Ellie arrived at the same time as Sarah and Penny.

"Well hello there Ellie. How have you been dear?" Penny asks her as she hugs her. Penny is wearing the outfit she wore the first time we see her. Now Sarah is wearing a Never too busy ¾ sleeve dress that is nude colored with some black flowery designs with The Rocker Jacket in camel over it she has on a pair of Bold as Love booties that are tan. As accessories she has a Hot and Heavy necklace in gold, Luck is on my side earrings in gold, a Feminine Vintage Bracelet set in purple, and to top it off a Pretty in Patent Purse that is black with a Black strap that has a Gold chain connecting the purse to the strap. About five minutes later of small talk between the women in the waiting area the two men arrive and all three women see that McGee is somewhat matching Ellie. Said two people turn and look at Dean in a 'You matched me to the other.' All Dean does is shrugs it off. Penny is the first one to walk up and introduce herself.

"Hello I am Penelope Langston. I am Tim and Sarah's Grandmother. Oh and please call me Penny Chief." Dean has already removed his cover (For those who don't know a cover is what a hat is called in the military.)

"Well hello there Penny I am Chief Petty Officer Dean Bishop and Ellie here is my cousin and that is about all I have."

"Not what Tim says Doc." Penny says winking.

"So I have a few pretty medals. It doesn't mean much. No I will not recite them all." Sarah then walks up to him and sticks her hand out.

"Hello I am Tim's younger sister Sarah." Dean shakes her hand and introduces himself. The waiter comes up and takes them to the table. The table is to seat eight people and it is Ellie, then Dean, then Tim, then Sarah, and finally Penny.

"Hello my name is Taylor and I will be your server. What drinks can I get you to start with." Penny is the first to order.

"I will be having a Mimosa." Then it's Tim.

"I will be having coffee." Followed by Sarah.

"I will have the strawberry lemon basil mimosa." Next is Ellie.

"I will have the Blushing Mimosa." Finally it's Dean.

"I'll have an Old fashioned Cocktail please. Oh and have them use Jack's Sinatra Select if possible."

"And if we don't have that?"

"Either Gentleman's Jack or Makers Mark."

"Okay I will see what we can do."

"What is an Old Fashioned Cocktail?" Sarah asks after the waiter had left.

"Well I can tell you the recipe." Dean replies to her.

"Yes please tell me."

"Okay the recipe is pretty simple. Dissolve a small lump of sugar with a little water, then add two dashes Angostura bitters, add a small piece of ice, a piece of lemon peel, one jigger of whiskey, then you it with a bar spoon and serve it with the bar spoon."

"Oh okay." The waiter then arrives with their drinks.

"Okay here's the coffee," Handing it to Tim, "Here's the Mimosa" handing it to Penny, "Here is the Strawberry Lemon Basil Mimosa" handing it to Sarah, "Here is the Blushing Mimosa," Handing it to Ellie.

"And finally the Old Fashioned Cocktail with Jack's Sinatra Select. Are you ready to order yet." Everyone tells her yes.

"Okay what will you be having Ma'am?" She asks Penny.

"I will be having the fruit salad, breakfast potatoes, biscuits and ham gravy, and also Salmon Veracruz." Taylor then turns to Sarah

"I will be having the fruit salad, spinach and chicken tortilla soup, and Caribbean meatballs." Next up is Tim.

"I'll have the bagels and cream cheese, breakfast potatoes, sausage, blueberry Belgian waffle with regular syrup." Next is Ellie.

"I'll have the Tuscan kale and berry salad, bacon, Belgian waffle with pecan syrup, and fruit salad." And finally it's Dean's turn to order.

"I'll be having the Denver omelet, Caribbean meatballs, breakfast potatoes, sausage, bagels and cream cheese, and the fruit salad."

"Okay I will have all of this out in a few minutes."

The group then starts to make more small talk. The small talk is just general things until Sarah says.

"So Tim you moved on quickly from Deliah." Everyone gives her a look. Dean is the first one to brush it off. Mostly because he saw the food coming.

"I'm guessing you will want to continue this conversation, but the food is here." Dean looked at Penny and they both silently agree that this situation would need some careful defusing. After Taylor hands everyone their food she goes and gets them refills, Dean also asks for a cup of coffee. They start to eat and the previous conversation comes up again.

