It didn't take Cream long to make it to GUN HQ. Because it was so late at night, the streets were practically empty. She made her way through the main door and up the stairs to the main meeting room. Even though she wasn't officially an agent with GUN, she knew her way around this place like the back of her hand. It paid to have connections in high places.

Amy was already there when Cream arrived, along with Sally, Bunnie, Rouge and a small group of other agents. She scanned through the faces, not expecting to see any others that she knew, but one face caught her attention. Rotor was here too.

After a few more minutes, once the rest of the agents had arrived, the emergency meeting began. They began by discussing their previous attempts, specifically where those plans had gone wrong. And every time, they came to the same conclusion: the reason that their plans to stop Sonic failed was because Sonic was smart. As a former Freedom Fighter, he knew their tactics, he knew their weaknesses.

He knew them.

Of course, this was a double-edged sword, because they knew him as well. Although, that just gave them more reasons to fear him. They knew of his multiple forms, his super speed (obviously) and his almost imperceptible reflexes. From every possible angle, Sonic was the hardest opponent the Freedom Fighters had ever had to face. Sure, Eggman and his robots were formidable, but they were easy to analyse, and even easier to defeat. And this was also the first opponent they had ever had to face without Sonic's help. He had used to be the deciding factor in a lot of their old battles against the mad scientist. But, now that he was on the other side, that obviously wouldn't be an option. And, with each ally that died at the hands of Sonic himself, the odds of beating Sonic became even less likely each time. So, the chances of beating Sonic were slim, and everybody knew this.

However, just because they knew that beating Sonic was a very unlikely occurrence didn't mean that they accepted it. Once they had finished discussing where their previous plans had failed, they finally started discussing the real reason they were all there: the next plan.

The general consensus was that if they wanted to beat Sonic, they would have to do something that they had never done before, something Sonic would not expect. Amy, Bunnie, Sally and Rotor proved the most insightful in this area, as they were the four who had known Sonic for the longest. Cream herself also had a few good ideas in this regard, but she had known Sonic for the shortest time before the day he 'broke'. One thing Cream did notice was that those four former Freedom Fighter members kept giving each other sideways glances, as if they knew something that the rest of the room did not. By the end of the meeting, she got the reason why.

Most of the other brainstorm ideas had been deemed 'unlikely to succeed', even though most of them had been suggested by the most decorated agents there. So, as the meeting was only a few minutes away from ending, Rotor offered one final idea:

"Alright, if none of those options are on the table any longer, perhaps I have a solution. I know there have been rumours that I have been working on a robotic version of Tails for the past few years. Well, these rumours are not false. MTP-Bot is a reality. I programmed him specifically to look, sound and act as close to the real fox as possible. But, of course, with some extra offensive strength and advantages. I know that suggesting that we send a robot to fight Sonic might sound like a stupid idea, considering the fact that most of his career as a Freedom Fighter revolved around fighting robots built by Eggman, and most of those fights were successful. However, we must also take into consideration that Sonic's mind started destroying itself when Tails was killed. I believe that facing an opponent that looks and acts like the Tails that died ten years ago will be just the distraction we would need. If we had asked Sonic to fight the real Tails ten years ago, you would be sure that he would either outright refuse or not fight at his full strength. While we may be unable to make him fight the real Tails, making him fight my robot would be the next best thing."

Rotor finished his speech to a silent room. Only for a second, nobody in the room spoke. Then he broke the floodgates with two simple words: "Any questions?"

Taylor was trying to fall asleep, but the excitement of staying in the Blue Typhoon and his curiosity about the place was making that very hard to do. Eventually, he just gave up and decided to wander around the giant ship to see what else he could find. He didn't bother getting dressed again; his fur was more than enough for this. He left the sleeping quarters and started up towards the main bridge. Of course, like Cosmo, the story of the Blue Typhoon itself didn't have the happiest ending. The Metarex were brutal and the bridge was destroyed pretty early on in the battle. The power source of the ship, the Master Emerald, was damaged, so the Typhoon didn't have enough power to do any significant damage to the enemies. Even after Cosmo's transformation to contain the leader of the Metarex, the Typhoon would have been unable to fire its main weapon, the Sonic Power Cannon, had it not been for Dr Eggman. This was one of the only moments when Sonic and the rest of the crew of the Typhoon had ever teamed up with the insane genius, but both sides had agreed that the Metarex were a dangerous enough enemy that they could put their differences aside, even if just for a moment. The Typhoon and the ship that Eggman had used to pursue them into space were fused and both ships sent all of their power to the Sonic Power Cannon so that it could fire at the absolute maximum. In fact, it was even Eggman who had helped Tails when the fox had found himself unable to fire at Cosmo. Eventually, the cannon was fired, and Sonic and Shadow, both in their super forms, rocketed towards the giant mass that was the Metarex leader to finish him off for good. And Cosmo, unfortunately, along with him. After this entire affair had ended, and they had all returned home to Mobius, the Typhoon had suffered from a rough landing. Tails had never intended to return to space after that, so he never bothered to repair the ship, leaving it in disrepair until Taylor had found it.

