, more tears watering in her eyes.

"I lost my daddy!"She cried, nuzzling into her teddy bear."I want my daddy!"

The main guard picked her up and placed her on a bench, kneeling down in front of her."Where did you lose him, sweetie?"

"In the crowd outside."

"What's his name?"

"Daddy. His name is Daddy."She whimpered.

"What's your name, honey?"Another asked with a light chuckle to try and make her feel better.

As she told them her name, they wrote it down, and her eyes looked around. She seemed to perk up at something they couldn't see.

"Right, do you have any other family close by we could contact?"

She nodded, blinking innocently."Yep."

"Good."The guard smiled at her."What's his name."

"Mr.J." She stated proudly, little legs kicking back and forth."His name is Mr.J."

Before the guards could respond, fires were suddenly shot, and they all turned just in time for each of them to get a bullet in their heads. The henchmen ran in, shooting random people, knowing that they were safe from any more guards at the moment because they had all killed them at the same time.

Hands over her ears to protect her hearing, Katherine let out a small laugh as the guards fell at her feet.

She looked up as her father walked over to her, a proud smile on his lips.

"There's my little actress."

"Daddy!"She exclaimed, arms stretching out.

Her father chuckled, lifting her into his arms and picking her up into his embrace. Katherine locked her arms around his neck; teddy tucked underneath her arm. He smirked as bodies fell to the floor and stepped over a couple.

They looked to the door as The Joker sauntered in, dressed in his usual clothing, gold chains around his neck and gold rings on his fingers.

"Right, boys! Let's get this finished before the cops show up!"The Joker shouted as he walked."I don't fancy another trip to the looney bin this week!"

Katherine smiled as her 'uncle J' made his way over to them, a fond smile on his lips as he looked down at the child.

"Did I do good, Uncle J?"She asked, brown eyes peering up at her beloved 'uncle'.

"You did good, brat."The Joker said, handing her the lollipop he had promised before her task."There ya go. As your uncle J promised. You'll also be getting a full piggy bank as well for your troubles."

She smiled as she took the lollipop, giggling as he ruffled her hair.

Present—Belle Reve

"Caught me crawlin', baby, window, grass is very high. Keep on crawlin' till the day I die. Crawlin' King Snake, and I rule my den You better give me what I want, gonna crawl no more..."

Katherine rocked back and forth in the middle of her cage, singing along to the music inside of her head. She tipped her head back, eyes rolling to the back of her head before she spun around on her heel. A dazed smile broke out on her face as her arms slowly rose up into the air as if she aimed to touch the sky with her fingertips.

The brunette clapped loudly along the music inside of her head, as she moved her head with music, her long brunette locks flying around her.

"Caught me crawlin', baby, Crawlin' 'round your door, seein' everything I want. I'm gonna crawl on your floor, let's crawl. And I rule my den. C'mon, give me what I want, ain't gonna crawl no more..."

Katherine skillfully jumped from foot to foot as she spun around again, arms reaching out, her tattooed fingers wiggling. Just as the song came to a stop, the sound of feet entering what she liked to call, her territory, hit her ears. She snapped her head up, brushing hair out of her eyes, rolling her eyes when her gaze landed on Griggs.

"Missed me, princess?"

Katherine ignored him and stepped closer.

"Is it lunch time already?"She asked, looking through the bars at him, arching her eyebrow.


"Then go away."She sing songed, turning away from the bars, fondly stroking her stomach."I'm eating for two here, and I haven't had anything today. My ankles are massive; I'm this close to losing sight of my feet and-"

"You have a visitor."Griggs cut her off before she could rant once more."And, let me tell you, you're going to want to hear this."

She perked up and skipped over to the bars, fingers locking around them."Is my daddy here?"


She pouted but remained interested."Uncle J?"


"Is it Harls?"She asked, and when he opened his mouth to reply, she added."Say no, and i'm not interested."

"You should be, it's even better than your friends."

Before she could ask, he turned away and behind him stood a middle-aged woman that she didn't recognise.

"Don't tell me your gonna be my cage mate because, lady, I don't share."

"No,"Amanda said as she walked closer to the cell after the perimeter fence opened."I wanna talk."


"Yeah."Amanda repeated, tilting her head as she asked."I need your help."

Katherine stared at the older woman for a long moment before she let out a loud laugh, stumbling back a few steps.

"Lady, I don't know who you think you're talking to but i'm evil."Katherine chuckled, holding out her arms."Evil don't help good unless we get something back. You want help? Go to church. You've got a bigger chance getting help from the big guy upstairs than me."

Katherine made a shooing motion at Amanda."Now, go please, I have my daily session with staring at these four walls. Please make sure to ask about my lunch."

Katherine turned and began to walk towards her small, metal bed that had a thin mattress. Amanda stared at her back, eyes glancing at Katherine rubbing her stomach before she spoke.

"What if I said that I could help you?"

"I already have a psychiatrist, thank you."

Amanda let out a laugh before she said."I'm not taking about that kind of help, Katherine. I'm talking about helping you with your baby. You do know that there's a significant chance that as soon as you have him or her, they'll take it away? You're a mob daughter and a killer which means that you'll be in here for the rest of your life if you don't take this deal."

Katherine spun around on her heel, a dark look in her eyes but she didn't speak.

Her expression told Amanda to carry on.

Amanda smirked. She had Katherine.

"I can't tell you much, but I have a mission for you. A dangerous mission, in fact, but if you complete it, you'll get to have your baby and keep it until you bond."

"Until?"She repeated, shaking her head with a laugh, rubbing her stomach again."Lady, i've said it before, and i'll say it again. I'd rather die here with my child still connected to me than be separated from it."

Amanda smiled at her."Your child will be taken away and given to your father, but you will have visitation."

Katherine was quiet for a long moment as she made her way back over to the bars."Do I have a choice to be apart of this mission? You seem to be keen for me to be apart of it and to stay apart of it because you don't seem like the type to negotiate."

Amanda shook her head."No you don't have a choice, but agree to this, don't try to escape and stay alive during the mission and i'll make sure to keep my end of the deal."

Katherine moved closer, her fingers wrapping around the bars.

"Don't play with a pregnant woman, lady, especially not this one. I die? My father with rain down on you like Satan himself."

"And don't play with the person who can save your child."

Amanda stuck her hand through the bars which made the guards come closer, raising their weapons.

Katherine giggled, eyes glancing over at them then back at the hand.


She smirked at the older woman before she shook the hand.

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