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"I am talking like this."

'I am thinking like this'

'I am thinking very deep and being very important right now'

'I am so self centered for thinking this importantly'

"I am underlining details like this"

"I am saying something important like this"

"I am saying something really bold so it can stick out from the rest like this"

The Tower in the forest, Main Arena- End of the Chunin second Exam

It has been a very eventful few days for Milo and the Brady bunch. In the two remaining days, everyone who made it gathered in the center of the tower. As Milo looked around he spotted who managed to pass the second stage. Aside from his team, with Zabuza who arrived shortly after they did, team 7, team 10 and team Gai, the other rookie team made it.

'Hehe… Hinata-chan was ecstatic, in her own stuttering way, in knowing that Naruto and his team made it… but mostly Naruto.' Milo thought with a splitting grin as he saw that Hinata was discreetly stealing glances at her oblivious crush.

Kabuto's team made it, no real shocker there. The only noticeable teams that made it were the teams with Jinjuriki's on it. Seriously it's like if you have a Bijuu in your gullet or wherever it is then it's an automatic pass.

'Thinking back, it was a proactive couple of days – for me at least – learned a few more techniques, upgrading old ones so they may not fall back to much, and increasing my attributes via supplemental skills like tree walking and chakra enhanced strength.' Milo thought. 'Also, I did get a chance to spend some quality time with some of my favorite jinjuriki.'

Flashback no Jutsu

Name: Milo Uzumaki

Title: Gamer, Honorary Uzumaki

Age: 14

Level: Lvl50 8.85k/50k EXP

HP: (6650 + 2500) 20%= 10,980 / 10,980

CP: (7100 + 5000) + 49% = 18,029 / 18,029

MP: (12000 + 7350) + 10% = 21,285 / 21,285

STR: (35 + 29) + 10.5% = 71

VIT: (31 + 73) + 18% = 123

DEX: (47 + 54) + 40.5% = 142

CKR: 52 + 36% = 71

CKRC: (51 + 50) + 54% = 156

INT: (40 + 104) + 60% = 230

WIS: (72 + 44) + 90% = 220


AP: 0

Ryu: (166,425 + 55.320115140B) + 525.92M per week

Wind Affinity: 0

Fire Affinity: 0

Water Affinity: 54

Earth Affinity: 0

Lightning Affinity: 0

Yin Affinity: 1

HP Regen= 4 per minute (2% of Max HP + 0.1 VIT)

CP Regen= 23 per minute (4% of Max CP + CKRC) + 160%

MP Regen= 429 per minute (1% of max MP x 0.5 of WIS) + 10%

Description: A brilliant method actor who went to school for acting, but he took his passion to far and now the lines of being himself and playing a character that he portrays are blurred.

|Ding –because you passed the first 100 DEX benchmark, a new perk has been added: Novice Teleport|

[Novice Teleport (Active) Lvl1 -/- | CP: 2000 x ?]

You are now fast enough to rip a hole in space-time by teleporting to another location instantaneous.

Travel up to you DEX in feet and can carry a mass up to your STR in pounds

NOTE: you can use this in tangent with any other spatial techniques that you have.

|Ding –because you passed the first 100 CKRC benchmark, a new perk has been added: Chakra Regeneration|

[Chakra Regeneration (Passive) Lvl6 -/-]

A skill developed by those few that study to be in control of their chakra.

To level this skill requires 25 points each into your chakra control.

(Skill level) % + 10% in max CP.

(Skill level) %+ 10% decrease in CP cost

CAP: 25%

(10 x Skill level) % + 100% increase in CP recovery rate.

[Anima's Eye (Active/Passive) Lvl23 AP: 539/750| MP: 870]

A gift given to you by [The Spirit of Anima]. The user can create, shape and manipulate illusions by using eyes as a medium. Stronger levels can make more complex illusions and harder for detection.

Active: create eye based illusion's

Cost depends on illusion and people or person who is affected by said illusion.

MP: (SLVL)^2 per minute after the initial minute.

Illusion effectiveness: (5% x SLVL) + INT

NOTE: once activated the users iris's become intense glowing Amber color with her sigil in the middle.

Passive: detect and cancel eye based illusion's

Detection chance increases by (SLVL)% + WIS%

Cancellation depends on (SLVL) + 50% of WIS

lets you cast all illusion base techniques silently

[Demonic Illusion: Hidden Explosive Tag (Active) Lvl35 AP 0/350 | MP: (10 x skill level)]

A Fuinjutsu that is the first combination with a standard explosive sealing tag and Anima's illusive energy.

Active: creates a exploding tag that's hidden from the outside world and inside the Nether.

Blast damage: (10 x skill level) + (skill level + INT) %

Blast radius: 50% in WIS + 1/5 CKRC + (Skill level) in inches

[Genjutsu Mastery (Active/Passive) Lvl45 0/225 | MP: -]

Genjutsu can be use on the mind, manipulate the five senses, perception, and or object by casting illusions on said targets.

Active: cast Genjutsu

Cost depends on illusion and area of effect

Additional CP maybe required for extended duration

Illusion effectiveness depends on (0.1% + (0.1% per skill level)) 10% of WIS

Passive: detected and cancel Genjutsus

Detection chance increases by (1% x skill level) + 10% of WIS

Cancelation depend on (1% x skill level) + 10% of CKCR

[Fuinjutsu Mastery (Passive) Lvl12 0/180 |HP, CP or MP: -]

The 'unofficial' shinobi art, to seal objects, tangible or non. There is A LOT of things that seals can do that your average shinobi doesn't know about, it's up to you to find out.

Sealing scroll, ink, energy and or even blood may be required for all Fuins.

Create more effective seals as skill level rises

-Lvl1: Storage Seals—50lb + (1/55 WIS x Skill level)

-Lvl2: Explosive Tags—200dmg + 1/10 CKRC + 50(Skill level)

-Lvl3: Storage Seals: weapon flash creation—30lb + (1/55 WIS x Skill level) [Note: can create storage seals on clothes or flesh of the person to hold ninja tools for quick use]

-Lvl4: Finger carving seal—can apply writing of whatever they want to a surface. NOTE: may cause damage to a living thing. [Requires 15 CKRC per word]

-Lvl5: Seal Barrier: Protect Level 1—a translucent crystal like circular barrier that fits the proportion of the object that's being protected [protects up to 750 + 1/2 WIS + (5 x Skill level) in physical damage.

Cost CP: (Skill level) per second (plus the amount of damaged done). NOTE: other defensive seals/wards can be stacked with this technique to either make it stronger or add elemental resistance.]

-Lvl6: Null Fire Seal Level 1—absorb 200dmg + (20 x Skill level) of fire chakra damage.

[Cost CP: (100 x Skill level) x per seal]

-Lvl7 CP: Null Water Seal Level 1—absorb 200dmg + (20 x Skill level) of water chakra damage.

[Cost CP: (100 x Skill level) x per seal]

-Lvl8: Null Earth Seal Level 1—absorb 200dmg + (20 x Skill level) of earth chakra damage.

[Cost CP: (100 x Skill level) x per seal]

-Lvl9: Null Wind Seal Level 1—absorb 200dmg + (20 x Skill level) of wind chakra damage.

[Cost CP: (100 x Skill level) x per seal]

-Lvl10: Null Lightning Seal Level 1—absorb 200dmg + (20 x Skill level) of lightning chakra damage.

[Cost CP: (100 x Skill level) x per seal]

-Lvl11: Null Yin Seal Level 1—absorb 200dmg + (20 x Skill level) of dark/death chakra damage.

[Cost MP: (100 x Skill level) x per seal]

-Lvl12: Null Yang Seal Level 1—absorb 200dmg + (20 x Skill level) of light/life chakra damage.

[Cost MP: (100 x Skill level) x per seal]

Create more seals faster as skill level rises

Create more Complex seals as skill level rises

[Inton: Kage Bunshin No Justu (Active) Lvl20 0/400 | MP: -]

The advance form of Bunshin No Justu, tangible clones capable of individual thinking and possesses same stats and skills as the original. Upon dispelling the clone's chakra, mana, and memory/experience are returned to the user.

NOTE: clone cannot raise attributes, only supplementary abilities. Once dispelled, host will gain the attribute of said skill.

Active: create dark/shadow elemental clone that can either explodes upon dispelling dealing damage to nearby enemies or the normal dispel of fading into shadows.

Health each Clone has: (200 + 1/8 VIT) x (10 x skill level) %

Splits the total CP and MP count by how the fraction of how many clone there are in one sitting.

