The word of the Supreme Beings was absolute.

That was the credo that all of the loyalists of Nazarick believed in with absolute conviction and that has forced Ainz and Ragnarok to bullshit his way out of curious enough situations since their arrival to the New World, however, in this case, it was Ragnarok´s fault.

After what happened with the Empire´s adventurers, the Workers, Ragnarok had promised the Empire that he will butcher them all to the ground, that the Empire will burn by his hand after nine days. Those nine days were not good days for the Empire, as during that nine days, the disastrous battle of the Katze Plains had taken place and the entire army dispatched for the annual skirmish has been annihilated to the last man.

Even the Imperial Knight Nimble Arc Dale Noch died on the battlefield, in a one on one duel with the Head of the Surtursson Clan and the recently married husband of the former leader of the Blue Roses Lakyus, According to all the reports that the Imperial spies had, the redhead giant of a man has toyed with Nimble during all the duel, beaten the Imperial Knight to an inch of his life and making the proud warrior ask for mercy at the end. It was another bitter pill to swallow to the Imperial Army, but the knight was sent precisely because if he died, nothing of importance would be lost.

Cruel but true.

Still, the Empire has suffered way more losses than they were expecting. On average, from the experience of other years, the number would be around the forty to fifty percent of losses and the majority of them on the foot soldiers, not the very expensive cavalry and spell casters. The loss of magicians of any kind was very hurtful for any armies, as the spell casters are not that abundant and less, with military training.

Humans are greedy beings by nature, any spell caster, if they managed to reach a position in the government or the magic academies and institutes, they are set for life. A good paycheck, good work hours, respect, and comfort. Why risk all of that for a military job?. Sure, if a spell caster managed to survive a campaign, they could land even better jobs, but the risk was too high, not to mention the constant competition that exists in the diverse magical institutes, academies, etc.

It was one of the major weaknesses that most of the new world countries had. Magic was a matter of effort and talent and sadly, humans did not want to put any of those on the table. Well, talent existed, the abundant magical gilds and how all parties of adventurers had at least one magic caster was proof enough that talent for magic existed on this world, the problem was that to achieve real power, it was needed, time, effort and no little amount of money.

See the aforementioned part about good hours and good paychecks about why the majority of the magicians stay out of the military. Heck, even as adventurers, they will be at risk, but they will decide their hours and where to go, not some bureaucrat in the capital.

With the sudden extermination of an entire squad of trained battlemages, the Empire offered a lot of workers some very nice perks to take a military career, and it would have been a pretty cunning move, replenishing the losses with people that were already trained in the harsh ways of real life.

Still, for a country like the Empire, the battle of the Katze Plains was a hard blow, but hardly crippling. The Empire had a lot of meat to toss to the grinder if the push ever come to the shore. At the end of the nine days, the Empire realized that the push was about to sweep the Empire in a tsunami of fire, rage, and undead monsters.

Just as Ragnarok promised.

It must be said, in honor of the Empire, that they did keep their guard up, that their army was ready for any possible assaults, but such a massive country like the Empire could not deal with small warbands that butchered everything on their path in record time and then vanished before the Army could be deployed on the zone.

It was a mixture of Blitzkrieg and burn lands. The warbands of Ragnarok were not interested in keeping any grounds, it was just a massacre, culling the entire country so only those that prayed to Ragnarok will be saved. It was a surprisingly quickly spread religion, in nine days, around twenty percent of the Empire will be devoted to Ragnarok, in no small part thanks to the efforts of the poor sod that the Supreme Beings used as a messenger before the battle on the Katze Plains.

The usual M.O of the warbands was a quick and brutal strike to key points of their objective, slaughter all of the presents, except those that prayed to Ragnarok and leave nothing but ashes in their wake. Not always work that well, and more often than not, the warbands suffered heavy losses, but those were inconsequential to Ragnarok. Corpses were abundant in the Empire now.

The corpses of the butchered people of the Empire that did not convert to the religion of the Supreme Beings; preached by the poor sod that they tortured when the Workers of the Empire tried to lot Nazarick. To be honest, the game was rigged from the start, and it was just a small ploy of Ainz to get in contact with the Empire and to see the so-called greatest spell caster of the Empire, Fluder Paradyne.

The old man was a Tier-6 spell caster, hardly the most impressive thing around, but the real trick was that he was able to use three systems of magic. Arcane, divine and spiritual. The ritual that he used to achieve that, was something that interested the Supreme Beings a lot, especially Ragnarok, that had the nagging sensation that through the ritual, if he managed to bind the skills of the Supreme Beings to divine systems, that will mean that they will, potentially, feed on the faith of their followers.

Ragnarok wanted to test if the religion on the New World had something akin to a sense, so far, they have experimented with several clerics, but what they do was pick up energy from mana, like any other spell caster and transform it into [Cleric] spells. There were no gods, or at last, no active gods were gallivanting around, unless people started to worship legendary figures and transform the arcane or spiritual magic that they used into the divine by focusing on that idolized figures of legend.

It that was the case, then the Supreme Beings could ride that wave and turn themselves into gods by riding the wave of faith and have people praying to them. Ragnarok also wanted a more active approach to the entire religion thing. The problem was the massive power required for such a task. If millions of people were connected to the same energy pool, that the well will dry soon.

Using the pond analogy, people will fill the pond with a bottle of raw faith and will be allowed to drink a glass of purified faith. The clerics will be around to expand the number of people that give bottles of faith and in turn, the clerics will be allowed to partake in bigger powers than the rest.

"But, Ragnarok-sama, why to bother?", asked Demiurge to Ragnarok as they were observing the last batch of reinforces for the campaign that Ragnarok was orchestrating. The [Archdevil] respect for the Supreme Being was unrivaled, but from time to time, doubts crept on his inquisitive mind.

"Bother?", smiled Ragnarok with his gaze on the hundred of [Zombie warriors] that were entering the portal and will join one of the warbands on a suicide assault against some of the grain warehouses of the Empire. Undead does not need food and the Empire yes.

Even if they fail, the number of corpses, vermin, and diseases that they will bring to the grain reservoirs will be more than enough to kick start a famine in the Empire. Ragnarok wanted to hit the Empire in every single way, from humiliating their armies, to butcher their population, to destroy their food, their identity, their religions, Ragnarok wanted to annihilate the Empire to the ground.

"Quite the contrary Demiurge", turned Ragnarok his face to the Guardian. "Think of them as small batteries, individually weak, but put together a hundred of them, a thousand and you will have a perfect source of power that will never betray you".

"Humans are notably prone to treason", objected Demiurge, always eager to match wits with a Supreme Being, the only thing that surpassed him in cunning and guile. If only the poor devil knew how everything was a mixture of bullshit and good luck.

"Aye, they are", nodded Ragnarok sagely. "Surtr's bones, they are, indeed. But they are also lazy, greedy, lustful, and prone to submit to a higher authority that clean them of responsibilities and that's my angle".

"I would have never imagined that I will spout these words", chuckled Demiurge, "but those are not positive traits Ragnarok-sama".

"Nay, they are not", smiled predatory Ragnarok, "unless they are focused on one single purpose. Faith. Faith is a wonderful and terrible thing Demiurge, it grants whoever uses it, a free pass to do whatever they wanted as long as you pay homage to an idea or a deity, the freedom to screw the universe and felt justified doing it".

"Yes, that is one of the most common arguments among devil kind to mock, the so-called "sacred" heroes and the such", admitted Demiurge.

"For the sake of the argument, imagine that a hundred of peasants work on a field, when they go to the church, what do they get from it?". Asked Ragnarok.

"Nothing at all", quickly answered Demiurge. "Just empty consolation, vague words and empty speeches".

