Author Note: I posted this on AO3 and I figured since it was done, I'd post it here too. With the exception of the last, each chapter is in three parts and occurs from three different PoVs; Emma's, the Queen's, then Regina's. It's a threesome fic, technically, and occurs in the Enchanted Forest. The only warning I have is for the magic!cock in chapters 2 and 3. Enjoy.

"Well, well, well. What do we have here?"

Emma stiffened at the voice mere inches behind her. It was just her luck that she would slip through another portal into the Enchanted Forest and find herself in the company of the Evil Queen. It didn't seem to matter where or when she arrived, there was always one Mills or another lurking about, waiting for her moment to pounce.

"Do mine eyes deceive me, or is it a little lost rat, scurrying about my forest?"

With a shuddered sigh, Emma slowly turned to face the Queen. She bowed her head and dipped herself low in a curtsy just like her Regina showed her, holding the pose briefly before she straightened and Regina's words from one of their lessons rang in her ears; Respect and confidence, Miss Swan, are key should you find yourself in such an unfortunate position again. She was glad someone had had the foresight to teach her something.

"Your Majesty."

Dark eyes grazed her form from head to toe, the curiosity in them laced with a hint of surprise and something else. Something obvious. She is a predator, my dear. The world is her prey. Emma swallowed. If she remembered everything Regina had told her, there was a very slim chance she'd make it out of the encounter alive.

"You have me at a disadvantage, my dear…"

Emma waited, a softer, kinder voice filling her mind. She values intelligence— initiative. Do not interrupt her but take what opportunity she presents to predict her wants. "My name is Emma Swan, Your Majesty," she said when silence was all that remained. Do not lie. She knows far more than she lets on. "You would not know of me."

The Queen hummed in apparent concession and circled her, much like a lioness would a gazelle— or perhaps another lion. To be, or not to be; eaten. "Yet you appear to know me quite well," Regina purred as a hand pressed into the small of her back.

Emma shivered beneath the touch and tried to ignore the warmth of her palm. "I… am not sure how to respond to that," she confessed. "It's complicated, and I don't think you would believe me."

A tutting filled her left ear before the Queen chuckled. "I admit, your honesty is certainly refreshing. You have me intrigued, Emma Swan. Perhaps I shan't have you beheaded for trespassing after all."

Emma bit her lip, the retort begging to surface a sure fire way to have the Queen change her mind. Fearing Regina wasn't exactly a strong suit of hers but then neither, did she think, was life without her head. She has a sense of humour, but it is fickle. If you cannot help yourself, be passive, and do not be crude.

"I very much like my head attached, Your Majesty," she murmured softly.

The Queen let out a sharp bark of laughter and Emma relaxed slightly. As much as she wished someone else had found her, someone less— homicidal, it was far less nerve wracking than the first time they'd crossed paths. She figured if she could keep herself out of the dungeon, then it would be a lot easier to find a way home, though that in and of itself would likely prove a challenge she wasn't certain she was up for.


"Hmm?" Regina came about her front, her hand dragging from back to hip where fingers curled in what Emma thought was a somewhat possessive gesture for a complete stranger. Regina tilted her head at Emma's budding frown. "Something on your mind, dear?"

Emma blinked, averting her gaze to the scar above the Queen's upper lip as she replied, "I know it is not proper to question a— my Queen," she corrected swiftly.

The woman's mouth quirked in a half smile. "I suppose I can allow it this once," the Queen drawled, almost grinning as her eyes swept down the blonde's form once again and noted her discomfort. "You are fortunate, for I am yet uncertain how I wish you to behave."

Emma wrinkled her nose in understanding of those particular words. Regina had warned her that the Queen might come on a bit strong, should she prove herself worthy of something more than a quick death. She wasn't entirely against the idea given her secret infatuation with the woman's future self, but it didn't stop the thought from terrifying her a little.

"If not an execution," she began, nervousness bleeding into her words as she placed her hands behind her back and wrung them out of sight. "It would put me at ease to know your intentions, Your Majesty."

Her body stiffened when the hand at her hip clenched. The anger she'd grown used to seeing over the years in those eyes was absent, however, and in its place resided a much darker look as Regina appeared to consider her words before speaking. "I do not wish to harm you," she stated, seeming just as surprised by her words as Emma stared, speechless.

