Alright, so I really should get this over and done with. This chapter will hopefully wrap up the short adventure Maddian fic. Then I will be focusing on my Skyrim FF more. So here we go, one long, chapter!

The next day Rhydian and the Smith family were discussing about what they would do on the beach today as it was quite a nice sunny day in Devon, a perfect day for a bit of paddling and fun.

So after breakfast they got into their beach clothes. Maddy was wearing some denim shorts with a long t-shirt, probably one of Rhydian's... Rhydian on the otherhand was wearing jeans and a T-shirt. Maddy coulkd tell he was VERY prepared for a day on the beach...

So after they had all changed they set off in the car for a very short car journey to the beach. Once there Maddy jumped out the car with Rhydian in tow as she ran down the cobble stairs to the beach. Rhydian however, had stopped to enjoy the view. He made a mental note to come back later to do some sketches.

''Rhydian, Mam, Dad, hurry up will ya!'' Maddy yelled from the bottom of the beach to the top where the slow trio were, who would rather enjoy the view before them before rushing down to the sea like Maddy had.

Once they got to the bottom they could hear Maddy screaming in delight and shock as she dipped a foot in the very shallow waves to test the temperature.

''Oh god it's cold. Come on Rhydian, jump in with me!'' Maddy said, grabbing Rhydian by the wrist before trying to the sea to meet their icy doom. However, Rhydian was not moving from the spot he was in.

''Come on Rhydian, with me now! Or are ya chicken?'' Maddy asked, making clucking noises like a chicken. Rhydian shook his head and chuckled.

''Nu-uh mads, have you seen what I'm wearing, not very water proof or well prepared am I?'' Rhydian said, Maddy rolled her eyes with a grin.

''Well that was your own fault then wasn't it'' Maddy replied before crossing her arms and pouting.

''Whatever Mads, I'll just sit here and watch you, besides I could even try get a tan...'' Rhydian smirked before sitting down cross-legged on the golden, dusty sand.

However, Maddy was not impressed so instead she went behind Rhydian and kicked sand up at him. Rhydian cried out in surprise and quickloy shot up.

''Maddy! What the hell was that for?'' Rhydian exclaimed, clearly not impressed with Maddy's joke, Maddy just laughed at his expression.

''Well now you will have to get that sand off ya won't ya, so the only way to do that is toooo...''

''Ha ha, nice try Mads. Look just comes off like that, unlike that wet sand over there...'' Rhydian said, brushing off his clothes before sitting down.

But before Rhydian could even get in his previous position again Maddy was back with some wet sand and quickly qiped it all in his hair.

''Maddy! What the hell!'' Rhydian cried out in anger and shock, looking up at Maddy before looking around the beach to see if Emma or Dan were around, but unfortunetly for Rhydian they were probably walking around somewhere out of view, just Rhydian's luck.

''Now, you have to wash it out!'' Maddy said, rolling around on the sand in hysterics.

''Fine!'' Rhydian sighed in frustration. Picking himself up from the sand and walking with Maddy to the sea.

Maddy dipped her toes in first to test the temperature but instead Rhydian pushed her in, making her scream as the icy cold water hit her face and body all of a sudden.

''Got ya!'' Rhydian said, laughing at Maddy's annoyed expression. Suddenly, Maddy's expression changed to a smirk. All of a sudden Maddy reached up, latching onto Rhydian's pointing arm and threw him in with her, making sure to dip his head all the way in as revenge.

But Rhydian was not done playing with her. He did the same with her and then got on top of her, making sure he splashed her enough, both of them were laughing uncontrollably.

''Ojay, Okay, we're even!'' Maddy said, between laughing and gasping for air.

Rhydian got off her and stood up before helping Maddy up like a true gentleman...

But Maddy did not like being even, she always liked to be one step ahead, so she pulled him back into the water and tried to stand up but Rhydian kicked her feet out from under her, making her fall into the water also.

After more splashing and playing about they both stood up and looked at the scorching sun. Rhydian took Maddy's hand in his and linked his fingers with her. Maddy looked down at their linked hands before blushing and pecking Rhydian on the cheek.

''You're blushing!'' Maddy teased as Rhydian's cheeks started to glow a faint red.

''No I'm not... It's just the tan starting...'' Rhydian quickly spluttered out. There was silence for a moment before they both burst out laughing. But then like before, everything went quiet, only their heart beats could be heard.

''Rhydian... I like you... like a lot...'' Maddy said, looking down at the sea and kicking it around her aimlessly.

''I-I like you too Mads...'' Rhydian said before looking down at Maddy's feet before looking up at her, she locked eyes with me.

(Song recommended: Sherlock series 2: Sherlocked)

Only the seagulls could be heard and the crashing of waves, and of course Maddy and Rhydian's rapid heartbeats. Second by second, inch by inch, their faces drew closer... and closer... and closer... milimetres apart, they paused, never looking away from eachother's eyes, their breaths against eachother's face. Then they went in. Their lips met in a fiery bliss and emotion, love and compassion for one another...

This was the start of Maddian...

A story that never ends...

Thanks for reading...