Mystic Ruins stood in flames as Sonic looked on in horror at the scene before him. The Master Emerald was shattered, the Chaos Emeralds had been completely drained of their power, and Tails was… no more. When the Master Emerald broke apart, it released a massive amount of pure chaos energy. Knuckles, who was standing beside the Emerald at the time was unprepared for such a blast, and he ended up being catapulted off the edge of Angel Island. Tails managed to catch the unconscious echidna in his plane as he flew by. Sonic watched this with baited breath, before turning back to face the mad scientist. He thought that this would just be another battle with Eggman. He'd done so many of these before that he became almost certain that they would always end the same way. Not today. Sonic turned to face the madman just in time to see him launch the homing missiles at Tails' plane. Sonic prepared to jump on to each missile to knock them off course, as usual, but Eggman blocked him. There was nothing Sonic could do as he watched the missiles creep up behind The Tornado. He saw Tails try to evade. He saw one of the missiles clip one of the wings. He saw The Tornado lose control and start flipping through the air towards Mobius.

He saw Tails fumble with his seatbelt. He saw Knuckles, who had woken up, do the same. He saw Knuckles' belt successfully unclasp, allowing the echidna to glide safely to the ground. However, the same couldn't be said about the belt holding Tails. It had become stuck. The ground was coming up fast. Tails didn't have time to do anything before impact. The only thing that could have saved him would have been Chaos Control, but Shadow wasn't there to help and the Chaos Emeralds were useless. So, Tails did the one thing he could. He stopped trying to escape and activated the communicator on his wrist. Sonic heard the beep from his own communicator, as did all of their friends, including Knuckles, Amy, Rouge, Shadow and Cream. Tails' face appeared on each of the screens. Even though every alarm on the plane was going off, his voice could be heard clear as day. "Friends, it seems I have reached the end. My plane is about to crash into Mobius and my seatbelt is jammed. There isn't enough time for me to escape anymore, so I guess this is goodbye." The tears were visible now. "Sonic. You were always like a big brother to me. I always felt safe when I was with you. I felt like I could do anything if I put my mind to it. You were my good luck charm." Nobody else had the strength to say a word. "Everyone, thank you all for always being there for me. I want you all to keep up the fight. Don't let Eggman win, even when victory seems impossible." Tails finally heard the faint sobs from Amy and Cream. "Don't be sad, you guys. I'll finally get to see Cosmo again. I love you a—"

Static. Followed by a loud explosion that shook the ground all around Mobius. Then silence. Even Eggman was too shocked for words. At least for a moment.

Eggman cackled maniacally as Sonic fell to his knees, screaming. His laughter stopped abruptly whenever he looked back at Sonic. His hands were curled up into fists, and a dark energy was engulfing his entire body, like a black fire. His fur changed from a cobalt blue to black in seconds, his eyes lost their irises and pupils, and his quills became spiked in a similar style to his Super form. Eggman had only seen this form of Sonic once before: when the evil Metarex race kidnapped Sonic's friends, Chris and Cosmo. He knew that once this version of Sonic was unleashed, it wouldn't end well for the being who caused his anger. It was at this moment that Eggman knew that he was in trouble. He attempted to escape, but his small craft wasn't quick enough to evade Dark Sonic's chaos attacks. Unlike Tails, Eggman's aircraft wasn't very far off the ground when it began its uncontrollable descent, resulting in Eggman falling in a crumpled heap to the ground. His legs had become trapped in the wreckage of his pod, so there was nowhere far him to go as the angered hedgehog slowly approached him. This was when he saw something that scared him even more. This version of Dark Sonic was far more advanced than the one he had seen at the Metarex ship. Sonic was surrounded by black fire, his quills had somehow multiplied and his fangs had sharpened dramatically. His voice was deeper too. "So, Eggman, what exactly were you trying to accomplish by killing Tails? What good was that ever going to do?! I knew you were evil, but I never thought that you would go as far as to kill someone, let alone someone who has been like a little brother to me for YEARS!" Eggman was trying frantically to escape. "Don't even bother. You're dead! I could crush you in an instant." To demonstrate, Sonic pointed his arm towards the ruined Shrine and levitated a boulder, before closing his fist again, causing the boulder to disintegrate. "Tails didn't deserve to die! HE WAS ONLY 8 YEARS OLD! IS THAT AN ACCEPTABLE AGE TO DIE?!" Sonic continued to pace slowly towards the doctor. "His last wish was not to let you win. I intend to make sure of that now." Sonic was now almost upon Eggman, who, in a last ditch effort to survive, tried to immobilise Sonic in a laser cage. Sonic simply walked through the lasers. "Seriously, Eggman? Haven't you learned by now that there's nothing you can do to stop me from killing you?! You killed Tails, now I am RETURNING THE FAVOUR!" Sonic lifted Eggman up using the power of telekinesis and began to close his fist. Eggman could feel his bones snapping, and he could feel his skull closing in on his brain. "Sonic, stop!" Sonic turned around to face the newcomer, still maintaining his grip on Eggman. "Stay out of this, Shadow. He killed Tails. How am I supposed to let this psycho live after that?!" Shadow teleported himself in front of Sonic. "You aren't a killer, Sonic! If you kill Eggman, you'll have to live with that guilt for the rest of your life! I remember how much I wanted to kill the soldiers who took Maria from me. She was so young, so innocent. In the end, I realised that killing them wouldn't bring her back to me, in the same way that killing Eggman won't bring back Tails!" Sonic used his powers to throw Shadow out of the way. His voice shifted again, becoming almost demonic. "I SAID STAY OUT OF IT, SHADOW!" He continued to tighten his grip on the doctor. Eggman's robotic arm was the first to go, disconnecting from his shoulder. Followed by the rest of his limbs.

