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The Medal


Digimon Lantern 1

Chapter One

The Medal and The Fair

Brian was walking down the street of the city his parents had just moved to. He didn't like it here in Japan. He use to live in America. Back home, he won the city championships with his Medabot, Psy. They didn't make it to the world championships but they didn't care. But, the day before they moved, he lost a robattle to another kid. Psy's medal ejected and before Brian could get to it, a semi ran it over. On that day, he'd cried over the bits of the destroyed medal. He still had it with him, to remember his friend. He was passing a roadside stand when he was stopped by the old man who ran it.

"You look troubled, young one. Take this medal." The old man said handing him a blank medal.

Brian studied the medal. He couldn't find any design on it. It didn't make any sense to him why a medal would be designed without a design.

"Hey mister, this medal doesn't have a desig--" He began to reply to find the cart had vanished right in front of him.

The medal still in his hand, Brian walked back home and into his room where Psy's former body resided. Brian held the medal in his hand.

"What would Psy say?" He asked himself.

He remembered a particular day. It was after he won his home town's Medabot championship tournament. Brian and Psy had fought a great battle against a better opponent. His opponent had a Cat-Type Medabot and it was fast. Psy was knocked to the ground and his sword was wrapped in the Cat- Type Medabot's claws. The electricity was surging through the claws and Psy strained to keep the Medabot off of him.

"Psy! Alpha One! Now!" He yelled.

"Right!" Psy said.

Psy activated a shield with enough force to push the Medabot into the air. He deactivated the shield and jumped into the air after it. His sword connected with the Medabot and both landed. Salt, the Cat-Type Medabot, turned towards Psy, then collapsed. Her medal ejected. "Function Ceased! The winner is Psy!" The referee yelled.

"Yah! Brian! We won!" Psy yelled.

"We won!" Brian yelled with him.

Then, Psy decided to impress the audience.

"Keep on Medafighting, People!" Psy yelled to the crowd.

Remembering that battle brought a tear to Brian's eyes. He knew what he had to do. Opening the back of the Medabot, Brian placed the blank medal inside.

"I name you, Psychictron." He said as the medabot activated.

"Hello. Are you my medafighter?" He asked.

"Yes, my name's Brian." Brian replied.

The two of them walked out of the room to see Brian's mom cooking.

"What are you fixing, Mrs. J?" Psychictron asked.

"Brian, did you get another medal?" His mom asked.

"Yah, his name's Psychictron." Brian said.

"Well, Psychictron. I'm making beef stew." Mom said.

The next day, Brian and Psychictron walked the Medabot Fair that had come to town. There were a lot of medafighters with their medabots there and of course, there were many robattles going on. Psychictron and him were about to go ride the bumper cars when a finger tapped him on the shoulder. It was a girl with a red cat-type medabot. He knew her name was Samantha and that she was a good medafighter.

"So Brian, you finally got a medabot. I challenge you to a robattle." Samantha said challenging him.

"Let's do it, Brian. It'll be sweet taking one of those arms." Psychictron said.

"Let's do it." Brian answered her.

Then, a clown walked over to them.

"Then, it's agreed. I declare this to be an Official Submission Robattle. Medafighters ready! Medabots! Robattle!" Mr. Referee exclaimed. Peppercat came straight at Psychictron. The medabot stood there silently as the cat drew near.

"Peppercat, Lightning Jump!" Samantha commanded the medabot.

Peppercat, obediently, jumped into the air and charged up her claws. As gravity took hold and the medabot drew nearer, that's when Psychictron moved. Faster than anyone, other than another medabot, to perceive, Psychictron's sword had cut off Peppercat's head. The headless medabot collapsed and the medal ejected.

"Function ceased! The winner is Psychictron!" Mr. Referee exclaimed.

"PEPPERCAT!" Samantha yelled as she went over to her medabot and transported it home after taking out the medal.

Ikki and Metabee had been watching the battle with Arika and Brass. He was impressed.

"Did you see that? Psychictron cut Peppercat's head off. Way cool!" Ikki exclaimed.