"But what if they got something out of it?", Ragnarok saw the portal close and made a gesture to Demiurge to accompany him to the office where they talk about the Forest expansion plan. "What if when they pray, they do receive power?. Nothing big, just a small blessing to make their work more manageable, more positive, more uplifting".

"Humans will flock at it like the greedy ants that they are", frowned Demiurge. "But that will means that they will try to steal something of the Supreme Beings", anger started to boil inside of Demiurge at the mere notion.

"Can you steal faith?", replied Ragnarok.

They quickly covered the distance between the undead factories and the office that Demiurge used for the Abelion Sheep project. In truth, at this point, the entire place was a massive genetic laboratory on where Demiurge, Hella, and other inhabitants of Nazarick tried to discern the laws of the genetics of the New Worlds. With the discovery of the [Half-Elf] girl among the Workers that invades Nazarick, the place was bursting with renewed vigor at the breakthrough of their experiments.

"Yes, by brute force", counter-argued Demiurge.

"Against us?", smiled Ragnarok and Demiurge opened his mouth and closed it again.

That was an interesting point, if anyone wanted to start faith wars against Nazarick, they will have to use brute force, and the lazy sheep that called themselves humans will flock to the banner that provides them with more advantages. Power, commodities, money, whatever.

Sure enough, trying to pull that stunt with a xenophobic bunch like the Slane Theocracy was useless, but against the folks of the Empire, the Re-estize kingdom, the Beast lands, and others around Nazarick, it could work. Even the Holy Kingdom from the where the Abelion sheep came was very susceptible to infiltration through faith, especially if the faith is rewarding.

"A hundred peasants praying, offering their mana reserves to their god, mana that they do not use or need for their daily lives, and in exchange, the gods make their lives easier, healthier, more plentiful and with a purpose". Resumed Ragnarok the big brushes of his idea, that it was nothing but that, an idea. "One spell for the combined reserves of all the attendants of a prayer".

Demiurge was not all convinced with the idea, but Ragnarok picked up some pen and paper from the desk in the office and started to scratch some quick calculations and magic formulas to show Demiurge what he was trying to pull. Demiurge waited patiently and Ragnarok quickly finished the sketches, offering them to Demiurge that eyed the letters and the numbers.

The mind of the devil started to gear up at the image, the numbers, the scale, the sheer benefit that it had a cost so ridicule that it was flabbergasting, yet, the [Archdevil] knew that it could work. Even if Nazarick does not tax a single penny from the entire church business, the benefit would be tremendous to the Supreme Beings and by extension to Nazarick and its loyal inhabitants.

"This is…", Demiurge eyes widened at the plans of the Ragnarok-sama, it was beyond words. "This is beyond calculation, this enters into the realms of the gods".

"Aye", laughed Ragnarok, taking a seat on the couch of the office. "That is the plan, I wanted to plunder those realms and make them mine". Confessed Ragnarok with a hungry gleam in his eyes.

"Excuse me for a second", Ragnarok raised his hand to the gesture of [Message], I want to confirm that the attacks that I have planned for today are going well. In the meantime, I would like you to review those plans", pointed Ragnarok to the papers at the hands of Demiurge. "Put your mind to find failures and the countermeasures to those failures, I am not as blessed as my brodir in long term planning, so your input will be greatly appreciated".

"As you wish, Ragnarok-sama", enthusiastically answered Demiurge that did exactly that, taking a seat at the table and starting to devout his mind to make sure that the plans of Ragnarok-sama were as perfect as the Supreme Beings are.

Bullshit saved the day again.

Nine warbands were ravaging the Empire, but among those nine, three of them were dedicated to preventing unwanted business in the promise that Ragnarok made to the Empire. With the sudden disaster of the Katze Plains and the barrage of raids that Ragnarok was dishing to the Empire, the neighbor countries will smell the blood on the waters and may try to claim some extra lands or simply try to take advantage of the confusion and chaos and try to steal whatever they could.

Brain was taking care of the Beast lands, the origins of the [Beast men] races that saw humans as food and nothing else. Brain's war band was a bit different, at the beginning the numbers correlated with the other, small, mobile, and brutal warbands, but the battles against the [Beast men] of the east were of a higher challenge than the Empire or the nearby countries.

In terms of brutality and savagery, the [Beast men] are one of the top races of the New World, even their most basic warriors are easily in the level twenties, that's why they are so feared by humans. However, the undead does not fear anything and Brain was delighted to find something that resembled a challenge when the [Beast man] leaders came out and play. They are easily at the level of the [Lizard men] that Cocytus fought in the swamps.

Ragnarok had ordered Brain to do not invade the [Beast men] territories, just prevent any incursion into the Empire, but be merciless, alas, if a diamond in the rough appeared among them, the [Eldjotnar] had all the permissions to capture such individual and brought it to Nazarick. For the moment, there has been no luck in that front, but it was something expected.

On the other possible intruder in the war, the Holy Kingdom had already his problems with the raids that Demiurge and Hella make on their towns and villages to replenish the fresh meat of the Albion Sheep farm. Although the lab was no longer all that interested in the raids, with the fall of the Evil tree of the forest, the problem of the scrolls was solved and they only need flesh for breeding and cross-species experiments.

The last possible problem was the Dragon Kingdom of the northwest and they seem to have their problems going around, so far they seem content of letting the continent burn as none of the fires had affected them. They were doing pretty much the same that Ragnarok. Keep the enemies at bay, but do not invade. Bathory was the one destined on that front and the [Eldblut] lady was slowly growing bored and restless as she had little to do.

Solution was having the time of her life, her war band patrolled the Slane Theocracy's borders and they were stupid enough to sent troops to invade the Re-estize kingdom and try to expand their frontiers. The carnage was something to behold, the [Shoggoth] was dinning fresh soldier every night although, her war band was the most mobile and guerrilla oriented of all thanks to the possibility that the Slane would use the same bullshit that they used with Shalltear.

Solution and Victim were synchronized before Solution went into the field, if she was controlled or put down, she will be teleported to the dungeons of Nazarick and revived or worst come to pass, she will be killed and revived, no matter the cost.

Reviving a character like Solution was half as expensive than it was with Shalltear, not a very big dent on the finances of the Guild, but not something that can be done willy-nilly. Not to mention that only a True-resurrection can bring back a character without penalty and in Nazarick there was a limited amount of objects that could do that. None of the characters of Nazarick specialized in such high-level healing. Among the Pleiades, there were [Clerics] and Victim was capable of reviving the death by sacrificing himself again and again and again, but that is a route that none of the Supreme Beings wanted to walk.

The rest of the six bands were rotating their leaders, sometimes a floor guardian took control and went to specific objectives, sometimes a powerful NPC and servant of the floor guardians took control and continued the terror and destruction campaign. At the same time, when the survivors of the attacks professed their faith to the Supreme Beings, some of the warbands remain there to built a small temple and barracks to the devout followers, offering them a respite of the slaughter and place where to profess their faith.

More often than not, it was just a ruse to save their lives and they were killed nonetheless, but when real followers were found, the warbands rewarded them with the riches that they have looted from other villages and with all the supplies and resources that they could need to rebuild a town or a village in homage of the Supreme Beings. Such action soon gained track and the religion of the Supreme Beings began to win adepts quickly.

In a very, very, low-ball estimate and being generous, Ragnarok calculated that about twenty percent of the Empire would be joining the religion. It matters little, Ragnarok objective was to collect a solid base of followers, just with a million people base from all of the conquest of Nazarick will be more than enough for the experiments. Just with the Re-estize kingdom, recently "allied" with the Tomb of Nazarick, the numbers could be reached.