Her hands fell back to her sides and she stuttered, "Y-you… don't?"

The surprise vanished in an instant as the Queen smirked. "Not at present," she admitted, then lowered her voice. "But the night is still young."

Despite the obvious threat, Emma felt the tension drain from her muscles and her shoulders slumped. Her relief lasted mere seconds before the Queen waved her hand and her magic engulfed them. Emma stumbled forward, the ground rocking beneath her feet as Regina grabbed her other hip, stabilizing her before she could crash into her.

"You reek of magic," the Queen said, the accusation in her tone clear.

Emma nodded, eyes squeezed shut as she tried to convince herself everything was fine. "I'm still learning," she explained between short, deep breathes. Not only did poofing, as she'd started to call it— much to Regina's annoyance —make her dizzy, but it also nauseated her. "My… tutor believes me too simple to learn the complexities of that particular spell."


Deeming her capable of standing on her own two feet, the Queen released her and stepped back. Emma opened her eyes, stomach settling as she watched her cross to one of the chairs a few feet from where she stood. She took the chance to look at her surroundings, taking note of the furnishings and surprisingly warm atmosphere before she deduced that the room they were in was the medieval equivalent of a lounge in her world.

"Sit." Emma found herself obeying the order, promptly moving to the settee rather than the chair beside the Queen, and taking her seat before meeting the woman's gaze. "You are not from this world."

Emma confirmed the statement with a shake of her head. Considering the outfit she wore of brown leather jacket and her usual jeans, she wasn't surprised the woman had figured out that much on her own. Regina was smart, certainly smarter than her and it was obvious she would stand out in her clothes.

"I come from a place I believe to be known in this world as the Land Without Magic." She wasn't entirely sure of herself given how often she tuned Regina out when she was speaking, but the Queen nodded her understanding and Emma assumed she'd at least gotten that much right.

"And to what does my world owe the pleasure of your visit?"

Emma nibbled her lip thoughtfully. She knew she couldn't mention the specifics of her world for fear of changing the future, but Regina had been adamant that she not lie, as being caught would bring what was a strangely civil evening to a quick end. "I don't want to lie," she eventually said, studying the Queen's expression carefully.

A brow lifted, the Queen's tone blank as she stated, "Then don't."

Emma ducked her head to hide her smile. She knew the Queen wouldn't understand without further explanation, and she sighed softly before she leaned back in her seat. "I am from the future."

"They say time travel is impossible," Regina casually replied, no trace of disbelief in her tone.

It surprised Emma. Last time she came to this world, she'd met Rumplestiltskin who'd claimed the same thing, yet here was a woman who had every reason to doubt her, and didn't. "They say many things," she offered after a moment.

Regina smiled and inclined her head. "Indeed they do," she returned. "You've done this before?" Emma nodded. "Met another me, perchance?"

"I…" Emma frowned.

The Queen smirked. "You need not look quite so troubled, dear. It was merely an assumption, given your familiarity and lack of… cowardice."

"Oh," she chuckled, feelings of relief washing over her. The Regina back in her world said she remembered Princess Leia, but she was only able to connect the dots when Emma returned from the past. It didn't make much sense that this Regina might remember her when she'd been hidden behind a glamour. "I uh— yeah. I kind of know multiple yous? Though I don't really know you as Queen all that well."

"I'm not the Queen in this future of yours, then?"

Emma inwardly cursed. She should have gotten herself tossed in the dungeon. At least then she'd have escaped by now and wouldn't be changing the future. "You are… sort of. I mean, there aren't really Queens—" Lie lie lie. Emma groaned. "I'm messing this up and I promised you... another you I wouldn't."

"Another me," she repeated, "who isn't the Queen."

Emma shrugged. "In all fairness, the other you says you never wanted to be Queen."

Regina studied her for a silent moment. "I must be fond of you to confide something so personal," she mused aloud.


"There is that look again," she teased. "Does the thought of having my affection trouble you so?"

"Well…" Emma hesitated as she looked into her eyes but all she could see was amusement staring back at her and she sighed. "No offense, but you kind of terrify me."

A sound of disbelief stuck in the Queen's throat and she replied, "You hide it well enough."

Emma smiled. "You told me to."