Damage upon dispel: (100 + 1/16 INT) x (100 + skill level) %

Radius upon explosion in feet: (skill level) + 1/32 WIS

[The Mind's Eye (Active/Passive) Lvl30 AP 0/1300 | MP: 15000 per hour]

Your eyes have adapted to be able to comprehend the true world around you. You are able to see pure chakra and Chakra Pathways like the Hyuga's Byakugan with this technique active, which will get even more defined once you put more levels in it.

Active: you're able to see more than the normal eye is able to see

Active: You're able to see more as skill level's up; Cost lowers 100MP per skill level

NOTE: can be used in twined with the range of the ability: scan.

NOTE: once active your iris's turns into a cosmic-like purple cloudy galaxy due to Anima's shadow manipulation and having a high enough level.

Passive: your vision is more precise, accurate and able to see more as skill level's up

Increase +1% DEX x skill levels

Increase +2% INT x skill levels

Increase +3% WIS x skill levels

After leaving the Hokage's temporary office, Milo thought it was quite productive to while walking down to the kitchen (where his little trap was) to multitask in upgrading some forgotten skills, which by the way hold pretty surprising results.

'First of all, I can fuckin' teleport… I just wanted to let you guys know how awesome I am!' the kid literally clapped his feet together in his skip as he continued his decent.

'Who are you talking to, yah?' a masculine and somewhat Hawaiian accent, making the teen almost tripped by the sudden new voice.

'No, but that leaves me with another question… who the fuck are you?!' the redhead shouted, somewhat freaked out at the prospect of hearing voices… you know, not Anima's.

'I told you not to say anything before I talk to him.' the resident moon demon said to the unknown.

'I'm sorry yah. It's just that, I can't help myself sometimes yah know.' The mystery voice responded in a slightly sheepish tone.

'I know that sweetie. It's something we need to work if this relationship is ever to work.' Anima sighed, tired all of the sudden.

'Okay babe!' he said dumbly.

"Oh I'm sorry, am I the only sane one here still on the fact that there are not one but TWO voices in my head now, and apparently they're DATING!" a distress gamer nerd screamed, scaring some nearby Chunins by his loudness.

"Sorry," the boy quickly apologized to the group, who was in the middle of picking themselves up. "I-I have a condition," he said to put it mildly, "I collect souls; one is a girl and the other's an idiot that will not stop talking, I call him Private Pyle."

'Hey man, I resent that yah… I'm not a girl.' An annoyed voice stated. Anima groaned at the man's stupidity.

"SHUT. THE. FUCK. UP. PRIVATE PYLE!" Milo screeched, scaring the people down to the ground again.

"See, he never stops talking!" He said as if that would explain everything.

"Whatever man," the lead Chunin said, pushing Milo out of the way before gesturing to the group. "Come on guys, let's leave."

When everybody, Milo let a heavy sigh leave his lips, before addressing the only girl here. 'So Anima, what's the deal. Why am I hearing multiple voices?'

'Maybe this is you finally cracking under the pressure?' was her snarky response.

'Believe me, if that was true then I would have done so from day one. Now please. Just answer the question.' The gamer sighed.

'Sour puss,' the woman pouted cutely, before going back to her normal tone. 'Oh alright, he's the Leviathan. Since I have authorization clearance to do whatever I like in your mind, I gave my new boy toy a new pair of lungs.'

'Uh huh that's all fascinating and disturbing at the same time, but I have one question though.'


'Why does he look like Wakka?' Milo commented after getting the image of a tall and muscular man with tan skin, brown eyes, and long reddish-orange hair styled into a coif and girted, with blue headscarf.

the leviathan in disguise is wearing a yellow vest top cut away at the stomach, a yellow shoulder pad on his left shoulder, blue and yellow baggy trousers gathered above the ankle, brown wristbands with a blue and yellow arm guard over the left arm, and open sandals. He wears a dolphin necklace and has a silver stud earring on his left ear.

Anima did a mental shrug, 'All the Tidus's were out of stock.'

The game enthusiast shook his head, 'do I even want to know?'

'Probably not.'

After a few seconds of silence, the gamer continued his way towards the kitchen, 'By the way Anima, now that I can use your Umbrakinesis, did you change the previous Kage Bunshin and also my other skills while i was not looking?' he asked.

'Why yes I did. Why, do you not like the changes I made?' was her sweetly response, but you could quickly tell that there was a dangerous undertone.

'No, no…' Milo stuttered, feeling a little of the demon's killing intent, 'I-I like it. Way better than the old version. I even put a whole crap load of AP into it, s-see… it's up to level 2-20 now.'

Yes Milo's a bit of a push over when it comes to angry women that practically knows everything about him, and could make his life a literal living hell.

'Good answer.' She said, instantly back to normal. 'Hey look, its Haku-chan. Why don't you go say hi while Levi and I go have some fun? Quickly, before Milo could get the obvious question in, the demoness shut off the mental connection.

'They better NOT do what I think there doing.' He thought before heading into the café.

"Hey Haku-chan, so how's the food here? Please tell me it's not that cardboard they call a nutrient bar." Milo said to Haku, who was sitting down in the tower's cafeteria styled kitchen waiting for him to finish up his meeting with the hokage.

Haku smirked at this, "I don't know. I was honestly waiting on you to taste it first hand, so if you get sick and die I'll know the food here is poison."

Milo simply walked up to the boy and placed a light kiss on the pale boy's cheek near his rosy lips, getting an intense blush from Haku for his troubles. "You know, you're cute when you pretend to have no regard for human life. Hehe… don't ever change Haku." Milo said softly, stroking Haku's soft heir, making to boy shiver in pleasure.

The flustered boy just stuttered incoherent mumbles, as his joke somehow back fired in the most positive of ways. "W-we s-s-should get something to eat, y-yeah that's right." not wanting to stay any longer in those Emerald pools called eyes, Haku skittered all the way to where the buffet was.

Milo chuckled good heartedly at the red faced boy, before he too got his food and sat down next to his teammate. While eating, Milo saw an extra treat that wasn't on the menu.

"Hi Lily-kun, you made it too?! That's super awesome!" Milo waved joyfully at the trio, who just walked in, while inwardly cracking up after seeing the reaction the shorter version of himself was giving the redhead.

The teen then gesture to the empty chairs opposite from them, "Here, sit with us Lily-kun, we can swap ghost stories this way - and you know other cool things - after you get your food first of course. You look like you can really use it, hell I look like I could use it. Just whatever you do though, do not order the slop they call food that taste like processed dog shit."

Gaara once again looked at the taller boy in confusion. Gaara was no dummy; the Ronin knew what he carried despite his apparent idiocy, so if he knows this… why is he even trying to get close to him, a monster by his village? Does he truly want to be friends?

"I'll keep that in mind Uzumaki. Kankuro, Temari, let's go I'm hungry." Gaara said to his siblings emotionlessly, who complied lest they anger their little brother.

Getting their food - a simple delicacy in Wind country of meats, cheese, greens, pickled cactus under two grilled slices of bread spread with a special mustard aloe and other herbs (A/N: and it was called a sandwich) - they sat down next to a still smiling redhead, (which only grew in seeing that Gaara did what he had asked) and a face of total indifference from the feminine black haired boy.

"Sooooooo," Milo said sheepishly, realizing nobody decided to talk yet. "How are you guys? We haven't seen you three in what… two, three days?"

"We're okay I guess," Temari explained somewhat uncomfortable as she wasn't used to Gaara staying calm for so long, "…we actually completed the second in record time, 37 mins!" she quickly glanced at the eyebrow less 13 year old and smiled with some twisted sense of pride for her little brother.

Milo visibly deflated at that, "Aww man, I knew that we shouldn't stop at that shady tattoo parlor. But no, Sasuke -I call him Emo-chan by the way- insisted that I get one on my neck similar to his as he kept saying that it was allllll the rage right now back in the village… pfft, honestly I still think it's pretty stupid." He said pouting.

The range of responses he received was funny to say the least. Kankuro and Temari both looked at the green eyed boy like he was crazy, which from their perspective wasn't far off. Gaara had the decency of raising a non-existent eyebrow meaning that the boy was either surprised or confused, could be both.

Haku, who in the end realized that Milo was talking about the curse mark and taking light of the situation, wasn't too happy with his jokes but didn't say anything in response.

"W-wha-," Kankuro stated in shock and confusion, "Why the hell would anyone in their right mind actually put a tattoo place in the middle of a fucking forest? You must've been under a Genjutsu."

"I know right, I guess that's why it's called "shady" Mr. Whiskers." Milo said completely ignoring Kankuro's previous statement entirely. like he could be under a silly illusion.