Speaking of which, thanks to the "negotiations" of Ainz, the kingdom has taken the conquest quite well, no in small thanks to the survival of the King, the "adoption" of Princess Reiner into the family of Ainz; through Albedo, that has turned the girl into a [Imp] that later could evolve into higher species; the survival of Gazeff and how the nation was recovering quickly and for the first time, there was true security all over the nation.

Merchants were protected by [Death Guards], who also patrolled the streets at night. The adventurers had jobs outside of the city, cleaning monsters that Nazarick releases from the experiments of the Albion sheep farm, perfect way to keep the adventurers busy and leveling up and the King faction was stronger than ever, with the King seeing a worthy heiress on Reiner. Being a bit cynical, she was the only heiress alive. The other two brothers died in mysterious circumstances, one in Carne Village and the other on a peculiar ambush by a group of bandits that exterminated him and his guards to the last.

Ainz had taken residence in the manor of the Surtursson Clan, reinforcing the idea that the Surtursson Clan already had a relation with Ainz Ooal Gown and that the Clan was favored by the most powerful spell caster that the country has ever seen. To be honest, Ainz did not pass much time on the manor, Pandora's Actor is the one that more often than not covers Ainz in his public appearances, being way more extrovert and charismatic that Ainz that disliked any public sight.

Pandora's Actor loved the spotlight and much for the chagrin of Ainz and the amusement of Ragnarok, Pandora's Actor had made Ainz a very liked public figure even with his skeletal and terrific visage. Pandora's Actor was the perfect doppelganger and thanks to Ainz and Ragnarok subtle modifications on his character creation, Pandora's Actor was an exceptional decoy.

On a funny side note, Pandora's Actor was based on a German military officer and Ainz made it able to speak German thanks to a language package, Ragnarok was a German roadie, his mother tongue was German.

The two of them, Ragnarok and Pandora's Actor, had taken a liking to speak in German from time to time. It was something that Pandora's liked as it makes him close to the Supreme Beings. On one of those occasions where Ragnarok, Ainz, and Pandora's Actor were together in the house of the capital, Pandora's Actor asked Ainz if he could call him dad and Ragnarok uncle. Ainz was left speechless but Ragnarok laughed and give permission in a heartbeat, something that made Pandora's Actor very happy.

German became the secret language of Ragnarok and his nephew, something that was tremendously hilarious for Ragnarok and a reminder of from where does Ragnarok comes from. Ragnarok did not want to forget where does he comes from, that he came from Earth, that he was human. Lessons learned through hardships and a human life with all the ups and downs that it carried. Even if the [Eldjotnar] was winning territory day by day, Ragnarok never forgets Rick Riggs, the human behind Ragnarok.

They were an odd family, so much was certain, but it was a family that was on his way to conquer the bloody world and whatever realms await beyond the skies and the stars.

The only downside was how the master logistics of Nazarick; mostly Demiurge and Albedo; ended up swamped in work, between the conquest of the Re-Estize Kingdom, the warbands, the hostile OPA over the Eight Fingers and several other shenanigans of the Supreme Beings the poor inhabitants of Nazarick were neck-deep in paperwork every day. Thanks to the bullshit skill of the Supreme Beings, when even more paperwork was sent to the two and they saw what they have done, they twirled it around as if it was the actions of supreme masterminds and decided to work even harder.

Ainz started to discretely check out the Master board of Nazarick to see if there was a bullshit spell or skill on his character sheet, that or their luck stat; maybe included in the Special column of the sheet; rocketed through the roof of the sheet.

So far, nothing has come out of that investigation, but Ainz persevered, something was helping them to achieve their objectives, such luck was Not possible. Ragnarok thought that it was Ainz paranoia speaking. The truth was that they are immensely powerful, way over anything that the New World has seen. Only the Dragon Lords came close to the level of power of the Supreme Beings.

However, the investigations of the inhabitants of Nazarick spoke about how they were not the first players that entered this place. The Heroes, the Greed Kings, and others were players that landed in the New World and changed it forever. The proof was the Tier system of magic. The original magic of the land was called Wild Magic and it was impossible to use Wild magic and Tier system magic at the same time unless one is a Dragon Lord.

On a more light note, Ragnarok was pondering about taking a dragon for a pet, a dragon from the New World, much like Ainz has taken Hamsuke. Aura and Mare commented Ragnarok that the monsters on the collection of Aura were disappointed that Ragnarok or Ainz has not chosen any of them but Ragnarok explained that they were part of Yggdrasil and part of Ainz Ooal Gown, they should never think of it as if they were rejected, but instead as if the collection was expanding.

There was an interesting candidate in the Azerlisa Mountains, the Ancient Flame Dragon. Supposedly one of the three rulers of the mount Rappaslea. Later, when the Supreme Beings could deal with the Dwarves in the mountains, Ragnarok will look out for the dragon and see if the fame was well deserved. Although, Ragnarok was expecting something along the lines of the disappointment that was Hamsuke.

Still, the silver lining was the fact that the dragon was [Ancient] supposedly, the top of their species in the New World. Close to the level of the Dragon Lords, individuals capable of fighting a level 100, but still one step below. Hopefully a challenge.

Taking control of a war band, Ragnarok attacked one of the major strongholds of the Baharuth Empire, personally destroying the doors of the fortress and guiding the warbands into the slaughter of all the soldiers inside, burning the entire fortress to the ground and leaving only ashes and charred stone on their path.

A quick cathartic exercise, nothing else. Also, it will break the defenses of the Empire in the north and will allow the warbands lead by Bathory to leave their boring patrol of the Dragon Kingdom and join the fun in ravaging the Baharuth Empire to the ground.

The unrest of the Dragon Kingdom was something that benefited Nazarick. The Beast nation invaded the Dragon Kingdom with the Slane Theocracy collecting the remnants of the raids of the [Beast men] warriors.

The Beast nation used the Dragon Kingdom as the pantry, they raid the place for humans to use as food, and in the recent years, they went from raids to direct invasion, conquering three cities and forcing the actual leader of the country, the granddaughter of a Dragon Lord, Draudillon Oriculus, to ask for military help from the Slane Theocracy, the Holy kingdom, the Baharuth Empire and whoever could give a hand in repelling the [Beast men] invasions.

Such heavy dependency of outsider military has started to cause financial problems to the kingdom and the rest of the countries were enjoying the situation, claiming the resources of the Dragon Kingdom and justifying it as defending them from the [Beast men]. Of course, the Beast nation cared three fucks about gold, mines or fields, what they wanted is the people of the Dragon Kingdom to use them as lunch.

So far, the situation on the Dragon Kingdom benefit Nazarick and unless something drastic happens, Nazarick will leave it alone. The only problem was that the Empire was retiring their troops from the Dragon Kingdom and taking them back to Empire to use in their defense.

Cocytus and Gargantua had discussed the situation and they more or less agree that the Dragon Kingdom had a year or two of warfare left on them unless they took some drastic measures and used [ Wild Magic], something that supposedly the leader of the Kingdom can do thanks to her dragon blood. For the moment, nothing indicates that she was ready for such an action.

By the four days of the nine promised, half of the Empire was practically at ruins, charred and ravaged under the ruthless warbands of Ragnarok and only key places remained safe and relatively secure from the warbands. Ragnarok gave them two days of respite, two days on where they can stew on their desperate situation, and with any luck, they will do something stupid. In the meantime, the nine warbands will sweep the lands and look out for any towns or villages that have not been converted to the Supreme Beings religion by flame.

Several of the warbands reported to Ragnarok that the demented [Cleric] that Ragnarok used for his message has been following the warbands and begging the leaders to let him try to save as many people as he could before the war band attacked. The leaders of the warbands, be it Solution, Brain, Hella, or even Shalltear, knew of the man and his sacred mission to convert as many humans as he could to the religion of the Supreme Beings.

