This one is a very quick update just so I can put something there and answer a few questions. I don't want to give away my plot but there has been nothing showing Bella and Edward drama at all in any chapter. I understand why people might be concerned but it seems the majority of my reviews have been asking me about cheating. I know people worry but I said I have a plan. I'm not trying to be a bitch I really am not. Its just I had a very upsetting pm that I actually had to report because it was threatening me and mine if I made Bella and Edward break up.

FYI Bella isn't cheating on Edward nor is Edward cheating on Bella. Enough said..

Charlie's POV

The house has been so lonely without the kids. I go to work, go to the diner, go to the Rez and sometimes fish with Carlisle. In a small town like Forks there isn't a ton of crime to keep me busy, or an active nightlife that draws me out of the house.

Lately though I started posting on support forum for other empty nesting single parents. Its been a great help, and I've meet quite a few online friends. Though being a cop that's where it has stayed online. I've seen to many internet gone wrong missing persons reports come across my desk from near-by areas.

One lady though has me rethinking that firm line I put in place.

Her online names is LovingMommy38, mines CopDadWA. We've never exchanged names, but we have being from a small town in Washington in common, and having kids in college as well. She has one daughter away from home going to college in Chicago.

We spent many nights talking for hours in private messages. It was quickly becoming something that I looked forward to every night. I hope that we'll still get the chance to talk even with the kids here. Or that she will even want to with her daughter home for the holidays.

Shaking my head to clear my thoughts I continue wrapping the Santa gifts for under the tree that will hide in my closet until Christmas eve. Some mind think me a fool giving my college aged kids gifts from Santa but Bella has had so few years of it, and well Emmett would probably pout until Easter if there wasn't something from Santa.

Of course Emmett is why I have to wrap them up so quickly, he's a peeker

The slamming of a car door and the booming voice of my oldest child brings a smile to my face.

Finally my babies are home..

Thats all for now...