Kankuro himself growled dangerously after being called a cat's name yet again.

"Hey Li-Gaara," Milo started to say the redheads nickname, but raised his hands in mock surrender after seeing the dangerous look the boy was giving him. "Could I ask you a question?" getting nothing in response, the gamer continued anyway.

"You don't have to answer if you don't want too, but do you want to spar later… you know, in thirty minutes or so? We don't want to be getting any stomach cramps after eating, well I don't want to anyhow." He asked the shorter boy with a tilted head. "Oh and no killing; that should be a given, but I just thought i put it out there anyway with us being blood fiends and all."

That shocked and confused the three, why would anyone want to fight Gaara knowing that he'll just win anyway.

"I-um, I don't really know how to spar." Gaara confessed. Truthfully, he never had to; his sand was able to handle most situations.

Inwardly, Gaara was wondering how exactly he was being so willing to associate himself with this admittedly questionable person.

That was the same inner monologue that both the siblings of the wind spirit container thought. "Gaara… doesn't spar… he doesn't need to." Temari said carefully, hopefully discouraging the taller redhead. She was starting to like him and didn't want Gaara to accidently kill Milo if they did fight.

"I see…" Milo nodded in understanding, before giving a quick glance at Haku before going back to the sand trio. "So Gaara can effectively dispatch any elemental users that could potentially change the composition of Gaara's sand?"

"…What do you mean Uzumaki?" Gaara asked, giving the older redhead his full attention as he was intrigued.

"Okay I'll give you an example: If you add water to sand the water sticks to each grain of sand, and forms what is called "interstitial liquid bridges" between each granule. Like beads of water on wax paper - a bunch of water molecules sticking to each other - these liquid bridges are held together by surface tension, and that's what holds the water–and the sand–in place.

Haku and I are Suiton users, so if Sunagakure has an abundance of water users in the middle of a dessert-like area (Oh the irony) then I would think it will be wise to at least get used to fighting them, if you ever encounter one with malicious intent." Milo said, shocking the royal siblings with his intensive knowledge and the fact that it made sense.

"Gaara, I know you can telekinetically control your sand with your chakra," Milo continued, "but I don't know how big of a strain you can handle at one time. The water will clump your sand together, and you will be force to work at least ten times harder instead of if you only move the granules one at a time. I think we could help each other here, with me in increasing my water Ninjutsu and you in developing an effective defense or counter to your water problem." Milo offered.

Gaara thought it over for a bit. It made sense. It had reasoning to it and had the logic to supports it, and what's more it had a mutual gain for both individuals so no person is just benefiting from this. "Alright Uzumaki… I will do battle with you," was the sand bearer's answer.

A gasp escaped the older boy's mouth, "You will?"

The emotionless boy just nodded in response.

What happened in the next couple of seconds shocked all the contributors who took place in the cafeteria, especially the foreign shinobi, or more accurately the desert jinjuriki.

Before even Gaara could summon his sand to protect himself from any danger, Milo apparated behind the sitting down gourd wearing shinobi and gently hugged the boy without a shred of ill intentions towards him.

"Thank you Otōto." Milo quickly whispered this in the sand Genin's ear before heading back to his seat to finish his meal. Along the way, Gaara's actual siblings had their jaws agape, looking between the nonchalant Ronin and the wide eyed Gaara.

Temari and Kankuro instantly became jealous of the taller redhead for doing something they themselves have longed for.

Taking a spoon full of miso soup and blew on it to cool it, Milo looked up as four sets of eyes were staring at him, "What?"

"Y-you h-hugged me…" Gaara stuttered, briefly showing his true five year old self. No one has ever hugged him… and lived. Shukaku was practically livid and demanded that boy's blood be sacrificed to him for this grievous insult, but Gaara disobeyed for some strange reason he couldn't explain.

The Gamer just shrugged, "I'm very affectionate towards my friends and people that I consider family, as Haku and Naru-chan could attest to, sorry if I made you uncomfortable by the way, sometimes it's hard to control myself." With that said, Milo focused on his plate in front of him.

Gaara focused on the boy in front of him for a moment longer, before he himself turned to his own meal and started to take little bits out of the sandwich.

'This will be an interesting two days.' Gaara thought, actually feeling a surge of excitement over the normal crazed bloodlust euphoria towards the one that called him brother in their upcoming training session.

Flashback no Jutsu: Kai

Looking back at the sand trio, Milo smiled inwardly. Gaara and he spend that afternoon training for the upcoming third event. Even Haku joined the fray at some point and so did the other Suna shinobi.

The redhead's original plan was to assess Gaara's capabilities with his sand. It was later found out that with his inherent air and earth manipulation to move his sand, under intensive observation Milo found that he (Gaara) had a third chakra nature: Raiton. Which made sense how Gaara was able to freely move solid material like that, the combination of all three emits a magnetic field.

If Gaara were to realize he has the power to electrify the sand (A/N since sand is one part quartz which is a crystal, it can then generate and store electricity via ionization of the air particles), he would gain an extra layer of protection from physical damage or otherwise.

Pass the trio he found quite a happy sight. That Oto team made it, but that wasn't the best part. No the best part was that they were all staring at him with varying degrees hatred a fear for turning their leader into essentially a gibbering mess, it almost made the Gamer laugh out loud at the sight.

Behind on either sides of the Hokage was the past examiners along with all the Jonin senseis whose teams had made it, also several more Chunin and Jonin who were to monitor the event were present and… Orochimaru. What?!

'Hehe, when I said I would cut their numbers in half I wasn't kidding,' Anko thought with a smirk as she scanned the crowd. 'Still, 29 people, I thought I would have at least thought it would have been in the single digits, oh well.'

"Looks like quite a few teams made it as well,' Yugito thought as she looked around at the others before landing on the same red haired Genin that uncovered that she and her Jonin sensei were both demon containers. '…So he made it as well, interesting.'

'Yay!' Fu was practically bouncing off of one foot to the other, 'I can't believe I'm here! This is so cool!'

'Yahta!' Naruto exclaimed, ready for anything, 'Look out Hokage-jiji because by the end of this you'll be begging me to take your silly hat from you, believe it!'

'For this many teams to make it and most of them the rookies, it's no wonder you nominates them.' the hokage thought as he glanced back at Kakashi, Kurenai, and his son, Asuma.

"To all of those who made it this far, I would like to personally congratulate you all on passing the second stage of the Chunin Exams," Anko spoke within her megaphone, breaking everyone from their thoughts.


New update: The second test 3/3

Pas the third part of the Chunin Exam – reward: 60,000EXP

"Now I suggest that you all listen carefully to Hokage-sama, who will be explaining the third part of the exam!" she finished while giving a nod to her superior.

Everyone stood a tad straighter as the Hokage stepped forward, "For the coming third test… but before I explain that there is something I'd like you all to know. It concerns the true reason for this exam."

Many of the Genin perked up at this, wondering what he was talking about.

"Why do we even host these silly exams within the five great nations? Many people have the belief that it promotes friendship between other countries. Others believe that it's a game for gambling to see who the strongest Genin out there is." Off in the distance, Zabuza and most of the rookie Jonin senseis were shuffling nervously.

"It is here today that I share the truth to you, because I believe that each and every one of you has the right to know…"

Sarutobi took a deep sigh as he looked each Genin who was looking back at him curiously.

"The true of the matter is that when you take these exams or are promoted to Chunin by any outside means, you carry the risk of being replacements for war times among allied countries." Hiruzen sullenly stated, surprising even the most knowledgeable Genin.

"I still see that many of you are still confused about this notion, so I will explain. A village's strength is determined by you, the shinobi of your respected village. Not by the numbers of able men and women, but by the shear skill and experience that the individual shinobi possesses who then transfer their knowledge to you. By hold these Chunin Exams, we can show the Daimyos and their Kages the fruits of the Jonin's labor. Your strength as a shinobi represents your village's military strength as a whole that in turn makes others wary of attacking and entices new client to trust your village over others with efficient service."

The old monkey watched as several Chunin hopefuls began to understand the concept of being a higher rank, e then looked at his surrogate grandson who was… actually paying attention while looking at Kakashi longingly. That surprised and filled the old Kage with pride at the same time 'Heh… it looks like he was paying attention after all.'

"I don't care about all that. Just start the third exam already." Gaara emotionlessly stated while leaking a little blood lust, making the nearby Genin wary of his presence.

Milo went full blown Cheshire with that comment. Man… that's Lily for you, he even had the balls to glare at the Hokage.

