Chapter Eight

Peter sat down on one of the stools. They'd just finished tinkering with his suit. . .and it had been the most awkward two hours of his life. They had barely said two words to each other. He understood that it was weird he had walked in on him with Wade. . .but it wasn't like he had seen them actually doing anything. Not that they had had the chance to actually do anything.

He kicked his feet on the floor, twisting the stool around. Awkward. So awkward.

"So," Tony said as he stood at the opposite side of the desk. "you and Deadpool huh?"

"Yeah, wait." How hadn't he realised before? "You know Wade is. . ."

"Do you really think I don't know almost all of the costume wearing weirdo's running around here?"

Peter sometimes forgot just how powerful Tony Stark was, never mind Ironman. "Huh. I never really thought about it."

"How long you and him. . .err, been a thing." Tony asked, swishing his glass.

"We are not a thing." He told him, he could feel his cheeks heating up. This was embarrassing.

"Sure looked like it."

"W-what? N-no that wasn't-I told you that wasn't what it looked like." He watched as Tony raised a sceptical brow. "It wasn't. He just. . .he stayed over last night."

"But it wasn't what it looked like?"

Peter cocked his head and gave his mentor an annoyed look. "He. . .he saw my face. So he stayed. That was it."

"After everything you've done to keep it secret, he just happens to find out?"

He didn't understand what the accusing tone was for but it was pissing him off. He cared about Tony and even cared about what he thought of him. . .but he cared about Wade too, a lot more than he had initially meant to. "Yeah, he did."

"Uh- huh. I just find it a little strange kid, I mean, do y' even know him? Do you know what it is he does?"

"Everybody knows what Deadpool does." Peter stated. He was trying not to let his annoyance show. He wasn't sure it was working.

"So you're okay dating someone who kills people."

"We're not dating."

"Okay, so you're okay sleeping around with someone who kills people?"

He clenched his jaw as he heard the anger in his mentor's voice; why was he angry? His relationships had nothing to do with him. "It's not like he kills innocents. . .and since we've been hanging out he hasn't killed anyone."

"While he's been around you, what about when you're not there?"

Spidey watched as Tony put his glass down, a little rougher than he normally would. His mentor had a point, he didn't know what Deadpool did when they weren't together. . .but he had a feeling the merc hadn't killed anyone for a while, he joked about killing them but he didn't even though he had the chance. "What's your problem with him Mr. Stark? Seriously."

"He's an arrogant asshole, and I don't trust him-,"

"Well I do!" Peter yelled. "I thought you'd trust me enough to know who the good ones are."

Tony sighed. "I thought you did, but if you're choosing someone like him, someone who kills people and would probably come for you at the right price. . .I guess I was wrong."

Tears welled up in Peter's eyes; it hurt that Tony didn't trust his choices. "You know what Tony? I'm not a child, and you're not my dad." He pushed up from the stool, knocking it to the ground. "My choices of who I fuck and anything else, has nothing to do with you." He didn't wait for his mentor to say anything, he just grabbed his bag and stormed out towards the door.

"Oh hey kid," Bruce said, stopping at the door.

He didn't stop to say hi, normally he would have felt bad about that but he was too wound up to feel anything but anger and annoyance. As he stormed to the elevator he could hear Bruce say,

"What did you do now Tony?"


Wade looked away from the TV as the front door slammed shut. "You okay Petey?" He asked, cautiously, sitting up from his stretched out position on the couch. The kid was clearly agitated. He was gonna kill Stark.

[Let's get to it then.]

{We don't even know it was the Ironman who upset him.}

"I'm fine."

He watched Peter wander around the living room, clearly trying to busy himself but was too stressed to actually do anything. He knew the kid was trying to make it look like he was okay. . .but that was just showing Wade how un-okay he was.

He stood from the sofa and in two quick strides he stood in front of the kid, placing a finger under his chin to tilt his face upwards. "What's wrong?"

"I said I'm fine,"

"Don't make me ask again." Deadpool told him; he was worried about him, and asking the same question more than once was going to waste time.

". . .fine. Mr Stark said some things that got to me, okay?" Spidey admitted as he looked back at those bright blue eyes. It was his new favourite shade of blue.

"What did he say?" He asked quickly. "He's hurt you, hasn't he?"

