This story takes place after the end of season 13. Let's just say that Ziva's death and Tony leaving both McGee and Bishop start to notices that they get a weird gut feeling around the other and they aren't the only ones. But enough of that let's begin the story.

The day had started out as any other normal day would. With the team all walking into the Bullpen first one there was McGee and as usual he sat down to finish the coffee he had bought on the way to work and ate the bear claw he had gotten. While he was enjoying the quiet of the morning. After finishing off his bear claw he turned on his computer, logged in and went to his email and went through and saw nothing that is important. The next person to enter is Bishop and at least four other people. It seemed weird, because McGee felt happy to see Bishop, more than usual he should say.

"Good morning Bishop. How was your weekend?"

"It was good Tim how about your's?"

"It was good also. I managed to write two more chapters." Right as he finishes the sentence Gibbs walks out of the elevator with another person in tow. The man is wearing a US Marine Corps Utility Uniform. Now this man is not bad looking. He is around 6' and weighs around 178 pounds. He is a medium build and with his sleeves rolled up is quite well toned. He has a jawline and cheeks like Harrison Fords. He has Hazel colored eyes and blonde hair, not as blonde as Bishops around a shade or two darker. He also has stubble on his face the same color as his hair. McGee being used to military uniforms notices that he has Navy emblems and ranks on his uniform.

"Hey Boss who is that with you?" Ellie turns to look at who the guy is and immediately jumps up and hugs the man. She then just starts rambling things to the man before Gibbs coughs to get their attention.

"Oh sorry guys. Gibbs, McGee this is my cousin Dean Bishop. Dean these are my coworker and boss Timothy McGee and Leroy Jethro Gibbs." All three move to shake hands. Dean and McGee shake first then Gibbs.

"Nice to meet you Gunny." Dean tells him while looking him dead in the eyes and doesn't even seemed fazed. To both McGee and Bishop this is an amazing sight to behold and would also go down in legend in NCIS.

"Hey Bishop why don't you show Doc here around the office."

"Doc. I thought you were a Corpsman Deanie."

"I am a Corpsman Ellie Skellie. Marines call corpsman Doc as a sign of affection." Gibbs laughs at this thinking of all the Corpsmen he ran into as a Marine.

"Well this is the Bullpen where we do most of the office work. Up there is MTAC where umm…"

"I know what it is because of my work."

"Well the next place up is our forensic scientist lab." With that they start to walk towards the elevator to Abby's lab. While going down Ellie stops the elevator in between the floors.

"So what are you doing here Dean?"

"What do you mean? Can I not come and visit my lovely cousin?"

"Now I know for sure you are up to something Dean. What is it?"

"I Just got back from deployment and heard about you and Jake."

"So that is why. Did my mom send you?"

"No she did not I came because I haven't seen you in forever and I was needing a place to stay."

"Why would you need a place to stay Deanie. Aren't you stationed out west."

"I was but they are transferring me out to Quantico for the last few months of my enlistment."
"What are you going to do after that?"

"Finish the tour and I'll tell you." As he says this he flips the on switch.

"Besides I'm also here for my second Medal of Honor And my sixth Purple Heart." The elevator stops and he gets off and walks into the lab while Bishop stands there in shock, Dean turns around and asks.

"Hey you coming or not Ellie?" Ellie snaps out of and comes running to catch up. They enter the lab saying.

"Your second Medal of Honor, and sixth Purple Heart." Abby turns around with her mouth agape.

"Second Medal of Honor and Sixth Purple Heart? What other medals do you have?"

"How about introductions first Ms…"

"Abby Sciuto Forensic scientist, NCIS. Who are you."

"Chief Petty Officer Dean Bishop Ellie's cousin."

"So you are a Hospital Corpsman?"

"Yes I am. Nice tattoos by the way."

"Thank you. Do you have any?" Bishop laughs at this. Both Abby and Dean look at her.

"Sorry about that. It's just your mom Dean and how against…" Dean is giving Bishop a look.

