Title: Knowing You

Pairings: Spideypool

Rating: M

Warning: Language, violence, sex (you know, all things Deadpool).

Summary: Deadpool and Spiderman finally meet and become close, even closer when they find out each other's real identities. But when a certain bad guy finds out DP has a weakness for the nerdy Peter Parker, trouble starts.

Author's note: My first time writing Deadpool and Spiderman, so although I'm trying to keep them in character they're probably a little (or a lot) occ but after all this is a fanfic soo…hope you guys like anyway.

Chapter One

Peter swung-no, Spiderman swung down from the building, holding onto his string of web with his legs together out in front of him. Why? So they could connect with the guy's stomach. The guy flew off his feet and crashed into the wall.

As Spidey let go of his web he flipped in the air before landing onto his feet. He'd be lying if he said he wasn't proud of the perfect landing. . .or the way he had just knocked a guy out cold by kicking him into a brick wall.

Of course the guy was a bad guy, it wasn't like he enjoyed beating people up but when they're bad, they kind of deserve it right? The guy that was now unconscious was trying to rob one of the small banks on the edge of town.

"Hey! What the hell are you doing!?"

Like most bad guys, the unconscious one wasn't alone. The bad guy -that had shouted at him- started running at him with his gun out. "Are you really that stupid?" He asked, incredulously. "I mean seriously, you cannot be that damn stupid." He added as he watched the gun wiggle about in the blond man's hand as he ran. If it wasn't a gun –y'know, something dangerous- it would be funny to watch. Shaking his head at the guy's stupidity, he fired one web at the gun, one at each foot and one around his upper body –strapping his arms to his sides- as he fell down to the ground with a thud and a roll.

Spiderman patted his hands, ready to wander off and find something else to do while the cops did their job, when three more guys came out of the bank. "Uh, seriously, you're smart enough not to rob this place on your own. . .but you're all that stupid not one of you thinks to wear a mask!? Geez, you're all terrible criminals."

With a sigh he ran at the men, firing webs from both shooters. One web hit one in the chest, wrapping around his arms and body like the first guy while the other web hit the other guy in the face. It wasn't often he miss aimed but at least it still knocked the guy down. Quickly firing another web from his right shooter –at the wall of the bank- he jumped up and skid down along the floor, kicking the last robbers legs out from under him. The robber grunted in frustration.

"You little shit, who the hell do you think you are!?" The guy yelled as he clambered to his feet.

"Huh, me? I'm your friendly neighbourhood Spiderman." He said as he used his thumb to point at himself. "Again, you guys are the worst baddies ever-how the heck do you not know who I am?"

Just as he was about to web up the last of the robbers, his senses went off. But too late. He was grabbed from behind. "Hey, what the-?" What the heck? He miss counted. Damn it, one of them had been in the bank still. But what he didn't understand was why his Spider-senses were still tingling.

Out of nowhere there was a flash of red and the robber holding him wasn't holding him anymore –he managed to stop himself from falling to the side by just stumbling a few steps. The robber in front of him, who was now holding his gun out towards Spidey, was just as confused as he was.

"Don't you know it's impolite to be so close to someone's arse without an invitation." A new voice said, before the sound of a thud –the robber falling to the ground. "And look at that ass." He howled a whistle. "Damn, you could bounce a quarter of that thing."

Spiderman made quick work of webbing the last robber's gun to the wall, and then webbing him to it too. He looked over his shoulder at the intruder. He didn't understand his senses. He was getting a feeling to be careful but not to be worried or even on full defence against the guy. . .who was in a red and black leather costume. Who was this guy? Another hero? No, that's not what his senses were saying. He was about to ask the man who he was when he suddenly realised something. He could feel his cheeks burning as he spun around quickly; his hands instinctively tucking behind him in a way to cover himself. "Were you talking about my ass?"

The guy in the suite bent his head backwards and let out a loud laugh. He walked over to the robber webbed to the wall before speaking. "Well I sure as hell wasn't on about this guy's saggy rear end." He tried to peel the gun from the wall –while Spidey watched, shaking his head- but couldn't. "Stubborn white messy-oh, speaking of white messy stuff, is it webby when you- y'know,"

Spiderman watched confused but closely as the masked man used his finger to gesture at him. It took him longer than it should to realise where the guy was pointing: his private area. What the-? He realised what he meant by 'white messy stuff'. . .again, a little longer than it should have taken. "W-whoa! Hey dude, you can't say shit like that! I don't know you."

"Ha, this guns fake." The guy said nonchalantly as he kicked at the robbers boot. "Fine, fine, I won't talk about your messy webby white stuff." He shrugged, and Peter knew he was grinning under the mask.

"It's not webby!" Spiderman yelled, embarrassed. And then realised he shouldn't have because when he speaks, he can hear the grin this time.

"Really? Damn, I was hoping to find that out for myself."

A shiver ran down Spidey's spine. "Look, dude, I don't know who you are and I'm pretty sure I don't want to." He waved and turned to leave.

"Ouch, Spidey, don't you even wanna know my name?"

He looked over his shoulder to see the guy holding a hand over his heart, feigning hurt. "Nope. You're the guy whose waaaay too comfortable saying whatever the hell he wants."

"So that's what you're going t' call me the next time we meet?"

Spiderman didn't say anything, just shook his head with a slight smirk and started walking away.

"Wan' t' know what I'm gonna call you next time?"

"There isn't going to be a next time."

"Oh yes there is, baby boy, there's gonna be a next time if it's the last damn thing I do."

Spidey shook his head, trying to stop the amused smirk widening before he shot his web at a building. But before his feet even left the ground he heard the masked man say, "That's what I'm gonna call you next time by the way."

End of chap 1!

Thanks for reading and hope you like it so far.