Author's Note: Sorry it took so long to post!

This is for Karen, who might just need this Epilogue to make her…feeel goood.


The three of them stood by the gate of Bag End to say their last goodbyes before the cousins left Hobbiton. Once again, the sky was clear, and the sun shone down, warming the chilly air a little.

"Goodbye then, dear cousin." Frodo leaned towards Merry, and planted a kiss on his cheek, then reached out to ruffle his hair playfully. Merry grinned at him and clasped his hands. "You take care of yourself Frodo," he said, looking to the garden. Frodo followed his gaze, and as though sensing his master's attention, Sam looked up from his work and leaned on his hoe, shading his eyes against the bright sunlight. Raising his hand in farewell, he called "Goodbye, Mr. Merry. Hope you have a good journey," and returned to his work.

Merry waved back, and turned to Frodo once more. "You know where I'll be if you need me…" he trailed off as Frodo nodded, and Merry let go of his hands.

"Goodbye Frodo! Thanks ever so much for having us," Pippin said as he ambled over.

"It was a pleasure, dear cousin. You look after Merry."

"I will." Pippin turned to Sam and smiled at him. "Goodbye Sam!"

Sam looked up again, and his face relaxed into a warm smile. "Goodbye, Mr. Pippin. Thank you."

Pippin merely nodded an acknowledgement, and swung himself into the cart.

"Ho, Pip! Wait for me!" Merry cried, and he sprinted across to his cousin, his best friend, and clambered up to sit beside him.

With a final chorus of goodbyes, they had departed, and Frodo looked at Sam again. The pool of sunlight created a halo, and Sam's white shirt seemed almost luminescent. A feeling of content welled up inside Frodo, and he climbed the steps from the gate to the garden, to the one person he loved most in the entire world. Sighing softly, he grabbed Sam's hand and twined their fingers together, happy because at long last, he had found his very own angel.