Back in the present time, Taylor found himself at the door to the main bridge, which had been blown off its hinges, and beyond it, the destroyed bridge loomed before him. He looked around and saw the six different cockpits, all covered in debris and shattered glass. All of the technology had been damaged so badly that internal components were strewn on the other side of the room than the machine they had originated from. Put simply, the room was a mess. Taylor smiled sadly, as he thought about all of the memories that had been made here. He was about to turn and leave the room when he spotted something glinting from the corner of his eye. It appeared to be a small watch-like device that was dominated by a screen in the centre. It appeared to be a communicator of some kind, and despite years of no use whatsoever, it appeared to be in pretty good condition. He pushed the button on the side, just to test if the device still worked.

Back at GUN HQ, the agents, having agreed that Rotor's robot would have been the best option were all heading back. Cream, Amy, Rouge, Sally, Bunnie and Rotor were the last few to leave. As they were about to, Amy's arm began to beep. At first, nobody knew what was going on, but after a few moments, Amy realised it was her communicator. Curious, she looked at the Caller ID.

And she went pale.


She answered.


An unfamiliar face greeted her. He was a red-furred fox with blue eyes, and he seemed just as surprised as she was.

"Oh. Hello. Sorry, I just found this and I was just checking to see if it worked."

Amy pushed another button on her arm and transferred the video feed up to the main screen in the conference room for the others to see. They all froze as well.

"Well, I'm Amy Rose. Pleasure to meet you. But where did you find the communicator?"

"I know who you are, Amy. You are quite the celebrity." Amy blushed, and she prayed to God that nobody else would notice. "As for where I found it, it was in the wreckage of a big ship. I think it may have been the one that you took up to space. I went to explore and found it in the main bridge. Oh, and the name's Taylor, by the way. Taylor Reynard."

"Well, Taylor, I'm honestly impressed that you managed to get through to me in the first place. That communicator probably hasn't been used in at least a decade! And you do seem quite familiar with it. You must have been a pretty big fan of us back in the day."

"You could say that."

"And then, it all went down the drain ten years ago."

"Yeah… I wish I could take Sonic down myself, just so I could remind him of all of the fans and friends he had back in those good days. I know that Tails' death was hard for him, but it was hard for all of us, especially for us foxes. Tails was probably the most famous fox in Mobius history, and suddenly he was gone. How did Sonic think we'd feel?!" He sighed. "Sorry, I guess I just needed to vent."

It was at this point that Sally grabbed Amy's arm and twisted it to point the camera towards herself. "Well, Taylor, as much as we agree with your views, I would advise you to stand down. We don't want any civilians with no ties to Sonic to put themselves at risk. GUN already has a plan in place."

"Princess Acorn?! It's an honour." Taylor bowed slightly. "If you don't want me to get involved, then I won't, but I believe I could be of use. I am an experienced swordsman and I have trained in various martial arts. I even create my own weapons. I know it's probably very unorthodox to invite a random civilian with no military background into a GUN operation, but I still believe I could be of service if you'd give me an opportunity."

Sally thought for a moment, then she turned to face the others in the room. All of their faces seemed to be thinking about this too. She decided that she would need to make the first decision here.

"Ok. I'll be willing to invite you to GUN HQ to test your skills. If I think they'll be of use in the field, I'll consider including you in this operation."

"Of course, Princess. When should we meet?"

"How soon can you get here?"

Taylor responded with a knowing smirk and responded quickly.

"I'll be there in 20 minutes." With that, the call ended, and Taylor's face faded from the screen. Immediately, everyone started running about the room, trying to prepare for Taylor's arrival.

All except one. Cream just stared at where Taylor's face had once been. She wasn't sure, but for some reason she felt like she had recognised him from somewhere.

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