Elysium's Melody by Takato's Dreamer (rainytears)

a/n: This is a slightly confusing, internally depressing Eponine poem. It's just a reflection of the wintry world that she knows and the fading hope that she has as she gets older.

Disclaimer: Monsieur Hugo owns Les Misérables. Oh, and for all of those who have not heard of it, Elysium is the Roman afterlife where the pure of heart or the good went to live. It is often depicted as a perpetually sunny field.


I walk on the empty road

And find solace in Elysium's melody.

The distant calling of a brighter sun

Floats to my ears like a feather on the breeze.

The world is a swirling mass of revolution and war

The secrets fly throughout the hushed winter snow.

The streets of this town are the eye of the storm,

This world of unwanted ice and forgotten songs.

Many a tavern and home I pass,

The lights are all a blur in the whiteness.

The crisp silence is my audience as I quietly scream,

My own heart fighting a revolution for its freedom.

Bound by poverty to this neverending cycle,

Elysium's melody begins to fade away.

The cold spectre of winter forever slices at my back

And the passage of time only blurs my vision

In the snow that begins to slow down.

I'm awake again in the silent streets,

Though Elysium's melody I cannot hear.


end notes: That, my friends, is my take on Eponine's sad walk in life. She is a girl with blurred dreams and an internal search for freedom outside of her tiny world of snowy streets and the silent, unchanging landscape. She is losing hope.......

Anyhoo, reviews are appreciated. Tell me if it confused you, if you liked my portrayal of Eponine's world and feelings, or if you did not.

Btw, I wrote this as soon as I turned on the computer. It was a rush of words and came out slightly disorganized, but oh well. It was a sort of inspiration period where the words formed as I typed them slightly subconsciously....