"No, he just pissed me off." Peter kept staring at Wade, hoping the merc would give in and drop it. . .but after a good thirty seconds of staring, he realised the man wasn't going to. He sighed. "Fine. He was asking questions and said some stuff about you that I didn't like."


{How is it possible this kid actually cares about you. . .about us. . .that much he's actually mad at his father figure?}

He stared at the kid in shock. He couldn't believe it, Spidey really did care. He smiled widely before leaning and gently pressing his mouth to Peter's soft lips. He really wanted to continue what they had been up to earlier but now wasn't the time. He pulled away, smiling softly, happily. "I made breakfast, well, I guess it's more lunch now."

"Really?" Peter asked suspiciously.

"Yup." He jerked his thumb towards the little two person dining table in the kitchen area, where two plates sat. "Breakfast burritos."

"Burritos huh," Peter nodded. "but I had none of the ingredients you'd need to make burritos. Where'd you order them from?"

Wade sighed dramatically. "Couldn't just pretend could ya? Got 'em from someplace downtown."

Spidey chuckled as he moved to the table, sitting down. Wade followed, smiling. They ate in silence and just sat there for a few minutes, neither of them knowing what to say, until the merc said, "So, what'd the tin man say 'bout me?"

". . .Just about what you do and stuff."

"You mean about me killing people?"

Peter looked away. "Yeah. . .I told him you hadn't killed anyone since we've been, I don't know, hanging out? Working together? Anyway, sorry, I guess it doesn't really have anything to do with him. . .or me."

"You're important to him, o' course he's gonna bring it up. He's probably going to do a lot more to keep you away from me." Wade hated the thought; what lengths would Stark go to, to make sure he stayed away from the Spider? How long would it take before Petey realised the tin man was right about him?

"He can try whatever the hell he likes," He told the merc. "I like you and unless I decide I don't wan' t' be around you, there's nothing he can say or do to change my mind." He watched as Wade's eyes widened with surprise, a small pleased smile taking over his lips. "Besides, it's not like you're the only person who's killed someone."

The smile faded and was replaced with a confused expression. "What. . .what do you mean by that?"

Peter smiled a self-deprecating smile before huffing a laugh. "I told you remember, I have death on my hands." He held his hands out, palms up as if Deadpool would be able to see. "I, err, I had this friend G-Gw-Gwen. . .she knew about Spiderman and everything and well, that's what got her killed. One of my enemies found out about her and he erm. . .I couldn't. . .she-she died, and it was all my fault. I should've been faster, y' know."

Wade grabbed Petey's hands and held them tight. "I'm so sorry, Petey." He wanted to ask what the kid had done to the bad guy, but he didn't want to upset him and he had a feeling he knew what he'd done to him anyway. . .and there was no way he was going to ask Peter to admit to that. It was so clear how guilty the kid felt. Wade suddenly realised that was why he had no pictures in his room of her. . .he couldn't bear to look at her. The guilt was too much.

"Me too." Spidey choked out. "T-that's why I don't. . .apart from Mr. Stark and the others, I try not to connect with people too much anymore. . ."

"But you couldn't resist with me, huh baby boy." He joked, trying to lighten the mood. He didn't want Petey been upset.

Peter let out a small laugh. "Yeah, I guess you're my exception on quite a few things."

"Oh yeah?"



Wade ran his hand through Peter's thick brown hair. They'd been talking for a while before the kid curled up next to him and nodded off, his head falling into the merc's lap as he wriggled about to get comfy.

Peter had gone into more detail about his friend Gwen, she sounded like a good kid –just like Petey- but he hadn't been able to tell him who had killed her, it was too painful for him to even get the words out. And Wade wasn't going to force it out of him. Or what Spiderman had done to the villain.

Then he'd told him about his Uncle Ben, and how it was his fault he had died too. Again, Wade didn't ask questions. . .especially what Spiderman had done about it.

And then they had talked about nothing particular for a little bit. Wade had expected the kid to ask about the guys from the other day or something from his past, but he had stuck to basic questions like favourite food, film and drink. Oh, and how Wade had found the jogging bottoms he had bought at least a year ago. . .he'd been snooping through his draws for something to wear, luckily the kid had bought the wrong size. He knew the kid was trying to be careful and not push, just like he had been doing. . .but he wanted Petey to know about him, no matter how bad most of it was.

