Once upon a time, a castle found itself in the midst of a world war.

There was little time for help as a German scientist was focused on not trying to win the war. No, that opportunity was snuffed out during the Ardennes Offensive. It was a scientific discovery which piqued his interest as he worked at the console to see his work finished. Although it meant little for the German soldiers, he was rather focused on trying to see if his machine worked. The forty-six year-old man who pressed his glasses had lost the care about the faction he sided with.

Underneath the walls of the ancient fortification, Dr. Sauer watched from behind the safety of his glass panel to see the testing room... or rather the place where he was trying to go home to. He had witnessed enough of this world to see people tear themselves apart for many reasons. People who were willing to burn down cities and wipe out entire people because of their existence. Why he was lost in this world was a cause of a terrible experiment in Atlas which ripped him away from his home and colleges. "Please work." He begged to himself. "I just want to go home."

The machine had plenty of wires from the generators outside of the castle which came from a nearby town. Thanks to that sort of power, he could turn the machine on until the fighting reached home. Then he looked down to see the button labeled "Activate" in German. After his years in Nazi Germany, he was able to understand the language and be part of the people long enough to be called German. Focusing on that single button, he pressed it before he heard the machine whine to life.

Dr. Sauer looked through the glass panel to see the electricity and static to be unleash inside of the room. It was difficult to know what it did, but all he knew was that a hole was opening up in reality. The hole came in a blue-purple color as fragments of orange particles had begun to leave this hole he had just created; however, these particles were forming a figure of a person and when the last fragment had fitted into the pieces the body glowed. The doctor covered his eyes from the light as the glowing slowly died down before he could learn about his findings.

The person who lay inside of the testing room was on her knees as an arrow was struck into her chest. The red-head was clad in armor, but she exposed much of her skin as he deactivated the machine to no power as the hole he created had disappeared from reality as the electricity died down. Whoever this person was, she needed medical attention.

The doctor ran to the metal door beside the console and unlocked it before he slipped through and sprinted towards the wounded girl as she gasped for air. When he found himself beside her, he gripped on the arrow stuck in her chest as she screamed. Then he looked into her gaze as she gasped for air. "Okay, I need to get you to a medic. He'll be able to take it out." Dr. Sauer assured him.

Just after he said those words, he heard gunfire and explosions outside of work room as his gaze was aimed at the reinforced doors which entered the control room. There was shouting of German orders before the gunfire grew louder and their dying screams told the doctor the assailants were after for good or for bad. Then he heard shouts of English language. "Now!" Immediately, the reinforced doors exploded open as clouds of debris and metal fragments flew open indiscriminately. Three figures walked into the room as they raised their weapons up and stormed through in their respective uniforms. One of the men was British and the two men were Americans as they located Sauer in the room.

The British soldier spoke up as he lowered his weapon. "Dr. Sauer, we're here to take you in."

The doctor looked away from the Allied soldiers before turning to the wounded girl. "If you want me, you'll have to bring her along."

One of the Americans spoke up. "Doctor, we do not have the time to carry dead weight!" He shouted. "We came here to get you out from here. That's it."

A convincing excuse entered his mind. "She's my assistant, she is coming."

"Then what's with the damn arrow in her chest?"

The British soldier turned around to his compatriots. "Well bugger me, okay she can come. Let's go!"