"No doubt. That was the fastest defeat Samantha ever had. Man, that hurts." Metabee said.

Arika was playing back the tape of the fight. She watched in slow motion as Peppercat came down and in a lightning quick motion had her head, cut off her body.

"Ikki, its even fast in slow motion. I don't get this. How can a Medabot be that fast?" She asked.

"Well, at least he doesn't possess the Medaforce. Then, we'd be in trouble." Ikki said.

Koji and Sumilidon showed up.

"So, there's a new medafighter in town. Better go and see how I stack up." Koji said.

Ikki grabbed the rich kid's shoulder.

"Wait, we don't know most of the capabilities of this Medabot. It wouldn't be smart to go into a robattle with an opponent you haven't seen in action before." Ikki said.

"Com'n Sumilidon, we've got a robattle to win." Koji said without considering the advice.

Koji found where the robattles were taking place. He saw Totalizer fall to Psychictron. Crosser Dog went next. Then, it was Kantaroth, three Car- Type Medabots, FemJet, the Student Council's medabot, three other KBT-Type Medabots, six Gorilla Medabots, ten Belzegas, two Dog medabots, and the Ankle-Biters medabot: Cuddly-Bear. All of these medafighters were defeated and hadn't even damaged him.

"Brian! I challenge you to a robattle." Koji said. "Do you accept?" "Well Psychictron, we haven't had a good one so far. Maybe, he'll be different." Brian said.

"Then, it's agreed! Medabots ready! Medabots...ROBATTLE!" Mr. Referee yelled.

Sumilidon and Psychictron came at each other and locked swords. Psychictron's first attack had disabled the hammer punch arm. With his left arm free, Psychictron began to fire into Sumilidon's face.

"HEY!" Sumilidon yelled.

"Head Part 56% Damage. Disrupter Off-Line." Koji's Medawatch said.

"Sumilidon, get out of there." Koji ordered.

Sumilidon was released and he gained some distance. In his escape, his Flexor Sword hit Psychictron's right arm.

"Right Arm 17% Damage." Brian's Medawatch said.

Psychictron began to fire his Laser Cannons at Sumilidon's Legs. Sumilidon was evading with great speed.

"Psychictron, anticipate his movements." Brian whispered an order to his medabot.

Firing both Laser Cannons, Sumilidon was struck in the legs and fell.

"Leg Parts 49% Damage."

"Sumilidon, fight." Koji exclaimed.

"What do you think he's trying to do?" Ikki asked him.

"Left Arm 100% Damage. Function Ceased." Koji's Medawatch said. "Head Part 67% Damage. Legs 94% Damage."

Without warning, the glow of the Medaforce engulfed Sumilidon.

"I've... got... to... win...for...KOJI!" He yelled.

"MEDAFORCE!" Sumilidon yelled unleashing a Medabot's ultimate attack.

Psychictron quickly put his arms up to shield himself from the blast. It pushed the medabot across the floor as it tried to hold on. A cloud of dust enveloped Psychictron as the crowd prepared for what they expected. However, when the dust settled, Psychictron still stood there with his arms shielding him.

"Arms 30% Damage." Brian's Medawatch said.

"WHAT!?" Everyone in the crowd yelled including Sumilidon and Koji.

Brian and Psychictron were both surprised.

"How'd he withstand the blast? Only one Medabot could have withstood the blast of the Medaforce and that's Giganko." Ikki said.

Sumilidon fell to his knees. His medal ached as he knew he'd failed Koji. Psychictron walked over to him and drew out his sword.

"Finish...this." Sumilidon pleaded.

"I will. That was the best battle I had today." Psychictron said.

"Thanks." Sumilidon said.

Psychictron inflicted the final damage on Sumilidon to end the robattle.

"Function ceased. The winner is Psychictron!" Mr. Referee exclaimed.

Brian and Psychictron walked over to Ikki and Metabee. The two were casual and didn't seem to want another Robattle.

"That was a great fight, Brian. Not many medabots can withstand the Medaforce, Psychictron." Arika said complementing them both.

"Thanks." They said in unison.