Nodding the Third Hokage was about to start the third exam, but a sickly looking Jonin appeared in front of the man. "Actually *cough* I apologize Hokage-sama *cough* but from now on *cough* as the referee of the test, will you let me to…" the man gestured to the crowd.

"… By all means Haytake-kun." Hiruzen said, letting the young man step in front.

The mystery Jonin had short brown hair, dark-colored eyes which had dark markings under his eyes like Gaara, making sickly in appearance. He wore the standard Konoha shinobi outfit complete with a forehead protector that he wore as a bandanna, flak jacket and regular shinobi sandals. He also carried a katana with a rectangular hand guard strapped over his back.

Name: Hayate Gekko

Title: Mr. Germ, CEO of bacteria inc.

Age: 23 Lvl: ? -/-

HP: ? CP: ? MP: ?

Description: ?

[Jonin level omniscience must be required to look at these stats]

"My name I *cough* Hayate Gekko and I will be your proctor for the *cough cough* third stage of the Chunin Exams," Hayate spoke, coughing so much that many of the Genin wondered if he was going to keel over. "Unfortunately it would seem that the first and second *cough* stage of the Chunin Exams were too easy and we now have too many candidates. So because of this, we will be holding preliminary matches to see who goes to the main event."

The illusionist wanna-be widen his eyes, 'This is interesting.' Milo thought with a smirk.

"Preliminary?" Sakura repeated.

"What do you mean preliminary," Shikamaru asked, annoyed with the idea of doing more effort. "Why can't all of us just go to the main event?"

Hayate coughed before addressing the crowd, "Because we just have too many people. There will be many Daimyos and other important people coming to this exam, so we need to make sure that we have only the best of the best to fit our tight schedule." Hayate stated, "Now before we get started, who among you feels like they cannot go on anymore?"

At this point, Kabuto, after he discreetly locked eyes with the disguised Kage turned Jonin sensei for team Oto, raised his hands and said, "I'd like to leave, I still haven't recovered all of my internal wounds that much I received from the second stage." He said, hoping to leave quickly.

Getting a nod from Hayate, the silver haired four eyes left. As he left though, no one but the sickly Jonin noticed the fact that Ibiki smiled insanely and proceeded to walk out in the same direction of the long term "Genin".

Milo smiled at this; it seems that he wasn't the only ones with his suspicions of the purple wearing man.

A series of coughs brought the inter-dimensional gamer back to the present, "Now then, after that is settled we can start the preliminaries immediately. This preliminary will consist of one on one combat. These fights will simulate real life confrontations that will only stop if one: one of you dies, two: one of you is knocked out or are in so much bad shape that they cannot continue, or three: the signal of defeat were one forfeits and the other must stand down lest he or she be disqualified. We do NOT want to pointlessly increase the amount of corpses after all. There will be an even mash up of fourteen matches, which will be controlled by this… electronic scoreboard."

The coughing man gestured to the giant plasma screen TV 50 feet in the air behind the giant statue of a ram hand sign that all the Jonins were standing under. "It will show the match-up for each battle. Now, let's announce the two names for the first fight."

The scoreboard came to life and began to cycle through two sets of names from the 28 here.

Uchiha Sasuke vs. Akadou Yoroi

"Well teme, it looks like they decided to start off with the weak ones first, huh?" Naruto questioned while holding out a closed fist.

"Hn, or they just wanted an elitist such as myself to set the standards for you lowly mortals." Sasuke countered, tapping the outstretched appendage with his own fist.

"Whatever… ass, just remember what Aniki said about the seal. Don't go even more Emo than usual ok?" he and Sakura looked at the raven expectedly.

Said raven nodded in understanding, the last he wanted was that snake to use his demons against him. The Uchiha Genin then turned to his opponent: the Genin on Kabuto team's appearance was greatly concealed by the mask he wore around his mouth that hung to around his neck, sunglasses that obscured his eyes and forehead protector which he wore like a bandanna. He also wore what appears to be the standard attire of his team consisting of a high-collared, sleeveless, purple shirt with a short-sleeved, white one underneath, a simple obi around his waist, purple pants, blue sandals and purple fingerless gloves.

"Will those whose names did not show up on board please move to the balcony. Uchiha Sasuke and Akadou Yoroi, please move to the center of the arena and prepare to fight when I give the signal." Hayate explained as everyone left for the balconies, except for him and the assigned Genin.

"I hope you're ready Uchiha," Yoroi stated as he got into a fighting stance, "Powerful clan or not, you're going to lose here and now."

Sasuke would have rolled his eyes at the arrogant Genin that was trying to oust arrogant an elite among shinobi, were it not the fact that it would undermined his cool persona he was currently projecting. "Yeah, you keep telling yourself."

Yoroi furrowed his brows. 'Shouldn't his curse mark be affecting him right now?' he thought before shaking his head in the negative, 'Whatever… I'll beat this prick and finally Orochimaru-sama would notice my greatness!'

In The Balcony

"Go Sasuke-kun! Kick his ass!" Sakura and Ino whooped for their Uchiha from their respected teams.

Kakashi was concerned for his darling little Genin. If he uses the Sharingan, then that might activate the three tomoe seal on his neck and if that happened it would be like what Milo-kun in that he might lose himself during the match.

Over at team Ronin, Milo was interested on how his little Emo-chan would fair against the spy by association. 'This should be fun to watch.' He smirked while changing his irises to a darker shade of purple with constellations all along the eyes, signifying [The Mind's Eye] has activated.

Back in the arena

"Are both fighters ready?" Hayate asked as he received a nod from Yoroi and a grunt from Sasuke, "Hajime!"

As soon as the fight started the member of team spy went through several hand seals as he came at Sasuke, his right hand glowing blue with the intent of overpowering the Uchiha while his left reached for a handful of shuriken that he then threw at Sasuke.

Quickly, seeing the flying projectiles from his hawk-like sight, Sasuke deflected the shuriken at the same time with his kunai.

Yoroi, who was gaining ground, grunted in dissatisfaction and increased his speed against the survivor of the Uchiha massacre, causing Sasuke to take defensive actions.

The clan head smirked and jumped back while throwing the kunai in Akadou's direction, which he easy dodged and continued his charge.

As the masked shinobi arrived with his hand burning azure, he took a swipe at Sasuke who easily avoided it before kicking

under his opponent's leg and bringing him into an arm bar grapple on the ground.

"Urgh!" Akadou grunted in surprise, before smirking under his mask as the arm that was locked began to glow sapphire. Sasuke felt weird, like his strength was being sapped. Realizing that it was that weird attack Yoroi was using, he tried to get as far away from the blue glowing hand as possible.

The man had a different agenda though. Glowing hand grabbed the Uchiha's shirt with a vice while he use momentum to push himself up and with his free hand, which began to glow blue also, he brought it down and grabbed a handful of ebony hair.

In the balcony

"Hmm interesting," Milo commented out load while shutting off his eye skill.

"What's interesting?" Haku asked, being the closest one in hearing range.

"That technique that that guy with the shades using to pin Emo-chan chan down really reminds me of my Chakra Vampire Dungeon." The boy explained.

"So you're saying that that punk over there is using some sort of chakra draining technique?" Zabuza asked, unintentionally remembering of a certain fishman with that creepy sentient chakra eating sword of his.

"It's called Chakra Absorbing," Kakashi stated, surprising every one near him. pulling down his forehead protector closing his ever active red eye, "It's neither a Kekkei Genkai nor easy to posses, really gifted individuals can wield this technique."

"So is Sasuke-kun going to be okay sensei?" Sakura turned to their Jonin sensei, hoping for a positive answer.

"Well if Sasuke can manage to still be able to overpower his opponent soon he might still have a chance, but…" Kakashi started.

"But with the guy sapping Sasuke's physical and spiritual energy making him weaker and the guy stronger, Sasuke will have an increased risk of using the Curse Mark to just survive… even if its sealed away for now." Milo finished with a somber look on his face, shocking the pinkette.

Naruto, seeing that Sasuke managed to get free from Yoroi's clutches, screamed in his direction. "SASUKE, ARE YOU REALLY UCHIHA SASUKE BECAUSE THAT SASUKE TAKES NO SHITS FROM ANYTHING?!"

Back in the arena

Sasuke, hearing what his teammate said, became inspired. 'That bumbling idiot's right! So what if that guy is trying to suck me dry! I'm an Uchiha God Damnit! I take no shits…' he turned to the mask shinobi and got into the Uchiha's trademark Interceptor Fist, ready for any sort of counter attacking opportunity. 'I GIVE THEM!'