Roberdyck Goltron was a worker that participated in the invasion of Nazarick with other workers of the Baharuth Empire. After the brutal defeat, Ragnarok used Roberdyck for several experiments on his [Cleric] and [Templar] jobs, brutally altering his mind and body. In a twisted epiphany, Roberdyck saw the light and become a devout follower of the Supreme Beings.

Changing his name to the Burned, Roberdyck delivered the explosive declaration of war to the Capital of the Baharuth Empire and protected by the Supreme Beings magic from that same explosion he wandered the Empire and spread the word of the Supreme Beings. The poor man recited the Gospel of the Supreme Beings, a mixture of the Poetic Edda and the adventures that Ragnarok recorded in the Spiral of Triumphs.

The Burned saw the Spiral, his broken and burned body was protected and guided through the Spiral by the [Lava Maidens] of Ragnarok. In his deliriums for the pain, torture, and mental prodding, the Burned believed that he had a divine vision and feverishly wrote what he saw and interpreted and turn into a Gospel, proclaiming to the heavens the word of the Supreme Beings.

That provoked mixed reactions among the people of Nazarick, but even they admitted that the blind, zealot, the faith of the Burned was something to behold. His fanaticism was the real deal, he was believer through and through and when Neuronist Painkiller tested his faith to see if it was real, the Burned reacted with unbelievable violence to the mere idea that the Supreme Beings were false gods.

Even Neuronist was impressed with the Burned and give the Burned her particular seal of approval. Once it happened, the entire Nazarick withdraws any protests. It went double when the Burned did an outstanding job, following the warbands around and converting entire villages to the Supreme Beings. Something that annoyed Solution a bit, but she respected the zealotry of the Burned.

In one of those two days of respite, the Surtursson Clan had a meeting in Nazarick, feasting in the quarters of Ragnarok, attended by the [Homunculus Maids] that cleaned up the place spotless, the [Lava Maidens] that guarded and cared for the Spiral of Triumphs, and Sebas coordinating the kitchen and the feast.

Presiding the table was Ragnarok, with Lakyus at his left and Brain at his right, the rest of the table was occupied by Albedo, Bathory, Hella, Solution, Lupusregina, Tia and Tina. The Pleiades were a bit wary about being served instead of serving, their maid instincts told them to be servants, but Ragnarok insisted that in his Clan, all his Clan members will feast inequality. They are part of the Surtursson Clan and they will be treated equally, no matter level, class, race, or whatever.

The [homunculus maids] were delighted to serve the feast and the [Lava Maidens] helped whenever they can, be it carrying very heavy trays of food or keeping them hot and warm for consumption. Ragnarok tried to convince Sebas to join at the table but the supreme butler was adamant in being true to his butler charge as an aide of Ragnar Surtursson and this was a delightful chance to enjoy such role.

"Four interesting days, I would say", laughed Ragnarok raising his tankard and soon joined by the rest of his increasing family.

"You tell me, my Jarl", echoed the laughs Brain. "A good fight, not enough to be a challenge, but a nice exercise nonetheless".

"The Empire is reaping what they sow", added Hella, always composed but with a faint smile in her face. "The warbands were just delivering rightful punishment".

"Oh, speaking of that", Bathory drink from her blood glass. The blood was good, but compared with the blood of her sire, it was murky waters. "The Slane Theocracy started to get annoying in the Dragon Kingdom, instead of fighting the beasts, they went after the war band".

"Why?", asked Brain. "They hate the beasts with a passion, why turn their attention to undead when they are not actively attacking any of them?".

"I never crossed the borders", Bathory followed the instructions of Ragnarok-sama to the letter. "But every time that my war band put down some beasts, they run to intercept them. I never allowed them to get close to us and eliminate anyone that followed us back into the Empire lands, but their behavior was odd".

"Hate perhaps?", asked Lakyus. "They are the Slane Theocracy, after all, their hate for anything non-human is well known".

"Anyone has experimented something similar?", Ragnarok asked the rest of the table.

"They did not act like that in their borders, Ragnarok-sama", added Solution to the topic. "They pursued us when they saw us, but they did not actively chase us into the Empire".

"The beasts just wanted a quick lunch and ended up being the lunch", joked Brain making the table laugh at the joke. "Sure, they are relentless, but nothing unusual".

"The Holy Kingdom had their problems", informed Hella. She and Demiurge were running an experimentation genetic lab there and from time to time they went out for fresh meat. Not in the same quantities than before, but enough to make the Holy kingdom wince now and then.

"How curious", leaned Ragnarok on his chair with a pensive look and the Clan knew that their lord was about to hit the nail on the head or baffle them with a mastermind scheme to deliver pain to the Slane Theocracy. All profits, from their perspective.

"Something on your mind, my beloved?", asked Lakyus.

"Nay", shook his head Ragnarok, "although…", Ragnarok made a gesture to Sebas and the butler appeared at his side ready to attend whatever petition the Supreme Being had.

"Yes, my Lord?". Waited for Sebas for his orders.

"Sebas, is the [Remote View Mirror] being used now?". Ragnarok was curious about what the Slane Theocracy wanted in those remote places, it was nothing but a fleeting curiosity but lesser hunches had brought great results.

"No, Ragnarok-sama", denied Sebas. "Lord Ainz asked me to store it before he went to his quarters, something about notes and proper kingship".

"Brodir, come the fuck on, are you spying on other nations to try to imitate their leaders?". Sighed Ragnarok mentally.

"Oh?", raised an eyebrow Albedo, "I did not know that I thought my beloved was experimenting with divine magic".

"Lord Ainz was", nodded Sebas. "But he suddenly seemed to have an inspiration and after observing the mirror for a while, he asked me to store it and went to his quarters for something".

"Father?", Albedo turned his attention to me, as a girl that wanted to go out but wanted the permission of her daddy. She was adorable when she acted like daddy's little princess. "I would like to surprise my beloved, its been a while since we had the chance to be the two of us alone and I would like to savor our time together".

At this point, Albedo has grown comfortable with calling Ragnarok father, among the Surtursson clan it was perfectly normal, but she refrained to do that when the rest of Nazarick was present. That did not impede her to be a daddy girl through and through.

During all the speech, Ragnarok had kept a smug smile but mentally was sending an alarm bell to Ainz that Albedo was about to jump his bones; literally; and that he should hide his chunni notes, and fast before she found out that he was writing a diary and got in her head that she should partake in the contents of it.

Daddy girl what's not, Albedo was a yandere of biblical proportions.

"By all means, my dottir", smiled fatherly Ragnarok, "go wild with your beloved".

"Thanks, father", blushed Albedo and she vanished in the teleportation effect of the [Ring of Nazarick].

"I will go look for the mirror", informed Sebas, taking a maid with him to go for the mirror.

"Is there something of your interest in the Slane Theocracy odd behavior, Jarl?". Brain was trying to discern what could be of the interest of the Supreme Being in there.

"Perhaps", clicked his tongue Ragnarok. "Their actions had the stench of a cover-up around them".

"A cover-up?", curiously inquired Hella.

"Officially they are backing up the Dragon Kingdom", shrugged Ragnarok. "Their vitriolic despite for the non-humans are well know, Ymir's bollocks its the entire reason for their existence, but in truth, they are mooching up as many resources as they could. Mines, fields, people, anything that is not nailed to the ground is taken and smuggled inside the Slane Theocracy".

"Meaning that there is something there that the Slane Theocracy must keep hiding from any witness", deducted Hella. "Even if the warbands are known to slaughter the Empire, it is also true that they are helping the faithful to rebuild, so they don't know if the warbands will reveal their position to the Empire or whoever is behind them".

