Pippi Comes to Town

Village: Harbor

It's a fine morning in the small Swedish village as the ship, Hoppetossa, sails into the harbor.

On the deck of the Hoppetossa, a young girl named Pippi Longstocking is hugging the ship's crew, literally lifting them all at once.

Then, Pippi's father and the ship's captain, Captain Efraim Longstocking, spoke to his daughter, "Pippi, my dear, you've spent the majority of your life sailing with me, but now it's time for you to go ashore, and make new friends on land."

"Don't worry, father. I will, and don't worry about me being alone, I got Mr. Nilsson and Buster with me." Pippi said, referring to her monkey and horse respectively.

"Remember, head to Villa Villekulla, I bought it specially for you." Captain Longstocking said.

"Okay, everyone, I'm off." Pippi said, and then, she picked up a chest with one arm, and Buster with the other.

"Ahoy, Pippi, the wind's died, we could use your help." Fridolf, Captain Longstocking's first mate said.

Pippi complies and blows a gust that sends the Hoppetossa on its way.

Village: Plaza

Pippi is riding on Buster and going around the village, passing the children's home, where the orphans look at her pass.

After riding a bit more, Pippi comes across the headmistress of the children's home, Miss Weiserschmidt, who is riding her bike, and accidentally bumps into Pippi by not paying attention to what's in front of her.

"Oh, what do you think you're doing, you brat? Bumping into an adult like that?" Miss Weiserschmidt asked.

"I'm sorry, I didn't see you there." Pippi apologized. "Say, do you know where's Villa Villekulla?"

"There's a sign right there." Miss Weiserschmidt said. "Or are you too busy bumping into people to read?"

"Oops, I guess I didn't notice, thanks for your help." Pippi said, and she rode off into the direction of the sign, while Miss Weiserschmidt turned away and left.

Village: Settergren house

Two kids, Tommy Settergren, and his younger sister, Annika, come out to the front yard.

"Now you kids enjoy a nice game of croquet." Mrs. Settergren said.

"But croquet is so…" Annika said, "Boriiiinnnngggg." Tommy and Annika said in unison.

And then, the siblings spot Pippi walking backwards, counting backwards.

"Why are you walking backwards?" Tommy asked.

"It's a free country, isn't it? Who says I can't walk backwards if I want to?" Pippi asked. "Anyway, in Egypt, everyone walk backwards, and no one cares that they do."

"No way, that's not true." Tommy said.

"You're right. It's not." Pippi said.

"You shouldn't tell stories." Annika said.

"True, but what can you expect from a girl whose mother is an angel up in heaven, and her father is a sea captain?" Pippi said. "Anyway, why don't you come inside?"

Villa Villekulla: Kitchen

Inside the house, the kitchen is a mess.

"Do you want breakfast? I made pancakes." Pippi said, as she reveals several stacks of pancakes.

Then, Buster looks through the window from the veranda.

"Why do you have a horse on the veranda?" Tommy asked.

"He doesn't like the living room, plus he'd be in the way in the kitchen." Pippi said. "Now, let's eat."

"By the way, my name is Tommy, and this is my sister, Annika." Tommy introduced himself and Annika.

"My name is Pippilotta Delicatessa Windowshade Mackrelmint Efraim's Daughter Longstocking. But you can call me Pippi, Pippi Longstocking." Pippi introduced herself.

Village: Park

After eating their pancakes, the kids ride through the park on Buster.

"I hope you don't regret coming to live here." Annika said

"Why would I?" Pippi asked.

"Because nothing exciting ever happens here, that's why." Tommy replied, but then, they hear a kid scream. "Well, now something just happened."

The kids arrive at the location to see Bengt the bully picking on a smaller boy.

"I asked for that ball, you don't mind if I take it, do you?" Bengt asked.

"But this is my ball," the small boy said.

"Not anymore, it ain't." Bengt said as he took the ball, knocked down the boy, then he proceed to laugh sadistically in the boy's face.

"It's that bully, Bengt." Annika said.

"Why doesn't he pick on someone his own size?" Tommy asked, while Pippi grimaced.

"If he wants a ball, he should get his own." Pippi said.

"Pippi, wait, don't do it." Tommy said.

"Yeah, he's really mean." Annika said.

"Excuse me, but do you think you're playing fair?" Pippi asked, and Bengt took notice of Pippi.

"Well, what're you? A scarecrow?" Bengt asked, and he started laughing. "What's with that hair, I bet it's made of red straw."

Bengt attempts to grab Pippi's hair, but is instead lifted into the air by Pippi, and tossed into a tree, Tommy and Annika look in surprise.

"Don't worry, he won't take your ball again." Pippi said.

"Will you?" Pippi asked, and Bengt shook his head.

"Now, let's finish our ride." Pippi said, and she got back on Buster, and rode off.

Village: Police station

In the police station, Miss Weiserschmidt is complaining to Officers Kling and Klang.

"Just hold on so we can take notes." Klang said as he took out a tablet. "Now, what's wrong?"

"There was a little girl who bumped her horse right into me who stated she was looking for Villa Villekulla." Miss Weiserschmidt said. "And also, she owns a monkey."

"What's wrong with that last part?" Kling asked.

"Monkeys are wild animals! That's why!" Miss Weiserschmidt replied.

"Okay, no need to tell us what to do." Klang said. "We already know you want us to do something about it. We're on it. Just wait here."

Kling and Klang got outside and drove off in their police car.

Village: Villa Villekulla

Kling and Klang arrive on the front door of Villa Villekulla, and Klang knocked on the door.

"Who is it?" Pippi asked as she opened the door.

"Do you live here?" Kling asked.

"Why certainly." Pippi replied.

"Where are your parents?" Klang asked.

"I'm afraid they're not here, my mother is in heaven, and my father is a captain." Pippi replied.

"Well, if you don't have parents, then you have to live in the children's home." Klang said.

"How convenient!" Pippi said. "I'm a child, and this is my home, so it must be a children's home."

"But you…" Kling said, but is cut off by Klang. "Now now, Kling, we'll explain everything when we…" Klang said, and made a signal with his eyebrows. "TAKE her in!" The two attempt to grab Pippi, but she dodge and climbed up the roof.

"Come on, I want that troublemaker." Klang said, and the two got ladders and climbed up the roof after Pippi.

As Kling and Klang got closer, Pippi jumped off, landed safely on the ground, and pulled away the ladder out of Klang and Klang's reach.

"Hey, put that back!" Kling ordered.

"You didn't say please." Pippi said.

"Please." Kling and Klang said, and Pippi put the ladder back, and Kling and Klang came down.

"That was fun." Pippi said. "Do you know another game?"

"Yes, a one we call…" Kling said. "Take The Little Girl…" Klang said. "…TO THE CHILDREN'S HOME!" Kling and Klang say in unison as they grab each of Pippi's arms. "Gotcha!"

"Oh, I'm sorry, but it's actually me, who got you." Pippi said as she lifted them up and tossed the two into their car.

"Y'know what, Klang?" Kling asked. "I think it'd be best if she stayed right here."

"Good thinking, Kling." Klang said.

Village: Police station

Later, Kling and Klang are dealing with Miss Weiserschmidt.

"Seriously? You left that wild child at Villa Villekulla?" Miss Weiserschmidt asked."Oh, don't worry, we'll do something alright." Kling said.

"What?" Miss Weiserschmidt asked.

"We're going to make her a citizen of the village, with Villa Villekulla as her official place of residence." Klang said, and Miss Weiserschmidt groaned.

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