"For someone who isn't a Queen, I certainly sound as though I order you around an awful lot."

"I figured that was just your personality." Rich laughter greeted her words and Emma shifted a little in her seat. Evil Queen or no, Regina's laugh was always on the unfairly sexy side and her stomach flipped pleasantly at the sound. "Really though, she just wanted to make sure I didn't get myself killed, or change the present again."


"Yeah." Sheepish, Emma rubbed the back of her neck. It'd been two years since she'd brought Maid Marian back to Storybrooke, but there was still some guilt deep down somewhere inside of her. "I screwed up, big time and it... hurt her."

"Something she is likely used to by this point, hmm?"

"Not…" Emma shook her head, sighing as she said, "Not from me. I'm… I'm not them."

"Yes well. It is getting late and I have court in the morning," Regina said, rising from her chair. "Shall I fetch someone to show you to a room for the night, or have you other accommodations planned?"

"Uh no," Emma replied, surprised. She wasn't expecting a heart to heart or anything but her putting an end to the night seemed a bit sudden. "I thought…"

The Queen's entire face softened at her confusion and for the first time since abducting her from the forest, she smiled a genuine, full smile that reminded Emma that beyond the outfit and makeup, this was still Regina.

"You love her— this… woman that I am to become." Regina raised her hand when Emma made to speak, denial ready to be spewed forth. Sure, shecared about Regina and she was definitely attracted to her but— "You need not deny it. It is rather quite obvious, my dear, and I would not sully that for a quick roll around, though I admit it pains me to resist."

Emma lowered her gaze, more disappointed than she would've thought. Apparently being ravished by the Evil Queen was a fantasy floating around in the back of her head. Never mind that she didn't think her Regina would ever even entertain the idea of the two of them.

She was missing out, and she knew it.

"Right. Well. I guess I'll take that room then."

"You sound…" Emma blinked up at her at her pause and realized Regina was looking at her in that way again; curious, longing. She swallowed and glanced down at the floor as the Queen took a step forward. "Are you upset?"

Emma breathed out a laugh. She was being ridiculous, yet— "I think I might be," she confessed, thoroughly confused with herself. This was the Evil Queen, a woman who had murdered hundreds, if not thousands in her search of Snow White— her mother!

Shaking her head, she stood and couldn't help but laugh again when she noticed Regina was still staring at her, her own amusement written clear across her face.

"You are quite strange, Emma Swan." Brushing a hand along the nonexistent creases in her dress, the Queen straightened her spine and walked to the door on the other side of the room, beckoning her over a shoulder. "Come along, dear."

Appalled with herself, the Queen turned on her heel as soon as the door closed behind Emma, and marched down the hall to her own chambers. A gorgeous woman had virtually offered herself up as a sacrifice to her lust, and she had denied her for absolutely no good reason whatsoever. She was aware she was in a rut after the last dozen or so failed attempts to find a warm body interesting enough for her sheets, but to turn down such an intriguing creature as Emma Swan—

—that settled it; there was something undeniably wrong with her.

Throwing open the doors to her room, she froze. There, seated in front of the hearth where a fire crackled warmly was a woman eerily similar to herself, if not for the odd clothes she wore, and the distinct lack of make up.

It would appear that Miss Swan hadn't lied. For her to come after someone— to cross worlds for them…

Well. There was only one other she had ever done that for, and that was her father after her mother had stolen him away to Wonderland.

"No scowl," the woman commented. "You must not be in one of your raging homicidal maniac phases."

The Queen smirked. She was in a rather pleasant mood for someone who hadn't spilled blood in a few days. "Allow me a moment and I will gladly oblige you."

A hand rose dismissively. "No need. I am here for Miss Swan, nothing more."

"I would ask how you know I have her but," the Queen tapped the side of her nose and said, "Her magic has such an intoxicating scent, does it not?"

Her older self sniffed haughtily and rose from her seat. "I have no desire to partake in your juvenile games."

"Pity," the Queen sighed. "To think I could have been knuckle deep inside your friend, and you won't even indulge me." She mock pouted.

"If you touch her, I will—"

"Turn green with envy?" With a feral grin, she flicked her wrist and watched the woman flinch as the doors slammed shut. "I imagine your Miss Swan would be more than happy to share."

"You are vile."

