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"Saviour One-Zero, this is Ground Element."

The Squad trailed behind the soldiers, Amanda and Flag as they made their way over to where the helicopter was. It hovered in the air as it came closer to the edge while the squad gathered around the ramp with Amanda and Flag. GQ Edwards, Flag's right-hand man, continued to attempt to obtain a reply from those in the helicopter who were meant to be landing it for extraction.

"Come on, hurry up."

Katherine's sighs grew more exasperated the longer they were on the roof awaiting the helicopter to take Amanda first which meant they'd be there long after her. As a chill ran down her spine, Katherine wrapped her custom made leather jacket tighter around her, lip curling up in annoyance at the tears in it as well as the dried blood. It was her favorite; The Joker had designed it with his famous emblem on the back above her initials.

The longer they waited made Katherine even more exasperated and chilly. As the mumbled curses underneath her breath, Katherine then suddenly felt a series of kicks that made her painted lips curve up into an impressed smile.

"I know, right?"

Her baby kicked a few more times, making Katherine laugh again, earning a raised eyebrow from Flag. Katherine scowled at him and turned away, touching her bump.

"Just the two of us, building castles in the sky."Katherine crooned underneath herself to calm them both down, quietly laughing to herself when her baby responded with another light yet healthy kick."Just the two of us, you and i..."

"You good?"

Looking away from the helicopter, Katherine turned to her left to see El Diablo standing beside her, hands in his pockets and a questioning look in his eyes. Katherine surmised he'd probably heard of her dizziness in the stairway and sent El Diablo a half smile.

"I've chased for six blocks in heels; this is nothing. I'm all good."Katherine nodded her head with a beaming smile, stroking her bump once more, glancing at the man a few times with an inquisitive glimmer in her eyes then sighing before saying."I guess I should say thank you."

When El Diablo simply stared at her, Katherine motioned to Amanda."For earlier with the she-devil. I have my dad's temper but, unlike him, i'm a little more impulsive. Game plan or not I jumped the gun."

"You ain't the only one who's got a temper; you just got to act when you need to. Got a kid now."El Diablo said, glancing at Katherine's bump with a shake of his head."Can't get yourself in trouble unless you know you're gonna win. Take it from someone who gets it, chica."

Katherine's inquisitive frown deepened."Huh?"

"You ain't the only one with family."El Diablo placed his hands over one another before separating them, and Katherine watched in fascination as two, fiery figurines of young children running were designed, making Katherine's eyes sheen when she watched El Diablo show a hint of emotion."I had two. A girl and a boy."

Katherine's eyes widened in slight surprise, a curious glimmer in her eyes as she watched El Diablo. He'd barely spoke to her, to anyone in the group apart from Killer Croc but he hadn't been invisible. It had been obvious he was carrying something heavy on his shoulders, something tragic because El Diablo had a reputation.

He had to be one of the worst considering he'd been enforced to join the squad, Amanda would've have put him in the task force if he weren't. Katherine had noticed him a few times, she remembered asking about his tattoos, but the times he had put himself in a situation was El Diablo not aiding her but aiding her baby.

"Had a wife, too."El Diablo then snapped his fingers, and the children were gone, replaced with a woman dancing around. He studied it with a small, pensive smile before the fire suddenly was gone."I had a family."

Katherine's smile quickly fell as she thought over his words and she lost her voice for a moment, remembering El Diablo shouting about children perishing, observing the tattooed man before whispering."H-Had?"

"Didn't realize they were my world until it was too late."El Diablo replied with a curt nod, expression solemn once more. The faraway, guilty look in his eyes made Katherine attempt to reach out, but El Diablo turned, slowly started to back away, firmly adding."Take care of your baby, cherish it."

Katherine opened her mouth to reply, but all that came out was a quiet."I'm sorry."

"So am I, but it don't change things."El Diablo quietly replied before his hands met in a prayer position, flames appearing once more."It's precious, chica."