"Aye, that would be the basis of my hunch", chuckled Ragnarok. "Good thinking, Hella".

"Thank you, my Jarl", she bowed her head in thanks.

"The question that I want to be answered, however", continued Ragnarok activating his bullshit skills, "is why the zealots have not shown themselves yet".

"The zealots?, ah, the ones that attacked Shalltear". Realized Lakyus. "But, they are not needed, my love, the Black Scripture is the highest ace under the Slane sleeves. Using them for this and in the middle of the war will put them at risk".

"But she is there", smiled Ragnarok pointing at Bathory.

"Me?", Bathory pointed at herself a bit confused.

"Vampire!", Brain was the one that followed the bullshit bread crumbs this time. "It's the same scenario. They were looking for something and a powerful vampire sent the entire mission to the shit hole".

"Precisely, kinsman", laughed Ragnarok and raised his tankard in cheers, joined by Brain a second later.

"If the Slane had half a brain, as soon as they realized that there is a powerful vampire, they will send the very same fools that mind-controlled Shalltear". There was a predatory tone in Ragnarok's voice. "With the mirror, I will observe the camp of the Slane Theocracy, it will be easy to deduct if they are there or not".

"If they are there, I will slaughter them all and claim their World-items as Wergeld for what they did to Shalltear, and if they are not there, I will slaughter them all and claim whatever they are hiding so enthusiastically", resumed Ragnarok as if it was the easiest thing in the world. "In any case, they are fucked".

Activating [Presence of the Oldest Being I] Ragnarok let his voice took a dark and dangerous tone that sent shivers over the spines and souls of all his clan members.

"Those worms dared to take something from Nazarick, dared to attack one of the creations of my brothers, and forced me to kill one of the children of my family with my own hands". Volcanic rage accompanied the words of Ragnarok, inside his mouth an orange explosion was already ringing with the promise of vengeance.

"I am going to make them suffer in ways that would make the carnage that I have unleashed over the empire look like mercy, I swear it on my honor as Supreme Being".

Solemn, grim, but determined, the entire members of the Surtursson Clan joined Ragnarok on his oath.

Shalltear is a bit of an oddity, it was the sex-toy of both Supreme Beings and the small vampire could not be happier as she was used like a cum-dump by the two Supreme Beings. Technically part of both harems of the Supreme Beings. She still wanted to be the official wife but her position right now, especially after how she blames herself for what happened when she was mind-controlled, was the best she believed she could get.

Anyhow, from the perspective of the retinue of Ragnarok, Shalltear is one of the possessions of the Clan. If someone tried to steal, broke, or kill one of the possessions of the clan, they will be dealt with, swiftly and brutally. The Slane Theocracy has been in the shit list of the Clan since day one, but other, more prominent matters, prevented the Supreme Beings to enact their vengeance.

Now that Ragnarok has seen a small chance to be able to dish retribution on their asses, Ragnarok was eager to do so.

After a fine feast, Brain teleported to one of the warbands to plan for the assault of one of the last fortresses that the Baharut Empire had standing. Ragnarok has asked Brain to be through and turn the pride of the Empire against them. Brain will take three warbands, along Hella and Bathory to destroy the place. They had two days to do so. Brain wanted it done by the midday of the second day and only because moving a great number of troops from different places and set up an adequate siege took time and effort. They could use all kinds of tricks to tore the fortress down, but it was a matter of showing off at the same time that tearing it apart.

Lakyus, Solution, and Lupusregina stood in the private quarters of Ragnarok to provide night service. Tia and Tina retired to their quarters to enjoy their relaxations and to prepare for the next task that their lords will order them to accomplish, leaving apart the fall of the Empire, there were several unrests among the nobles of Re-estize and the kunoichi girls would be delighted to cull them.

Having a foursome with his harem was the perfect way to end the day. Lakyus was a [Succubus] now and she enjoyed every single chance she could to have wild sex with her god. Curiously enough, her [Black Knight] job needed a divine connection, a worship objective and she took Ragnarok as the objection of her devotion. It worked perfectly.

Much to Ragnarok's enjoyment, the three ladies that she was sharing carnal delights with that night, decided to have a small contest; after the subtle manipulation of Lakyus, [Succubus] that she was; about who provided the best oral service to their lord.

So Ragnarok rested on his bed as three of the most beautiful women in the world give him mind-blowing blowjobs and he will have to judge who was the best among the three. A very daunting task indeed.

Solution seemed to have the advantage as her anatomy was very malleable. Solution was the one tasked with the slime baths that Ragnarok took after Ainz discovered how relaxing they were and the [Shoggoth] enjoyed her position a lot. During that same baths, Solution usually paid special attention to the crotch of Ragnarok. Solution's mouth was able to take the entire monster cock of Ragnarok and massaged it skillfully.

Lupusregina's talent was licking, her tongue was a work of art, she knew where to lick to send the biggest amount of pleasure. Her tongue jobs were the stuff of legends and she liked to bathe the apple-sized balls of Ragnarok with her saliva, licking them and sucking them at the time that her tongue licked the based of Ragnarok's cock.

Lakyus has the advantage that she was a [Succubus], even if she was inexperienced, she was eager to have mind-blowing sex at the drop of a hat, with as many partners of the harem of her lord that she could recruit at the moment. Lakyus had the visual part of the blowjob mastered, her eyes were coquettish and glazed in pleasure; heart-shaped pupils happened a couple of times; and her mouth and throat were as malleable and tight as Solution.

After Lakyus crowned herself the queen of blowjobs, Ragnarok proceeded to fuck the three into bliss. Solution liked when Ragnarok put her in a pile driver position and nailed her rough and hard, Lupusregina was a doggy style lover that like to end up on an ass up, faced down fucked silly status and Lakyus was a fan of the mating press with a lot of french kisses involved.

The morning came and the maids and the [Lava Maidens] helped them recover for the day, with the [Lava maidens] having their share of Ragnarok's monster cock in the lava pool that was the personal bath and inside pool of Ragnarok on his private quarters. For Ragnarok and the [Lava Maidens] the lava cleaned and healed them of any maladies that they could have and having three girls worshiping his body was a very nice way to start the day.

In the case of the other Supreme Being, Ainz found himself awakening in the arms of a sleeping Albedo. The [Succubus] appeared near his quarters, rip their clothes and jump him at the bed, and practically rode him, cowgirl style for the entire night. Thanks to the [Ring of the Alpha Doppelganger] Ainz had human appearance but the infinite stamina so he could satisfy the [Succubus] appetites and survive. Albedo insisted on practicing a lot of positions that she got from a book that her father has gifted her.

Ainz swore ungodly vengeance against Ragnarok when he discovered that the book was the Kamasutra, from Peroronchino's shenanigans at the library of the Guild. Ragnarok has gifted a [Succubus], a very horny lady that has been reserving herself for way too much, with a book about sex postures and techniques. If she could, Albedo would have chained Ainz to the bed until she was pregnant.

Fortunately, Ainz took a page from Ragnarok's book and bullshited his way out of the heir issue. First of all, Ainz was a freaking undead, he could not have children, well, not the usual way. Ainz still could take a temporary form and impregnate Albedo in such a state, but at the same time, Ainz was not entirely sold about the idea of being a parent. The challenges of parenthood are difficult, make it double if his children become even as half as powerful as any of the NPC that no doubt will spoil them to death.