"Oh my god you have tattoos?"

"Yes I do. In fact I have three. And to answer why Ells said what she said is because is because my mom is super against tattoos."

"I would love to have you tell us what they are but we still have one more major stop."

"And that is?" Dean asks.

"That would be the autopsy room and both Ducky and Jimmy."

"Ducky? Why is he called Ducky."

"Well his real name is Donald Mallard."

"Oh that makes much more sense than naming your child Ducky. Well then it was a pleasure to meet you Abby." Dean tells her while they shake hands. Abby does a sign that she taught Bishop.

"She can talk to you later for sure." Abby's face lits up.

"You know sign language. Why didn't you tell me." Abby then signs 'Both of my parents are deaf. Why do you know sign.'

'I had a friend who was deaf and so I decide to learn for her.'

'Is this a friend or a 'Friend' friend?'

"Will you two stop signing each other?" Bishop asks them.

'Should we stop or?'

'Let's stop Abby.'

"Okay Skells, let's go visit this Ducky fellow."

"Why did you call her Skells?" Abby asks.

"Well it is short for her nickname."

"Which is…"

"Dean if you value your life you will not answer that question."

"You know that you can't beat me Ells."

"You can crash at my place until your enlistment is up."

"Deal." Dean then turns to Abby and says. "Sorry the truth will have to wait." Abby nods her head in understanding. Both Dean and Bishop head towards the elevator.

"Thanks for agreeing to house me."

"Well Deanie you had my arm tied behind my back."

"No problem Ellie Skellie." They grin at each other.

When they reach the autopsy Bishop decides to tell Dean about Ducky.

"Now Dean, Ducky is a from Scotland and he loves to tell stories and spout facts. So be wary of that."

"Okay. Thanks Ells." They both then walk into autopsy and see Ducky and Jimmy looking at something on the computer.

"Ducky, Jimmy I have someone to introduce to you."

They both turn around and see Bishop with a handsome young man around the same age as her.

"Well hello there Eleanor. Who is this young man with you?" Ducky asks her.

"This is my cousin Chief Petty Officer Dean Bishop." Ellie informs him. Dean sticks his hand out to shake with Ducky and Jimmy.

"It is good to meet you Dean my name is…"

"Dr. Donald 'Ducky' Mallard ME from Scotland, United Kingdom." Ducky seems a little shocked.

"Ells told me about you in the elevator." While he is talking to Ducky Bishops phone rings, she then looks at her phone it's a text from McGee.

Bishop can you get up here.

Why McGee?

It's about your cousin and this Medal of Honor he is getting.

Why did you and Gibbs look into that.

Just get up here.

"Hey Dean they want us back upstairs," Her phone goes off again "They want Ducky and Palmer, too."

In the Bullpen with everyone

When the four walk in they see that Dean's profile is up on the plasma with McGee, Gibbs, Abby, Director Vance, and the Secretary of the Navy. When Dean sees SECNAV he immediately snaps to attention.

"At ease Corpsman." She tells him, which he does.

"I see you got a hold of my file." He then looks at it a little closer. "Oh and that incident report." He doesn't look to happy about the fact they had looked it up. Ellie starts to read the incident report before Dean steps in front of the screen.

"If y'all want the first hand account or not." Everyone there, except for SECNAV who had already read the incident file, nod their heads yes.

"It was in my most recent deployment to Afghanistan we were on a routine patrol to draw the attention to us from a village in the middle of nowhere, while the SEABEES worked to restore the village." He stops to takes a deep breath before continuing his tale about it.

"We were all just walking, talking about normal things and then everything goes to shit. It was just gunfire at first then came the RPG's and as the Doc I immediately jumped into action the other Doc with us got injured by an RPG blast along with two other Marines we ordered a MEDEVAC and I was the only Doc available for a period of 52 hours while we battled a group well hidden in hills. We had been able to make into a compound and we in essence made a final stand there." He ends his story there.