Growling, Yoroi charged the Uchiha with reckless abandon not really noticing the stance his opponent was using. "Don't get too cocky damn brat! So what your friend gave you a pep talk, it will help you none WHEN I TAKE ALL YOUR CHAKRA!"

Not really seeing the confident smirk, the purple clothed man took another swipe at the stuck up raven. But instead of connecting like he had hoped, Sasuke grabbed his wrist with one hand and placed the other on the ground, kicking him high up in the air and defying gravity all at the same time.

Sasuke then appeared behind him using the Kage Buyou (Leaf Shadow Dance) to get under him.

"That's my…" Lee stuttered out, recognizing the tactic Sasuke was using as he used it on the same Uchiha but only one time already.

Gai remained silent although it was blatantly obvious that he wasn't a happy camper right now.

"I'll be the first one to admit it, the shadow dance was not my own." Sasuke stated as he and Yoroi were hovering, suspended by nothing but air. "But from here on out its all original, Sishi Rendan (Lion's Barrage)!" He called out the name of his attack and gained upward momentum by pushing the bigger of the two down. He used this momentum to unleash a very powerful volley of attacks all the way down, using the gravity to his advantage and finally utilizing a devastating heel drop into Yoroi's stomach.

Said Genin was then sent into the ground, creating a spider web pattern on impact and coughing up a corpus amount of blood before passing out.

"Shousa by knockout of the first match, Uchiha Sasuke!" Hayate announced

Sasuke returned to his portrayed 'Cool' pose and slowly swaggered up to where his teammates were, enticing his two fan girls to swoon over 'how cool he was'.

"Hehehe… hey Sasuke," Naruto snickered when a beat up Sasuke returned, gaining the emotional boy's attention. "…that was a lame win, you're all beat up idiot… Hehehe."

"Hn," the Uchiha turned from the dobe with an angry blush on his face. "Shut up moron."

"Don't say that to Sasuke-kun Baka!" Sakura yelled, punching the back of his head.

"Well done Sasuke," Kakashi voiced, flipping through another page of his book.

Just then, two more names appeared on the big screen signaling the next match.

Abumi Zaku vs. Uzumaki Milo

"Hehe finally, I can really stick it to that bastard!" Zaku smirked triumphantly.

Dosu, who cast a weary gaze across the balcony where he saw his god smiling insanely, shuddered in fear. "Zaku… C-Crimson-sama… please you need to forfeit. You cannot win against something like that!" He begged.

Zaku, not really understanding his leader's plight, put his good hand on the hunchbacks shoulder and squeezed reassuringly. "Don't worry Dosu. I'll get this chump back for messing with your mind, and then in the finals I'll have my vengeance on the Uchiha for breaking my arm." Dosu was about to stop him, but before he could Zaku leaped the two story ledge onto the ground below.

Nobody noticed their Jonin sensei smiled knowingly, before disappearing in a plume of smoke.

Back on the other side of the balcony, Milo could not stop smiling and giggling to himself as he proceeded to strip himself of his cloak, vest, gloves, gauss wrappings, and his weapons, which he of course stored.

Seeing his teammate systematical unclothed and armed himself, two thoughts entered the ice queen's mind. One was how hot he looked, and two…

"Why are you taking off your clothes?" Haku asked while shamelessly ogling Milo's tight physique.

Milo, silently loving the attention he was getting, became a little frustrated. "I can't seem to figure out how Quantum Tunneling works yet… all those vests I had to repair, and I still can't get rid of the blood stains." He shuddered as he looked over his eloquently designed Fuins across his left and right forearms and one giant one on his back with disdain.

"W-wha…" Haku asked still in a daze and not understanding what his ruby prince said.

"Will the second contender please make his way to the battle arena now or it will be an automatic disqualification." Referee Gekko voiced out.

"Show time brat," Zabuza said before grinning like a mad man, "Knock'em dead."

"Thanks sensei!" Milo said in an overly cheery voice before heading to the stairs and to the soon to be little fly.

Zabuza quickly leaned down to the still flustered Haku, after noticing the looks his red haired student was getting from the female population as this was the first time he showed off his developing muscles. "Better hurry Haku lest some hussy come and take what yours." He teased while laughing at his surrogate son's reaction.

Turning away from his teacher and guardian, Haku face turned a bright said of red in angry and embarrassment.

In the arena

Back in the fighting area, we find two Genin staring each other down each with a different expression. With Zaku it was disdain for the person in front of him coupled with an arrogant cocky demeanor. For Milo on the other hand, it was nothing but the psychotic jubilant feeling that has never left his face.

"Um… we will be beginning the second match… begin." He said, before jumping back on the balcony.

"Hehe, so before I blow you to bits in one foul swoop," Zaku said raising his "good" arm shakily at his soon to be dead opponent. "What did you do to him?"

"Him?" Milo said in faux confusion, "Him who?"

"Don't play dumb!" Zaku growled, losing patience. "Dosu. What did you do to him?"

The people who were unaware what went on in the forest stayed silent, but the ones that did listened intently as they weren't quite sure themselves on what Milo did.

"But Zaku-kun," Zaku growled dangerously at the boy for using his name so casual. "When I left him, he was fine. Whatever did happen?" Milo asked in concern.

"You know damn well what happened! You made him see things that nobody should ever see, Zankuha!" Zaku screamed as a concentrated gust of pressurized air came rushing towards the seemingly defenseless Genin.

Now normally Haku knew that his prince had a many of ways of evading that type of straight forward attack as he himself always warned him when faced with that kind of attack, is to not take a class at the school of Prometheus (A/N: what to do when running away from a one dimensional object 101)… whatever that was. So it was quite a shock for him to see his red haired Uzumaki get blown back from that sound technique.

"Hey Get U-" Zaku stopped goading his prey when he heard… giggling.

It's true, he and everyone in the balcony heard a series of giggles originating from the smoking body in front of him, but this wasn't your normal laughter. No this laughter was filled with gurgling sounds like someone was choking on liquid. It sounded so… wrong.

And that was when Dosu saw the monster that plagued his dream for the last two days get up, and promptly paled under his bandages. Milo was physically fine… well except for the fact that half his face being blown off from the blast then no he was not fine.

The demonic boy kept on giggling that perverse laughter for a few more moments before asking a qestion.

"Hey Zaku-kun, do you like songs?" He grinned a disproportionate smile as his single yellow eye gazed into frighten brown ones. "Cause i love them and i know just the song we could sing together... just like i did with Dosu-kun." he said making Dosu pale even more in horror.

The half faced boy then, still smiling, started to groggily sing as blood profusely fled from the exposed wound/Henge.

Ding Dong

I know you can hear me

Open up the door

I only want to play a little

As the disturbing song continued, Zaku felt an overwhelming headache coming along and brought his good hand to his temple to try and stem the ache.

Ding Dong

You can't keep me waiting

It's already too late

For you to try and run away

In the spiky haired boys peripheral vision, an horrible… thing emerged from the demon summoner's spilled blood and since this was a Shadow Clone crossed with a Henge transformation, it was very tangible and very frightening to the safe people in the balcony.

What looked like a doctor, on account of the clothing it wore, but horrible disfigured as its back has been completely ripped open with the spine visible and the muscle tissue growing outwards. Its original arms were broken and moved aside in place for the newly created blades made from the person's muscle tissue and bones. The lower jaw has been dislocated and partially ripped from the skull with tentacles made from muscle and veins sprouting out of its mouth, which possibly was once the doctor's tongue or something inside the host's mouth.

All in all, the fact that that thing was barreling down towards Zaku with the primal instinct to feed paralyzed the boy in fear momentarily.

I see you through the window

Our eyes are locked together

I can sense your horror

Though I'd like to see it closer

At this point the demonic mutation was closing in fast as its glowing red eyes were fixed on its target, it gave an inhuman terror inducing shriek. That seemed to knock some sense into the terrified boy as his fight or flight instincts kicked in and quickly raised both hands, signifying that the sling was a complete rouse, and literally turn it into a bloody stump as half of its body turned to gore.

Ding Dong

Here I come to find you

Hurry up and run

Let's play a little game and have fun

Zaku's ninja training kicked in and leaped back lest he be impaled by barbed projectiles from a demented and deformed baby whose internal muscles and intestines acted like tentacles for the projectiles can rest and be launched from.

Ding Dong

Where is it you've gone to?

Do you think you've won?

Our game of hide and seek has just begun

It was then that the doctor started to regenerate rapidly, and soon it was back up and roared in rage before charging at the soon to be dead sound Genin.

