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Chapter 8

The Difference In Truth And Consequences

Psychictron was on the Medabot training ground. His thoughts went back to the battle with Guillotron. How was it that these Dominion bots keep on finding them. There had to be something wrong. It wasn't impossible that they found him all of the time but it was nearly improbable. He decided to play back the battle that had happened and scanned the faces of the medabots in the crowds. Each and every one of the medabots in the crowd had a look of either fear or the look that told you that they yearned to join in on the battle. It was the looks that Psychictron had expected. Then, he noticed something strange. He zoomed in and enhanced the picture. It was Brass. But something was wrong. She was smiling. It was as if she was enjoying seeing what was happening. Her expression could be best described as grinning.

"Brian, we have a problem." Psychictron said.

**************************************************************************** **

(Dominion Temple)

Brass watched as Dr. Meda Evil walked into the room. He was submissive as always.

"My Queen, the data you collected from that medal has been cloned. We have built your knight." The good doctor said gesturing to a figure in a dark corner.

"Good." Brass said. "You have served me well and you shall continue to do so. Let us begin."

**************************************************************************** **

"What's the problem, Psychictron?" Brian asked.

"I think I've figured out who the Dominion Queen is." Psychictron said. "It's Brass."

"Then, we're going to have a problem. Com'n." Brian said.

The two of them ran out of the building and ran to Arika's house. Arika's mother answered the door to a panting Brian and Psychictron.

"Where's Arika and Brass?" Brian asked.

"They went to the park with Ikki and Metabee. Why do you ask?" Arika's mom said to them.

"No reason." Brian said as the two ran to the park.

By the time they made it to the park, the two of them were tired but they knew that they had to continue.

"BRASS!" Psychictron yelled at the medabot.

"Yo! Psychictron, chill!" Metabee exclaimed surprised to see his friend pull out his sword.

"What's the deal, Brian?" Koji asked.

"Brass is the new Dominion Queen." Brian said. "Which means we have to destroy Brass."

"Brian," Arika said with tears in her eyes. She knew that Psychictron could easily destroy Brass but she couldn't be the Queen. She just couldn't be. "you don't know that."

"I'm sorry, Arika. Psychictron, attack!" Brian ordered his medabot.

Sumilidon deflected the sword while Metabee pushed the medabot away.

"Metabee, Sumilidon. I'll take both of you down to take her out." Psychictron said.

"What's the deal?" Metabee asked.

"She's the Queen." Psychictron said.

Then, Metabee heard something that sounded very strange. He turned to see Brass was laughing. It wasn't normal laughing. This was the laugh of a psycho. This didn't make sense. Why was she laughing like this? Then, it hit him. Psychictron was right. Brass pulled out a black medal.

"Transport Dominibot." She said.

A black energy shell erupted from the ground. Black lightning crackled from it and Brass threw the medal in. When the medal entered the shell, the black lightning crackled even more and soon, a bot appeared from the shell. It looked familiar only black.

"Say hello to my knight, Psylon." Brass said.

Metabee then erupted in his outbursts of strange noises. Arika had a look of fear on her face. The look that would tell someone that she was betrayed. That the one person that she thought she could trust was gone. Brian could see tears start to roll down her cheeks.

"Brass, no. You can't be the Dominion Queen!" Arika exclaimed.

"Oh, but I am. Psylon, destroy them for me." Brass ordered the black version of Psychictron.

"Before that happens, can you answer a few of my questions?" Brian asked her.

Brass crossed her arms. "Sure, I'll answer a few." She told him.

"Good. How were you able to create Psylon?" Brian asked.

"Simple. I hacked into the Medabot Corporation's Central Computer and acquired the medal data on Psychictron. Then, I stole the blueprints for his design. After that, a certain doctor that we've all had dealings with helped me build him. I have to say, he's been a wonderful servant." Brass said.

"Dr. MedaEvil." Ikki said.

"Precisely." Brass said. "Enough questions. Psylon, execute my last order."

Psylon leapt into the air with his katana drawn. He brought the katana down and Metabee barely got out of the way as the katana crashed to the ground. Then, the one medabot Brian thought he wouldn't see again gave a hammer punch to the medabot. Rokusho leapt away as Psylon sliced wildly at him.

"Rokusho!" Brian exclaimed. "What are you doing here?"

"I brought him." Dr. Aki said running up with a Medawatch on his wrist. "I was able to cure both Rokusho and Crosserdog of the Dominion virus by grafting data from Psychictron's medal onto theirs."

Just then, Crosserdog fired a stream of bullets Psylon's way.

"I see we're just in time." Spike said.

"Five to one odds, Psylon. Surrender." Psychictron told his double.

