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Dissecting Edward Part Two


Josh's running footsteps pound down the hall. He lets out a surprised squeak, followed by a joyous greeting. The new arrival responds with equal enthusiasm, and my heart thuds to a halt at the sound of his voice.

The treacherous organ jolts back to life in my chest. It now beats so frantically, that I swear I hear its pounding in my ears. Despite my reluctance to face him, I find my eyes, along with everyone else's no doubt, glued to the open doorway.

He enters, looking down at Josh as he listens to him chattering away. God, he's still so beautiful, but I notice the tiny, new lines around his eyes as he smiles at his nephew. Josh tugs at his arm excitedly, "Uncle Edward is here, Mommy, you didn't tell me he was coming," he practically shouts as he pulls him into the room.

Edward's attention, until now, has been focused on Josh, but he raises his head at his exuberant announcement. He visibly pales as he sees me. His green eyes bore into mine, before they wander to the man sitting at my side. His jaw tightens, and I force myself to look away from the storm raging in his eyes.

I turn to glare at Rose accusingly. Only last night, she had assured me that he would not be here. She reciprocates with a shrug of her shoulders, her expression, a picture of contrite concern.

I turn back, but Edward doesn't acknowledge me. He turns to kiss his mother and greet his immediate family, who has hurriedly gathered around him. Emmett casts a worried glance at me and my partner; and he glances between Edward and me in puzzlement. I return his gaze with a wan smile.

I can feel the anxiety in the group surrounding Edward, the other occupants in the room now sense that something is amiss, but can't determine what it is.

I get up, ignoring the detaining hand on my elbow. I shake my head and whisper that I'll be outside. I have to get out of this room, to try and breathe again, to get my jumbled thoughts in order. I need to give Edward and his family privacy, and allow him to greet his other relatives, whom he hasn't seen in some time.

"Uncle Edward, Bella's here too!" Josh exclaims as I walk away.

"So I see," he says emotionlessly.

A sharp, agonizing pain cuts through me. I know that I deserve no less, but his easy dismissal of my presence hurts all the same. One thing is certain, any thought that I may have had that I'm over Edward Masen has been a total fallacy; what is equally clear is that he may well be over me.