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Last Chapter:

"I told you, magic cannot work in this room. Plus, I transported her to your bed and her head has been healed," Maura tried to reassure the upset woman who calmed with the knowledge that her lover was okay. "I lost my child as well as my lover. Thor and his wife imprisoned my wife. Her name is Jane as well, and our daughter…you've met."

Regina raised a brow at the last comment, "Does she live in Storybrooke?"

"Jessica, the warrior of the heavens that was after Emma…" she said looking down guiltily.

"Jessica is your daughter?! How is it that she's your daughter and you BOTH planned to marry Emma? And not only that, she looks nothing like you, and frankly she's much more brute like than you as well. I don't understand what kind of kinky sh-"

"I assure you, Regina, it was nothing of that sort! I lost my daughter as much as Thor and Jane lost theirs. My wife, Jane, was a warrior before she was a King and that bothered the people of Asgard. She was unruly and 'brute-like' and they didn't think she was fit to be the King of my castle. Jane was informed by Lancelot, the general of Thor's army, that they planned to seize our castle and imprison me and my wife. When...When," Maura stuttered out reliving the moments before her lover's departure all over again.


Maura was sitting at her vanity, her baby bump more prominent every day now. She and her King, Jane Rizo, had just been made one in a union conducted by the goddess of love. She was over the moon to discover she was also 3 months pregnant with their little bundle of joy. Jane came out of the bathroom smiling at her glowing wife, "And what are you so happy about, Gorgeous?"

"The real question," Maura stood on her tiptoes kissing the taller woman's lips chastely, "is why wouldn't I be happy. I have everything ever hoped for and that's all thanks to you. I don't know what I would do without you, My Love." Maura sighed lying her head on small breasts and feeling strong arms envelope her as well.

"I don't think you will EVER have to worry about not having me at your side. There's no place I'd rather be...well maybe-"

"Jane….Don't ruin the moment...please," Maura said between laughter.

A frantic series of knocks landed on the wooden door as the women looked to each other before Jane groaned and went to the door opening it, "What is it, Hermes? And it better be good. I just want one moment of peace for goddess's sake."

"Well, My Friend, I regret to inform you of the news I learned, but I must," came the deep drawl of her closest friend, who happened to be the army general of Odin's kingdom.

"Lance! I haven't seen you in ages!" Jane said as she hugged then the man who gasped for air.

"Can't breathe…" he then pulled back with a grim look. "Jane, Thor and his wife plan on coming to this castle and imprisoning you and your wife for breaking the code of the gods. I tried to convince them that true love triumphs any rule written by man, but they are determined to separate you two."

Maura looked between the two warriors with tears and confusion building up, "There is no reason for them to do that! If they want to end our alliance, that's one thing, but to take my wife and think I won't start a war?! They must be mad!" the honey blonde ranted while Jane took a seat on the bed.

"I'll go in peace tonight. Lance, I want you to take me in as a peaceful capture, on the condition that they leave my wife alone. She's with child, my child, and I cannot and will not let anything happen to them. The war will stress her to sickness and as we all know, that can be detrimental to the success of the pregnancy. After you deliver the baby," Jane looked to the woman who was about to interrupt her and took a pale hand into her own, kissing knuckles that had turned ghostly from how tight her fist was. "After you deliver our heavenly little girl, then you can come to get me I have faith that if you can you will, and if you cannot," She made sure the woman was looking her in the eye, "If you cannot, Maur, I don't want you to. I'll find my way to you regardless, and I'll do it no less than 30 years, I promise."

Maura had been crying the entire time, but it seemed as though her tear ducts had turned into waterfalls at the thought that her wife was sacrificing her freedom and the crown for their child. There was no worse pain than losing one's true love, but she knew that Jane would never forgive her if she chose the tall warrior over their child's safety. "O-Of course, My Love. I love you so much, Jane. Please, keep your promise to come back to me...please?" Maura sobbed into the brunette's tan neck.

Jane rubbed her wife's back nodding to Lancelot, "Darling, the only way that can happen is if I'm in the belly of a beast. Now, I know that this is going to be difficult, but I need you to find something in you to keep you strong when I cannot be here. For our baby. For our love, okay?"

Maura sniffled, "Can we just cuddle for this last night? Please? It'll keep me strong," she tried to joke horribly, just ending up with a hug from her crying wife as Lance quietly left closing the door.

