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Can't erase, so I'll take blame
But I can't accept that we're estranged without you, without you
I can't quit now, this can't be right
I can't take one more sleepless night without you, without you

- Without You by Parachute

If there was one word to sum up most of Nina Redtree's high school career, the seventeen-year-old would readily say, "Hell." From the beginning of her freshman year to the last semester of her Junior year, the teenager had to deal with losing parents, along with her best friends, and the cliche of bullies among other things (though not in that particular order).

But this is the year for her. No longer was she the crater faced, overweight, four eyed awkward teenager her peers had remembered. Instead, a smaller and a somewhat better looking version had replaced her.

Her light brown hair which used to be a rat's nest fell smoothly like a waterfall to her mid back. Her acne covered faced had transformed into smooth skin. Her hazel eyes which had been hidden behind her thick, wide, and bulky owlish glasses shined brightly with her contacts on.

If someone had told fourteen-year-old Nina Redtree that she would have a remarkable glow up the summer going into her last year at Quileute Tribal School, she'd be nursing a bruised hand and them a broken nose. After all, it would take a miracle to make her even look cute. And yet, somehow and someway in a span of 3 years, it had happened.

After spending the summer again with a close family friend and her kids Melanie and Eric, the girl spent days being trained to the ground by Melanie's brother Erik. Not only that, but she had been pushed into a healthy diet and maintained a routine that Erik threatened she had better keep once she went back home.

Sure, Nina had spent her Junior year working out to try and slim down, and to let loose, she never fully met the goal she had set out for herself. Though, thankfully Eric was there to help push her and she finally met her goal.

"Nina, your ass better be ready to leave in 30 minutes! It's your last first day and I need to take a picture!" A rough voice yelled out.

The Quileute girl in question groaned and was definitely not in the mood to take a picture, or pictures as it was Asher behind the camera. At least she had gotten up early and had taken a shower. She was already dressed and had her make up done; all she had left to do was her hair.

Nina grabbed the curling iron from its place on her desk and began the challenge of manipulating her hair. She smiled and took in herself from her mirror hanging on her closet door. She was finally starting to get used to this new her.

A year ago she wouldn't have believed that the girl in the mirror was actually her. And honestly the more she stared at herself in the mirror, the more uncomfortable she began to feel. The light blue form fitting shirt she was began to make herself conscious. The girl in the mirror wasn't her. Who was she trying to fool? You can change the appearance of a loser, but you can't stop making them a loser.

The moment she was done curling her hair, Nina grabbed one of her sweatshirts from when she was bigger and put it on. She had given away most of her bigger clothes, but kept some sweaters and shirts for comfort or to sleep in at night.

"One more year and you're free." Nina whispered to her reflection and gave a smile. That's right, this is her year. She was no longer going to be fatty four eyed Nina.

Nina unplugged her curler and grabbed her backup that laid by her dresser. With a flick of the light switch she exited her room and walked into the kitchen. There she was then subjected to many pictures by her doting older brother Asher.

Asher was five years older than her and takes night classes at the Forks based Peninsula College. During the day he owned and managed the local hunting store in the Reservation that was left to them by their father, Roan Redtree.

Asher used to go to Washington State, but moved back to La Push after their parents' sudden death to take care of his younger sister. He was only twenty at the time and could barely keep himself alive at college. It was a hard time for both him and Nina, but together they managed to pull through. And it was obvious his sister still needed an older figure to look up to; so he manned up and took over his father's hunting store and transferred to the smaller college based in Forks changing his major from Pre-Med to Business with a focus in Marketing and Finance.

"I'm going to be late because of you." Nina deadpanned right as the flash of the camera went off. She frowned and grabbed two muffins off the table. She was pretty sure that by now her neighbor Seth Clearwater was waiting for her outside.

"What, can't an older brother take pictures of his cute little sister's last first day?" Asher grinned from behind his camera ignoring the scowl she had sent him.

"I swear you have a little sister complex." She mumbled pushing past her brothers' stocky figure to get out of the kitchen. She heard a dramatic gasp from behind her and rolled her eyes as she grabbed the keys that were on the coffee table. She could hear her brother following her as she opened the front door.

"You take that back!" Asher mocked offended. "And play nice at school. I don't want to get a call you ate someone."

Nina stumbled a second, her cheeks gaining a pink hue as she stared at Seth who waited dutifully by her car. The younger boy looked up at the sky a grin on his face as he tried to pretend that he didn't hear what Asher had told Nina.

"Y-You ass!" Nina spluttered turning to slam the door shut on her brother's face. She stalked towards her car and threw the muffin at Seth's face since she could tell that he was holding back his laughter. Seth only caught the muffin and grinned at her.

"Hey Nina! How was your summer? What did you do? I didn't get to see you at all. Oh, you look different," He paused opening the door and settled himself in her car, "Did you do something to your hair? Oh, you aren't wearing your glasses! I can actually see your eyes."

Nina turned to Seth to give a snarky comment, but paused as he stared intently into her eyes. After a second he gave a disappointed sigh and mumbled something about he wouldn't have minded if it was her.

"Do I even want to know?" She inquired starting up the car and gave it a minute before reversing out of the driveway. Her reply was a huge grin and she couldn't help but return the smile. He was always in such a happy mood.

