Night had fallen as the party found themselves sleeping. From what they had told him, the Grimm wouldn't be near them for awhile. Good. As the kids were quiet in their sleeping bags, Captain Durante rested his back along a tree while his head rested upon the bark. One of the kids thought of offering him their sleeping bags to him, but he refused. It was a luxury they deserved more than him. After all, Monte understood that he wasn't a huntsmen, just a simple man in a uniform. Not even rank could help him against the creatures of Grimm.

The young man was very disappointed with how his day went, considering that he was just supposed to meet with Qrow. Where was he? He didn't know. Remnant is such a vast place that getting to one destination was not easy compared to his world.

Then his mind began to drift as he began to think about the package he was carrying. The relic. At every attempt to fall asleep, the captain found himself restless. He couldn't stop thinking about this relic, the very item that caused him so much trouble since he was thrown out of Lorch. The very thing that made him lose an eye.

The captain shook his head and began to look into his knapsack with curiosity. There had to be a good reason for him to lose an eye in the process of protecting this relic. His hand began to reach into the knapsack digging through the additional items it contained. However, it was usually pencils and… paper money? Monte pulled his hand out from the knapsack and was surprised to see what he found. It was what he had expected. Of course, it will be valuable, but he slipped the foreign currency into his pockets before continuing to discover what else was in store for him.

Monte continued to lay his fingers within the knapsack, but he felt something and it was heavy. The officer felt the metallic touch rub against his skin. This 'relic' felt smooth on one side, but as he reached for the other side his fingers were met with a rough outlines. "This… this is new." The officer whispered to himself while he grasped the ball-like object. It was strange when this relic was in his hand. He felt this sensation of being more alive than ever.

When he pulled the object from the knapsack, Captain Durante found himself surprised as his gaze fell upon it. The relic was colored in gold and there were markings on one side of the ball with words of English present. It was good that the moon was out tonight. Otherwise, the captain would have found it difficult to read the words.

"What does this say?" There were pockets of dirt covering some of the words. He was intent on it read. His nails began to dig the dirt out as he began to read it out loud. "...The destiny of man depends on his… choice." Monte raised an eyebrow after he finished that sentence. "So, I'm risking my life for a shiny piece of philosophy?" Then he shook his head in shame. "What a waste of my time."

To his surprise, there was a small golden light emanating from the relic.

"Shit… what did I do?" He pondered before shutting his eye away from the light.

He waited, wondering whether the light would fade away and allow him to continue on his journey. However, he heard a voice whispering into his mind. The words of a man echoing a message into his soul. "You have now learned of the truth. Do not be afraid, captain. Fate has allowed you to… begin again. Presently, time will go back for a moment and give you a moment, a chance, an opportunity to change everything for Remnant and Earth. I should also mention, you won't remember what had just happened and the memories of Remnant shall fade away for this choice you have brought to the table."

"Who are you?" Durante questioned.

"I am someone you'll forget, but will meet."

It had been some time since Captain Durante rested well. However, he should have known better than to sleep into a mission briefing. "Captain Durante, wake up." As much as the officer enjoyed the luxury of sleep, he knew better than to anger his superior. He opened his eyes and found himself staring at the face of a familiar British major. "Good, you're awake."

The American smiled. "Major Blackmore, can you blame me? I haven't had a decent amount of sleep over these past months."

"I understand, but this is the bloody mission briefing. You know better."

A laugh escaped from his lips. "I should, but I don't. Now back to the point, all I know is that I'm given a special task of finding a special prototype in Eschdorf. Mind explaining what is in the town full of krauts?"

The major nodded in approval to his behavior. "Intel suggests that the prototype is some kind of teleportation device and the reason they're in the town is to test it in the field." Major Blackmore explained to him. "However, this needs to be destroyed before there is any success in this testing. It will hamper our efforts on the frontlines if they have the ability to distribute troops without our knowledge at a blink of an eye."

"Understood, head down into the town and destroy the prototype while Derby, Vastano, and Edwards distract the garrison."

"Yes, that is how the plan is going to work."

"Is there anything I should know about the garrison I'm up against?"

A hesitant reply came from the major. "OSS intelligence has informed me they have the best of the Oberkommando Wehrmacht garrisoned there and they are lead by Major General Voss. Now I know that you have a history with the general back in Normandy, but don't let your personal feelings get in the way of this mission."

"Don't worry major, my revenge can be taken on a later date." Captain Durante assured him.

"Very well, now you can get some rest."

"Thank you, major." He replied as he rose from his seat and began to depart the tent.

Author's Note: If this is a major surprise, I decided to merge the storyline of this fic and "The Tales of Valor" into the same one. It's for my own personal reasons while I focus on one Company of Heroes 2/RWBY crossover. So if you want to read more, I would start with "The Tales of Valor" since the first chapter is set after this scene.