He sighed, still stroking the kid's hair. "Y' too good kid for me, y' gotta know that baby boy." If the kid was still interested in him after everything he had done, he was one lucky son of a bitch.

He rambled on about his mercenary life before Deadpool for a short while. "And then, I got cancer. That's when everything got worse, believe it or not." He went into detail how he'd been stupid and believed the wrong people could help him. . .how he thought even he could become a super hero. But of course, he'd just been a fucking moron.

The guys who were supposed to help him and others like him were actually just gonna sell them once there mutant gene came through. And of course his couldn't have been something super cool like breathing fire or flying. . .he had to get-, "Well, y'know what my powers are," He told the still sleeping Peter, softly stroking his hair. "So I became Deadpool to get revenge. . .and those men we were after the other day, they work for Francis." He chuckled to himself. "Fuckin' Francis."

"I 'spose not everything's been bad, I was out after some douchebag one night when I saw you swinging around after some weirdo. . .I followed you. I actually wanted to help, I didn't know you, didn't even know if you were good or bad but I. . .I felt this need to help you. But I didn't." He admitted. "It wasn't long after that that I found out who you were –and of course, y' were a good one. How did I not know that, huh? I mean only someone with an ass as sweet as yours could be a good guy." He chuckled.

"I followed you around a few times, just trying to find out more about you; o' course when I realised you were heading home I stopped, I mean I wanted t' know the real you too. . .but I couldn't do that. 'Specially not t' you."

"Blindy caught me a few times, he even threatened to tell you I was following you." He paused remembering he had threatened the Devil back. He wasn't going to tell him that bit though. "I finally got up the courage to speak to y'. . .an' o' course I wish I'd done it sooner." He felt Peter shift and his hand fisted in Wade's pants leg.

"I do too." Peter confessed. "I'm sorry you had to go through all that bad stuff, Wade. I wish I could have helped."

The merc pulled on the kid's shoulder, making him twist onto his back. "You are helping, baby boy, you have no idea."

"I'm not doing anything though."

He smiled down at him, those big brown eyes looking at him sympathetically. "You are, y' really are kid. Everything. . .doesn't seem so bad around you. The scars don't hurt as much, the voices are quitter. And even if that weren't the case. . .I'd still wanna be around you."

Peter stared up at Wade. Whoa. He hadn't been expecting that. He pushed himself up slowly and pressed his lips to the merc's. It was different, but he felt the same. Things were just better with Wade around.

Wade's hand grabbed at the kid's hair, pressing their faces harder together.

Peter twisted his body, climbing onto the merc's lap. His hands grabbed at Wade's neck and shoulders, kissing him fervently. He wanted Wade. He needed Wade. He ground down against him.

Wade couldn't resist, his hands ran down the Spider's body before grabbing at that sweet perfect arse. Damn, he'd watched it in that spandex suit for so long, been able to touch –well, grope- at it was better than he could have ever imagined. He quickly slid his hands under the jeans, but still over his boxers, squeezing and kneading. "Damn, baby boy, so hot."

"Not as hot as you." Peter grinned against the merc's lips, grinding down slowly and his hands running all over his body feeling every dip and bump of his scars. He wanted to memorise every line.

The merc smirked before pressing their lips back together and gripping roughly at the Spider's bum, spreading the cheeks. His smirk only widened as Peter let out a sharp gasped moan.

He tugged at the elastic band of the kid's boxers. "Okay?"

Peter nodded. "You don't need to keep asking." He told him, remembering the merc had basically asked permission before going to take his top of earlier too. He wondered what that was about. But he wasn't going to ask now, he was much more interested in what the scarred hands were going to do.

That was . . .until he got a familiar tingle at the top of his spine. He pulled his mouth from Wade's, but kept their position. "Something's wrong, someone's here."

Wade pulled his hands out from under the kid's jeans, his eyes locked with those brown ones that were usually wide but right now were focused and somewhat angry. "On my count, jump behind the couch and be ready for whatever they've got." He watched the kid nod. He squeezed at his bony hips before mouthing, 'Three, two-,"

But he didn't get the chance to say 'one' before the window to Wade's left shattered as it exploded in.

End of chap 8!

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I've kept Deadpool's backstory the same as the film, and Gwen was just Peter's friend.