I hear your footsteps

Thumping loudly through the hallway

I can hear your sharp breaths

You're not very good at hiding

Zaku kept back peddling while constantly dodging or deflecting the ever constant barrage of projectiles and sickle attacks from the reanimated physician. His breathing was hard because of the lack of stamina and chakra all the while gripping a kunai so tight that the knuckles turned white.

Just wait, you can't hide from me

(I'm coming)

Just wait, you can't hide from me

(I'm coming)

Just wait, you can't hide from me

(I'm coming)

Just wait, you can't hide from me

And just like how the onslaught of attacks came from the never stopping mutations, they stopped, abruptly so. It was then Zaku felt the corrupted chakra Milo's [Curse Seal] possessed. Zaku, looking up from his kneeling position, was able to witness as the marking on the devil's neck started to glow red and extend all over his body sans for the previous markings. When the markings set, the red chakra that twisted violently around his form started to solidify somewhat into a double helix like pillar; The Marker.

In the Balcony

"What is this un-youthful chakra?" Lee questioned, hold his nose.

"Neji?" Gai asked his white eyed ward.

Said person nodded and activated his bloodline and promptly gasp.

"What, what is it?" the man asked, noticing the Hyuuga's surprise.

"Those markings, I seen them before… Uchiha." He called, getting Sasuke's attention. "Why does he possesses nearly the same markings as you do, and that chakra, are you two distant cousins?" it would explain everything, there's no way that an unknown element as Milo to have that much chakra.

Sasuke just smirked at the Hyuuga prodigy, really banking on his 'cool' pose, and showed the boy his sealed seal on his neck. "No we're not. We just share the same seal that acts like a limiter just like gravity seals were as it seals gravitational pressure this one seals in the ambient chakra surrounding everything… like a sponge." He told them the half truth.

During the last two day Milo and he had time to study what exactly was put on his body thanks to Anko-san's notes on the curse seal, being Orochimaru's former assistant and all, and the inherent fact that the redhead actually absorbed part of the man helped a lot.

"So that's what the little twerp meant when he said tattoo…" Kankuro muttered to his sister after hearing the Uchiha's explanation.

"I know right and that's only one, he still has a tone over his well tone… chiseled… muscles…" Temari muttered incoherently as a little drool dripped down her mouth.

"No! Temari, no!" Kankuro said, noticing what she was drooling over.

"What," she said defensively. "It's not like I want to sleep with him or something. I mean look at him," she pointed to the half faced giggling mess that was Uzumaki Milo, "He's clearly bat shit crazy… sorry Gaara."

If the mini tanuki was listening to his sibling banter, he didn't give any indication as his eyes were glued to the older Uzumaki. It's true, they fought previously but he had no idea the former college student was this strong.

'You interest me Uzumaki…' he thought as he continued to watch the fight unfold.

Back with the fight

Knock Knock

I am at your door now

I am coming in

No need for me to ask permission

Milo blinked out of existence for a moment before appearing crouched down, staring at the paralyzed Zaku.

Knock Knock

I'm inside your room, now

Where is it you've hid?

Our game of hide and seek's about to end

The headache became so sever now that Zaku cried out in pain and fear. All while this was going on, the demonic monstrosities' turned back into shadows and then the shadows themselves started to seep into their summoner's face wound, healing it.

Ding Dong

I have found you

The red god then raised his hand and started to calmly caress the boy's check as if to sooth his fears. It didn't work. In fact, it made it much worse.

Ding Dong

You were hiding here

Now you're it

Ding Dong

Finally found you, dear

Now you're it

Ding Dong

Looks like I have won

Now you're it

Ding Dong

Pay the consequence!

Finally at the end of the song, Zaku felt an ungodly sense of will that was forcing him to fall asleep, fearing that he will never wake up again or worse, he be like Dosu and have constant night terrors, he fought back feeble as it maybe.

Before the sound Genin finally succumbed to the bitter sleep, he muttered a few words that only Milo could hear.

I'm sorry…

When the redhead got up from his crouch position, and canceled the [Curse Mark: Level 1], he let his former prey now forgiven soul dropped to the floor, referee Gekko jumped down from the stands and proceeded to check the down boy's neck for a pulse.

There was.

Hayate nodded before raising his hands and calling out, "Winner by knock out: Uzumaki Milo!" he then called for the medical ninja on standby who look at Milo strangely, most likely thinking how did he heal his face so fast.

Nobody was clapping; nobody was whooping and hollering on his victory, it was just silence, dead silence in fact. Even when the gamer politely excused himself and went up the stairs to rejoined his team, which he then preceded to cloth himself much to Haku and his newly developed fan base's disappointment.

"What?" Milo asked, dreadfully confused.

"Milo," Kakashi said, getting the boy's attention, "so let me get this straight. You achieved a high enough level with your Henge technique that it becomes a real transformation and by doing that opens a bunch of possibilities… for example pretending that half of your face was cut off, and… whatever the fucking hell you conjured up with those clones of yours." The man shuddered, remembering the murder baby.


"WHAT?!" Everyone unaware of Milo's true abilities yelled in utter shock. The Henge technique was solely a Genjutsu, so how the hell was he able to create a true transformation?

Ino was bold enough to ask/demand even though she was shacking in her boots at the mere presence of the now renowned Akuma Summoner. "M-Milo…" she tried to be assertive like normal, but when he cast his emerald eyes over her way looking questionably she caved. "H-How is t-that possible… I-I mean…"

"How I can do what I do?" Milo asked, tilting his head.

Ino squeaked in fear and shyly nodded which Milo thought was total adorbs.

Milo shrugged, not feeling like it was all that of a secret. "Just master the basics and like Kakashi-sensei said, it will open up a bunch of possibilities. It's true the Henge is an illusion, typically for those with good enough chakra control they can change shape. That's exactly what I did; I change the shape of my face and clones… I designed it that way in my head so I could then systematically lower the target mental defense and incapacitate them with my sleep Genjutsu." he finished so all could listen to his speech.

That made Zabuza laugh heartily at the sociopath. Cupping a hand over Milo's shoulder, he said. "Hehehe… kid I tell you this now as one sadistic bastard to another: you are onnnnnnnnnnee sick fuck." Everyone in the crowd sweat dropped at the apparent praise.

"Thanks sensei, I try so hard…" Milo gushed making the sweat drop get even bigger. "But I really wish that I could some show you all the cool things my seals could do. You remember them right Kaka-sensei?" Milo said, first acting depressed then turned a complete 180' when asking his former sensei the question.

Kakashi, the fabled copy cat, shivered slightly. "How could I forget…" he said, remembering all the ouchies he received in the bell test. If he could do that he much damage with an explosive note hybrid, he shuddered to think with what else was on his body besides the curse mark... and what the hell was quantum tunneling?

The billboard began to spin once again before stopping.

'Hehe, finally.' Kankuro thought with one eye closed and had a grin that just screams "I'm sadistic".

Sabaku no Kankuro vs. Tsurugi Misumi

Kankuro and Misumi met in the center of the fighting zone a just like the previous competitors, Misumi spoke up.

"Unlike Yoroi, I won't show little punks like you mercy." He said somewhat arrogantly, Kankuro let out a snort of laughter before letting Yoroi's teammate finish. "Let me warn you kid, once I get my technique's on you give up immediately or I will show you no mercy."

"Then I too…" Kankuro exclaimed, pulling the bound figure off his back and held it to his side strumming the top menacingly, "will show you no mercy."

"Go Mr. Whiskers!" Milo yelled down below, annoying the crap out of the cat-like boy and confusing Misumi. "Get down with your bad self!" the redhead finished.

"Will you shut up already; I am trying to act MENACINGLY!" Kankuro shouted back, not realizing how unmenacingly he sounded right now.

"OH, SORRY!" Milo apologized loudly, getting vary amounts of snickers from most of the Genin who had a sense of humor.

Hayate took this moment to speak up. "*cough cough* Let the third match begin. Haijime!"

"You're not going to do anything…" Tsurugi stated before running towards Kankuro. Victory goes to the swiftest!" he said, punching the puppeteer who blocked it with little effort. But then Misumi's arm constrict his and then the remainder of his body followed suit soon after.

Naruto simply gagged. "I think I'm going to be sick… Gah." Sakura was quick to agree and Sasuke couldn't disagree.

In order to gather information, my body has been altered to fit into any space." Misumi stated, still constricting around the surprised child hater, who dropped his pack due to his position. "So either you give up now or I'll break all your bones."

"Hehe… no way." Kankuro said defiantly, before there was a resounding neck snapping earning shocked looks around the room, more so from Temari than anything. Misumi started to smirk in victory, but then Kankuro's face began to shatter revealing his trump card underneath.