Seth bit into his muffin as he waited for Nina to reply to questions he shot at her. He hadn't seen her all summer and he missed his neighbor. She reminded him a lot of Leah before the whole Sam Uley and Emily Young issue, and so he was a bit protective of her. That's why instead of taking up his pack mates offers for rides, he chose instead to go with Nina. Besides she always gave him muffins (usually chocolate chip since they were his favorite). Yum.

"My summer actually went great! I stayed in Tacoma again with Melanie and her family. I ended up working out and guess what, I actually met my goal," She gave him a bright grin, and tossed her muffin to him when she saw him staring at it with a very sad expression. He grinned at her and took no time to devour the blueberry muffin. "I actually ended up getting contacts, so now I don't have to wear that ugly poor excuse you can call my glasses. And you Seth?"

"Oh you know the usual, phasing into a wolf and killing vampires to protect everyone. All in a day's work." The kid even had the audacity to flex his muscles in the already very cramped car (Seth was a rather tall guy to try and fit in her tiny car) and let out a small playful growl. Pieces of the muffin escaped his mouth and Nina let out a snort and not so kindly told him to shut up and not talk with food in his mouth.

This wasn't the first-time Seth had playfully referenced to the Quileute legends around her. After all, there was no way that they had the ability to transform into wolves.

Seth laughed loudly, though in the back of his mind he knew full well the trouble he'd get into once his older pack mates found out he let the wolf out of the bag, again (pun intended).

Nina let out a groan of disdain once she pulled into the parking lot at Quileute Tribal School. She could see that in the middle of the lot was La Push's self-acclaimed protectors. It was bullshit if you asked any other student at the school. It was no secret that the group had used steroids to gain muscles, all thanks to Sam Uley. And it pissed her off to no end once she had found out and seen for herself that they managed to get poor little naïve Seth into their claws (pun not intended). At least the happy go lucky teen still stayed the same.

"Man, I'd give to be a Senior right now!" Seth whined once she parked and opened the door. "I still have one more year."

"Don't worry Seth," Nina shot him a smile as they both grabbed their backpacks from the backseats. "You'll be there before you know it."

They said their goodbyes as Nina ignored the stares from the gang that comprised of Jacob Black, Embry Call, Quil Ateara. Also formerly known as her best friends. From the corner of her eye she could see Brady Fuller and Collin Littlesea as they gravitated to the group along with some other freshman and sophomores she didn't know.

For a moment, she was glad that Paul Lahote graduated last year along with Jared Cameron. Paul was the bane of her existence and was one of the main people that picked on her until the beginning of his Junior year when he started hanging out with Jared and Sam. But that still didn't stop her from holding a small grudge against the older stockier male.

Her best friend Kim Mooney graduated last year as well, though they had drifted apart her mid freshman year once Kim and Jared had started dating. Despite that, Nina missed Kim very dearly and was happy when at least they had gotten to see each other sometimes during school before Jared began to completely monopolize Kim's time after her parent's untimely death. Now it was like the older girl had disappeared into thin air. Though, there was the rumor that her and Jared had gotten engaged not too long ago.

From across the parking lot, Jacob, Embry, and Quil watched as Seth made his way from Nina's small grey car towards them. They had told the younger wolf repeatedly that they would pick him up from school, but he always declined saying that Nina would be lonely if he stopped going with her. In response, all three of them would get quiet and look away in guilt.

It's not like they all had planned to just leave the only female in their group behind. But they couldn't just go up to her and explain it was because they became wolves. No, she was safer this way if they had just cut her from their lives. It was better for all four of them if the girl stayed in the dark, even if they had ended up hurting her in the process.

Jacob and Quil turned to greet Seth, as Brady and Collin tackled him. Distractedly, Embry gave a greeting to the younger wolves as he stared after Nina, watching as she hung her head down as she walked towards the Salamander's Jeep. It reminded him of Sophomore year when he abruptly stopped talking to her. She had refused to look at him since and avoided him avidly if they had happened to be in the same place. It wasn't just him as she did the same with the rest of the members from both packs. The only one she didn't seem to mind being in the presence of was Seth or Brady.

His eyebrows furrowed as he stared more at her when Greg Salamander captured her in a bear hug. His arms seemed to actually go fully around her. That was different and why was her sweater hanging off her body like that? Wait, when did she stop wearing her glasses?

"Em, dude, you coming?"

Embry blinked realizing that the parking lot was slowly becoming empty and Nina had disappeared behind the doors that lead into the school along with the Salamander twins. He hadn't even heard the bell ring.

"Yeah." He mumbled pushing the thoughts of Nina to the back of his mind. It's not like he could do anything to mend their broken friendship. All three of them had pushed her away and it was better for it stay that way. Her safety was more important than having her back by their sides. She deserved a normal life that wasn't ridden with legends of vampires and wolves that were actually true.

That, however, didn't stop the small pang of pain that went through him. He did after all, miss his best friend a lot. Especially now that both Quil and Jacob imprinted and spent more time with their imprints than they did with him. He couldn't blame them though. If he had an imprint, he'd want to spend as much time as he could with his soul mate too.

Maybe this would be the year he finally found her. Sam had said it was rare for imprinting to actually occur. But for five of the wolves to have found their imprints during the whole Cullen fiasco (along with some of the newer wolves imprinting right after turning), then maybe it wasn't as rare as they thought. So yeah, maybe this would be his year.

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