"What kind of medal does Psychictron have?" Ikki asked.

Looking a little amused, Brian answered. "Actually, I don't know. It doesn't even have a design on it. Show them."

Psychictron shown them his blank medal. Arika was confused.

"Shouldn't that medal have a design?" She asked.

"All medals should." Brass told her.

"What do you call the medal then?" Ikki asked.

"I just refer to it as the Unknown Medal. It's kind of a joke me and Psychictron have." Brian told them.

Psychictron nudged Brian. "Yah, like your Unknown Brain."

"Remember, I can still stick you in my sister's mermaid medabot." He told him in a joking way.

"No need to fight dirty, man. I was just joking." Psychictron apologized.

"So was I." Brian said.

The six of them walked back to Brian's house where Brian's Mom greeted them.

"Brian, Psychictron, you brought friends. Good. I just finished a cake." She said.

Brian, Ikki, and Arika each took a slice along with some ice cream and went to Brian's room. Arika couldn't help but notice the broken medal that hung around Brian's neck.

"I don't mean to pry but what's with the necklace?" She asked.

"Well, the broken medal you see use to be my old medabot's medal. It was broken after a robattle when a truck drove over it before I could get it. I made a pendant so I could remember him. He was my best friend." Brian told them. "I wear it to remind myself that it is possible to lose your best friend forever."

Psychictron put his hand on Brian's knee.

"You don't have to worry about me. I'll never let my medal come out." Psychictron said.

"Thanks, Psychictron." Brian replied.

"That's so sad. It'd make a great story though." Arika said still thinking with her natural reporter instinct.

They heard an explosion outside and went to investigate. The Rubber Robos were riding down the street on a couple of Car-Type Medabots.

"Transport Medapart." Ikki said.

Metabee's right arm changed into Gokudo's Stretch Punch Arm. Metabee went to the sidewalk.

"Stretch Punch."

The black fist hit the first Car medabot and caused it to wreck into the other. Shrimp-Lips was the first one to get up.

"METABEE! Transport Medabots!" He yelled transporting Gokudo, Hakuna, and Sir Gold.

"Metabee, I'll fight along side you." Psychictron said. "Then, it's agreed. I declare this to be an Official Robattle. Medafighters ready! Medabots... Robattle!" Mr. Referee yelled.

Shrimp-Lips ordered his three medabots to do the same maneuver that they did in the Medabot Dojo. It seemed like Psychictron understood it.

"Metabee, I'm going to power leech my power over to you. Use your laser cannons to bust through this move." Psychictron said.

"Alright, let's do it." Metabee said.

Psychictron's sword began to glow as Metabee took aim.

"What are they doing?" Ikki asked.

"Maneuver 31-Beta. When I first became a medafighter, I came up with a few thousand maneuvers to use. Psychictron must have been on my computer while I was sleeping last night." Brian said.

The amount of power sent to Metabee was enormous. Metabee fired and took out Hakuna and Sir Gold in one hit. Psychictron ended the power leech.

"Now! 13-Omega!" Brian ordered.

Psychictron ran towards Gokudo. Gokudo seemed confident as ever.

"Stretch Punch" He attacked.

The black fists extended out and Psychictron jumped on to them. The sword- wielding Medabot ran up the length of the arms and in a swift and clean move, he removed Gokudo's head from his body. Brian and Ikki cheered at the victory. Metabee and Psychictron turned to each other.

"I hope we don't have to robattle anytime soon." Metabee said.

"Yah, you might actually win." Psychictron said.

This didn't go over well with Metabee.

"WHAT!? Are you saying that you'd beat me!?" Metabee asked irately.

"No, Metabee. What I'm trying to say is that with your skill, you would stand a better chance at being my equal than Sumilidon did. That is why I'm asking if we could be friends." Psychictron said extending his hand.

"Yah, sure. Why not?" Metabee said taking that hand.

"I'm glad." He replied.

"Today's Robattle: Psychictron won Peppercat's Arm and Sumilidon's Flexor Sword and due to a joint effort with Metabee, acquired Gokudo's Stretch Punch. More Medabots, More Power."