"It's my turn now!" the disjointed puppet head said directly to the surprised extreme contortionist in Kankuro's voice. It then constricted the constrictor with its extendable arms. The bound figure under the struggling duo unveiled the real Kankuro with his right hand glowing blue with tiny, nearly invisible, string like chakra coming off the hand that are connected to the puppet.

The last member of Kabuto's team tried as he could to wiggle free with his enhanced flexibility, but that made the puppet squeeze even harder resulting in him being passed out due to lack of oxygen.

"Since his opponent in unable to continue fighting, the winner of the third match is Kankuro." Hayate casually stated.

"Hey sensei! Isn't that cheating or something?! It's two on one!" Naruto yelled, pointing to the display down below.

"Uhh…" Milo shuffled awkwardly as he used his clones to do his dirty work for him.

"That's not cheating Naruto…" Kakashi deadpanned, "That's just a doll."

The way he explained that made Milo snickered for some reason.

"That's Puppet no Jutsu," Sakura said in her teacher voice. "Basically it is controlling a doll and using it as a weapon with chakra. It's the same as using a kunai or shuriken, and also since when do we have rules of engagement if we're supposed to be ninja?" she questioned.

"Sakura does have a point dobe." Sasuke put his two cents in.

"Shut up teme!" Naruto said, flustered.

"Don't worry Naru~chan," his older brother said in a sing song voice. "I don't like to toot my own horn or anything," Naruto didn't quite know how to take that, "but I'm already pretty chummy with Mr. Whiskers over there and between you and me… I don't think he even know the basic clone jutsu so he plays with dolls to help him with his inherent loneliness that comes with playing with dolls."

Haku shook his head at this, "Wait wait, Milo-kun, what exactly are you talking about?" he asked, stopping the redhead in his tracks.

"I-I don't know… I was thinking of a clever paradox out loud for a second there," he said in a thinking pose and getting Haku to sweat drop as that's exactly what he did. "But I think Mr. Whisker's is so lonely is because nobody would hug him."

Milo said in deep thought before yelling out across the room. "Hey Mr. Whiskers! Mr. Whiskers… whiskers you hoo Mr. Whiskers…'Senpai notice me god dammit!'"

This went on for quite some time and each time Kankuro got more and more annoyed before…


…He blew up.

"I just wanted to ask if you needed a hug." Milo said shivering, not used to being yelled at.

"WHA-w-what? W-why would I need a hug? Better yet, why would I even want your hugs?" Kankuro asked, caught off guard.

Kami, he knew this kid was stupid but seriously, hugs?

"Well…" Milo said, rocking back and forth on his heels. "I just thought you wanted one seeing how angry you are sometimes…" he said in a high pitched baby voice. "Also, I give the best hugs, my mommy says so… see." He said, quickly embracing his pet and making him blush.

"Gaara," a flustered Kankuro turned to his younger brother in anger. "I don't care if you two are now friends; I'm going to KILL that bumbling idiot in the finals!"

"No you're not." Gaara said in monotone as he still needed to know how the hell the older redhead was able to touch him without danger.

"Maybe this Milo kid is right…" Temari voiced over the snickering ninja, "You do seem angrier than usual." She observed before smirking, "Maybe you should accept his invitation as that Bishonen with him looks happy enough." She teased.

"*Cough cough* moving on," Hayate spoke before Kankuro could have a chance to reply. "We will now begin the fourth match." He called out turning everyone's attention to the board.

The board flickered to life and a few seconds later, two names popped into existence.

Yamanaka Ino vs. Haruno Sakura

"Will these two contestants please step into the arena to begin the fourth preliminary match." Hayate called out.

(A/N: it was exactly like the cannon version only this time Sakura was inherently stronger due to her chakra control training and Ino being the fast of the two. Why? Because I can… I'm the puny god in this story XD)

"Due to both contestants being unconscious, I declare that the fourth round of the preliminaries to have no winner. It's a draw." Hayate said, much too a few peoples chagrin.

"Having no discernible winner in the in last fight, we will start immediately with the fifth." He continued, motioning to the screen.

Tenten vs. Sabaku no Temari

Nara Shikamaru vs. Tsuchi Kin

(A/N: again, like the cannon version, sorry I'm so lazy.)

Inuzuka Kiba vs. Nii Yugito

"Alright Akamaru, it looks like we're up!" he shouted to his dog scarf before forgoing the stair and just like Zaku did, he vaulted over the railing.

Yugito on the other hand, like her cat like nature portrayed, did the exact opposite of what the impulsive dog boy did just a few moments ago and simply walked at a more sedated pace. When the girl came in the center of the field with Kiba openly leering at her perversely, she resisted the urge to hiss (ha ha, cat joke).

"Wow would you look at that Akamaru, we're facing a total 10!" Kiba grinned lecherously, "hey baby, how 'bout after this whole wrestling match, you, me, and an all you can eat buffet?"

The heiress to the Nii clan gritted her teeth, a sign that she was quite pissed by the audacity of this lecherous pig before her and replied coolly. "No thanks, I don't date men who don't take up the habit of daily hygiene,"

"Wha-WHAT WAS THAT?! "Kiba recoiled as if stricken, then growled dangerously at her. "Listen bitch! You should be thanking me that I even took an interest in you, and clearly that wasn't because of your charming personality either!"

"Wow… Hey Kiba, buddy." Milo called out to our favorite dog boy like a concerned parent, "I think you should let this one go. Dogs aren't really supposed to mate with cats, you two are incompatible. That's why Lily-kun didn't do anything to Yugito what you just did," he then looked at Gaara, who had that murderous glint in his eyes, "or maybe it's because he's just really really shy…" was his afterthought.

Yugito looked grateful at the redhead even though she was wondering why he was talking about the apparently socially awkward sand jinjuriki in such a knowing tone. Kiba on the hand…

"Grrr Why don't you mind your own business, I don't need you to tell me how to get a bitch so why don't you go frolic in the fields with your new boyfriend or something you fucking FAG!" Kiba yelled out in anger causing Naruto to go ballistic and try to beat the crap out of the supposed alpha, only the be held back by the same person that Kiba has insulted.

"GRR… LET ME GO ANIKI… I'LL KILL HIM!" Naruto tried to reason, only to have Milo's hold on his collar tightened in response.

"I don't think you want to go down there, look." Milo calmly pointed down at the young Neko-nin. Naruto stopped his squirming and what he saw made him pale considerably.

Yugito facial features turn into a full blown scowl with feminine justice was the only thing on her mind right now as she let out a fairly considerable amount of killing intent that was designed solely for perverts. The amount of [KI] partly given to her by her two tailed demonic cat friend was enough to make a hardened warrior like Kiba soil himself.

'She's pissed,' Naruto thought, 'She looks like Sakura-chan everytime when I use my sexy no jutsu.'

Inside the seal, Kyuubi snorted in agreement as her sister Matatabi, the Nibi and Bakeneko, will literally tear your eyes out once mad enough. He learned that the hard way when he said she was too weak because the number of her tails was lower than his.

The match was over before it began. As soon as Hayate gave the whistle to start, Yugito rushed Kiba faster then he thought possible while extending her nail like claws to be more promenade.

She closed the gap quickly and with a lighting encased kick to the male anatomy to send him flying up in the air, she jumped up and did a powerful cross slash to his torso that sent him flying.

"Hiso (Flying Claw)." Yugito calmly stated, while every male there felt a tinge of sympathy pain for the dog user as they either covered their manhood or winced.

"Consider yourself lucky I didn't kill you out right for being such a perverted pig!"The jinjuriki for the Nibi hissed, even though Kiba was already unconscious from the first attack. The Kunoichi did not wait for the referee to call the match and declare her the winner of the seventh round as she strolled up to her teammates.

"Yugito," Bee called out, "Was that really necessary?" he asked, not even rapping for this one.

"Absolutely Bee-sama!" the other female, Karui, stated aggressively. "Did you see how that little punk was eyeing her, like a piece of meat… I just wish I couldn't have joined you Yu-chan."

"You can't do that Karui-san," Omoi said, getting everyone's attention, "if you di that you could run the risk of both Yugito-san and you disqualified from the Chunin Exams and what's worse their clan might file a lawsuit against you for unlawful misconduct and then Raikage-sama with have to get involved which will then lead to all out war against the leaf…" he said, rambling about all the possible negative outcomes.

"Shut up Omoi!" Karui said, bopping him upside the head to make him stop.