Psylon pointed his katana at Psychictron. "I will not surrender. My queen will be protected and I will defend her with my life." Psylon said. "I will even dispose of those who had been blessed with her touch and shunned her."

"I have felt her touch, Psylon." Rokusho told him and sending his sword arm in a slicing action. "And I felt violated. It was a perversion of everything that it means to be a medabot. I only hope that in some small way that you will feel the joy that I feel right now at being free of her."

The five medabots drew in closer. Suddenly, Psychictron noticed the same gleam in Psylon's eyes that Brian had said he got when he had something up his sleeve. Immediately, he acted. He began to push Metabee and Sumilidon, the two closest Medabots to him away from Psylon. Half a second later, Psylon raised his sword high. "CORONA FLAME!" He attacked letting loose a huge fireball which crashed against their armors by striking his sword to the ground.

Crosserdog fell to the ground, his armor was blackened beyond known limits. The metal of his armor seemed on the verge of melting. Rokusho had been shielded from most of the blast by Crosserdog. His armor was only slightly singed. Psychictron could feel the intense power that was coming from the Dominibot. He raised his sword. He had an idea. It wasn't a good one but it was better than a few ideas he had in the past. Psychictron ran at the Dominibot with his own katana raised. He jumped into the air.

"SOLAR SLICE!" He yelled as his katana erupted in flames. The sword struck its target.

Psychictron had his eyes closed as he landed. Nothing so far has withstood the Solar Slice. Then, he heard laughter. Psychictron opened his eyes to see the Dominibot was laughing.

"You actually expected that to work." He exclaimed. "I was cloned from your data on your medal. I know everything you do. I have all of your powers too. You won't be able to defeat me. Allow me to demonstrate. SOLAR SLICE!"

Psychictron turned on his shield generator and tried to jump out of the way. However, the attack hit him. Normally, it would have destroyed the victim of the attack but Psychictron managed to save himself from most of the damage. It hurt and Psychictron never thought he'd be the victim of one of his attacks.

"As I said, you won't be able to win." Psylon said to the medabot that was trying to pick itself off of the ground.


Metabee's missiles impacted on Psylon and the Dominibot screamed in pain. He turned his attention to the KBT-Type medabot.

"How were you able to hit me?" Psylon asked.

Psylon turned again to see Psychictron was laughing.

"What's so funny?" He asked.

"You may have my liquid N2 cooling system but the system doesn't extend itself into the sword. That's why I put my sword in my sheath after I've used to the Solar Slice. Since you didn't, Metabee's heat-seeking missiles were able to strike you." Psychictron said. "Clearly, you aren't a better copy of me."

"You're right, I'm better." Psylon said noticing the strange aura around the four medabots. "Gee, you're going to fuse. How unfortunate for me."

The four medabots fused together and out came a rather strange medabot. It had Psychictron's head but Metabee's missile launching horns were on it. Two swords were on the back of this medabot but the swords were in Rokusho's style of swords. Arms that were a mixture between Psychictron and Metabee and legs that were clearly Sumilidon.




MEDAFIGHTERS: Brian, Ikki, Koji, and Dr. Aki

"Psyetalisho. Now that's a mouthful." Ikki said.

"With that much power flowing through him, Psylon doesn't stand a chance." Dr. Aki said.

The Medaforce aura came over the Medabot. He unsheathed the two massive swords that he had strapped to his back.

"MEDAFORCE SHADOW SWORD ATTACK!" Psyetalisho said unleashing the attack.

The blast was incredible. But, they could barely believe it when Psylon was still there with his shield up.

"What do you take me for, an idiot?" Psylon asked lowering his shield as he powered up the Medaforce himself. "MEDAFORCE!"

The attack struck the fused medabot and soon there were four medabots on the ground. All four medabots were heavily damaged. Psylon walked over to Psychictron with his sword out.

"You will not hurt my Queen." He said raising the sword to strike.

"Stop, Psylon. Let them go, for now." She said.

"Yes, my queen." Psylon said sheathing his sword. "We shall finish this later."

With that, Psylon grabbed a hold of his queen and the two of them disappeared in a flash of light.

**************************************************************************** **

Teams of Medabot engineers began to work on Psychictron. Brian sat down next to Arika who still seemed a little traumatized by her experience. He didn't know what to do. Then, Debbie sat down next to him.

"How's Psychictron?" She asked.

"They're still working on him." Brian said. "I don't know what I'm going to do, Debbie. I think I've lost my edge."

"Because Psylon defeated that quadruple fused medabot that was formed. I remember something a wise man once said. 'When you fight a man who is stronger than you, kick him in between the legs.'" Debbie told him. "That means that Psylon may be stronger than Psychictron but he has a weakness. You and Psychictron have to find his weakness. I hope to see you at the next robattle."