"I understand."Katherine quietly replied, raising both hands and meeting her index finger tips as well as her thumbs, offering El Diablo a small, warm smile."Phil Jackson."

El Diablo nodded once more, a ghost of a small smile on his face before he turned and ambled away. Katherine watched after him with rare empathetic look, hugging her bump protectively. She'd rarely felt sorry for anyone and never would feel pity for those who crossed her, but for rare cases like El Diablo, Katherine felt a pang in her chest.

"Poor guy."

After one last look at El Diablo, she quickly collected herself, and as Katherine turned to ask how much longer she'd be standing, Katherine and Amanda's eyes met for a short moment. The pair kept their stare until the older woman sent the mob daughter a lopsided grin. Katherine's eyes narrowed at Amanda, her smile fading and dark eyes clouding dangerously. She continued to stare at Amanda until the older woman looked away, leaving Katherine irritated and affronted.

Katherine drew out a long breath, hand unconscionably reaching up and fondly touching her gun. She kept her eyes on Amanda as her fingers traced the shape of the gun, flashes of pulling it out its holster and emptying it by firing the bullets in Amanda.

"I hate her, and i've never hated someone,"Katherine mumbled to herself, thumb stroking the Joker emblem on her gun handle that tucked in the holster. She tilted her head as she watched Amanda, laughing to herself."Never had to. A gun usually sorts that out."

A dark chuckle made Katherine blink, snapping the pregnant woman out of her thoughts and she turned to see Deadshot beside her with an amused smile.

"Hey, you keep glaring and holding your gun like that, and someone is gonna get their head blown off."Deadshot reached out and peeled Katherine's hand from her Joker emblem gun with a shake of his head, guiding her hand away from the weapon."Let's just..."

"I wasn't going to shoot her. Promise."Katherine firmly replied with a one-shouldered shrug, inwardly praising herself, letting her hand drop down by her side with a sulky huff."But she provokes me. She's provoking."

Deadshot huffed out a laugh as Katherine went to cross her arms, her sulky sighs returning when she remembered the large bump that was in her way. It soon disappeared, however, when she contently stroked her bump, mouthing something to herself with a smile. He watched her for a moment, a small smile on his face before he returned to eavesdropping in on the soldiers who were starting to look unsettled.

"Saviour One-Zero?"Edwards narrowed his eyes, glancing at Flag with a puzzled look before he shrugged and tried again, hand cupping his other ear as he listened intently."Saviour One-Zero, how copy?"

Flag, Amanda and the soldiers watched the helicopter for a moment as it neared the roof, lingering over them like a dark cloud. As the seconds ticked by and nobody responded, Flag and Amanda started to become more uneasy. The female clown beside her was bored and agitated, something that was not a good combination for those around her.

Harley held tight onto the bat on her shoulders, eyes studying her painted nails and loudly chewing on her gum just to enjoy Boomerang's scowl at the sound.

Katherine studied the helicopter for a moment, moving closer to Harley, hand on the other woman's shoulder. She drummed her fingers against Harley's shoulder, leaning in to whisper into her ear."Something's going on."

"Huh?"Harley turned, expression suddenly shifting from bored to spellbound, as if she could sense something they couldn't. Her lips parted, and she gasped, tilting her head up, her eyes widening and fixated on the helicopter with a hopeful sigh."Ohhh!"

"Saviour One-Zeo, the LZ is clear."Edwards raised his voice slightly, pausing for another moment to await a response, shaking his head with an unsettled sigh as he turned to Amanda and Flag."Boss, they're not talking to me."

Flag turned his head and glanced at the squad, eyes lingering on Katherine and Harley who offered him matching, far too innocent smiles. Flag suspiciously narrowed his eyes, staring the women then glancing at the helicopter that continued to near the roof.

"Our bird's been jacked."Flag mumbled to himself in realisation, taking a step back in line with his men and raising his weapon, shouting as loud as he could."LIGHT IT UP!"