Ragnarok spined a tale about concerns about the genetics and the survival of the mothers, that's one of the reasons that sold the Abelion Sheep farms into a genetics lab, to see if the interbreed among monsters and humans was still a possibility. Speaking of which, there were rumors about the Granddaughter of the leader of the Dragon Kingdom, whose grandpa was a pervy and horny [Dragon Lord]. Ragnarok, as soon as the major bases of the continent are taken and secured by Nazarick, has shown interest in trying to contact the guy and exchange information about both investigations.

The rest of the day was practically paperwork for the Supreme Beings. Ragnarok step into the Capital, under the Ragnar Surtursson persona and helped the transition of the Re-estize kingdom into a servant state of Nazarick. Lakyus and Ragnar had the entire royal faction and royalty eating from their hands, even Princess Renner, now an [Imp], who was very excited about the real deeps of the power of Nazarick.

The three ladies had started their small yandere club. Albedo was yandere for Ainz, Lakyus was yandere for Ragnarok and Renner was yandere for Climb.

Speaking of the lad, he was the unofficial apprentice of Brain and Gazeff. Also, speaking of Gazeff, the captain was not under the command of Nazarick, he feared the consequences of Ainz Ooal Gown taking the kingdom and reducing it to ashes. But much to the surprise of Gazeff, Nazarick has been nothing but good to the Kingdom. Protection, economy, stability, reinforcements, magic, agriculture, sure, they are monsters and the most powerful adventure teams in the Kingdom, Muspellheim and Darkness, were connected with Nazarick and servants of the spell caster that was Ainz Ooal Gown.

During one of those conversations, Renner politely issued the idea of turning Climb into a monster along Gazeff. Somewhere in the future, her father will die and she will take the throne and she was a loyal servant of Nazarick, but she was an [Imp] and that means that she will live for a long time. Climb was human, even with the improved medicine and health, his life expectancy is about fifty to sixty years.

Later, Lakyus issued the same idea to Ragnarok and after discussing it with Ainz for a bit, they agreed, but Climb will be a good experiment. Renner will learn about the different monsters that Nazarick was able to create from humans or, she was feeling especially wicked, she could kill Climb and reincarnate him into a monster.

Resurrection and Reincarnation were two different magics. Resurrection will bring Climb back with a level penalty, but reincarnation was more a game setting than anything else, at the cost of several levels, the character will be reborn as a heteromorphic race, a Random heteromorphic race. It's all up to luck with that system to the honest, that's why very few people used and it was mostly used for NPC's.

For a while, in Yggdrasil, there was a trend of buying strong human NPCs and use reincarnation wands to try their luck at getting a powerful monster at a cheap cost. The trend did not last for long, but sure it fueled the meme god machine for a while, but people soon grow bored of the randomness. Before the final days of the game, it was mostly a gamble for the laughs than anything else.

By the end of the day, Brain surprised Ragnarok with the news that the fortress has fallen and much to the astonishment of Brain, the Burned infiltrated the fortress, spread the religion of the Supreme Beings and when the siege began, his and his flock betrayed the garrison, opened the gates and joined the war band in killing all non-believers in the fortress.

Impressed by the Burned, Brain asked Ragnarok to grant [Eitr] to the former [Cleric]. Bathory and Hella admitted that they were impressed as well with the man, his faith was beyond doubt and he was actively and effectively collaborating with Nazarick and the Surtursson Clan.

In a small ceremony back at Nazarick, the Burned was granted [Eitr] and gifted with a rune item, and [Ring of the Alpha Doppelganger] and a [Ring of Muspellheim].

The Burned book was a collection of his demented scrabbles and tales from what he glimpsed at the Spiral of Triumph, so Ragnarok took it and using [Create Greater Item] and [Runecraft] turned the battered leather and papyrus clumped mess into a state of the art bible.

[The Book of Fire and Bones] was a collection of the tales of the Spiral of Triumphs along with the runes for [Summon Muspellheim War Beast], [Curse of Muspellheim] and [Presence of the Oldest Being II]. After the Burned erupted from the lava pool, watched by the [Lava Maidens] in case something went wrong with the transformation, he became a [Hierophant] the highest divine job in the New World and joined Muspellheim.

With the economic support of the Surtursson Clan, a church for the Supreme Beings was easy to build. The construction started as soon as the Burned become part of the Adamantite adventurer band Muspellheim and started to preach in the Capital.

Muspellheim and by extension Nazarick earned another valuable member and Demiurge managed to spin it as if Ragnarok had such a plan since the day that the workers of the Empire entered the Tomb of Nazarick. Both Supreme Beings played the humble card, within reality were baffled that it had worked that way, the former worker of the Empire was just meat to the grinder, a background character that was background noise, yet it worked in a completely different way.

Well, pretty much like the Goblin army that is camped at Carne Village now, the five thousand [Goblins] saw Enri Emmott as their Shogun, their general and leader. It was a hilarious event that surprised the Supreme Beings, Ainz's jaw almost fall to the floor, he just gifted the lass with a freaking cheap item that summoned twenty meat shield [Goblins] and there it was, a five thousand army at the command of the poor farmer girl.

After a quick meeting with the [Goblins] and Enri, the army became the major protector of the lands around the Carne Village, supporting and defending the village from any unwanted attention of the Slane Theocracy. The forest and the mountains were already under the control of Nazarick, so the army of [Goblins] will be acting as pest control of wild monsters more than anything else.

Still wondering about what the Slane Theocracy was doing in the Dragon Kingdom, Ragnarok ordered Solution, Bathory, Tia, and Tina to pick up some [Shadow Demons] or [Eight-edge assassins] to form a squad and see what the hell they are up too. In the [Remote View Mirror] there was not a single clue about the presence of the individuals that ambushed Shalltear, so it was relatively safe for the ladies to go seek out what's going on.

That was the second day of the reprieve that Ragnarok has granted to the Baharuth Empire before putting it down for the good, erasing Arwintar from the existence and practically obliterating the Empire from the continent and conquering in the name of Nazarick and Ainz Ooal Gown.

But before that, Ragnarok had planned for a small family activity.

Ainz was entertained in Re-Estize, visiting the capital and seeing the city on its entirety for the first time along accompanying Hella to the Magic Guild to seriously improving their methodology. Hella wanted the Guild to reach Tier-6, powerful but hardly a menace for a Supreme Being, and in the process, he will have a date with Ainz and try to convince him of her more...nihilistic approaches to the Supreme Beings plans of World Domination.

It was a wasted effort, but Ainz will listen to her, and even if he did it unconsciously, Ainz gave Hella a very nice date.

Undead puppy love, it must be seen to be believed.

With the eyes in the strange events on the borders of the Dragon Kingdom and with the Empire already on their knees and bleeding to death, Ragnarok took a piece of the day to enjoy a small family activity. It was a popular pass-time among he nobility to ride horses around their lands, checking them and talking to family, relatively free of unwanted listeners.

On the roads that lead to the frontier of the Baharut Empire and the Dragon Kingdom, a couple of riders were enjoying a comfortable stroll, enjoying the view and the relaxing conversation that they were having. It was a common picture in the Re-estize kingdom, a noble with somebody of his retinue, going for a ride around their lands.

In this case, they were a couple of differences with the usual image.

Albedo was riding her [Bicorn Lord]. Since she got rid of her virginity, offering it to Ainz, that accepted wholeheartedly, the [Bicorn] that she was able to summon had become a lot more receptive to the orders of the [Succubus] and now, it was her trusty steed and warhorse.

Mounting the warhorse in her usual white and gold dress should have been a bit uncomfortable, but it was not the case for Albedo, whose riding skill and steed were customized to be comfortable no matter what she wore. She was a bit jealous that Ainz has not joined them, so she could imitate what Lakyus was doing.