Tutting, she replied, "Do not fool yourself, dear. We are one in the same, and subtle as it may be, I see the pretty flush in those cheeks you're so fond of."

The woman sneered and snapped, "What have you done with Emma?"

"Now what could you possibly be implying with that tone?" The Queen held a hand to her chest in feigned offense before flashing her teeth and drawling, "I simply took her to b—" She laughed, delighted when a sudden burst of magic sent her into the wall. "Oh my. I haven't lost my touch, have I?"

Easily breaking the hold that was slowly increasing in pressure against her throat, she slipped gracefully back to the ground and gestured to the mirror above the mantel. They both looked to the image playing in the glass, and the Queen chuckled gleefully at the sight that greeted them. Nothing below Emma's waist was visible, but there was a very clear hand moving beneath the covers between thighs.

"Oh god," Regina muttered under her breath.

"I like her," the Queen purred, heat curling in her stomach as she stepped closer to the mirror. She cursed herself once more for denying herself the pleasure of such an exquisite body as Emma's back arched, her perfectly rounded breasts thrust into the air.

Before she could second guess the thought that popped into her head, she snapped her fingers and disappeared in a puff of smoke, reappearing in time to hear the soft moan of her name fall from pale, pink lips. "I think an encore is in order, dearest."

At Emma's gasp, the Queen fluttered her lashes and stepped to the side to avoid the second plume of dark, purple smoke.

Emma gasped again.

"Miss Swan!"

"Regina?!" she squeaked, grabbing the sheet and yanking it up to her chin. "No no no. I'm dreaming. I fell asleep, that's all. This is not happening." Her head jerked to the side where the Queen stood. "Please tell me I'm dreaming."

She raised an eyebrow. "Do you often dream of me as voyeur to your dirty little deeds, Miss Swan?"

"Crap." Emma quickly sat up, tucking the sheet under her arms. Her gaze darted between the two of them and with every passing second, the Queen's amusement multiplied. "Um."

"Eloquent," they both said, both taking their pleasure at the immediate look of horror to overcome Emma's expression.

"Right. That's weird…" She gestured between all three of them and added, "As is the rest of this… whatever it is. Regina, you followed me?"

Curious, the Queen retreated to a corner of the room where she was able to watch them interact without intruding. If she was anything like herself in the future, she doubted the older version would let what just happened go without a fight.

And she was right.

Regina stared at Emma, her throat dry as the images continued to play over and over in her mind. She hadn't heard her name slip from the blonde's mouth, but she'd certainly read it on her lips. Emma had been… touching herself. She had found release to thoughts of her. Maybe not her. Maybe the Evil Queen but her all the same.

"You…" She trailed off, not at all certain she knew what she wanted to say. Not entirely certain she wanted to say anything at all as she resisted the impulse to simply climb into bed with the mother of her son.

"Okay," Emma drawled, a nervous bout of laughter filling the air. "I guess we're not going to pretend that didn't happen."

"You were," Regina tried again, but that was all she managed before falling silent a second time.

Running fingers through her hair, Emma sighed softly. "I was masturbating, Regina. You can say it."

Regina wrinkled her nose much in the same way Emma often did when she was conflicted. "I detest that word," she admitted. "It is… ugly."

A chuckle that came from neither pulled their attention from each other and across the room where the Queen leaned against the wall. "You detest more than the word," she said, wagging a finger at her. "Why pleasure yourself when there are those more willing to do it for you, yes?"

Regina rolled her eyes before she turned back to Emma and said, "You and I will be talking about this when we get home."

"Oh I don't think so." Regina spun to glare at her younger self. "Had I not made my intentions clear, you two would be dancing around one another still. I think I deserve to be part of this conversation."

"Your only interest in her is that which resides in her pants," Regina snarled, taking a step forward, away from Emma and closer to herself. "You are a degenerate."

The Queen gave a feral grin. "As you'll recall, the dear isn't currently wearing pants," she said as she surged from the wall and gripped Regina by the chin. "You may fool the people you surround yourself with now, but you cannot fool me. You are as much a degenerate as I. You want nothing more than to tear the sheet from her and have your wicked little way with her. The only difference between us is that I will admit it for her very ear while I suckle its lobe as a babe suckles its mother's teat."