"So Tim about what we were…"

"No." Dean says outloud. This earns him looks from everyone.

"I agree with the Chief Sarah. We will not discuss this here." Penny tells her. With that they eat and have talks about work and such, but every time someone tried to talk about Dean's job he just deflected it. When they were almost through the brunch Dean gets a call on his cell.

"I'm sorry but I have to take this call." He gets up and heads towards the restroom. Soon after Tim gets a call on his phone and heads over there to.

"I wonder who called Tim?" Sarah questions out loud.

"I'm curious who called Dean?" Ellie questions also. Penny just nods her head agreeing with both girls. Little did the woman know that both got called for the same thing.

With Dean and Tim

Tim had just walked over to where Dean is.

"I see you got the call also." Dean says.

"Yup let's get going then."

"I feel like we should tell the girls we are leaving, but we can't. I will leave a note on Ell's truck." Dean then sees their waitress. "Excuse me Miss can we get the bill."

"Yes I'll take it to your table."

"No, can you bring it to us?" Tim asks her.

"Um sure. Might I ask why?"

"No. And I don't me to be rude." Dean tells her. She nods her head. After she got the bill she hands it to them.

"Alright we split the bill half and half." Dean suggests to which Tim nods his head yes. They both pull out an equal amount and hand it to her. They both then head out the door. They reach the parking lot and Dean had remembered to grab his cover. Dean gets some paper from Tim and writes out a note to Ellie. He then puts it under the windshield wiper.

"Alright let's head out McGee." Tim nods his head in understanding.

Back in the restaurant

"I'm going to go and try to find the boys." Ellie says, but at that moment the waitress comes over.

"Alright the two gentlemen that were with you have paid the bill." And all three women replied at the same time.

"Where did they go?"

"They didn't say they just paid and left." She turns to leave but remembers something. "Oh and apparently they left a note on Ellie's windshield." The women look at each other before heading outside and to Ellie's car.

"Here's the note." Ellie says.

"What does it say?" Both Penny and Sarah ask.

"Hey Ells me and McGee got called in for work. It appears that the SECNAV wanted us personally for some job. Don't go asking anybody about it. Sincerely Dean." As Ellie finishes the note she sees the looks she gets from the other two.

"What does that mean?" Sarah asks.

"I don't know but I think I might know someone who might." Ellie replies as she pulls out her cell phone and dials a number.

"Hey Boss do you know anything about SECNAV needing McGee… No okay thanks… Um I guess so. See you at the office." With that she hangs up her phone.

"Who were you talking to Ellie?" Sarah asks.

"I know who. Leroy Jethro Gibbs isn't it."

"It was Penny. Now you two should head back home, I'm going to the office to see what this thing is about."

"We are coming with you." Penny says with defiance.

"Alright I know better than to argue with you. We can take my truck since it will be easier to get through the gates." The other two women just nod their heads in agreement.

With Dean and Tim at NCIS HQ

"What in the world could this be about?" McGee asks out loud.

"I have no clue. It can't be to bad though." As the two head up to MTAC they hear the elevator ding and see Gibbs step out.

"McGee we need to get in now." Dean says as McGee does the Iris scan and heads in with Dean. Inside MTAC they see that there are two other guys in there along with SECNAV and Director Leon.

"Hello Special Agent McGee, Chief Petty Officer Bishop glad you can join us. Now that we have all four of you I believe it's time for some introductions. These two Marines here are Captain Michael Murray and First Sergeant Sean Weatherly. In that sense these are NCIS special Agent Timothy McGee and Chief Petty Officer Dean Bishop." All four of the men shake hands. At that moment the MTAC alarms went off.

"Ma'am Special Agent Gibbs is trying to get in." One of the MTAC techs says to SECNAV. Now Captain Murray is medium build and kinda looks like a young Harrison Ford while First Sergeant Weatherly looks like a young Mark Hamill.

"So you are a SEAL or something Chief."

"Nope I am a Corpsman who served with MARSOC unit." This gets the two Marines attention.

"You were with MARSOC?" McGee asks.