As the SEALS raised their guns, shots began to fire back and forth, and a battle started. A soldier was instantly shot down seconds after it began, making Flag stand forward bravely and commanding his soldiers to follow. As the soldiers and whoever was in the helicopter continued to pull their triggers, the squad scattered around, most of them seeking shelter behind the roof's parapet.

Katherine and Harley watched the battle with identical fascinated looks as the SEALS were easily overwhelmed, several of them being shot down before they could respond. It was short-lived, however, as Katherine felt a hand on her forearm and she turned to see Deadshot beside her.


As Katherine moved to follow Deadshot, she reached out to grab Harley only to be met with air. She turned her head, frowning and a little worried because if the people in the helicopter were who she hoped, their separation would make it difficult to converse. She turned back when she heard Deadshot calling for her, telling her to follow him but Katherine remained in her spot.


"Not enough time. The two seconds it takes for you to cross is two seconds for them to shoot you."Deadshot shook his head, grabbing Katherine's wrist in a firm grip."Let's go, let's go!"

As Deadshot pulled her behind him, Katherine reached for Harley who, when she caught sight of her pigtails, had found cover. The female clown was happily chewing on her gum, fingers in her ears and smiling to herself as she knelt down beside Katana. Katherine nodded to herself when she was sure Harley was unscathed and followed Deadshot, crouching down first before the hitman settled down beside her.

"Sounds like soldier boy is out of his depth."Deadshot huffed out an amused laugh as he heard Flag shouting over the shots, placing his guns beside him as he shifted to get a better look."Maybe they'll shut him up for good."

"Pity."Katherine gave a half-suppressed laugh, glancing over at Deadshot as she rubbed her bump."I was hoping i'd be the one."

Still on his feet, Boomerang rushed to seek cover beside Killer Croc who had found refuge behind a large generator. As he rushed to join Killer Croc, he had no qualms in shoving one SEAL in front of him and, in doing so, in full view of their attackers because he knew the people firing the shots were most likely targeting the soldiers.

"Sorry about that, mate!"Boomerang called back to the SEAL when he joined Killer Croc behind the generator, sitting down beside him with a toothy grin. The Australian's smile broadened when he turned to Killer Croc who was growling to himself."How ya doing?"

"Fine."Killer Croc stared at him for a long moment, baring his jagged teeth when Boomerang smirked at him."Now i'm hungry."

The Australian continued to smirk until he processed Killer Croc's words and it faded to a frown. An insulted one. He sniffed almost indignantly before slowly nodding and looking away when Killer Croc continued to stare intimidatingly at him.

"Aww!"The pair frowned at the drawl and looked across from them to see Harley facing them, back against the parapet. She was watching them with a playful grin, their frowns deepening when the female clown quirked and eyebrow."Aren't you two adorable?"

Their response was swift, laced with annoyance and said in unison."Shut up!"

Katherine and Deadshot, still crouching side by side, listened to the shots that were still being fired. They heard Amanda shouting orders at Flag who was becoming more and more annoyed as his men continued to be shot down. As Katherine tried to catch sight of Flag hopefully being shot down, something she'd been waiting to see, Deadshot's attention was suddenly caught by something on her neck.

"What?"Katherine asked when she noticed, raising an eyebrow, hand touching her neck, the smile tattoo on her hand on full view, and she frowned at the hitman."What is it?"

Deadshot didn't reply, just cocked his head and continued observing her neck. There was a light where she had gotten injected with the nanite but, before he could tell her, Katherine felt a buzzing against her. She curiously glanced at the hitman once more then reached into her pocket, pulling out the small phone.


A broad smile worked its way onto her face; her eyes lit up for the first time in what seemed like forever. A feeling of relief soared through her body as Katherine listened to the helicopter as well as the shots being fired, some by her father. Her father had come for her, like he'd promised he always would.

"Daddy."Katherine whispered to herself, her lips curving up into a smile when more shots were fired before she turned to face Deadshot who was looking at her phone screen and with a broad grin."My dad and uncle J. They're here."