*End of Flashback*

"It's been almost 30 years and I need her back before the thrones switch and they do the dungeon purge," Maura ended with a straight face having cried during her retelling of the story.

"You're trying to tell me that when the Gods induct their heirs...they kill everyone in their dungeon?" Regina asked incredulous wanting to hug the woman whose color had drained leaving her looking frail, pale, and on the brink of insanity.

"Yes and no. We have a strict system that used to be the law of our lands, but since Odin's daughter became co-ruler, whatever the hell that is, all of the rules have been bent and contorted," Maura said as she clapped her hands. A tall blonde woman walked in with a bottle of wine and two glasses. "Wine?" Maura offered as the taller woman poured Maura a glass and offered Regina one as well.

"Please," she said as she drunk heavily from her glass which was refilled before the servant left the room once again shutting the door. "So, how am I supposed to help you get your wife back?" Regina asked trying to get to the point.

"I need you to get me into the dungeon. Now that you're the queen, you have access to the Kingdom and in actuality, they shouldn't be in your castle anymore. I'm not telling you that you have to do anything, but now that I've explained to you my genuine investment in getting into the castle. In return, if you help me, I'll offer you an alliance," The fair queen asked with pleading eyes. The brunette knew that if the roles were reversed, she would be in a much worse condition than the woman in front of her. Maura had been through so much, and Regina couldn't do anything but respect her for her strength.

"Of course. I know we started off on the wrong foot, but I respect you for going through what you have and remaining strong and sane. I don't think I could do the same if I were in your shoes. I'll help you as soon as you need it, Dear." Maura broke out in a smile that literally lit the room as she hugged the woman in front of her.


Emma woke up confused with a migraine looking for her clothes. As she tried to sit up, she felt a weight on her chest. She looked down seeing brunette hair, immediately knowing that it didn't belong to her girlfriend. "Uh, excuse me? Excuse me?" she said trying to move away from the other body that seemed to start shifting.

Ruby sat up and smiled at the smaller woman, "What's wrong, Emma?"

Emma looked at the woman as though she had grown a second head, "Why are we in the bed together?"

The brunette simply laid back down on Emma's chest raking her fingernails over rigged abs, "It's nothing like what I imagine you're thinking. I smelled that you were bleeding, but when I got here you were up here healed. I just wanted to make sure you were well-protected. I mean, if anything would have happened to you, Regina would have had everyone's heart in a little box on her desk."

"And if she walked in to see you rubbing on me like this, you don't think she would be upset?" Emma asked incredulously with a high pitched voice. "She has warned me that she will personally kick me in my dick if she thinks I'm cheating."

Ruby laughed at her kissing a pale chest leaving a ruby red kiss mark that disappeared in seconds, "Regina knows that Belle is m true love, and I know that you are her true love, so I wouldn't intentionally do anything to ruin your relationship. I just like cuddling, and you smell really nice."

Emma shook her head in the negative moving away from Ruby's flirtatious hands, "I'm not risking my life, and you've known her longer than I have, so I'm going to go shower and take a nap in the guest room. This is my future wife's house. I'm not cuddling up with another woman in her bed," The blonde says standing up and walking to the bathroom.

Emma picked up her phone texting Regina,

' My Queen: Thanks 4 putting me in the bed safe. Where r u tho? I woke up and you weren't here. I need you. I miss you. I love you. Text me back whenever you can, My Queen.'


Maura and Regina were in a black carriage making a long travel to the new queen's castle to get Jane. Maura had been chewing on her unbreakable nails the entire time and Regina was getting frustrated with the noise of it, "Stop it! Look, Dear, it can go one of two ways. Either we sneak in peacefully, or I go in guns blazing. Either way, Maura. I promise that we won't leave that castle unless your wife is in your arms. Okay?"

"I appreciate that. You don't understand how much that means to me. I'm scared to see how badly they've kept her. She's a goddess, so she cannot die like a prisoner would if she were a mortal. I'm scared that she's going to be on the brink of insanity, and-and..."

"And I'm sure that even if she is, seeing you and your daughter are safe will bring her back. Calm down and keep your head in the game. We have to take things step-by-step. The first step, get there. The second step, get your wife. Anything past that, we're going to have to plan that later, okay? Just stay calm and let's take a nap," she asks with a smile.

