Pippi Confronts Her Old Enemies

Village: Harbor

A week after the incident with PLEA, the Hoppetossa returned to the harbor.

On the Hoppetossa was Calissa, who was returning to Villa Villekulla.

"It's good to be here again." Calissa said. "I bet they'll be happy to see me."

"Oh, I'm sure they will." Captain Longstocking said.

Ocean: Deserted island

Meanwhile, at a deserted island in the middle of the ocean, Pippi was sitting on the beach, while a ship was at a certain distance away.

It belonged to the whale poachers, Captain Seeker, Dr. Bubbles, Jim, and Buck, who were guarding Pippi.

Village: Villa Villekulla

Meanwhile, Calissa returned to Villa Villekulla to find that no one was home except for Mr. Nilsson and Buster.

"Hello? Pippi, are you home?" Calissa asked as she tried to look for Pippi.

Calissa looked for Pippi, but couldn't find her.

"Where is she?" Calissa asked, and then she decided to go look for Tommy and Annika.

Tommy, Annika, Willie, and Anna were walking by Villa Villekulla, when Calissa came out.

"Hey, you guys!" Calissa shouted, and Tommy, Annika, Willie, and Anna all rushed towards Calissa, knocking her down.

"Hey, it's good to see you guys." Calissa said. "Anyway, where's Pippi? I can't find her."

Tommy, Annika, Willie, and Anna explained to Calissa what happened a week ago.

"Why those no good, scummy cowards." Calissa said. "I should've been there for Pippi."

"What should we do now?" Willie asked.

"Well first, we should notify Pippi's father, I caught a ride with him." Calissa asked, and the kids headed for the harbor.

Village: Harbor

The kids arrived at the harbor, found Captain Longstocking, and told him what happened.

"Why those fiends. I can't believe they managed to outwit Pippi with cheap tactics." Captain Longstocking said.

"What are gonna do, Captain Longstocking?" Annika asked.

"Well for one, I don't intend to wait for Pippi to come back." Calissa said. "I'm gonna head out and try to find Pippi."

Calissa changed her legs in a tail, dived into the water, and swam into the distance.

Ocean: Deserted island (Next day)

The next day, at the deserted island, the PLEA members there were keeping an eye on Pippi.

Somewhere off the coast, further away from the island was Calissa, who saw the island and decided to investigate.

On the PLEA ship, the villains saw something on the radar.

"Use the underwater camera." Captain Seeker said.

The underwater camera revealed that it was Calissa.

"It's that mermaid girl." Dr. Bubbles said.

"I say, sink her!" Sheldon shouted.

"How are we supposed to sink her? She's already underwater!" Nero said.

"I say we hold her hostage and make her talk!" Bob shouted.

From the ship, a net was fired towards Calissa and caught her.

A machine began reeling her in, but Calissa tried to swim away.

Eventually, the rope attached to the net snapped, and Calissa got away, although she was still trapped in the net.

"Great, this net is laced with Devil Stone. I can't break it." Calissa said.

Back on the ship, Captain Seeker and Dr. Bubbles got into their sub and dove underwater, where they found Calissa stuck in the net.

Captain Seeker and Dr. Bubbles brought Calissa onboard the ship and threw her in a cell inside the ship.

Calissa got out of the sack by tearing it apart, then she tried to bend the bars, she couldn't because they were made of Devil Stone.

"Great, so much for that." Calissa said, and then she tapped on the floor. "Yeah, this will work."

Calissa punched the floor with all her strength, making a hole in it, and causing water to rush in, and Calissa escaped through the hole.

Back on the deck, the villains noticed that their ship was sinking.

"What the? We're sinking!" Buck said.

As the villains panicked, Calissa surfaced and waved goodbye at the villains before swimming to the island.

Calissa approached the shore and found Pippi.

"Pippi!" Calissa shouted as she ran up to Pippi and hugged her. "I'm so glad you're alright!"

"Of course I am." Pippi said.

Calissa swam back towards the PLEA ship and came back with a lifeboat.

"There, a ride back home." Calissa said, and Pippi got in.

Pippi rowed in the lifeboat while Calissa swam behind her, and the villains were left behind.

Town: PLEA lair

At PLEA's lair, the PLEA members present were having a discussion.

"Now that Pippi is out of the way, we can finally steal her gold." Biff said.

"I'm gonna go back to the mountains and reveal that yeti to the world." Professor Footprint said.

"I don't really have anything to do at this moment." Phillip Gunner said.

The Crime Brothers and Professor Footprint went to do their own goals, however, it's revealed that Tommy, Annika, Willie, and Anna were hiding and they heard everything.

"I knew it was worth following them." Tommy said.

"What are we gonna do, Tommy?" Annika asked.

"I have an idea, but we'll have to be quick." Tommy said.

Village: Villa Villekulla

At Villa Villekulla, the kids got to work, setting up booby traps.

"There, that'll do." Tommy said. "Now, to warn Hamilton."

Mountains: Hamilton's cave

At Hamilton's cave, the kids explained to Hamilton the Yeti, of the ongoing situation.

"I see, well in that case, I say we take the fight to him." Hamilton said.

As Professor Footprint came around, he was pelted with snowballs from the kids.

Professor Footprint tried to fight back, but he was outnumbered.

Then, Hamilton came with a snowball and rolled it towards Professor Footprint.