Regina breathed in, heat coursing through her veins as the words burrowed beneath her skin. It was true. She wanted Emma— had wanted Emma for a very long time. That she was so close, so near bringing a long held fantasy to life was a temptation that grew with each second Emma remained in that bed, there for the taking if only she stopped fighting what was between them.

"She wants us," the Queen murmured, softening her tone as her eyes flicked over a shoulder. Regina wanted to turn, to see what her younger self was seeing, but she couldn't for the hand that held her chin in place.

The Queen grasped her hip, tugging her close and lowering her voice. "She seems quite enamoured with..." Regina closed her eyes upon feeling the hand slide from her hip, down to palm the cheek of her ass. "…this."

The Queen squeezed roughly, pulling her more firmly against her. Regina groaned as teeth grazed an ear, letting the sensation wash over her before she shook her head to clear it. "This isn't me anymore," she declared, adamant as she tried to distance herself.

The Queen tightened the hold she had on her. "Stop lying," she growled lowly. Regina gasped as she was abruptly turned, face to face with Emma while the Queen's hand moved to cup her between the thighs.

"I bet you are dripping with the thoughts I know to be swirling around in your mind. We have always had a rather active imagination, haven't we?" As the Queen spoke, lips brushed along the ridge of her ear and Regina shivered. "Tell me you aren't wondering how well her breast might fill your mouth, how her flavour might spread on your tongue. Tell me the thought of sucking the release from her lips doesn't make you wet, aching to rub your cunt all over that face while it tries to overcome the shock that contorts it so deliciously."

Regina swallowed thickly, finding it harder to breath as her head rolled back and the Queen began to rub her through her trousers. "Oh," she moaned, watching as her hand took on a mind of its own and reached back to grip her younger self by the hair. "I'm s… I'm sorry, Emma."

"Why?" Emma asked softly, searching her face for some kind of clue.

Why? Why? Her mind was aghast but her body was lost, writhing into a hand that played her better than any other. "This isn't the way I pictured doing this… with you but I—" Regina gasped and squeezed her eyes shut, hips rolling against the knowing press of fingers. "I can't stop her. Not now."

She expected silence, or perhaps for the Savior to kick in and 'rescue' her. That wasn't what she wanted. Maybe at first, but not anymore. All Regina truly wanted was for Emma to join them.

"Would I be a terrible person if I said I didn't mind?"

Both brunettes chuckled and Regina shuddered as a warm breath danced over her neck. "No," she groaned as the fingers trailed up over her mound and slipped beneath her waistband. "You could never be a terrible person."

"Good because I…" Regina opened her eyes and forced herself to look at Emma, breath hitching as the sheet fell away from her torso. She hungrily devoured in the sight with her eyes, mouth watering in want while Emma grinned and finished hoarsely, "I really don't mind."

"Perhaps you should come here and help me," the Queen suggested while Regina sucked in her lower lip and waited for Emma's response.

She didn't have to wait long. Emma leaned forward and quickly moved to the end of the bed, grin firmly fixed to her face. Regina whimpered, enthralled as she watched Emma slink to the floor with more grace than she'd have thought possible.

On hands and knees, Emma crawled to where Regina and the Queen stood, sitting back on her knees as she looked up at them and questioned, "What do you wish of me, my Queens?"

"Oh," the younger Queen purred, "I really like her."

Regina stared at her, pleasure beginning to cloud her brain and obscure her thoughts as the Queen stroked through her folds. "Come here," she ordered, wanting— needing.

To kiss, to touch, to—

Emma rose and the moment she was on her feet, the Queen's arm shot out to wrap around her waist, yanking her in and sandwiching Regina between them. "Kiss her," she demanded.

Their eyes met and held before Emma's head dipped forward, the question in her gaze clear. Regina surged, impatient as she erased what little distance remained and captured her mouth. They both moaned and Regina snaked her own arm around Emma's waist, resting just above the Queen's as she parted her lips and deepened the kiss.

Gripped by a lust she thought long since dormant, Regina exchanged one head for another and threaded her hand within the smooth silk of long, golden hair. With her other hand, she entwined her fingers with the Queen's and drew them down to Emma's backside, guiding it over the cheek of her ass where she left it to play, knowing her younger self would pay it the attention it deserved while she explored Emma's mouth.