Maura nods gratefully and yawns, the passing day's events all adding up as she falls into a gentle sleep. On the ride, Regina waves her hand over a mirror that she found on Maura's vanity to show her Emma. The blonde was showering and the queen couldn't look away, "Emma?" she whispered to the mirror. The blonde looked around confused covering herself. "My love, I'm safe and I love you. I'll be back before you know it. Stay safe, and tell that pup she better not touch you," she said before putting the mirror back when she sees the confused blonde nod.

A few hours later found Regina and Maura at the dungeon's door on the lowest level of Odin's castle. She tried to pull the door open, but it was locked with an enchantment. "Regina, I think It's time for you to work your magic."

The brunette smiled maniacally, "I thought you'd never ask. She waved her hand, her magic's purple essence, now infused with millions of golden specks, surrounded her hands as she summoned her powers. The magic enveloped the door that gently opened as though it were never locked. Maura and Regina regally high-fived and walked down a long dark corridor hearing the voice of two women. One voice was raspy and deep, and the other was fairly memorable.

As the honey-blonde carefully rounded the corner, she noticed the back of a familiar brunette queen. Jane Odinson was inside a cell wearing nothing but lace panties and a matching bra. On the wall, looking as dashing and strong as when she left, was a chained up Jane Rizo in nothing but boxers that looked as though they were close to being taken off. Maura was about to confront the Queen when Regina touched her arm giving her the signal to calm down and took out her phone recording what was going on.

"Don't friggin touch me, Woman. I already told you that I don't want you. Just because you keep trying doesn't mean I'm going to break down on my knees. Tell that husband of yours to get you pregnant!" Rizo yelled trying to break free of her restraints that looked as though they had been broken more than one time before.

The queen walked elegantly to the woman on the wall tracing her taut abs with her golden nails, "If he could, I wouldn't have captured you in the first place. You cheated on me with that bitch and you expected me to let it go? You thought I would marry Thor and forget what you did to me? I know you know me too well to think that, My Love."

"I didn't cheat on you. All those years ago when I met you on Earth, I told you plainly that you and I were never going to be anything but sex. When I told you that, what did you think I meant by that?! I fucked you a few times, but I found my true love and I don't want your ass, Mrs. Odinson," Rizo said breaking her worn out chains. Jane moaned watching the taller woman's muscles ripple under her tan skin.

"You know that I have magic that can overpower yours. I've taken exactly what I wanted plenty of times before," she moves her hand, harshly sending jane onto the thin cot and straddled her.

Rizo tried to move, but she was paralyzed with the queen's magic, "I'm glad you're proud that you rape me, Mrs. Odinson. You disgust me," she growled out and closing her eyes expecting the slap, but instead felt Jane's weight lift off her and she also heard a sickening smack, "M- Maura?" Rizo asked seeing the seething strawberry haired woman. There was nothing short of hatred in her eyes as she raised her hand that was fully enveloped in green essence, "Maura!"

Maura snapped her eyes around to her lover, "Regina, put her in these cuffs," she says handing her new ally a pair of green handcuffs. Regina did so to the limp woman's body.

Rizo walked to her wife leaning down to kiss lips that she had been yearning for close to 28 years. The blonde though pushed her back by her chest with a scowl, "You have a lot of explaining to do before you put your lips on me again, Jane Rizo," Maura cried out.

The taller woman looked down confused, "Baby, I had no choice. There are things that I didn't tell you before I turned myself in, but that was for both our protection. We have plenty of time to discuss that, but right now? I just want to make love to my woman," Rizo rumbled kissing and lifting her wife with love.

"And while you two do that," Regina said adjusting herself, "I'll be taking over my castle and taking care of my wife," the queen smiled walking away.

Rizo moved away from her wife taking the other brunette's hand, "A-are you my daughter?"

Regina looked at the couple, seeing the desperation in dark brown eyes, "No, I'm a friend of your wife's. I have met your daughter though, and trust me she looks way younger than me," she laughs.

Rizo nodded releasing the other woman's hand, "I'm sorry. I guess that means we should go find her?"

"And I guess that means I need to go take over my kingdom. Jane and Maura Rizo, you are hereby accepted happily as Asgards ally. And Jane Odinson, your husband will be joining your rapist ass momentarily. And you can both watch this television show that I created for a long long time," she said waving her hand creating a tv showing Rizo and Jane's interaction.