Uzumaki Naruto vs. Yoro

"Yes it's here it's here!" Naruto shouted as he excitedly ran to the center of the floor, "Finally!"

"Go get him Naru~chan! Go out there and make a difference!" the man turned boy waved to his little brother. Milo then turn to see his opponent, one of Fuu's teammates, making his way to the excited orange enthusiast. He has short spiky black hair and small black eyes. His outfit consists of a dark violet vest, with two scrolls attached to it, a light violet turtleneck, and dark green-colored pants. He wears a blue forehead protector with the Taki symbol on it.

Name: Yoro

Title: Mr. Shock and Awe

Age: 16, Level: 47 -/47k

HP: 10289 CP 6764 MP: 5327

Description: a smart, no nonsense type mute with a pension to excessively use the shadow shuriken no jutsu like it was going out of style.

"The eighth match of the chunin preliminaries: Uzumaki Naruto of Konoha vs. Yoro of Taki. Are bother fighters ready?" Hayate asked both of them, they nodded. "Hajime!" he said, jumping back and out of the line of fire.

'Kage Shuriken no Jutsu (Shadow Shuriken technique).' Yoro was the first one to act as he called out his attack, using a surprising amount of chakra control as he preformed it seamlessly.

"Wha-" was all Naruto could say before being pelted by multiple pointy objects.

"Naruto!" Hinata said in concern for the lovably blonde.

Before Naruto fell down, he poof'd into smoke, signaling that it was just a clone. Using ninja-like reflexes, Yoro twisted his body around and with a kunai in hand he blocked the blonde's Katana strike. This went on for a few more bouts, Naruto trying to close the distance with his clones and Yoro eradicating them with his copied shuriken.

Getting sick of the back and forth, Yoro imbued chakra to his feet and hands, increasing his DEX and STR, to speed up his game and throw his shuriken faster and at farther distances.

"Whoa," Naruto exclaimed, using his sword to deflect most of the spinning blades, but as he did that another barrage was on its way. "Will you stop that, it's getting annoying!" he yelled at the guy.

"…" the older teen said nothing and quickly dispatched the clones looking to get the jump on him from behind before sending another volley of projectiles at the real Naruto.

In the Balcony

"Wow, this Yoro guy is pretty strong." Sakura said to the group, "If he keeps applying pressure like this, I don't think Naruto could take much more."

"Of course…" another voice came into the picture, "Yoro's a one trick pony, a powerful pony mind you."

Everyone look to the side to see Fuu and a male that spoke. He had short, brown curly hair and small black eyes. His outfit consists of a violet jacket, with the inside being green, black top, with his chest being exposed, and dark pants. He also has two holsters attached near each of his elbows and is wearing a blue forehead protector.

Name: Kegon

Title: The Water Boy

Age: 15, Level 47 -/47k

HP: 7180 CP: 14327 MP: 4567

Description: a smart, cocky teen that is secretly in love with his female teammate. He also possesses a high affinity for Water chakra.

"Your friend may out number ours, but Yoro is something we like to call a perfectionist." He finished.

"I'd believe it," Kakashi said, surprising most of the Genin. "to get that level of control takes months even years to develop…" he said while Kurenai nodded in agreement as she knew all too well how long she needed to get to be able to say her Genjutsu sealessly even more to forego the words altogether.

"But how can that be…" a ponytail-less Ino shouted, "You're only Genin." She said.

Kegon smirked at the blonde girl, "Our Kage gave us special training so that we could protect Fuu when on missions." He finished gesturing to the demonic bug girl.

"What's so special with her?" Ino asked, not understanding the need to have basically bodyguards for teammates.

"Because she's their Jinjuriki." Milo said in a matter of fact tone before Kegon could speak, surprising them all as knew what that term entails.

"I Knew it!" Karui said, angrily stomping up to him and got in his face, "I Knew you could sense them. How?!" she demanded. She was not going to admit it, but she was a little unnerved by his insight to figure out which were tailed beast containers.

The college boy just smiled a Cheshire grin and did the 'zip lip' gesture as he didn't want to tell them exactly how he knew that just yet.

"Genin Karui," Bee calmly spoke but there was no doubt an edge of authority to his voice. despite this, he was looking at Milo with interest as he to was wondering how he knew what he knew.

Karui, who was just about to blow up on the insufferable redhead, paled despite her dark skin tone when she heard her sensei commanding voice. Giving one last look at the unstable Ronin, she returned to her team.

'Hey Nibi-chan, any idea yet on how exactly that Ronin could sense your chakra signature?' Yugito asked her tenant.

'I don't know kitten. The only ones that I know of are other jinjuriki… though he did say that he the "zero-tail" holder, that mean something other than my kin is living inside him. That must be how he's sensing us. I would be careful around him kitten.' The two tailed monster cat explained, getting a nod from her vessel.

Back to the arena

Naruto was in trouble, everything he created his clones they dispelled just as quickly. Noticing what was happening, Naruto smiled as he finally found his opening. Making several tens of clones and as expected each one blew up in a cloud of smoke, creating a very thick smoke screen.

Now looking for his target in low visibility, Yoro forgot to check underneath his feet and it cost him…

"hyah!" Naruto emerged from the ground like a speeding bullet, delivering a devastating uppercut to the mute sending him airborne.

"Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!" the blonde yelled as he perform his signature jutsu yet again, hoping to finished the temporarily stunned Genin.

"U…" the real Naruto jumped high into the air, catching Yoro's leg and twisting its body he was able to use built up momentum to fling him down below.

"Zu…" the second clone literally kicked Yoro to the third and forth clone.

"Ma…Ki…" the two got between the speeding sixteen year old and each gave him a heal kick to the ground.

"Naruto Barrage!" Naruto finished, coming down from his height onto the down Yoro, incapacitating him.

"Winner by knockout: Uzumaki Naruto." Hayate announced, making the boy jump up and down for joy.


Kegon was shocked. Yoro was supposed to win. He had the skill and the brains to beat this little weakling, so how did he lost?

"YOSH!" Lee cried out.


"Hn," Sasuke smirked, "What a dobe, taking my technique like that… he even stole the name."

"I'm not sure it was intentional Emo-chan." Milo said to Sasuke, "After all, you stole yours from Lee-san."

"Fair enough," Sasuke conceded.

"C-Congratulations Nar-Naruto." Hinata stuttered with a blush on her face, seeing her hero returned to the group.

"Thanks a bunch Hinata!" Naruto smiled a fox like grin, making Hinata blush even deeper. "But that guy was really hard and fast too..." was Naruto's after thought.

"Congrats, Naruto." Kakashi said with his famous 'eye smile', "You sure have gotten a lot stronger… although you're nowhere near Hokage Level."

"Is that your big plan here," Naruto deadpanned, "You make me feel feels just so you can knock me down a peg? That cuts deep sensei… but I respect that."

"Oh no," Kakashi visibly paled before to the older Uzumaki, "It was you wasn't it?" he hissed as he pointed to the now confused red haired Genin on the Ronin team.

"…Um what did I do?" Milo asked as he looked to either Haku or Zabuza for help.

"Beats me kid," Zabuza shrugged his shoulders unhelpfully.

"What was it that Milo-kun has done, Hatake-san?" Haku asked the man.

"Y-you… you corrupted one of my cute little Genin, didn't you?!" Kakashi accused while comically "protecting" the blonde Genin, much to the said Genin's displeasure, from the evils of the Ronin before him. "He was the lovable idiot that we both know and love before you showed up, now he's the same ramen obsessed idiot but now he is fluent in the art of sarcasm!"

"I wouldn't say fluent." Milo said sarcastic all the while smiling, "Though he does have his moments."

"Ah ha, see! you admit your guilt." Kakashi boasted triumphantly.

Zabuza let out a bark of later before looking up at the screen as the names shuffled, and smiled at the results.

Momochi Haku vs. Kegon

"Alright, we will start the Ninth round. Would Momochi Haku and Kegon of Taki please move to the center ring?" Hayate called out while coughing up a lung.

"Go make me proud Haku." Zabuza grunted.

"Do your best Haku-chan," Milo said, before he then leaned in to whisper something that only the two would hear. "P.s. he's a water user and a pretty good one at that, not as good as sensei though but still. So try using that technique on him." He said, leaning back.

Haku, understanding what he meant by that technique nodded in agreement, albeit a little hesitant, and proceeded to casually walk towards the field where the blonde fifteen year old was waiting with a cocky smirk on his face, believing this was an easy win.

"Are both contestants ready?" The two Genin nodded while both had the intent of long rang fighting. "Haijime!"

Both fighters pushed off to get their desired distance.

To be continued…

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