Then his head.

Eggman was finally dead, and the Robotnik dynasty had finally been eradicated. But, Sonic didn't feel good. War has fatalities, but he never expected his friend to among them. Now that the man was gone for good, Sonic decided to teleport himself to Eggman's base to destroy that as well. It was rubble within a matter of seconds. And then he teleported to the one place he had been avoiding: the crash site. Amy, Cream, Knuckles and Rouge were already there. Amy and Cream were holding each other, trying and failing to stop themselves from crying. Tears were even leaking through Knuckles' tough guy exterior. Rouge just stood there, hands over her mouth, tearful eyes wide with shock. Sonic, still in his dark form, walked past them all as they all looked at him curiously. Shadow teleported back from Angel Island and walked to stand beside Rouge. Sonic approached the still burning wreckage and knelt down beside it. He transformed back to his true form before, finally, letting out all of the tears he had been holding in all this time. He punched the ground repeatedly, shouting "NO!" over and over again. Amy started walking over to him to comfort him, but Shadow just grabbed her arm and shook his head. Sonic stood up slowly and began moving parts of the wreckage, desperately hoping to find Tails. He turned to the rest of his friends. "Well, what are you waiting for?! Help me!" The rest of the group ran over and started lifting pieces of the plane with Sonic. The wreckage gradually became less piled up until, finally, one solitary tail could be seen sticking out from what used to be the cockpit. "Tails!" When the rest of the group heard Sonic shout they all ran over to him to help him lift the last piece of the plane off their fallen friend. They weren't prepared for the sight that awaited them under that final piece of wreckage.

Tails was almost unrecognisable. His face was charred and burned. His left arm was bending in a direction no arm should ever bend. A few ribs had pierced through his chest. But the one injury that scarred the group of friends the most, and would continue to scar them until they eventually passed, was the fact that one of his iconic twin-tails had become separated from his body. The thought of how much pain Tails would have been in depressed his friends even further. Sonic fell to his knees again. He should have been there for his little brother. Sonic snapped. Whatever sanity he had left dissipated into nothingness. His fur became black again and the black aura flared up once again. His friends all backed away from the angered hedgehog. Sonic stood up again and without turning around, he reached out his hand and telekinetically grabbed Knuckles, bringing the echidna to his knees. "So, Tails saves you from falling to your death by catching you in his plane." Sonic's voice was low and oddly calm. That didn't change the fact that everyone felt a shiver go up their spines at the sound of it. "Then Eggman shoots the plane down, and as it's crashing, you decide to save your own skin and leave Tails to die, when you could have saved him as well. Then you had the nerve to show up here, standing here pretending that there was nothing you could have done. Am I missing anything?" Everyone was speechless after Sonic finished. None of the others dared to say a word. Shadow broke the silence. "Sonic, you need to calm dow-"

"Shut it, Shadow! He's not the only one who could have saved Tails. Or have you forgotten that you have the ability to stop time and teleport. You could have done just that as soon as Tails started broadcasting his final message!" Shadow, the ultimate lifeform, was stunned into silence.

Amy was next. "Sonic, is this how Tails would want you to react?! Didn't he say in the message that he didn't want us to be sad? We all want him to be alive, just as much as you do, but nothing you do is going to bring him back. He's gone."

"Amy's right, Sonic." This was Rouge. "Tails said he didn't want us to fall apart. So maybe you should stop focusing on deciding who to blame for his death and start focusing on fulfilling his last wish of stopping Eggman." None of the friends, except for Shadow, were prepared for what Sonic said next. "Eggman's already dead. I killed him after the crash. Why else do you think it took me so long to get here?" The silence which followed was deafening.

Amy was the first to start backing away from the crazed hedgehog, closely followed by all the others. He wasn't dead, but everyone knew that they had lost Sonic. He was no longer the friendly character that everyone had grown to love over the years. Now, he was just an empty shell of his former self, void of all sanity and compassion. Over the years that followed, Sonic's former friends would see many more changes in the hedgehog that Mobius called its hero. However, none of them were expecting the day when Sonic became their enemy.

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