Ragnarok and Lakyus were riding an eight tall wolf of black fur and golden eyes. The massive beast was Lupusregina in her wolf form. Today is was her day to attend Ragnarok and when she learned of the small stroll that Ragnarok has planned, she had an idea and offered herself as a ride in her massive wolf form. Ragnarok saw it beautiful and accepted, much to the inner squeal of delight of Lupusregina.

Lakyus was sitting on the lap of Ragnarok, with her fine legs hanging on the sides of Lupusregina, allowing her to rest her head on the muscular chest of Ragnarok. From time to time, she tried to sneak a kiss to the lips of her god, trying to do not interrupt her superior on Nazarick totem pole. Lakyus enjoyed the fact that Ragnarok had one hand on the fur of Lupusregina and the other was skillfully fondling her meaty and juicy ass.

Ragnarok wanted to be close to the spot where Bathory and the others were conducting their scouting, both in case anything went pear-shaped and to be the first to explore whatever the Slane Theocracy was keeping hidden. Something told Ragnarok that the Slane Theocracy has not asked permission to the Oriculus lass for whatever they are doing here.

"In essence", continued Ragnarok his conversation with Albedo. "your beloved and I are still polishing the finer points of world domination, we feared that if we hurry up the conquest then it will be waste". Bullshit, thy name is Ragnarok.

"But father, your plans and my beloved are world domination", mussed Albedo, enjoying the father-daughter experience. The only thing that would have made it better was if she was like Lakyus, being petted by her beloved Ainz-sama.

"Tell me, dottir", smiled Ragnarok. "How would have you conquered the Empire?".

"I would have destroyed Arwintar and then swept the entire country", replied Albedo. "We have more than enough troops and magic to devastate that slum of a city without much of an effort".

"Aye, sounds about right", nodded Ragnarok. "But then you will get a broken country, ashes and lots of worms, dangerous, clever and cunning worms that are a torn at the side of Nazarick until they are exterminated to the last, something that takes effort and resources that could be better employed on another task".

"But they are humans", protested Albedo. "They are weak, fragile and incompetent".

"I took offense from that, Albedo", pouted Lakyus claiming the lips of Ragnarok for a quick tongue filled kiss. Her right hand roamed the godly crafted muscles of Ragnarok under the clothes that he wore. The clothes that he used often as Ragnar Surtursson.

"Never, ever, underestimate humans my child", told Ragnarok to Albedo. "Individually they are weak, pathetic even, yet, they are the majority of the population in the continent and the owners of the most powerful government bodies in the central continent".

"Humans are an odd mixture of carbon and cattle", chuckled Ragnarok. "Put them under the adequate amount of pressure and they will turn diamonds", Ragnarok slapped Lakyus ass playfully and she throaty moaned in pleasure. "At the same time, they are great resources, they can be used as food, they are capable of working, they reproduce fast, they can generate and use magic, they are the best cattle to have around, even better, they can tend to other cattle and they will be happy for it".

"That's a difficult perspective for me", confessed Albedo.

"I understand", softly said Ragnarok. "My brodir and I have tried to make the inhabitants of Nazarick see this small truth, especially now that humans could interbreed, we only need to see how to make humanity and the monster be able to mix and we will have a stable and powerful population that could spread and become the dominant species of the world faster than we calculated".

"Is one of the reasons for the religion that Demiurge seemed too interested in?". Raised an eyebrow Albedo.

"In part", admitted Ragnarok. "Demiurge and I spoke about an idea that I had and he pointed out a couple of mistakes and accelerated a small side project of me for about a century", shamelessly lied Ragnarok. "The Burned was also an incredible discovery, a real preacher with the talents and the knowledge to turn a lot of the former Empire peasants into followers of Nazarick".

"True", Albedo started to see the trend, or better said, she was making the tantrum of Ragnarok look as if it was a freaking master plan. "That's why you spared the worms, they were clues for the two objectives, turning around humans into resources for Nazarick and the interbreed species plan of the Albion Sheep farm".

"Quite the surprise, isn't it?". Laughed Ragnarok kissing Lakyus again.

"But the workers were part of the plan of my beloved", protested Albedo, "it was a ploy to gain access to the Empire and to look out for possible Supreme Beings in the new world".

"Aye, brodir planned that, but remember that I was the one that spared the [Half-Elf] when I realized what she was", pointed out Ragnarok. "Ainz was more interested in the Empire and the other players, his plans about the population could wait for a century or two and several decades of empiric experimentation with adequate specimens".

"And the Burned?". Albedo did not see why spared the odd man, although it was a trustworthy companion now.

"One of those situations where carbon turns diamonds", recognized Ragnarok that the Burned has been pure luck. "Lakyus is another wonderful and voluptuous example of such events".

"Thank you my love", purred Lakyus. "I had to admit that being a [Succubus] is an exhilarating experience, even at my weakest, I felt better than I ever felt as human".

"Speaking of [Succbus]", changed the point of the conversation Ragnarok, "I thought that you two were about to start a coven with Renner".

"Oh?", said Lakyus and Albedo at the same time. "A coven?".

"Something akin to a guild made of [Succubus], with a queen ruling over all the [Succubus] under her command". Explained Ragnarok part of the lore of the monster species of the two women in Yggdrasil. "Back in the day, Peroronchino hunted down coven after coven on his hunt for cute monsters".

"But we are only two", pondered Albedo. "We can not form a coven".

"That's why I was surprised about Renner's [Imp] transformation", said Ragnarok. "With Renner, Tina and Tia, you are five [Succbus], more than enough to form a coven".

"I am not sure that Tia and Tina would like to be [Succubus]"; shook her head Lakyus. "They are happy as they are being my thralls, maybe in the future, when their skills have reached their prime, they will accept the transformation".

"I approve", nodded Ragnarok. "I would have done the same".

A peaceful, calm stroll of a family of monsters over the charred lands of the Empire that they have butchered.

And they have only just begun.

Player Name: Ragnarok

Race: Eldjotnar (Fire Giant)

Guild: Ainz-Ooal-Gown

Lvl 100 Player:

Racial levels: 35

Eldjotnar 15

Elder Eldjotnar 10

Primal Eldjotnar 5

Heir of Surtr 5

Job levels: 35

Muspellheim Soldier 15

Muspellheim Hirdman 10

Muspellheim Warlord 5

World Bane 5

Others: 30

Runesmith 10

Slaver 5

Tyrant 5

(?) 10

Character Stats:

HP: 100

MP: 61

Physical Attack 100+ Exceeds Limit (World Item- Laevateinn)

Physical Defense 95

Agility 40

Magic Attack 41

Magic Defense 92

Resistance 100

Special Ability 100

Total: 728+ Exceeding limits


High-Tier Firekin:

Lord of Lava

Primal Fire Dragon

Muspell War beast

Mid-Tier Firekin

Fire Wyvern

Lava Maiden

Lava Berserker

Muspell hound

Low-Tier Firekin

Fire Draco

Fire Serpent


Fire Hound


Fire elemental

Elder Fire elemental

Primal Fire elemental

Other summons:



Fenrir (1/9 days)

Summon Eitr Slave


[Battle roar]: Intimidated the enemy and Empowers the allies.

[Eitr]: Sacrificing his life points, Ragnarok can grant to a pet, slave or a permanent summon, the Racial benefits of a Primal Fire giant, turning it into a loyal slave; at Yggdrasil, It can not surpass the limits of summons, in the New World there is still yet to be tested how many Eitr slaves can Ragnarok have.

[Gleipnir] Black and golden Magical chains that completely binds any non- final boss, non-event monsters of any level, it could bind even LVL 100 players but they can break free with spells or a Physical Attack of 90+, it could be used to drag the chained, to the one that has cast the skill

[Presence of the Oldest Being I, II, III]: Produced Fear, reduced the magic defense, lowers the Resistance, Paralysis, and Sudden death by combustion in flames.