Emma, though, appeared to have other ideas as a whine bubbled up between them and forced them apart. "Regina," she said, the look in her eyes almost pleading.

Regina felt the vibrations of a chuckle against her neck and the mouth that had been doing such wonderful things to her pulse vanished. "I believe our little swan has grown impatient, mi alma," the Queen purred into her ear. "You do appear to be wearing an awful lot of clothes."

Emma nodded in agreement and took a step back, that pleading look becoming hopeful as she waited to see if Regina would give her what she wanted.

Regina was more than willing and she reached for the Queen's wrist, giving little thought to herself as she tugged the hand free from between her legs. Beginning with the button on her trousers, she began undressing only to pause when the Queen offered up wet digits to Emma, who licked her lips as her gaze darkened and her nostrils flared.

Emma captured the hand and drew the fingers into her mouth, lips wrapping around them as she moaned. Regina's stomach dropped, then rolled, struck with an intense heat that had her knees buckling.

The Queen caught her around the waist with a chuckle. "You should feel the way her tongue dances between my fingers," she husked, voice throatier than Regina could remember it ever being. "What I wouldn't give to have that mouth buried between my thighs."

Emma released her hand and sucked at her bottom lip before she grinned and said, "That can be arranged."

The Queen gave a dark little laugh and settled a chin on Regina's shoulder, both arms winding about her waist and holding her close. "Have I mentioned how much I like her?"

"Once or twice," Regina drawled wryly. To think she'd thought Emma would never be interested in her because of everything she'd done, and here she was offering to go down on the Evil Queen. "Perhaps I shouldn't be the only one removing my clothes."

As though she were simply waiting for permission, the Queen flicked her wrist and Regina groaned. Strange as she thought it were to feel herself pressed against her, it also made her unbelievably wet and she shuddered as the Queen's breasts warmed her back.

Her nipples hardened when she caught Emma's eye, seeing the undisguised lust staring her in the face before Emma surprised her and dropped back to her knees. "Oh dear," the Queen teased, "Give the girl a little taste and she's suddenly in your thrall."

Regina nibbled the inside of her cheek and looked down as Emma ran questioning hands over her inner thighs. She parted them and Emma closed her eyes as she leaned in, inhaling her scent.

Her hips jerked at the moan Emma gave but it was the Queen who acted first, unwinding an arm from about her waist and grabbing hold of Emma's head. "I doubt I am any more patient in the future, dear Swan." Emma's eyes blinked open and she watched as the Queen unwound the other arm, hand darting down to part slick, lower lips as she growled, "Please your Queen."

Emma didn't need to be told twice and Regina swore, the sudden mouth on her ravenous— relentless. Her eyes rolled to the back of her head as it dropped back against a shoulder, and the Queen immediately attacked her throat.

Torn between the pleasure of two different mouths, her body strained, trying to bring them both more firmly against her. She threw a leg over Emma's shoulder, heel digging into her back while she clasped the Queen's neck, pushing down encouragingly and moaning softly as teeth pierced her flesh.

When the pleasure quickly turned to pain, she hissed and the Queen let up, dragging her tongue from neck to ear and taking it into her mouth as the hand at Emma's head moved to between her legs.

The Queen stroked her clit and nibbled her ear, knowing exactly what she needed as a tongue burrowed its way inside of her. Regina moaned and bucked against Emma's face, more heat surging from the pit of her stomach and down to the apex of thighs where Emma hummed, fucking, licking, and sucking as though she were an animal starved.

Regina lifted her head and glanced down, and the sheer look of pleasure on Emma's face almost sent her over the edge. Emma was absolutely gorgeous, there was never any denying that, but the look— that look…

Regina groaned and let her head fall back once more, eyes closed as she burned the image in to her brain. She never wanted to forget the sight.

"Don't be greedy." Her eyes snapped open and she turned, confusion written across her face as she stared at her younger self. The Queen grinned and kissed her soundly on the mouth before she murmured against her lips, "Let go. Give her what she so desperately craves. Fill that pretty little mouth so that we might take her to bed and reward such effort."

She pinched her clit then and Regina stiffened, eyes wide as her breath caught in her throat.

In seconds, she was coming, doing exactly as the Queen said and filling Emma's mouth as her hand shot down from the Queen's neck and grabbed Emma by the hair.