"Yes I was with MARSOC for all of the deployments I went on." Right then SECNAV comes back in with not only Gibbs but also Ellie. Dean leans over and whispers to McGee.

"We are so screwed now McGee."

"Why is that Dean." Before he can reply Ellie yells at the two.

"JUST WHAT IN THE HELL ARE YOU TWO THINKING EXACTLY!" Everyone in the room recoils at this.

"Well I didn't think you would be allowed in after learning that this is top secret." Dean replies after recovering.

"Well you could have told us about it instead we had to drive here and meet Gibbs."

"Wait let me guess you brought Sarah and Penny with you." McGee says.

"Yes. They wanted to come along so I brought them."

"I don't want to be rude but can we move to the briefing. Oh and by the way Ellie I like your outfit." SECNAV says and Ellie just nods her head in understanding.

"Okay you four men I brought in we have a mission of utmost importance." All the men nod their heads.

"You will be going after a bomb maker. The reason why I am coming to you men and not using SEAL's is because we do not want this getting out and we thought that you four men would be perfect for the job. Do i have any objections?" She asks the men. No one objects.

"Okay the leader will be captain Murray, First Sergeant Weatherly will be the sniper, Chief Petty Officer Bishop will be the medic, and Special Agent McGee will be in charge of documentation and investigation. You will have constant contact with you back stateside from MTAC." They all nod their heads.

"Okay you will now go and pick out your loadout." The men leave and head down to the armory to pick out their loadout.

Now all of them are using Heliken-Tex MARPAT desert pants and combat shirt combo with a MOLLE plate carrier vest with a Condor recon chest rig and also Ops core Sentry Xd mid cut helmet with both Mofo visor and mandible and all of these are in Flat Dark Earth. They also have a pair of 5.11 Skyweight Rapiddry boots in Dark Oyote and also a Helikon-Tex Shemagh in the same color they also are wearing Mechanix M-Pact three in coyote tan. They are also using 3M Peltor comTac III advanced combat helmet coms. They also are given the same blades a KA-Bar Becker Tool and a KA-Bar full size Black serrated edge knife. They also have Condor MOLLE Venture pack in tan, a Special operations tactical softshell jacket in coyote tan, Condor tactical belt with pistol mag pouches, a MOLLE tactical trauma kit, a BlackHawk serpa level 2 tactical holster thigh rig in coyote in both left handed version and right handed, they are also given a Condor MOLLE deluxe hydration carrier and bladder in tan, and also a Blackhawk roll-up MOLLE dump pouch in coyote tan. Now they are all using a SIG Sauer P227 in .45 ACP in flat dark earth. Now both McGee and Murray are using HK MR556A1 rifles that fires a 5.56x45mm NATO rounds with a ACOG scope and a foregrip and flashlight combo and a laser sight also. Now Dean is using a FN Scar H CQC firing a 7.62x51mm NATO round and he has a Hybrid red dot sight and a the same foregrip and laser sight. Now Weatherly is a Scout Sniper and he is using a CheyTac M2000 Intervention firing the .408 CheyTac with 419 grain bullet in flat dark earth. Now all weapons are in flat dark earth.

"Now that you guys have all of your gear it is time for you to leave for the transport to Afghanistan. From there you will be heading to a area on the Afghanistan-Pakistan border." SECNAV informs them. Now the three in the military look at each other knowing what this means. Dean decides to speak up.

"This man we are after is a few is in Pakistan and that is why you picked a four man team and not a big tactical group."

"That is exactly why Chief Petty Officer. You will have to use utmost secrecy. Am I understood." They all nod their heads and salute her before leaving. Ellie then turns to SECNAV and asks.

"Is this the only way we can do this?"

"It is the only way we can get a confirmed kill on this guy. He has taken to many of our guys lives for probable kill a drone provides. Ellie I promise your cousin will be fine and McGee will also be fine." She tells her with a wink.

"Why would you say that Ma'am."

"I know you like him so I know he is the one you are truly worried about. I actually have a question for you though."

"What is it Ma'am?"

"Will you run the MTAC side of things. I will be watching this from the President's area and it will be routed through MTAC first."

"I… I. This is an honor and I will gladly do it."

"Thank you Ellie."