[Primordial Flesh]: A passive skill that negates damage from the middle to low-level monsters and attacks.

[Runecraft I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X]: with the appropriate materials, runes can be engraved on items that would imbue them with abilities equal to 1-10 Tier spells. Divine and Legendary class could withstand four runes on them at the same time; Relic and Legendary three, Legacy and Top two and from Low to High only one, single rune

[Ratatosk]: Allows the player to stole one single item from the Inventory of another, with a 100% percent success. Can only be used One time per victim.

[Winds of Muspellheim]: A mist-like aura made of volcanic ashes, that surrounded Ragnarok and causes Fire and non-elemental damage.

[Scourge]: A unstoppable attack, Overrank like a skill that inflicts all the Physical damage of the player directly over the victim independently of the defenses of any kind.


[All appraisal magic item] Reveals the name and function of a magic item.

[Aglyz] Antimagic personal barrier.

[Aura of Flames]: A personal armor made of fire that protects from fire damage and hurts anyone in close combat.

[Aura of Inferno]: A personal armor made of hellfire that protects from elemental damage and hurts anyone in close combat.

[Blaze Blink]: A teleport skill that lefts flames on its destinations.

[Breath of Fire]: A cone of flames surged from the mouth.

[Breath of the Red Dragon]: A flamethrower like flame erupt from the mouth of the caster.

[Breath of the Primal Fire Wyrm] a torrent of flames that erupted from the mouth of the caster like a tidal wave.

[Create Great Item] Relic Class and below

[Curse of Muspellheim] The target explodes in flames, only Resistance of 80 or higher can apply any damage reduction to it.

[Diamond skin] Massively increases Physical resistance.

[Empower Magic]: Increased the potency of any spell.

[Dominate will] Completely subdue the mind of the victim to the caster

[Fate´s Favorite]: Greatly increases the Luck of the caster.

[Feast of the Victorious raiders] Summons delicious food, from a packed lunch to a sumptuous feast for all the participants of a battle.

[Fire step] The caster moves to a location, burning everything in his way, it can be blocked by magic and physical objects.

[Fireball]: Classic, big ass Fireball.

[Fire blades] all weapons in a radius are covered in an aura of flames that add fire damage to the attacks

[Firebolt]: An arrow made of fire.

[Fire Wave]: A wave of the hand released a wave of fire in a wide arc.

[Flame Cloak]: A flame made cloak, negates part of the incoming magic damage and damages enemies in the proximity of the caster.

[Fire Wall]: A wall of fire, varies his size and reach in the function of how much MP is poured on it.

[Flesh of the Elemental Beings] Greatly increases elemental resistances.

[Gate]: Opens a portal to a location.

[Giant Strength]: Increases the strength of the caster

[Greater Breaker Item] Relic class and below

[Golden shell of Fafnir] a semi-spherical dome that blocks any incoming attack from the outside

[Hands of the Eldjotnar] The unarmed attack of the caster now cause a lot of extra fire damage

[Haste Fire]: Fire spells are quicker to cast and harder to dodge.

[Hell Cloak]: A hellfire cloak, that negates a lot of magic damage and returns the damage as fire damage.

[Incorruptible essence] Nullifies all negative status for a time.

[Lava boulder]: A rolling boulder of lava that crushed anything in his path.

[Magic Armor] Magical armor that protects from spell damage

[Maximize Magic]: Set to the max, any numbers involved in a spell.

[Primal beast reflexes] Massively increases Agility

[Pyroplastic Clash]: A controlled, violent eruption of Lava under the feet of the victim.

[Titan´s Might]: Greatly increased the strength

[Triple Magic]: Cast the same spell, three times at once, or triplicates the power of the spell.

[Twin Magic]: Duplicate the spell or his power or cast it twice at once.

[Steel Skin]: Increases the physical defense of the caster.

[Subjugation]: An area of effect Hypnosis that makes the victim receptive and friendly to the orders of the caster.

[Surtur´s Wrath]: A volcanic explosion of lava, fire, and ashes.

[Supreme might] massively increases one Physical attack.

[Unstoppable being] the caster can not be private of his movement by any means, High tier spells may work.


[Crown of the Oldest Being]- Divine class item.

[Laevateinn]- World Class item

[Harvester battleax]-Legendary class item

[Cuirass of the World Bane]- Divine class item

[Cape of the Frozen Wyrm]-Divine Class item

[Ring of Ainz-Ooal-Gown]- Divine Class item

[Ring of Muspellheim´s Tyrant]-Divine Class item

[Thousand faces Ring]-Divine Class item

Items as Ragnar:

[Fleshburner] Serrated Danish ax Rune enhanced, Relic Class Item; it is enhanced by three runes. [Fire weapon]/[Teleport]/[Curse of Muspellheim].

[Gauntlet of the Oldest King] Black gauntlet, rune enhanced, Relic Class Item, enhanced by thee runes [Dominate will]/[Golden Shell of Fafnir]/[Aglyz]

[Thousand faces Ring]-Divine Class item, under the gauntlet

[Ring of the Muspellheim Tyrant]-Divine Class item, under the gauntlet

Party of Ragnar as Adventurer in the Capital:

Name: Muspellheim

Lakyus Surtursson [Cleric/Templar/Priest/Black Knight/Succubus] Level 63

[Kilineiram]- The dark, cursed, sword of the Black Knight of the heroes.

[Bicorn´s Mantle]- A cape that shows images of blood-covered Bicorns- Relic Class Item

[Floating swords]- Four floating swords. Rune enhanced, [Titan´s might], [Fire Blade], [Raise Critic]- Relic Class Item

[Ring of the Alpha Doppelganger]- Legacy Class Item.

[Ring of Muspellheim]- Relic Class Item

[Tia]- Rogue/Assassin/Ninja/ Thrall. Devoted slave of Lakyus.

[Ring of Muspellheim]- Relic Class Item

[Tina]- Rogue/Assassin/Ninja/ Thrall. Devoted slave of Lakyus.

[Ring of Muspellheim] Relic Class Item

Brain Unglaus (Eitr slave of Ragnar) [Sword Saint/Primal Fire Giant/Eldjotnar] Level 72

[Wrath]- Crimson colored Serrated Katana, Relic Class Item, Rune enhanced, [Fire Blade]/[Titan´s Might]/[Primal beast Reflexes]

[Ring of the Alpha Doppelganger]-Legacy Class item

[Ring of Muspellheim]-Relic Class Item

Bathory Surtursson (Eitr slave of Ragnar) [Vampire Bride/Primal Fire giant/Eldblut] Level 58

[Mistress of the Inferno]- Elegant and seductive red and golden dress with embroidered flames, Relic Class item, Rune enhanced by three runes. [Hands of the Eldjotnar]/[Maximize Magic: Fire]/ [Dominate Will].

[Ring of the Alpha Doppelganger]-Legacy Class item

[Ring of Muspellheim]-Relic Class Item

Hella Surtursson (Orb of Death possessing a Doppelganger body) [Doppelganger/Elder Lich] Level 50

[Orb of Death]-Legendary Class item

[Ring of Muspellheim]-Relic Class item

The Burned (Eitr slave of Ragnar) [Cleric/Priest/Templar/Hierophant/ Primal Fire Giant] 35

[The Book of Fire and Bones]- Relic Class item, Rune enhanced [Summon Muspellheim War Beast]/ [Curse of Muspellheim]/[Presence of the Oldest Being II]

[Ring of the Alpha Doppelganger]- Legacy class items

[Ring of Muspellheim]-Relic Class Item.