The snowball got bigger as it rolled down, and eventually, it ran over Professor Footprint, taking him and rolling away.

"We did it!" Willie said, and the kids and Hamilton celebrated.

Village: Villa Villekulla

Meanwhile at Villa Villekulla, the Crime Brothers arrived to take Pippi's gold.

"Alright, Biff. With no one home, the gold is as good as ours." Don said.

However, they sprung the traps, getting covered in mud and feathers, sending them running away.

Town: PLEA lair

"I would've had that yeti, if it wasn't for those kids." Professor Footprint said.

"They set those traps to keep us from the gold." Don said, he and Biff are still messy from the traps at Villa Villekulla.

And then, Phillip Gunner was contacted by the PLEA members that were guarding Pippi.

"Bad news. The girl escaped thanks to that mermaid friend of hers." Jim's voice said.

"You idiots! Fine, let her come, but we'll have a surprise for her, so listen up." Phillip Gunner said.

Village: Harbor (Next day)

It was bright early next morning, and Pippi and Calissa returned to the harbor.

"We made it." Calissa said.

"Girls! You're back!" Captain Longstocking said as he came and hugged the girls.

"I'm happy to see you too, Father. You must've been worried." Pippi said.

Village: Villa Villekulla

Pippi and Calissa returned to Villa Villekulla, where they were greeted by their friends.

"We missed you, Pippi!" Anna said.

"We were worried we'd never see you again!" Willie said.

"Well, you can see me now, so you can stop worrying." Pippi said.

The kids talked about how they fended off the PLEA members.

"But wait, what about the last guy?" Annika asked.

"Well, I'm sure we'll see him soon, but don't worry, we'll get him." Pippi said.

"Is that a fact?" Phillip Gunner said as he suddenly revealed himself.

A Devil Stone net was thrown over Calissa, when Tommy, Annika, Willie, and Anna tried to help Calissa, the Crime Brothers, Jim, and Buck revealed themselves and grabbed them.

Pippi tried to help her friends, but she got sneak attacked and restrained by weighted chains.

"Those chains are made of the same material as my nets, they sap your strength." Phillip Gunner said as he showed himself. "And now, there's someone who you'd like to see."

Phillip Gunner snapped his fingers and the whale poachers, Professor Footprint, Captain Seeker, and Dr. Bubbles revealed themselves, and their captive, Captain Longstocking.

"Father!" Pippi shouted.

"I suggest you say goodbye before he leaves this world." Phillip Gunner said as he took out a large club. "Now, I'm going to count to ten, and then, he dies."

As Phillip Gunner counted, Pippi struggled to break free, but the whale poachers pinned her to the ground.

"Ten." Phillip Gunner said, and prepared to hit Captain Longstocking with the club.

The kids watched in horror as Phillip Gunner raised his club.

"No, stop! Don't do it!" Pippi shouted, but Phillip Gunner gave her a sadistic grin as he prepared to hit Captain Longstocking with his club. "Don't you… DARE!"

As Pippi shouted in rage, she unleashed a blue, ripple-like force that spread out across the area, the PLEA members all fainted, but Pippi's friends and Captain Longstocking were all fine.

"Whoa. What did I just do?" Pippi asked.

Pippi's friends got loose and found the key for Pippi's shackles and released her, and Pippi went to free her father as well.

Captain Longstocking and the kids restrained the PLEA members and left them to be arrested.

Sweden: Prison

Some time later, the PLEA members were arrested and sent back to the prison.

The PLEA members were in their cells, grumbling about being beaten by Pippi again.

"Let me get this straight." Jyst said as he approached PLEA. "You're telling me that even with all of you together, you were still beaten?"

"Well, you never had to deal with her and her friends before." Jim said.

"Honestly, only idiots like you get thrown in jail." Jyst said. "I wonder, what was the point of helping you escape in the first place?"

"Ahem." a voice said, Jyst turned around and saw his superior officer, who heard everything.

Later, Jyst is dressed in a prisoner's uniform and behind bars, right across the PLEA.

"Who's the idiot now, huh?" Biff asked, and all the PLEA members laughed, while Jyst groaned.

Village: Villa Villekulla (Next day)

The next day, Pippi and Calisa were relaxing at Villa Villekulla, when Tommy, Annika, Willie, and Anna came by with a newspaper.

"Hey Pippi, Calissa! Check out the news!" Tommy said.

The newspaper showed PLEA back in prison, and Jyst's arrest.

"Hey, that man looks familiar." Pippi said as she saw the picture of Jyst.

"He was the official at the ski race, remember?" Annika asked.

"Oh yeah, I do." Pippi said.

"So, who is that guy?" Calissa asked.

"He was an official at the ski race during winter." Tommy replied. "He was a sexist who refused to let Pippi enter the championships because she was a girl."

"But when he was forced to, he resorted to sabotaging Pippi, and even worked with Bengt to do so." Annika said. "And when he refused to accept Pippi's win, he made a big mistake."

"He had the nerve to call Pippi a disgrace, and then the announcer called him out on it and called him the disgrace." Willie said. "It was publicly broadcasted and many people saw it on TV."

"To add insult, it was broadcasted by a female reporter." Anna said. "And as for Bengt, he was given a lifetime ban from the ski race."

"Wow, what a bad person." Calissa said. "I guess he helped the other bad guys escape just because they all hated Pippi."

"Well, look at where that got him." Tommy said, and the kids shared a laugh.

The End