"That's all you are going to give us?" Abby says. Dean nods his head yes. "I will not allow that I still don't get why you are getting a Medal of Honor for."

This time it's SECNAV who speaks up.

"The reason he is getting a Medal of Honor is due to the fact that towards the end of the battle almost all of the men on the ground were injured and the Chief here knew that the only way any MEDEVAC helicopter would land be if the fire lightened up, so he decided to run out of the compound and draw as much fire while he told the Lieutenant in charge to have them drop everything they had in store on him."

"Why would you do that Dean?!" Bishop yells at him.

"It's because I was charging straight at the enemy location and making them focus on me. It also helped the Marines that were needed to be evaced get what they need. Also the copters that landed had the reinforcements we desperately needed land in the compound and not a mile away." Dean tells her.

"So you did a suicide run knowing that if you didn't your friends would not." Gibbs said. Dean just nods his head.

"It's also because there was a wounded Marine out there." SECNAV says, and again Dean just nods. Gibbs chuckles, and everyone just looks at him.

"What it's just like that quote an unknown Marine made…" Before he could say Dean speaks up.

"A Navy Corpsman will go to the Gates of Hell to help a wounded Marine. Even if it cost him his own life. These men are the embodiment of Courage." Everyone just looks at him.

"Well I have that tattooed on my chest, and it is very true." He says looking at Gibbs.

"You were a Marine weren't you. I'm guessing you were a Gunnery Sergeant before leaving." Gibbs just nods his head yes.

"What does that have to do with this." Bishop asks.

"That means we are the same rank Ells." Everyone just nods their heads in understanding. After that Bishop decides to hug the one person who was like a brother to hug him. When she does that he winces massively. The reason is because she is shorter than Abby and Abby hugged him around the neck.

"Are you still hurt Dean?" Bishop asks. Dean just kind of looks down and to the side. Bishop knows this is his biggest tale he has when it comes to him being hurt.

"I know you are hurt still. You just did your biggest tale ever. Shirt off now." Ellie demands the last part and it shocks everyone except for Dean. In which he does as she asked him to. When he removes his Blouse and T-shirt. They see that he has stitches on his his chest from the right shoulder done to around the end of his ribs on the left side, from the middle of that stitch line is another that goes from there straight up and the sternum, in the middle it goes down and to the to the hip. Now these are not the only things they see they also sees tattoos. There is one on the left side of his chest with the Unknown Marine quote, on his right arm is a Red Rose that has a stem that transforms into the stereotypical sailor Anchor and it has the Navy on the top prongs he also has on his left arm the Hospital Corpsman Rating insignia. Now Ducky being the doctor sees these and knows that he should still have them wrapped. He decides to speak up knowing that Dean should know to have it wrapped.

"Might I ask why you don't have your wounds wrapped Corpsman?" Hearing this Bishop turns and glares at Dean.

"Well it's because it makes it so much hotter with all that on." Bishop keeps glaring at him and he just ducks his. Gibbs upon hearing this decides to have bishop take him home and remedy this problem.

"Bishop Dean here to your apartment and fix that problem."

"I will do that gladly Gibbs." She says while glaring daggers at Dean.

"Well it was nice meeting you all. I hope you will attend my funeral." Dean tells everyone while putting his clothes back on before following Ellie back to the elevator. Once they are in the elevator Ellie starts yelling him.

"You are a corpsman how is it that you are stupid enough to not protect those stitches."

"Well Ells it's because it is really hard to do with one person. And trust me I tried but gave up."

"Fine. How did you get here anyways."

"I took a taxi from the hotel. How about we stop and get some lunch."

"Nice try Deanie. We can get some lunch after we get your stuff and wrap those stitches." Dean just nods his head. The hotel he stayed at was just any normal Holiday Inn. They decided to wrap his torso there before stopping to get some food at the Diner, and let's just say Dean can out eat Ellie, Which even in the Bishop family is an accomplishment. After they eat they head for Ellie's apartment.