"You're nanite. It's disarmed."Deadshot looked up from the phone then the flashing in her neck before shaking his head at her when he noticed that she was more than pleased to follow."Katherine."

"If I stay I might die, my baby might die and we ain't dying unless we have to."Katherine shook her head, touching her neck once more, eyes narrowing at Amanda who stood beside Flag and watching everyone firing."You'd do the same."

"I ain't the size of a beach ball about to jump onto a helo."Deadshot replied, hand firmly taking hold of her arm, shaking his head once more."It's raining bullets out there and you keep forgettin' you're knocked up."

"My life has been raining bullets since my dad started workin' for Uncle J."Katherine retorted with a kittenish grin as she looked around for Harley, needing to know if her friend was with her before she got up. "It's all part of the fun, honey."

The pang of worry in her mind faded when she heard Harley laughing, near enough for Katherine to meet her on the ramp.

"She got the go-ahead too, yeah?"Deadshot asked over the bullets and the shouts coming from Flag and his men that were falling like flies."You goin' all Thelma and Louise?"

"I'll come back for ya, all right? Your baby needs ya."Katherine quickly replied, peeling back the collar of his uniform, nail grazing his throat, just over the small puncture where he'd been injected. The patted the small pocket he kept the picture of his daughter in before she gave a small smile."You promised me a date, Deadshot, and i'll collect."

Katherine nibbled on her bottom lip as he watched her, amused by her words. She watched Deadshot for a moment, tilting her head to which he mimicked, making her roll her eyes.


Curling her fingers into his collar, Katherine suddenly pulled Deadshot down to her level and claimed his mouth with her own. She kissed him once, long and hard, smiling to herself when Deadshot responded without hesitancy. Pulling away to catch her breath, Katherine's smile widened when she found herself leaning forward for another. As she did, Katherine felt a pair of hands on her body and a mouth brushing hers as Deadshot met her halfway.

Katherine heard him chuckle against her, the sound making her heart race faster against her ribcage."You want a piece of me, all you gotta do is ask, kitten."

The pair met eyes when she looked up, sharing a heated look before they leaned in. Katherine pressed closer to the hitman, winding one arm around his neck when the hitman's large hand cupped the back of her head as he deepened the kiss. His other hand cupped her cheek, thumb running along her cheekbone, his gentle hold on her becoming firmer as Katherine tugged him closer. His tongue ran along her lower lip before he bit down on the flesh, making Katherine giggle lightly before she parted her lips and happily followed his lead.

"If ya make out of this alive, i'm looking forward to it, Deadshot,"Katherine whispered with a grin, eyes on him for a moment before she placed her phone in his hand. Deadshot looked down with a puzzled look, raising his head and meeting her gaze, silently asking for an answer."I'll keep an eye on ya."

"Floyd. Call me Floyd."Deadshot said as they pulled away, brow furrowing almost thoughtfully, eyes lingering on Katherine's lips as he thought. The moment was short, ending when more gunshots filled the air. He met her gaze, pocketing the phone Katherine had given him, looking almost indifferent but his tone proved otherwise."All my friends do, all right?"

"Try not to get blown up before I fix the shit in your neck."Katherine mumbled against him as she pulled away to get a better look at him."Honour and loyalty among thieves, right?"

Deadshot continued to study her for a short moment, trying to read her.

He didn't fully trust Katherine, nowhere near because the type of people they could trust in their life were limited and he knew she didn't fully trust him. An attraction and somewhat admiration they held for one another had happened in the day they'd known eachother.

As of then, that was all they had but what made one another different to the other attractions they'd had was that they wanted more. That was enough. Deadshot believed that family and friends came first for her. He was confident that she kept her word, especially when it came to family.

Honour and loyalty among thieves.

The hitman pulled back to observe Katherine once more before briefly nodding, a half smile tugging at his mouth.

"That's right, kitten."

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